Sketchy – 44 Dallas County Precincts Were NOT Included in Super Tuesday Results – Election Officials Request Recount…

First, the background… On Super Tuesday the biggest shock was that Joe Biden won Texas in the Democrat presidential primary.

Specifically, it was the moment when results from Dallas County, Texas, were reported when the media narrative of a Biden win began to be broadcast. Go back to election night, re-watch the coverage, and you’ll see all media broadcasting pointing to Dallas County, Texas, as the Biden inflection point.

Now this:

Sketchy as heck. These are not Russians; these are U.S. election officials.

TEXAS – Dallas County Elections Administrator Toni Pippins-Poole discovered her office did not count about 10% of the ballots that voters cast on Super Tuesday.

She is now asking a court to let her conduct a manual recount of the votes, after she discovered 44 thumb drives containing ballots that were not included in the final results.

[…] “Of the 44 thumb drives, 16 were not received in a timely manner to the Elections Department and 28 were from voting machines not scheduled to be used but were used by volunteer election officials,” Pippins-Poole said in a statement Saturday evening addressing the blunder.

“We need to investigate this entirely, immediately. The time has absolutely come for Toni Pippins-Poole to step down as elections administrator,” Dallas County Commissioner J.J. Koch told WFAA. “I deeply regret that this is happening in Dallas County right now. There’s already enough questions about our ability to serve the people of Dallas County. This is tremendously damaging to our local democracy.”

Pippins-Poole filed the petition and affidavit in court late Friday, according to county officials.

In the affidavit accompanying the court petition, Pippins-Poole said she only made the discovery while reconciling the books and discovered she did not have enough ballots for everyone who showed up to vote.

She now wants to recount and re-tabulate votes in both the Democratic and Republican primary elections. (read more)

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239 Responses to Sketchy – 44 Dallas County Precincts Were NOT Included in Super Tuesday Results – Election Officials Request Recount…

  1. Beau Geste says:

    Here is another thought. There is widespread derision about dem cheating, chicago graveyard voters, ‘finding’ votes in trunks of cars which change election results, etc.
    If I was a crooked dem (repeating myself), I would stage some ‘found’ votes which change nothing, when it doesn’t count (bad pun).
    I would seek publicity, and broad condemnation in favor of bernie. I would go to court, to get an imprimitur of process reliability. Then the crookedly scammed thumbdrive votes would come out even more ‘positively’ for biden, the dem-machine candidate who is so mentally and physiclly weak he can’t stand up and think at the same time. OK, maybe he can’t think sitting down either, but at least won’t get confused and walk off the back of the stage?

    “poof”, all later complaints about actual vote fraud are easily dismissed by “look at Dallas’

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    • EJS says:

      Doesn’t matter who castes the votes, all that matters is who counts them!

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      • Iwasthere says:

        Remember when Gill asked for the recount in Michigan? More than 100% voter turn out – impossible – in Detroit. Michigan was so embarrassed they just gave up. Close enough for government work – I guess.

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      • Iwasthere says:

        Remember when Gill asked for the recount in Michigan? More than 100% voter turn out – impossible – in Detroit. Michigan was so embarrassed they just gave up. Close enough for government work – I guess.


    • Ausliz says:

      Does it matter Beau Geste, from an outsiders perspective it looks like if the electoral officers don’t find extra ballot boxes a week or two weeks after an election then something is wrong. Surely for your Federal elections a cut off date should be applied for all ballots, lets say no longer than 48hrs to 60 hrs after polling closes?

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    • The Devilbat says:

      The democrats are simply practicing for the massive fraud they are going to commit in November. They intend to hold the house at any cost and to increase their skanky numbers in the senate.

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      • Dutchman says:

        Conmunists CHEAT, cause they can NOT compete.
        Doesn’t matter whether its the Conmunist party in America (Democrats) the Conmunist party in Europe (EU) or the CCP in China.

        And whether its elections, or trade.

        Can’t compete, MUST cheat. Its like a TRADEMARK of Conmunism, its inherent.

