UPDATE: Nevada Caucus Results (Day Two)…

Apparently, for reasons they cannot quite fully explain, it takes a few weeks to count the votes from Democrat caucuses.  The DNC has reported that sometime mid-week next week the Iowa caucus results will be released.  With that in mind the Nevada caucuses were held yesterday, here’s the most recent update:

♦ New York Times Nevada Results LINK

♦ CNN News Nevada Results Link

♦ Politico Nevada Results Link

♦ Reno Gazette Nevada Results Link

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  1. mikebrezzze says:

    Common core issue, unable to count anything!

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  2. Todd says:

    Now South Carolina on Saturday then Super Tuesday 3 days later. Much too late for so called moderates to drop out. This thing may be over in a couple weeks.


  3. bmwjac says:

    The reason they cant count the Democrats is because they cheat .
    What a bunch of Crooks.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      60% in as of 6pm EST?

      Pathetic…Lies…They are counting people! the early voting scans were put through and available immediatley!!

      Caucus voting was very light yesterday!


    • Dutchman says:

      Firstly, USUALLY not that many people pay attention during primaries. Most voters tune it out, or have in the past.

      Made it EASIER to cheat, when few were looking.

      Second, as I have posited here before, when it is close to 50/50, you can cheat.
      When turnout is down, because both uniparty candidates are boring inauthentic shills who don’t engender much enthusiasm, (primaries manipulated to insure this) you can cheat.

      However, you can NOT cheat enough, to overcome an authentic, populist candidate, as they both gain a disproportionately high percentage of the electorate, AND bring many previously non voters into the booth.

      In short, you can NOT overcome a landslide by cheating.

      Sanders isn’t “honest” as some misdescribe him. He IS AUTHENTIC, and NONE of those running against him are.

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  4. trapper says:

    Bernie is part of the problem. He is NOT the solution. The globalists shipped American middle class jobs to China, destroying towns, cities, families, futures. Now that old Stalinist Bernie comes along to finish us off. Don’T fall for it. His free stuff is poison.

    Trump Landslide 2020

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    • amazed treetop downlooker says:

      Aye !

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    • The Devilbat says:

      All communists – globalists are poison.

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    • p'odwats says:

      If Bernie gets the nomination, and it’s looking more likely, you’ll see some sort of grassroots groups calling themselves, “Democrats for Trump” popping out of the woodwork. The elected Democrats have gone socialist, but many of their voters have not. That party is in real trouble, and what’s bad for the Democrats is terrific news for the entire country.

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      • Dutchman says:

        Already HAVE “Democrats for Trump”, been around and growing for awhile.

        #walkaway, look at attendance at PDJT rallys, consistently 30% democrats.

        We have a MOVEMENT, folks! And its a hell of a lot bigger than “65 million”.

        BIG tent, plenty of room for all.


  5. wodiej says:

    They’re waiting for Hillary to decide how she wants it rigged.

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  6. Jimmy R says:

    I was going to vote for Bern here in Virginia (where we’re allowed to cross over) on Super Tuesday, so that leftism can be beaten badly in November. But Bernie’s Bernmentum is starting to give me the willies. I think I’ll just vote for Donald J. Trump.

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    • Carrie says:

      Who knew there were so many communists in Texas 👀

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      • curious says:

        What percent of that crowd is made up of legal citizens?

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      • Red says:

        They indoctrinated the kids at school and the idiot parents at work. The big rage going in the 90’s at work was the “Team Concept” the teams performance dictated the team’s raises, the team , not the individual was rewarded. I said it then, and I’ll say it now, the “Team Concept ” is socialism/communism

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        • warrprin1 says:

          Red, it is still going on. What you describe is the same garbage being forced on teachers, students, and parents in public schools all over the country. In K-12 public education it’s called “collaboration”, and it works the same way as the “Team Concept” methodology in business and industry.

          The popular demand for this application was born on the heels of the mass importation, and later U.S. based production, of Japanese automobiles. The Japanese production model of teamwork was determined to be highly successful, and soon thereafter every school and university in our nation started to promote the “team” model of production, whilst pulling away from traditional American emphasis on the individual’s achievement.

