February 16th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1123

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

President Trump Twitter @POTUS / Vice President Pence Twitter @VP

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605 Responses to February 16th – 2020 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1123

  1. sunnyflower5 says:

    Beautiful 🇺🇸

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  2. David says:


    1. The criminals need to and will be held accountable, not the Institutions. The operations and investigations will still continue and will be more effective with new employees, concentrating on doing the jobs they were paid to do.
    2. If it takes burning the entire establishment down it must be done; to stop the corrupt cancer from exponentially expanding. This is the last and only opportunity to save the United States.
    3. One thing is for certain, this can never be swept away or hidden, and the United States 100% will never survive and will be destroyed. About 60% of the Nation is burning with anger, scared of living in a 3rd world country and extremely upset with the treatment of PDJT.
    4. PDJT knows there are no institutions to preserve, they are already completely destroyed.
    5. 60% of the people know that the FBI/DOJ is allegedly corrupt by the people who run them.
    6. The only way to save the institutions is to indict/prosecute everyone involved.
    7. The reputations of the institutions are destroyed forever, until everyone involved in criminal acts (coup) are indicted and prosecuted.
    8. No reason to preserve the Institution knowing their on-going concern will guarantee the destruction of the United States.
    9. Clean house and drain the swamp deep.
    10. If Senators are exposed of being involved in the coup; they also need to be indicted and prosecuted.
    11. No-one should support and give any thought that exposing the truth will destroy the institutions; this is fake news by the coup/criminals.
    12. The United States is a self-correcting country and can easily endure the process of indictments and prosecution; it can’t endure to continue to have unequal justice and the FBI/DOJ allegedly being corrupt.

    Known Facts:
    1. The entire Law Enforcement Agencies allegedly was used for political reasons.
    2. FBI/DOJ is supposed to maintain the law.
    3. At this moment the U.S. is a 3rd world country.
    4. Barr or any A/G should never worry about saving the institutions of government; since the institutions are not corrupt, allegedly just the men/women who run the institutions.
    5. Match the criminal act with the actual criminal codes, without considering who will be charged. That is how the Rule of Law is supposed to work.
    6. No one is above the Law (Equal Justice).
    7. Prosecute everyone no matter who and how broad and how deep.
    8. The United States is a Nation of Laws; not men and women.
    9. There has to be Justice; or we are “Consenting” and “Agreeing” to allow no Rule of Law, no Justice and agreeing to a Globalist Constitution, to take over the United States Constitution, converting the U.S.to a 3rd world country status.
    10. PDJT knows how to eliminate employees and will have no problem rebuilding the FBI/DOJ.


    In Criminal investigations you identify the top Criminals, who allegedly implemented and started the Coup (Obama/Brennan/Clapper). The Durham Investigations.

    This will allegedly show a prearrange fraud (coup) to frame/destroy the President Elect and the President of the United States for political reasons. Then everyone involved below even the lowest level employees can be prosecuted.

    Why? The lower/middle/upper level criminals are going to point to the “Very Top” alleged criminals; Obama, Brenna, Clapper.
    1. Peter Strzok testimony; QUESTION: were you given access to those Hillary’s “EMAILS” as part of the investigation? STRZOK ANSWERED; we were not. We did not have access. My recollection is that the access to those emails were based on “CONSENT” that was “NEGOTIATED” between the Department of Justice Attorneys and Counsel for Hillary Clinton?
    2. Comey Testimony for no reason stated Lynch told him to call the Hillary Email investigation a matter (Already blaming Lynch).
    3. McCabe implied everyone is going down with him. (Signally everyone in the FBI/DOJ)
    4. etc.

    Upper/middle/Lower Level Management/Employees are still criminally liable:
    The Consent Agreement or stating they were allegedly ordered by Obama, Brennan, Clapper not to follow normal investigative/prosecutorial policies and procedures, even with an alleged prearranged disguised fraudulent Consent agreement are criminal acts. This doesn’t lessen the alleged criminal acts of upper/middle/lower management including Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Ohr, Yates, Baker, Page, Rybicki, Mccord, Kortan, Carlin etc.