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      • Elizabeth Raynor Short says:

        You are absolutely right. Will the GOP be ready and aggressive to stop it? Say, as aggressive as they were for Arbustito in FLA in 2000?


    • Bob says:

      This one issue could have bad and direct results on every election race, be it local, state or Presidential…..and we need to get after it right now. The GOP doesn’t need to divulge the plan to the public…..just make it happen. Get some under cover people at the pole sites and take immediate action if there is fraud going on.

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      • Dutchman says:

        Relying on the Government, or the Republican party might be a mistake.

        There are many life long registered Democrats, who fervently support DJT.

        Put away your MAGA hats, and if you don’t have any traceable social media posts, consider going under cover.

        Spy headquarters sells inexpensive digital cameras, that look like ballpoint pens, etc. Basically body cameras.

        Consider volonteering with Democrat party and like Veritas, collecting evidence of ballot fraud.

        Its not for everyone,…but if 20 or so brave souls from around the country collected clear evidence of a coordinated, nationwide effort by Dems of ballot fraud,….well it COULD have a SIGNIFICANT impact.

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        • spren says:

          After the fact isn’t good enough. It’s too late then and any contested results would be hopelessly lost in court battles. The fraud needs to be prevented up front.

          And I don’t think any results arising after election day should count (other than maybe military votes coming from overseas). Those Republican officials in predominantly Republican precincts need to ensure that all of their votes are immediately included and calculated. This early voting, absentee ballot voting, and discovering “missed and uncounted” votes after the fact are where the overwhelming majority of the fraud is originating.

          Our system used to do just fine with everyone voting on election day. These corrupt Democrat operatives show up at the precincts and then collect the names of registered voters who didn’t show up. Then they fill out absentee ballots in their names. The only reason our voting isn’t the simple process it should be is because of the way it is gamed to allow the fraud. It needs to be stopped.

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        • Rj says:

          The problem is we have video proof back with the Roy Moore Fiasco. There were people on video bragging about being shuttled to different counties and from out of state who were voting and nothing was done. The midterms produced tons of voter fraud with at least one lawsuit filed against the AG of Michigan who had a paid Ukrainian as her campaign manager. The Ukrainian boasted about his Ukraine hacker connections and vote totals manipulated by him in Michigan . The man who filed the suit claims to have the text messages from the Ukrainian and not one thing has happened. The DOJ and the FBI and the FEC and every alphabet agency has sat in utter silence and until someone is prosecuted nothing is gonna happen.

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          • Dutchman says:

            The DOJ are in on it. The Media are in on it. And the Republicons are in on it.
            Hence, it comes down to US, and alternative media.
            “Brick by brick, my citisens,….brick by brick.”
            (ROME wasn’t built in a day, but rather,…brick by brick)

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    • Patrick Healy says:

      Ah ! Come on Texas – a woman called Toni Pippins- Cole? What next? something like Hillary Clinton in the strange name stakes?


    • NvMtnOldMan says:

      Beau–gotta love it. The dims are so used to cheating they are doing it to themselves.

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    • trumpetter says:

      Any system that would not identify the missing 44 thumb drives when the count was signed off on, is a bad system. They are missing some significant controls and no doubt this is by design.

      Someone should audit this process!

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  2. warrenjay13 says:

    Liars lie and cheat…never trust them.

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  3. Todd says:

    I think the democrats are intentionally making a mockery out of America’s voting system. They want people to be demoralized. They want people to think their votes do not matter so they can eventually get rid of elections. Rush Limbaugh has mentioned this – the left wants to replace elections with their own brute force. Getting rid of the Electoral College will be their first move.

    I can already hear some democrat leftist politician saying, “We need to do away with elections in order to protect our democracy from racism.”

    The democrats can’t even count their own party votes in an open, honest and transparent way.

    The Hypocrites R’ Us party has gone down the wrong path. They’ve gone completely bonkers!