          The school kids and their parents are indeed indoctrinated because the school district administrators allow themselves to be suckered by the socialist / communist group theories perpetrated in required teacher preparation and M. Ed degree programs nationwide in our colleges and universities.

          The vast majority of public school teachers with Master’s Degrees have earned them in “education”, via the granting institution’s Education Dept., and not in an actual academic discipline like mathematics, sciences, history, civics, music, technology, art, or languages. This is beyond disgraceful for our nation. And it is dangerous.

          Teachers have the choice of earning advanced degrees in virtually any study field of choice. They choose the M. Ed track because it is easier and faster. It is faster precisely because it is easier. With the advanced degree comes a nice salary raise. It is rare that Master’s degree candidates are failed in courses in this track because the granting institution wants and needs to attract students, continually.

          From the group think public school district administration, many holders of earned Doctorates in, wait for it, Education (no thesis required), through the group think teachers on the front line with your children and grandchildren, and straight to the ballot box, you will find the universal application of the “Team Concept”, or “Collaboration”, with its uniform insistence that we think, work, and “produce” as a group.

          Listen to the public school teachers that you are able to engage in conversation. Among those whose mother tongue is English, you will hear the most egregious errors in their usage of simple English. Nightmare example: “Him and me went…” and the reverse, “Me and him went…” These examples are just the tip, of the tip, of the tip of the iceberg.

          Burn down the Dept. of Ed. at every institution of “higher learning”. The theories and practices shoved down our throats have been collapsing and poisoning the classroom for the last forty years, with a warp speed acceleration of that failure for the last fifteen.

          I am not making this up.

          warrprin1, Retired Teacher
          B.A. Spanish; M.A. French


          • nimrodman says:

            warrprin1 said:
            “The vast majority of public school teachers with Master’s Degrees have earned them in “education”, via the granting institution’s Education Dept., and not in an actual academic discipline like mathematics, sciences, history, civics, music, technology, art, or languages. This is beyond disgraceful for our nation. And it is dangerous.”

            Yes, and one might contend that such “teaching degrees” are little more than a make-work jobs program for incompetent adults:

            “… results of a competency test given to applicants for teaching positions in Pinellas County, Florida (which includes St. Petersburg and Clearwater), cited in Time, June 16, 1980.

            “To pass this grueling examination, an applicant had to be able to read at the tenth-grade level and do arithmetic at the eighth-grade level.

            Though they all held B.A.’s,
            25 percent of the whites and 79 percent of the blacks failed.

            Similar statistics exist for other places.

            Walter Williams, Catholics, the Projects, and Schooling for Blacks: Something is Wrong Somewhere – Fred on Everything

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      • As curious points out, there are probably many illegals voting for crazy. Houston is also a stronghold of crazy leftists. Al Green, Sheila Jackson Lee.

        Last week Crazy looked good in another stronghold Tacoma WA.


      • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

        Bernie Sanders at an El Paso campaign rally Saturday predicted that winning Texas in the Super Tuesday Democratic presidential primary would pave the road to win the Democratic nomination and eventually the White House. He went to El Paso hours before being declared the winner of Saturday’s Nevada Democratic caucuses.

        El Paso County Commissioner David Stout, El Paso City Rep. Alexsandra Annello, former El Paso state Rep. Marisa Marquez, and crazy democrat Jim Hightower, former Texas agriculture commissioner, gave short speeches in support of Sanders. Hightower called the crowd “revolutionaries.”

        Wild eyed Bernie told more than 2500 mostly young enthusiastic people jammed into a downtown El Paso concert hall that “Texas will play an enormous role. If we win here in Texas, Trump is finished.” Also in attendance were numerous “educators” (propagandists) including one Jonathan Cruz, 40, a middle school math teacher in El Paso who said he is a firm Sanders supporter. He embraces Sander’s socialist label. “We need some Democratic Socialism because it’s mainly about looking out for each other instead of focusing on individualism”, Cruz said.

