Testing Waters – Drudge: Bloomberg Considering Hillary Clinton as VP on Ticket…

Ever since the DNC Club road-map showed Bloomberg as the likely nominee to move into the Democrat race & assemble all of the ‘Never Bernie’ coalitions under one establishment tent, there has been speculation of a possible alternate motive: to bring Hillary Clinton back into the 2020 race.

Today, Matt Drudge takes that speculation to new levels as he claims exclusive sources to highlight Michael Bloomberg is considering doing exactly what people speculated.


Such a strategy is rather Machiavellian; unfortunately, that type of scheme is exactly what Club leadership would do.  However, that said, this is more likely a test to see just how people would react publicly; and it is drawing apoplectic reaction from the AOC/Bernie wing of Democrat activists.

(Via Daily Mail) Mike Bloomberg is considering making Hillary Clinton his running mate, a source close to his campaign has told Drudge Report.

Polling found the Bloomberg-Clinton combination would be a formidable force to take on Trump in the race for the White House, the source said.

Former New York City Mayor and Democratic candidate Bloomberg is said to be considering even changing his official residence from New York to Colorado or Florida – where he also has homes – because the electoral college makes it difficult for US president and vice-president to reside in the same state.

Under the Twelfth Amendment to the US Constitution, which provides the procedure for electing the president and vice-president, it states that the two people could not both inhabit the same state as the elector.

Bloomberg’s campaign would not confirm or deny the reports when DailyMail.com reached out for comments.(read more)

As we watch the Club -vs- Bernie Sanders dynamic play out I would not put too much emphasis on the Clinton dynamic (¹yet).  More likely for the Club’s intent this story starts to tell donors and “moderates” of a possibility.  The overarching premise is that Bloomberg is maneuvering to be the Club nominee.

Notice how the story, by itself, positions Bloomberg as the presumptive nominee.  Discussion of Bloomberg’s VP selection inherently implants a narrative that Bloomberg will be the nominee.  Thus this is more likely the real motive for the story, and not the details within the story itself.

That approach, establishing the baseline psyche, is typical Club strategy.  The more the Club (and their corporate media) can keep discussing Bloomberg as the nominee, the better it is for his nomination to succeed.

To be the nominee Bloomberg first has to get past Bernie Sanders.  The ‘Never Bernie’ coalition will fall in line to the Club plan, they will put up no resistance.  However, the real energy within the Democrat party is behind the AOC-Bernie caucus.

The strategically placed “rumor” per se’, appears to be more about positioning for Bloomberg, which is step one.  The VP comes much later and will predictably be the bridge between the Club and a massive group of disgruntled activists.

If the DNC can pull-off the Bloomberg nomination; and assuming Bernie would not be the VP choice; Bloomberg’s VP selection will most likely be a progressive woman; and that woman has to be so appealing to the AOC-Bernie group that her appearance will heal the massive fracture created by the Club’s scheme to circumvent Bernie.  It will not be Hillary Clinton because she does not fit that role; and it cannot be AOC.

¹A notable caveat is how the Club has indeed positioned some very serious Hillary Clinton political operatives around the table of the DNC rules committee (Barney Frank and John Podesta).   Those prior selections do lend a modicum of credibility to the ‘sources’ framing the Bloomberg/Clinton ticket theory.

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423 Responses to Testing Waters – Drudge: Bloomberg Considering Hillary Clinton as VP on Ticket…

  1. kleen says:

    Mini Mike has a plantation going, he is buying up EVERYBODY.

    It’s interesting to see how many SJW who hate billionaires, the rich, white heterosexual male are for sale and ready to serve mini Mike.


  2. kleen says:

    SJWs, who hate billionaires are for sale and ready to have Mini Mike as their slave owner.
    Who knew… the crowd that says they are bitter about slavery and the oppressive rich white men in America are tripping over themselves to be bought by Mini Mike and help him buy his place in the primary to serve the interests of the elite (rich white men)


  3. yearningabstractly says:

    The Charm Twins *snort*


  4. LULU says:

    How will he deal with a running mate who is taller than his 5’4?


  5. Blasater says:

    GOP must speak with one voice. You add the criminal Killary to the ticket and we will impeach her on day one.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. askandgettruth says:

    one more reason i do not listen to drudge. they must [ the socialist mutants ] have drugged his water or he has been a plant right along. the only water hill-bag needs to test is with a water board. has this country been drugged so bad that there is no common sense any more. a very bad storm is coming and that is what their goal has always been


  7. askandgettruth says:

    if bernie does or should i say if the powers to be want it. OLD SOCIALIST BERNIE better sleep with both eyes open


  8. Genie says:

    From Carpe Donktum


  9. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Guessing that if miniMike were to grab the nomination (not likely) he would be paired up with that sore loser who recently ran to be governor of Georgia. Can’t recall her name but she’s apparently as unlikeable as Bloomberg himself and the crooked Media loves her. Still, that ticket would lose to Trump almost as bad as Bernie/Warren.

    ~~~~~~~ TRUMP 2020 ~~~~~~~


  10. Bendix says:

    Why do people repeat the nonsense that having the one you do want as VP makes the one you don’t want a stronger candidate?
    This reminds me of when Obama kept threatening Hillary with Joe Biden, for some reason, as if he could have replaced her and been a winner.
    Polls lie.


  11. David Vicknair says:

    Yes, elections have consequences. Bloomberg’s business roots in China run deep and so if he were to be elected it would be business as usual with the US back on the road to serfdom. I think that’s why he is running, to protect his business interests in China. Little Man won’t even admit that Xi is a dictator. Little Man is also aggressively anti-2A (for his Chinese masters?). Perhaps we should start referring to him as Little King George, yes? And Hillary would be busily engaged in her usual pay-to-play extortion, while stuffing wads of cash from the Treasury into her Mao suit pockets and exacting retribution on all those deplorable Trump supporters. In the immortal words of Bill Paxton with Little King George and Hillary in the White House it would quite literally be, “Game over, man. Game over!” for the Republic. Finally, Trump would be busily fending off dodgy indictments from several state AGs bent on putting him away for life.



    Maybe it’s just me, but I would LOVE to have Hitlery run in 2020.
    We get to ask her not only about her emails to POTUS on her personal server which were intercepted by Russians, but also the Chinese that were directly locked onto her email grabbing messages in real time.
    But we also get to ask her why the donations to the Clinton Foundation have fallen off like a ski jump since she left the public pig trough.
    And lest we forget, SKOLKOVO….Oh yes, and how the Russian got their hypersonic missile technology!!

    Come on Hitlery, run with Mini MIke….we got a LOT to talk about.

    BTW, for much the same reason we will NEVER see Mooshell Obama step up to the plate against VSGPOTUS. NEVER!!!



  13. Paul Vincent Zecchino says:

    Should this evil little monster manipulate his way to becoming President, he’ll be America’s last.


  14. Sammy Hains says:

    Klobuchar Slams Bloomberg: Stop Hiding Behind Airwaves and Ad Buys


    I think it’s pretty obvious why Bloomberg is hiding behind a curtain…
    The guy is the Wizard of Odd

    Watch Bloomberg turn the Creepy Factor up to Biden:


    • Paul Vincent Zecchino says:

      He’s telegraphing his intent, sending a signal to the kiddie-raper Elites that he’s their ‘boy’, he’s the one who make everything OK for them, make pedophilia legal and worthy.

      Any questions as to why he wants to disarm the law abiding, but not criminals?


  15. JL says:

    It’s not Matt Drudge any more. He sold ‘The Drudge Report’. It was a private sale, but he’s on record as no longer having anything to do with it.


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