    I am so happy that I left the democrat party back in 2007. They are the party of the KKK, which I never knew up until a few years ago. Southern democrats created the KKK. By the way the democrat party is acting today, they want to go back to their roots and put every republican in chains.

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  4. thedoc00 says:

    Last elections, the democrat party was stumbling over and suing each other over ballots. This is not new.

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    • California Joe says:

      Dallas Elections Supervisor Toni Pippins-Poole is an AFFIRMATIVE ACTION employee just like Dr. Brenda Snipes in Broward County, Florida. How do you forget to count 10% of the votes in your jurisdiction!

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  5. Lanna says:

    As I unfortunately found out in 2016, it doesn’t matter. The parties are private clubs, they can award delegates however they please.

    I was always registered independent (CO), but in 2015 I changed my registration to R so I could caucus for DJT and participate in the straw vote to award him delegates. They didn’t even have a straw vote in 2016, the republican party bosses had decided Cruz would be awarded all the delegates.

    There was a big uproar here and now we have primaries. I totaled the numbers from the Super Tuesday primaries here and there were 133,537 more total democrat votes cast than total republican votes. Hopefully more republicans will come out for the general, Bernie voters will stay home and some democrats will wake up and vote for POTUS.

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    • Todd says:

      Somehow, someway President Trump found a way to WIN in 2016. Paul Manafort has been suffering because of what transpired between him and the republican delegates in Cleveland. Trump has been winning since Day 1, and despite facing Goliath every minute since DJT was elected, the man perseveres and continues to work so hard towards his goals to MAGA and KAG. It’s an amazing time to be alive. The Cold War never ended.

      President Trump is a true Warrior. He’s been fighting his entire life for what we are all experiencing today. I don’t doubt for a nano second that President Trump has been studying the voting systems and the democrats manipulation…he accomplished that back in ’16 and has an even better handle on it now.

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    • Pokey says:

      I was one of your 2000 or so republican party bosses who participated in the selection of delegates to the National Convention. I did this by going to my precinct caucus where I got elected to go to my County Assembly. At my County Assembly I was selected to be a delegate to the State Assembly. I voted for a PDJT supported group of candidates for the National Convention when I was at the State Assembly. We didn’t get a majority of the delegates elected, but we were outnumbered by the Cruz State delegates everywhere except in my own Precinct. I made it to State by saying that I would vote for the favorite from my Precinct. But I never saw anyone trying to control the outcome of the delegate selection at the State level. That is how the Caucus system worked.

      Now that we hold a Statewide Primary for the Presidential race in Colorado, your problem is solved, even if you aren’t a member of the republican party and wish to remain independent. Now the people who give a shit aren’t in control anymore, as it were.

      But I will give you some advise, stop worrying about the past and do whatever you can to help this Republican President win another term. If we don’t win this time, your experience as a precinct republican will be a story from the good old days you can tell your grandchildren.


  6. jx says:

    Nothing will change until people go to jail for life.

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  7. Todd says:

    Everyone should vote on Election Day and that’s it … paper ballots because this ain’t workin!

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  8. Leveut says:

    Democrats practicing for November.

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  9. Thought Criminal says:

    ‘Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.’
    Apparently we lost The Cold War to the Soviets.

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    • mike says:

      Soviets are prospering in the Democratic Party and America’s colleges.

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    • X XYZ says:

      No bullets, bombs or bloodshed were necessary. The Cold War is over. It ended in a bloodless coup. Are we to deny that there was a governmental coup in progress here in the USA until recently?

      If you think you are living in a free country, think again. Welcome to the USSA: The United Socialist States of America. We just can’t face the fact that a majority of we the American people actually LIKE socialism – but we don’t like being labeled that which we are. We can’t look in the mirror and face ourselves. It is too painful to behold.

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      • WSB says:

        Like Germany eventually got the EU without a shot. Except now with Brexit, Churchillians just decided to save some of their conquered hostages.