        Sanders has just last week started running TV ads in Texas whereas coocoo miniMike has been spending on nearly nonstop annoying television commercials there for the past month. And yes, the democrat-run teachers’ union in Texas is a money laundering branch of the DNC just like in the rest of the country.

        ~~~~~~~ TRUMP ~~~~~~~ 2020 ~~~~~~~

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      • warrprin1 says:

        Was it held at a university?


      • Cam Heck says:

        It’s all the Dumocrats that’ve moved from CA .

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    • upstate909 says:

      I agree with you Jimmy R. We have an open primary here in SC, where we declare at the polling station (you can only choose D or R). Many are thinking about doing the cross-over to vote for the “least likely to win”.

      I thought about it, and would vote for Biden in this state. But I would prefer to sit back and watch diminishing numbers in D turnout. If we ‘bolster’ false support for someone, we will never know what we are up against.

      I have decided not to cast a false vote . I would rather see how many Democrat supporters are in my state. Not to mention, if we inflate Democrat turnout for primaries, and the general shows a major shift…Russia Russia Russia…..as if it is not already beginning.

      PS..there is no option for the R primary: DJT runs unopposed in SC. But I will double check.


      • Dutchman says:

        I agree with you about not engaging in ‘strategic voting’, for just the reason you give.
        In closed primary/caucus,states, the Dem participation is DOWN.

        A major universally accepted lie is that we are a 50/50 nation. This is yet another false truth that will be disabused, if we have a blow out in November, and it can’t hurt to start softening up the battlefield.

        I LIKE the idea of focusing a lot more on the primaries, just don’t think strategic voting in primaries is necesarily a good idea.


  7. ms doodlebug says:

    There are a couple reasons they may need more time to count the votes. Dead voters are notoriously hard to awaken and aren’t woke enough to vote yet. Or maybe they just don’t have enough volunteers to unload the chosen one’s votes from the trunks of cars.

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  8. glissmeister says:

    How odd these delays in reporting results? Is there some kind of social programming/normalization scheme being played out here?

    Is this about normalizing the delayed outcome of elections in preparation for delaying the result of the 2020 presidential election?

    Paranoia aside, this deserves more thought. Psyops are a big part of what they do. Imagine this happening to the 2020 result.

    Delayed = fair means the same as instant = unfair.

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      Not paranoia, glissmeister. Does Bloomberg strike you as a democratic Democrat? Mini-Mike admires the one-party Chinese system, and he’s their chosen one.

      California is approaching the one-party system they covet. Democracy is ugly to most leftists: notice how often they use unity as a descriptor for good government. Notice the hostility to free speech. Trump’s free expression on Twitter maddens them.

      Rush Limbaugh has observed for years the Democrats’ exasperation with democracy. They want a neo-feudalist rule by elites, with popular elections becoming opinion polls, as an intermediate step to no voting at all.


  9. Publius2016 says:

    Crazy Bernie is on the March! Mini Mike Madoff made his fortune “front running” so now Dimms are caught between Boot Edge Edge and Biden! one Deep State with no real support and an old man with a forgetful mind…

    If Pocahontas would just drop, Crazy Bernie would break 50% everywhere!!!

    Give US Citizens the matchup: 45 vs Crazy Bernie…America First vs American Socialism!

    45 would win 45 states!

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  10. The Devilbat says:

    There are 698,044 registered democrats in Nevada. With 60% reporting, only 55,607 (including dead people) have even bothered to vote. It looks like a lot of democrats are staying home. Can anyone really blame them?

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  11. Darthawk says:

    in 2008, the Dems had 118,000 participate in its Nevada caucus. With 60 percent of the precincts reporting, this year 57,000 have participated. Unless the remaining 40 percent of precincts are very disproportionately large, that would be a significant decrease in turnout.

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    • Publius2016 says:

      with four days of “early voting”!

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    • Dutchman says:

      In closed primary and caucus states, the attendance/participation is DOWN.