    These alleged criminals had a sworn duty not to comply with the Consent Agreement or follow direct orders of not following normal investigative/prosecutorial policies and procedures. At least case; they had a duty to resign immediately. President of the United States and/or the DOJ/FBI can’t order their own Justice Department, not to follow normal investigative/prosecutorial policies and procedures for political reasons; following these orders would be criminal acts. Compounded by Framing the President Elect and the President of the United States.

    PDJT and the American People already has seen the mountains of paper/digital and testimonies trails of evidence and that proper investigative/prosecutorial policies and procedures were not followed.

    Once you lock in the evidence that allegedly; Obama, Brennan and Clapper prearranged the coup for political reasons (Durham); then you start to indict and prosecute everyone (lower/middle/upper) government employees and eventually Brennan/Clapper. Obama?

    PDJT promised to drain the swamp and to implement Justice during his campaign and for the last 3-years of his Presidency (Acknowledgment). PDJT intentionally created a Bound Duty to implement Justice.

    PDJT has many paths to implement Justice.

    PDJT has a duty to manage the FBI/DOJ directly, if necessary.

    PDJT is 100% responsible for Justice.

    PDJT will go nuclear with the criminal codes.

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    • President Trump fights for us. Let’s fight for him.

      Let’s give him landslide wins for himself and the Republican Party. And then, let’s release the Kraken!

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      • David says:

        Agreed! PDJT will win the electoral college and popular vote in a landslide; like never seen before.

        Without the Rule of Law, the Coup/Criminals will continue and be many times more powerful. Trillions of Dollars and Power for a Global Constitution is their motivation.

        Rule of Law will last forever and protect MAGA. Without the Rule of Law, the coup will eventually reverse MAGA.

        IMO; it would be safer to make Equal Justice Chess moves in the next 90 days.

        We have seen in the last 3-years there are no evil limits in what the criminals/coup will do.

        Will we have a fair Presidential election?

        Destroy/Expose the coup/criminals before the election will capture millions of new voters and stop corruption.

        It would be Great if at all the future Trump Rallies everyone Chants for 10-minutes, AND, do not allow PDJT to speak for 10 minutes.

        Justice, Justice, Justice

        Lock Them Up, Lock them Up, Lock them Up.

        10 minutes chant will be heard around the world.

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        • vikingmom says:

          “Will we have a fair Presidential election?”

          ^^^^^THIS^^^^ is the biggest question in my mind…the Left has shown that they will pull out ALL stops, legal or not, in order to accomplish their purposes. Between stealing elections with fake/illegal/dead voters, to packing the Judiciary over the last 40 years with activist judges who overturn the will of the voters and the intent of the Framers in order to push their agenda, the re-election of Donald Trump is, by far, the biggest threat they have faced.

          If there was one issue I would say that Federal Government MUST address immediately it is the integrity of our elections. The states won’t do it because far too many of them are absolutely corrupt (including mine here in Washington State, sadly). John Roberts sided with the Left on the citizenship Census question so we got screwed there but there are still steps that could be taken and I pray that the White House will zero in on those over the next couple of months!!

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          • David says:


            I believe if PDJT implemented Justice soon, this will pour over into any/all prearranged fraudulent futures elections.

            I also believe by educating the uniformed, blindsided or brainwashed voter, of the coup/criminals plans to also destroy their way of life, there is a possibility to capture millions of new voters. This will help build a cushion for fraud. The fraud would have to be so obvious to cheat a double landslide.

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        • Bert Darrell says:

          I ‘d like to see the faces of the state D-Rat legislators and governors who (unconstitutionally) approved yielding their state electors to the NATIONAL MAJORITY WINNER instead of their state’s majority winner, Donald J. Trump, re-elected in a national landslide on November 3, 2020.

          Who said that DJT takes “impossible” as the starting point for his endeavors?


          • David says:

            AND, the faces of the criminals/coup when they have to go through the process of Justice, destroying them financially and mentally/physically. The process alone is Justice.