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        • X XYZ says:

          Sometimes it takes a while for the masses to wake up (get “woke”?) and realize they have been fooled and fleeced. Can past presidents be “held accountable” for their actions while they were in office? Of course not. They were admired by those masses of either political party who voted for them, and were / are forever too high up the food chain ever to be prosecuted. It’s the privilege of “professional courtesy”. Prosecution for past crimes, imagined or real, only applies to the wee folks, those who are not of the ruling class.

          “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

          Let’s hope that we wake up soon, and that our becoming “woke” is not too little, to late.


          • WSB says:

            Past presidents CAN be impeached, but that would open up Pandora’s Box…


            • X XYZ says:

              It’s a moot point. Impeachment = nothing more than an indictment. That’s not a conviction.

              Any ambitious and stupid prosecutor can “indict a ham sandwich”. That’s not the same as getting a conviction.

              Forget about Pandora and her Box. As far as I know, bringing an impeachment (indictment) only applies to officials while they are in office. Show sources and correct me if I am wrong.


              • WSB says:

                So if there would be an indictment, here is one open question, whether Obama was ever eligible to even run for President, having a father who was a British subject, automatically making Obama a British subject of Britain…you decide before the Supreme Court does. An impeachable offense.


                As to being barred from holding future office, Obama would be eligible to be tested as well.



                • X XYZ says:

                  These are two different but related concepts, depending upon whether one holds a governmental position.

                  Sitting presidents and other government officials can be impeached, because that is the applicable form of indictment for them, while they are in office.

                  Once they leave office, they can be indicted (rather than impeached) on the usual civil charges that apply to those no longer holding office.

                  The left is salivating, and can hardly wait until Trump is out of office, so their leftist prosecutors and judges in any particular state (such as NY) can immediately indict him and convict him on unrelated ‘trumped up’ charges. (Pardon the pun – but that’s how the game works.)

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                • WSB says:

                  A la Kerry’s comment today that “Trump should be afraid of landing the the Big House.”

                  This is a game of chicken, isn’t it?


                • WSB says:

                  Oh, and PS…only because the Club never goes after their own puppet presidents.

                  Which left out Lincoln, Kennedy, Nixon, Reagan, and now President Trump.


      • Pokey says:



  10. Dixie says:

    Sketchy as heck. These are not Russians; these are U.S. election officials.

    JMHO, election officials in this country are a lot worse than Russians because many American voters are disenfranchised because of cheating. It seems there are many Americans who are just no longer trustworthy. JMHO. SMH. The honor system which use to work so well for America is no longer is dependable.

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  11. Gary Lacey says:

    LOL, the Bern is getting screwed….again…..I can’t stop laughing…..
    The USA, we put voting on the map and the corrupt Democrat Party is cheating in its own primary, good grief…..funny

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  12. woodstuff says:

    I contribute what I can to *True The Vote*. Some leftists and Never Trumpers have attacked this, but they have exposed a lot of voter corruption. They also need workers in their efforts. The top of the web page are the links for more information.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      Everyone, this is one of the orgs who the IRS screwed royallly in the runup to the 2012 election. The targeting of conservatives by The Kenyan’s IRS and every other deep state alphabet, BIGLY. They drug them through the mud and back, ran over them, and came back for more, more, more.

      They tried to destroy Catherine Engelbrecht, her family and her main business. In the end, she won.

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    • MelH says:

      In California, ballots are submitted in color-coated envelopes, and the initials of the party affiliation shows through a small hole next to the signature. In prior elections, I thought color of the envelope told them the party, but maybe the party initials are reinforcement, or maybe in case the ballot counters are color-blind? Until they make it a law to allow Both parties to have watchers at each polling place, there will only be Democrat watchers, at least in California. Volunteers chosen to man the polling places are party-specific too.

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    • MelH says:

      woodstuff, what a GREAT link. There are so many opportunities and lists of rules for being a Watcher…….WOW, many thanks! We don’t have to wait to be chosen to Watch!

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  13. jimrockfish says:

    This is such a wake up call for November. I’ve not seen or heard if the RNC or President Trump’s campaign are doing anything to monitor or combat the cheating the left plans for November.