      In those states where RNC bothers to caucus or hold primary, record turn out.

      The Dems are in a DEEP hole, and its only gonna get deeper. They have willingly, eagerly driven so many away from the party, and are now reaping what they have sown.


  12. MLK says:

    God knows how much they’re stealing from Bernie. As I’ve mentioned before, the Democrat powers that be are conditioning their voters to readily accept that the outcome of elections will now as a matter of course take days.

    It’s been memory-holed, but in 2016 they had well-honed plans to steal the election if Trump won in a manner they could steal. DHS was all ready to go in seizing ballot boxes from state officials etc.

    Not for nothing, that’s essentially what happened in Iowa with the DNC taking control from the Iowa Democrat Party the day after the caucuses.

    The Democrats — they’re nothing if not planners — are, nine months beforehand with their own primaries and caucuses, fueling the Count All The Votes narrative, which they and allied media will deploy on election night.

    I put it at even odds at this point (!!!) that, just like Hillary in 2016, the Democrat nominee doesn’t concede on election night. They’ve dispensed with that great tradition, along with the whole peaceful transfer of power thingie.

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    • Kirsty I says:

      It’s terrifying how rigged the vote was in 2016. However, PDJT won in a virtual landslide. He registers thousands to vote at his rallies and many Democrats, thousands in fact, are signing up as Republicans.
      As he says, “Who else are you going to vote for?”
      He’s right,
      However, prayer is needed like never before.
      “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.”                             
      Ephesians 6:12

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      • The Devilbat says:

        As far as the democrats are concerned the presidential election is simply a distraction from where their real efforts are being directed. they are planning MASSIVE voter fraud to try to keep the house and gain in the senate. This way they can cause Trump the most trouble. They know all too well that they have zero chance (even with fraud) to win the presidency.
        That said, watch for Hillary Clinton to suddenly surface and throw her hat into the ring.


    • TheLastDemocrat says:

      Frankly, I believe (D) had rigged the presidential election for a Hiraly win.

      To disguise the vote-faking, they have to have the winning margin be believable; they cannot just win 70% to 30%. So, they fake the vote in two steps: First, figure out what the actual expected margin will be. This usually is possible with polling knowledge and expertise. Second: add enough votes to overcome their margin of loss, plus maybe another half percent. [Below: some further notes on how to do this.]

      To know what the expected vote will be, you poll “expected voters,” and use other similar methods. The reason why they failed despite their 2016 cheating is that they failed to realize who would turn out to vote, and they could not get a good prediction. So, where Trump won by a modest margin, I believe he won by 6-9% margin of popular vote; The Monster Vote overwhelmed their add-on votes which as I believe were tightly, narrowly predicted, based on typical voter turn-out patterns.

      In the end, they had padded the vote with several percent, enough to win by a half a percent to a percent, and the Monster Vote was only on paper shown to win by a percent or so.

      The cheating will have to be a lot bigger this time. I predict that they will be “all-in.” It is Now or Never. If Trump gets re-elected, then Trump really goes on the move against the Deep State, and ALL is lost. But (D) vote is NOT looking good. They will have to fake a LOT of votes. If Sanders gets nominated, many will stay home or vote Trump. If they cheat Bernie out of the nomination this time, they will look REALLY BAD, and will lose a lot of voters who don’t like the cheating and or do not like a Communist. Plus, their Centrists do not look so good: Bloomberg, Biden, Buttykeg, Klobachev. Bringing in a late-comer, whether Hiraly or Michelle, will look like a trick, and neither can stand up against Trump in debates and on campaign trail. So, their only path of success is desperation.

      The puppet masters pulling the chains do not care. Like the Impeachment, they will say “Do It.”

      [How to do this: First, you go after electoral votes, not overall votes. No reason to add a million fake votes in a state you will win. Or in any state – it does not bring you closer to winning. You figure out a few swing states that are “in play.”