            • CM-TX says:

              Make sure they’re ALL afforded the EXACT same INJUSTICES given the 1000’s they’ve persecuted/maliciously prosecuted. Use every nasty trick/ distortion of Due Process ever done. Turnabout is fair play.

              It’s the ONLY way we make them, & their useful idiots, fully understand what they’ve done! And a lesson to others on why you DON’T abuse, or mess with the Justice System!

              Meanwhile, we can laugh at them crying how “it’s NOT fair!”

              Once they’re ALL flushed/ locked away, we can restore the Judicial System as it was intended.


              • CM-TX says:

                Even better– the jury pools will ONLY come from the little LISTS they made.

                They should have no problem with this– unless they care to admit what those Lists were really for. 😁


              • David says:

                Very well stated on every point!

                After criminal prosecutions; controls (policies/procedures) by analyzing every criminal act, will naturally be written and if every there was just 1/millionth of any of the current criminal acts, it will be noticed immediately and prosecuted.

                If the punishment for these criminal acts (coup) are given harsh/maximum punishments; no one would ever attempt this again, especially never creating a large coup and such a large criminal enterprise.

                If there was one insane stupid criminal in the future; the odds of having two insane stupid criminals connecting would be extremely low because of the punishment risk…it would be noticed by the controls and others would be required to report the criminal act or the beginning of a criminal act. The current punishment needs to be remembered for hundreds of years.

                Like PDJT states repeatedly along with many others; this could never happen to another President.


      • Every rally must include a long, loud, sustained, chant for JUSTICE.
        Everyone in this country MUST be made aware our right to equal justice has been obliterated by odumbo/cclinton loyalists.
        JUSTICE JUSTICE JUSTICE…At every rally!
        We the people MUST make our anger known!

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        • David says:

          Does the Chant go:
          1. Justice, Justice, Justice (OR)
          2. Justice, Lock them Up, Justice, Lock them Up, Justice, Lock them Up.

          President Trump would love this 10 minutes Chant at every rally, beyond words!!!

          This would help on many levels.


    • Janice says:

      Unbelievable Post David! Thank You!

      Only the coup and criminals (globalist) wants to preserve the people in the institutions which will 100% guarantee the U.S. Constitution will be replaced by a globalist constitution and destroy our way of life.

      I must repeat a few of your points;

      The criminals need to and will be held accountable, not the Institutions.

      This process will save the government; not destroy it.

      The operations and investigations will still continue and will be more effective with new employees, concentrating on doing the jobs they were paid to do.

      No-one should support and give any thought that exposing the truth will destroy the institutions; this is fake news by the coup/criminals.

      The reputations of the institutions are destroyed forever, until everyone involved in criminal acts (coup) are indicted and prosecuted.

      No reason to preserve the Institution knowing their on-going concern will guarantee the destruction of the United States.

      The United States is a self-correcting country and can easily endure the process of indictments and prosecution; it can’t endure to continue to have unequal justice and the FBI/DOJ allegedly being corrupt.

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      • David says:

        PDJT has set up Easy Prosecutions Cases and intentionally exposed the corruption for over 3 years.

        PDJT knew he created a bound duty to implement Justice and it would be a dereliction of duty not to implement Justice.

        There is no reason to preserve the criminals in the institutions. Protecting the criminals in the institutions will completely destroy the Rule of Law the shield that protect the Constitution.

        Protecting the criminals in the institutions will betray and expose PDJT supporters to suffering in the future.

        This would be a catastrophic destruction to all his supporters in the future.

        PDJT knows ALL of this and 1,000 X’s more regarding the institutions and of the corruption, therefore he would never allow this to happen, when he as the power to implement Justice.

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    • Redzone says:

      David – you’re hired as Special Prosecutor! Make it happen.

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      • David says:

        I believe you meant to say Sundance is hired!

        Sundance is the number 1 detailed investigative reporter in the country, by far and has linked voluminous trails of detailed evidence, placing thousands of pieces of a massive puzzle of criminal acts with detailed explanations that easily paint a picture, showing way beyond a reasonable doubt of criminal acts of a coup. It is beyond my comprehension how Sundance is able to connect/link so many bits of evidence and especially in a short period of time.