    This worries me more than any candidate they prop up or throw in at the last minute. More than anything else. They just steal the election.

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  14. 94corvette says:

    The Democrats in TX have sued to do away with straight party voting. The TX legislature did away with it in 2017.


  15. (Chuckle …) Just wait for November, 2020. Just wait for November. We all see it coming, yes we do, but we don’t. The votes are ‘counted,’ we know they’re all wrong but we can’t prove it. We all saw it coming last March, and we all said it, yes we did, but we didn’t. We let them have it. We said we wouldn’t, we said we didn’t, but we did.


  16. spren says:

    Without creating opportunity for fraud, why in the world would election results be entrusted to thumb drives? What is the chain of custody for these, and how, if a valid system was in place could 44 unaccounted for thumb drives suddenly materialize? We are just as stupid to allow this to go on – even more than the frauds that get away with doing it.

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  17. Dwayne Diesel says:

    So Democrats committing voter fraud? Nah, can’t be….I mean look at how well they ran Iowa.

    And they want to blame Russians.

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  18. Rj says:

    These progressives (lazy communist) are running for the number one federal positions. Where is the FEC and it’s annual $79.100.000 and 339+ employees ?

    We’ve seen fraudulent midterms with video proof while the Secretary of States are flooded with those who will gladly put their fingers on the scale of fraud rather then truth while the FEC does absolutely nothing but suck up almost 80 million a year. The mess in Florida and Michigan and many other states produced how many prosecutions for fraud ?

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  19. TwoLaine says:

    I said all along that the fiasco in Iowa was a test run. We knew after the 2018 mid-terms b.s. they pulled that this was going to happen.

    I’m not shocked at all.


  20. upstate909 says:

    IMHO, this is all just a ruse to show that STATES, who control the electoral process, are incompetent to do so. Therefore, we MUST have Federal Control over elections.

    I don’t care if you want electronic ballots for quick tabulations: I just want a print out to go into a lock box for re-tabulation and a second copy sealed and stamped by an election official for my receipt.

    Thank you. Problem solved.

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  21. Beau Geste says:

    Is it possible to require, for federal elections, that the voters entering aand voting at polling stations, be video recorded? It is a public place. There would be no recording of the actual voting.

    Video recording each of those who check in with the registrars to get a ballot could be saved for later “recounts” when the total number of votes exceeds the number of voters, or even the total number of registered voters. It would be the same, effectively, as requiring a voter ID, which the dems claim is so difficult that it keeps their voters from voting (because it is ‘too hard’ to get a photo ID, even a ‘free one” from the state).

    Could either a GOP, o Dem (or both) poll observer place video cameras in a public polling place?

    It would also suppress the illegal immigrant vote….

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  22. ATheoK says:

    “She is now asking a court to let her conduct a manual recount of the votes, after she discovered 44 thumb drives containing ballots that were not included in the final results.”

    Who ever programs a system that fails to provide a checklist listing expected, possible and actual inputs!? A checklist that is timestamped and clearly identifies missing or suspected missing vote tallies.

    A) Every USB should be uniquely identified and assigned to an election venue; if not to the specific machine(s) at that venue.

    B) Every vote should be timestamped including the make, model, serial number and MAC number of the voting machine. These encodings should be encrypted and hashed with an encryption based upon date and time.

    Any incompetence at handling vote totals, USBs, memory chips, voting machines, employees should result in immediate dismissal and loss of benefits.

    As described above by ‘Ausliz: March 8, 2020 at 7:40 pm’; a cut off time should be enforced.
    Personally, I believe a 24 hour cut off is the maximum time frame allowed; and that is when all of the encodings are proven correct and unique.

    C) Every alleged voter must be on the voter rolls with their age, address, race, description verified with their identification cards.

    D) No one should be allowed to vote without verifiable photo identification and current address. People who ‘moved’ and failed to change their voting address are SOL. They now know to correct the address by the next election.