      Second: you find the districts where you can influence local votes in order to greatly impact the overall state’s votes. This is definitely going to be urban high population with shifting populations so it is historically never clear how many voters will turn out. You engineer the vote in 7 or 10 crucial precincts that tip the overall state vote. In this, the fake, if detected, and it most likely won’t since you fake in heavily (D) areas, the fake can be blamed on “isolated incidents.” Only by stepping back nad looking at a big picture of many districts with fake voting do you see how they are well-placed to tip the scales.]

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      • The Devilbat says:

        All true except they are not planning to win the presidency. Rather their massive voter fraud will be directed toward keeping congress and winning more senate seats. This is their best way forward in order to damage or even eliminate Trump.


  13. Lanna says:

    Friday on the Open Thread Lucille posted a link to a Popular Mechanics article on the Chernobyl fungus that eats radiation. After I read that article, I noticed one about the ‘bad math’ at the Iowa caucus. Seems like Bernie may have actually won both the popular vote and most delegates: https://www.popularmechanics.com/science/math/a30810883/iowa-caucuses-math-errors/


  14. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “Apparently, for reasons they cannot quite fully explain, it takes a few weeks to count the votes from Democrat caucuses.”

    How long will it take after Super Tuesday, when they have to do more than one state at once, some with significantly larger populations than the first few?

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  15. Kirsty I says:

    Fear not, my clever friends! Bernie Sanders is PDJT’s wet dream of a Democratic candidate for President!
    As James Carville pointed out, there are an enormity of papers he has written and video we have not yet been blessed to see about our comrade!
    This is a GOOD thing. He lost the sparkle he had in 2016 in his obvious complicity with the Democrat machine, backing Hillary, meant the votes he had in 2016 will not be close to the votes now.
    Rejoice and be glad!

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    • freespeechfanatic says:

      However he has one thing going for him none of the others do — a fanatical base. I don’t know how large it is, but it is incomparably fanatic.


  16. trumpmemesandreams says:

    The DNC, in the process of screwing Bernie, are perfecting their vote-rigging and fraud game for the 2020 generals for use against Trump. Finding out who is reliable to carry out orders, and who can be trusted with the Magic Ballot Boxes™ which always materialize out of thin air in heavily-democrat districts at the last moment.

    Remember to count all votes — and to count some twice!

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    • TwoLaine says:

      That is what I said about Iowa too. It is a dry run for what is to come…, and we got a major preview of it in 2018 mid terms. Good to know they don’t plan to disappoint.


  17. scrap1ron says:

    Common Core maths is hard.


  18. Parrot says:

    The DNC have just one problem….how do they ensure Bernie doesn’t get the nomination.
    It’s not that there is any chance of him beating the Don, it’s the policy madness that will descend to haunt the Democrats for future election cycles.


  19. deaconmike51907 says:

    Apparently it takes awhile to make it look like a positive that Biden lost by 26 points.

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  20. Lanna says:

    I was curious about what was going on over at hillaryis44.org. You may remember that when the DNC screwed over Hillary in 2007/08 in favor of Ozero, a group splintered off (PUMAs, Party Unity My Ass). Some of these PUMAs formed hillaryis44.org, but then it morphed into The Trumpet @ Hillary Is 44, ardent Trump supporters.

    I found the 2/19/20 article very interesting re Blomberg’s past but particularly for how they think he will buy the nomination. This excerpt is from analyst Damon Linker:

    “Imagine Bloomberg is merely able to ensure that neither Bernie Sanders (the early frontrunner) nor any of the other candidates can clinch the nomination outright by the end of the primary season. That would set up a contested convention — and enable Bloomberg to deploy his resources in a way we’ve never seen before.

    What would stop Bloomberg from, say, offering every uncommitted superdelegate and every Amy Klobuchar, Pete Buttigieg, and Joe Biden delegate $1 million each to flip to him on the second ballot? And making a cool $500 million donation to the Democratic National Committee to ensure that the process of anointing him as the nominee goes smoothly in Milwaukee? This scenario would probably cost Bloomberg between $1 billion and $1.5 billion. Add that to the probable cost of $1 billion for the primary battle, and he’d be left with about $2.5 billion to spend against Trump in the 3-4 months of the general election. Without, once again, having to tap into his capital reserves at all. (For perspective, the entire cost of the 2016 election, the Trump-Clinton presidential race, and all 535 congressional races combined was about $6.5 billion.)”