        These pictures are detailed with identifiable paper/digital trails of evidence with explanations. There could be no other explanation; other than a coup to frame the President – Elect and the President of the United States, of criminal acts that they allegedly actually did along with a massive cover-up.

        Someday, after prosecutions, Sundance should be awarded Pulitzer Prize and anyone in the future who wants to study the largest coup (criminal organization) in United States history, will be studying Sundance Archives. Many movie producers/writers in the future, will be using Sundance Archives for a library of movies. Multi-Billions Dollar Venture!


    • MVW says:

      “11. No-one should support and give any thought that exposing the truth will destroy the institutions; this is fake news by the coup/criminals.
      12. The United States is a self-correcting country and can easily endure the process of indictments and prosecution; it can’t endure to continue to have unequal justice and the FBI/DOJ allegedly being corrupt. ”

      David, super post.
      I picked these two points among so many others.

      There has never been a time that Nemesis, God’s sword of Justice, was needed more.


    • bluenova1971 says:



  3. Troublemaker10 says:

    This is part of a very long thread on one lawyer’s opinion about the McCabe case.

    Read the entire thread here (58 Twitter posts long):


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  4. Hans says:

    Wow 5 seconds of PDT arriving and driving limo at Daytona.. and FOX cuts away to commercials and BS.. …7 min later still no coverage.. I call BS FOX..

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  5. Troublemaker10 says:

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  6. LBB says:

    Some footage of beast lap.

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    • Issy says:

      I heard some announcer say they were only doing 75 mph and The Beast couldn’t hold on the banks at that speed so they had to stay on the apron. I believe he said it weighed 22,000 lbs.


  7. realeyecandy1 says:

    14 seconds is ALL Fox can give???? WTH???? They are yapping on go carts etc

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  8. MILupper says:

    Klobuchar doesn’t know the name of Mexico’s president!

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  9. MaineCoon says:

    Air Force One does a flyby of Daytona International Speedway prior to the #Daytona500. pic.twitter.com/05V1p3pXKj— Jeff Gluck (@jeff_gluck) February 16, 2020


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  10. treehouseron says:

    I don’t believe he’s done the laps yet, they were just showing him driving in.

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  11. Troublemaker10 says:

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  12. Reserved55 says:

    Kenny is a former NASCAR driver from a small town west of St Louis Mo. His brother Rusty is a former Cup champion.

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  13. icndark says:

    I watched the race yesterday Specifically to see the Trump 2020 car. Did not see it even one time. If I didn’t know better, I would think that was intentional. I’m beginning to wonder if they will even air the “Command”. What a joke these lousy “Networks” have become. Either, I don’t get it; or it’s just not funny.

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  14. Troublemaker10 says:

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  15. Ken Maritch says:

    I hear the crowd chanting USA USA USA!

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  16. trialbytruth says:

    Good thing they went to commercial who wants to watch Thunderbirds take off😡

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  17. Reserved55 says:

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  18. lawton says:


    • cjzak says:

      If this is true, is anyone really surprised? McCabe just got off in a case that was as obvious a reason to indict as ever there was, at least in the public’s view. Not a stretch to think that Durham and Barr have decided it’s over as far as McCabe is concerned.

      However, this is just conjecture and no proof has been released to my knowledge, so I will reserve my judgement on McCabe being given the all clear release from Durham.

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    • The only possible “good explanation” is he is the target and he will not be interview until last if at all.

      The “:undesirable explanation” is nobody gives a rat’s rectum about charging him with anything.

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      • dwpender says:

        I agree with your first sentence, but I would amend “the” target to “a” target.

        I am gratified when I hear Coup Crew leak about all the high profile persons Durham has NOT interviewed.


      • mimbler says:

        Yes, and I can’t forget all the ones that have skated so far while we were being told they “flipped”.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Have we verified, by some reliable means – not media reports, that Durham has spoken to other characters?


      • That’s called “leaking” and professional prosecutors don’t do it. They can’t publicly discuss pending investigations. They can’t discuss whether grand juries have been convened. They basically can’t and don’t discuss anything.