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  23. Patchman2076 says:

    If anyone here cares, go on over to politico and read the comment section from the Biden-bernie debate.
    It hilarious reading all the lefty nutjobs accusing and attacking each other.
    “Your a fake progressive” “your a trump supporter”.
    It’s so funny, Trump has absolutely destroyed this party! 🤣🤣🤣

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  24. BitterC says:

    This isn’t the first time Pippin-Poole has made the news..Oct 2017

    A candidate for Dallas County commissioner on Tuesday asked a judge to remove Elections Administrator Toni Pippins-Poole from office, alleging incompetence and official misconduct.

    J.J. Koch, a Republican, accused Pippins-Poole of improperly soliciting a gift from a county contractor. And he said she should have done more to prevent mail-in ballot fraud that roiled the May municipal elections.

    Pippins-Poole did not return calls or emails seeking comment Tuesday. She has defended her job performance in the past. Earlier this month, she admitted that she misunderstood information from federal authorities and erroneously told Dallas reporters that the county was targeted by Russian hackers prior to the 2016 presidential election. She said she made an honest mistake in that case.

    In the petition, Koch cited a recent WFAA-TV report that showed that Pippins-Poole, who had power to select software vendors, solicited one company, ES&S, to provide her with a gift outside the scope of the contract. She asked for $1,500 worth of lapel pins from the vendor for her delegation to wear at the International Association of Government Officials, where she was running for secretary, according to WFAA.

    …….Commissioner John Wiley Price said he was happy with the job Pippins-Poole has done running the state’s second-largest elections system. He said he wasn’t concerned about the vendor gift and didn’t believe Pippins-Poole could have done more to prevent ballot fraud.

    “It’s just a political stunt,” Price said of Koch. “When you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, you baffle them with bull.”


  25. SteveT says:

    I had always assumed that a democratic election process would follow a fairly standard path:-

    Voters pre-registered by a certain date.

    Voters would have to vote at an allocated, local to them, polling station (or provide some acceptable reason why a postal vote should be allowed – this does not include “can’t be bothered to make time” excuses). Polls should be open early morning until late at night to avoid the excuses of “not being able to get to my local polling station”. There aren’t any surprise elections so it is either important to vote or not.

    Voters would be cross-checked against the local polling list and marked as having voted when given their ballot paper. This would stop multiple voting.
    No electronic voting allowed. Show me an electronic system and I will show you a way to subvert it.

    Polling station administrators would continually tally the number of voters arriving so that a total number of voters for that polling station is available throughout the polling day, and more importantly, at the close of polling.

    Polling papers (votes) are then transported securely to a central counting venue and all votes are tallied and agreed before counting commences.

    Observers from all parties to the election are allowed to watch over all the proceedings.

    This only applies to public elections – not to private party selections which can take place in any way the private party wants, because it doesn’t affect the final election.

    Any similarity of the above with American election processes is entirely coincidental.
    It just shows how wrong one can be.



  26. jbrickley says:

    Doesn’t matter if the vote is paper ballots or digital. The controls on vote counting should be the same with an emphasis on maintaining integrity and accuracy. Showing up with crates of paper ballots left forgotten in a van is the same thing as mysterious thumb drives appearing. Having looked into the technology being used by these digital voting machines, I am horrified at how many things can go wrong. It’s absolutely insane. Digital is actually worse than paper ballots that should be serialized, can be hand counted and can be scanned and computer counted, etc. Multiple counts should take place and they all should match.


  27. Pokey says:

    So, now we think we know what we are up against. It is much worse. Half of the County Clerks in the USA are working for the communists, and most of them don’t even care because they don’t even know what the communists want. Unless we can beat them by landslide proportions, we will be losing our country, for sure. Also, even if we beat them by landslide proportions, we will be losing our country, most likely.

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  28. philip lee horner says:

    Why is a court involved? The DNC is a private croocked club. Let them be.


  29. kj hull says:

    The thumb drives are taken from each precinct judge to county voting headquarters. 44 thumb drives represents about 9 voting places. How is it that this can happen. Only in DemocRAT voting districts.


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