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  21. Magabear says:

    Hey, cheating the right way takes time! 😄

    Gotta make it look legit. 😎

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  22. Ackman419 says:

    Lurking in a couple hardcore lefty sites I find:
    Lefties are arguing about Bernies silence on “Russian Influence”, per WaPo.
    They are falling for this latest psyop, and wasting their precious few brain cells trying to rationalize the accusations and propaganda.
    The irony is delicious.

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    • theoldgoat says:

      Yet they think they are elite brains, able to read minds and know how you think about every issue, you racist, homophobic misogynist, white nationalist nazi.

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  23. freespeechfanatic says:

    I’d never heard Bernie Sanders speak until a few days ago. Can you imagine this voice speaking to the world as the President?

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  24. dufrst says:

    If NeverTrump can’t support Trump over Bernie who lead the US down the path of socialist ruin all because of their feelings, then they should be permanently excommunicated from the Right! This is absolutely not the election for any conservative, nationalist, independent, and libertarian to sit out or act cute by voting 3rd party.

    The socialist hoards are at the gates and we must resist and prepare our armies to march out to defeat them utterly. One must picture the great battle of Helms Deep in TLOR to understand what’s at stake in 2020! The fight for your children and our country’s future is nigh!

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  25. theoldgoat says:

    Would it shock people if Buttigeig ends up getting a higher percentage of the vote than Biden, as the result of the week long effort of hiding behind the time delay so the minor mayor can garner more delegates from this?

    He isn’t that many point behind Biden, and the DNC has given up on Slow Joe to do anything in this race. They seem to be pinning hopes on Buttigeig, a man as radical as Bernie, but his word salad helps hide how radical he is, as most can’t follow half of what he spews from his mouth.

    Buttigeig’s numbers have already increased quite a bit over the first claims of who was winning. They just are working out the details on how much to remove from Heart Bernie’s numbers to pad on to Buttigeig’s so it diminishes Bernie’s totals, which are already down about 10%, and puts Biden into a respectable, but meaningless third place. Biden is a big problem for them, as the man is clearly in early to mid stages of dementia, or his brain capacity is so reduced by the aneurysms he had that he can’t hold anything together longer than 15 minutes.

    This delay is, of course, on purpose. They want other things to cover their moves, and hey, this caucus was a week ago, so it’s old news.

    Funny how Buttigeig is complaining about the issue, which to me means he was promised higher totals and this gives them time to repair the falsehoods to keep him neck and neck with Bernie.


    • Dutchman says:

      The delay tends to blunt the attention to total attendance, which is down in closed primary states.

      And yeah, they are rigging it, and Berie supporters are getting an education.
      See how they like muh russia, when its pulled on THEIR candidate.

      Their getting an education, …..
      But will they LEARN?


  26. theoldgoat says:

    I do think this shows that the bump given (not earned) to Klobuschar was as phony as these vote totals will be.

    Who would want a bow-legged woman who is barely average intelligence running this country, other than Hillary as her running mate so she could bump her off?


  27. Mike says:

    Gay guy beats straight gal….sad unless one factors Bruce Jenner identifies as a woman and six months later gets Woman of the Year.

    Sorry ladies


  28. JustMe says:

    This made me LOL – my brother, a Trump hater, texted me a few hours ago and said “this damn Bernie Sanders is going to win the nomination and I’m going to be forced to vote for Trump!” Hahahaha! Oh I love seeing the DNC panic!

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Guessing that most democrats who are NOT socialists will just stay home on Election Day rather than vote for Trump over Sanders. But hey, that’s just fine with this Deplorable! Even if they end up with a weird Bernie/Tulsi ticket they will lose bigly!