        So … “if you heard it on good authority that Durham …” no, you didn’t.


        • Robert Smith says:

          Yeah, Durham has a couple of audio talks he gave at two colleges where he talks about his work as a prosecutor. He could be full of it, but it seemed sincere to me. Anyway, we will soon see.


  19. bluenova1971 says:

    Wicked funny, but I doubt VSGPDJT will risk alienating any vertically-challenged deplorables.

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  20. Tl Howard says:

    Has POTUS done his laps yet? Did I miss it?


  21. Ken Maritch says:

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  22. Troublemaker10 says:

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  23. Tl Howard says:

    If Baracky Bama were there, Fox would have a camera up his ass.

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  24. Reserved55 says:

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  25. Tl Howard says:

    Bloomberg ad. Might as well say, “I’m Mike Bloomberg and I’m a putz.”

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  26. Guyski says:

    Remember Disney now owns Fox, but not Fox News.


  27. Reserved55 says:

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  28. jeans2nd says:

    Maria B had Steve Bannon and Trey Gowdy on her show this morning.

    Maria B spoke with Trey Gowdy, discussing the lack of prosecution of Andrew McCabe, and the status of the DOJ/FBI.
    If you all want to believe Ol’ Roosterhead, you all go on ahead, knock yourselves out.
    Just remember all the Fake News Talking Heads and their love of CPL.
    Myself, sticking with Tucker Carlson’s assessment on this one. 7:19

    Maria B first spoke with Bannon about his prediction that Oligarch Mini Mike and/or Crooked would be the ultimate winners of the Socialist democrat’s brokered convention, stealing the nomination from Bernie once again. Bannon again invited the Bernie Bros to become Deplorables smh. 8:20

    Nothing up yet from Michael Sheridan; did not check Sheridan’s twitter feed.

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  29. Reserved55 says:

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  30. barnabusduke says:

    Best start of The Daytona 500 EVAHHH!!! 🙂

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  31. Troublemaker10 says:

    Yep. Ignore them. These are more of the deep state and Dem “Resisters”.

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    • So predictable, was waiting for the alumni “bros” (100% Dems regardless how registered) to chime in. One thing you will never see again on Internet is that when NY Atty Gen. Schidermann was running for reelection , some 1000 or so former Federal prosecutors signed and published a letter supporting him as an “individual of high professional integrity” blah blah > You may remember he was outted as an S&M sex pervert shortly after reelected and forced to resign in disgrace. Ha!


    • Robert Smith says:

      Use this valuable list as a Watch List for Resistance DeepStaters and as a Do Not Hire list?

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  32. realeyecandy1 says:

    That was an AMAZING start to America’s RACE!!! Then POTUS came on the radio and talked to all of the drivers FANTASTIC

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  33. Lucille says:

    Detroit: Imam “sad and heartbroken” after being questioned over his support for Soleimani
    February 15, 2020 by Robert Spencer

    Ever the victim. But if, as seems clear, Elahi supports the Islamic Republic of Iran, whose highest authorities routinely scream “Death to America,” how loyal can he be to the country he says he loves? Such a question will immediately be dismissed as “Islamophobic,” but in what way exactly is it wrong to ask it?


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  34. Bogeyfree says:

    So let’s recap all of the “incidents” that have occurred over the past 8-10 years and you tell me if truth and justice is paramount and if there isn’t a two tier system of justice within DC!

    1) Uranium One – No Crimes, No Indictments

    2) Hammer 47 Hard Drives – No Crimes, No Indictments

    3) Anwan Brothers – No Crimes, No Indictments

    4) HRC Unsecured Server & 33K Emails – No Crimes, No Indictments

    5) Wiener Laptop Email Contents – No Crimes, No Indictments (outside Wiener)

    6) DNC Server Hack – Alleged Crime, No Indictments

    7) Seth Rich murder – No arrests

    8) Fake Dossier and fraud on FISA Court 4 times – No Crimes, No Indictments

    9) Years of FISA Abuse – No Crimes, No Indictments

    10) Years of FIB Contractor Abuse – No Crimes, No Indictments

    11) Carter Page FISA Leak – No Crime for Leaking (just one count lying)

    12) Numerous other Classified Leaks – No Crimes, No Indictments

    13) Numerous referrals to DOJ – No Crimes, No Indictments

    14) Numerous Agents violating policy – No Crimes, No Indictments

    15) Ukraine WB fraud – No Crimes, No Indictments

    16) Insubordination by Military Officer – No Crimes, No Indictments

    17) Impeachment Fraud and made up narrative by House Leader – No Crimes, No Indictments

    18) Ukraine Money Laundering – No Crimes, No Indictments

    Seriously, look at this list and virtually NOTHING from our Government!

    I’m not sure it is even statistically possible but here it is.

    I think as more and more Americans see lists like these couple with the lists of their people who got a pass and our people who get indicted, they clearly see the bias and injustice.

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    • lotbusyexec says:

      Bogeyfree, I am Bogeyfree2 (even though currently I am Lotbusyexec) and agree 100% There is a two-tiered system and it has to stop! Give direction – I too am at my wit’s end. I am on team Bogeyfree. Thank you for your continual reminders and constant nudges. Let’s roll!

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    • Robert Smith says:

      In the words of G-man James Comey,

      “That’s it?”


    • jumpinjarhead says:

      Lois Lerner—IRS abuse of Tea Party groups

      AG “Wingman” Holder et al.—Fast and Furious never investigates or anyone held accountable. Holder is only AG in history to be in contempt of Congress.

      Black Panther Voter Intimidation—Holder dismisses case against Black Panthers liable for violation of Voting Rights Act.


  35. Reserved55 says:



  36. Reserved55 says:

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  37. Reserved55 says:

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  38. Ausonius says:

    Speaking of Bloomberg: he has been bombarding (every 15 minutes!) central Ohio television with My Buddy MAObama ads.

    What makes him think such ads will make him known or popular, especially here in central Ohio? We have our unreconstructed Millennial and Pathetic Aging Boomer Socialists, to be sure, but I have a feeling these ads will only make “Mike” more annoying to many of us than he already is. 🙂

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  39. Reserved55 says:

    mini nun

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  40. Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

    This is a post, an interview with Joe DiGenova from 2/10/20 where he states he just found out the identity of the “anonymous” article from awhile back that was in the NYT’s is known and to expect another removal coming soon. Wonder who?


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  41. realeyecandy1 says:

    at some point, regarding the tv commercials for MINIMike …folks simply zone out and go piss or poop It gets to the point of SPAM robocalls and you just cuss under your breath and HATE their guts

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  42. Reserved55 says:

    Contains vulgarity

    “Yes, these are all actual quotes,” DeMarse wrote in the introduction. “No, nothing has been embellished or exaggerated. And yes, some things were too outrageous to include.”

    After The Post informed the Bloomberg campaign that it planned to put online a copy of the full booklet, spokesman Stu Loeser said, “Mike simply did not say the things somebody wrote in this gag gift, which has been circulating for 30 years and has been quoted in every previous election Mike has been in.”

    At the same time, Loeser added, “Mike openly admits that his words have not always aligned with his values and the way he has led his life and some of what he has said is disrespectful and wrong.” He did not provide specifics.”



    • Robert Smith says:

      Bloomberg doesn’t need to apologize, but he has to because he’s a Democrat SJW now. People who remember the Wall Street culture from years back probably wonder where all the really good stories went.


    • boogywstew says:

      WRONG: “The Wit and Wisdom of Michael Bloomberg” was originally printed on a postage stamp. I forgot what was on the bottom half?


  43. Carrie says:


  44. Deplorab;e_Vespucciland says:

    And now coming around the back turn in the Democratic Presidential Nomination Derby we have Michael Avenatti in the lead. Oh wait, that was last year.

    The insane Media loved him so much because he is as crooked as they are.

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  45. CM-TX says:

    Shut-Up Schumer! (some 😁-comments included):


  46. Reserved55 says:

    I hope she’s on The CN&N tomorrow morning.

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  47. Reserved55 says:

    Jealous looks, drivers Kurt Bush left, Ricky Stenhouse right.

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