  29. loubanya says:

    I think the Donks want Sanders and his ilk to win. They’ll publically support him while not helping behind the scenes in order to have a “told you so” moment with the Far Left. 4 years in the political wilderness to crush an insurgent movement is a small price to pay. Then they go back to “moderates” after absorbing the insurgency, like Establishment Republicans did with the Tea Party and Goldwater. My 2 cents.


    • Sammy Hains says:

      I disagree here.

      The Democrat Establishment does not want Sanders to win.
      They’ve already written off the Presidential election no matter who the nominee is. That is palpable.

      But what they don’t want is a total wipeout in the House of Representatives and in the State Houses going into congressional redistricting next year.

      That’s the real reason why they’re panicking.

      They want Biden, still.
      Like I said, they’ve already accepted they’re going to lose to Trump.
      But Biden is as generic a traditional Democrat as you can get.
      He’ll lose, that’s a given; but at least he’ll do no harm down ballot.


  30. Willy Nilly says:

    Bernie is one of the last original Soviet communists. Even in Russia there aren’t any. How did Bernie survive? My theory is that he died long ago but was disinterred, brushed off, and sent on his way staggering like a zombie — he still looks & acts like it today. His natural constituency is the dead, remember they account for a significant part of the Democrat vote.

    Astonishing that with the Dems locked into “Russia Russia Russia”, they’re gonna have a Soviet communist who honeymooned in Moscow as their leader. It can’t get more bizarre. You could not make this up.

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  31. jeans2nd says:

    They just couldn’t allow Bernie to cross that coveted 50% threshold, could they?
    How do these people sleep at night, knowing full well what they are doing?


    • Publius2016 says:

      They are SICK SAD! Is obvious the Dimms want Crazy Bernie! He represents what they’ve wanted and believed since WWII…

      These true believers think they can remake the world into their utopia circumventing free will and our freedoms…INSANITY…

      The party leaders (GLOBALIST UNIPARTY DEEP STATE THINK TANK BLACK OPs) know the vast majority of Americans love USA and will fight to preserve our freedoms…

      Progressives need a slow boil.


  32. Sammy Hains says:

    Question to ask your liberal friends:
    Who’s further Left, Bernie Sanders or Stalin?

    Invariably, they will be offended and answer “Stalin, of course!”

    But then ask the follow-up question: “Why?”

    After being stumped for a few moments, they will eventually say something along the lines of:
    “Because Stalin killed 60 million people,” or, “Because Stalin starved people to death.”

    At this point, you can happily point out to your friends that they just helped to prove that

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  33. trapper says:

    A few days ago I mentioned that another web site advised Republicans to vote for Bernie in the democrat primary just to mess them up since Trump has a lock on the R nomination. Do NOT do this.

    It is much better to deliver such a humongous turnout for Trump in the Republican primaries that regardless of who the democrat candidate is they go into the election completely demoralized by our turnout and strength of commitment. Let’s crush them.

    Trump Landslide 2020


    • Sammy Hains says:

      Trump is unopposed in many states.
      Vote totals are not released when a candidate is unopposed.

      Some states aren’t even having a Republican primary this year because of the lack of opposition to President Trump in the GOP.

      Trump has the lowest level of opposition within his own party since Reagan ran unopposed in 1984.


  34. Sammy Hains says:

    Bootyjudge’s vote has shrunk down to just 13.7% with over 70% of the vote in.


  35. Carrie says:


  36. bessie2003 says:

    Interesting tidbit. This afternoon former Senator Harry Reid called for Nevada ending the caucus system and returning to primaries. Nice because Nevada never used to be a caucus state until Reid convinced the State to change from its long standing primary system.

    My assumption – they must have figured out it was easier to get away with doing their thing without the limelight of national press watching the individual caucus sites’ every move.



  37. Kent says:

    what kind of tard would vote for bernie……


  38. Rynn69 says:

    Outright theft of democracy. The Democrat base (whatever is left of it) should be DEMANDING paper ballots, recounts, and citizen monitors. This is an OUTRAGE.


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