Nevada Poll: Breadline Bernie Holds Commanding Lead – Picks Up Coveted de Blasio Endorsement…

It looks like Bernie Sanders is going to win his third straight Democrat primary given the current polling from Nevada.   The Las Vegas Review Journal conducted a poll of likely caucus attendees (Tuesday through Thursday) shows Bernie Sanders with 25% of the vote.


With the ‘Never Bernie’ vote split five ways, and with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg not on the Nevada ballot, it looks like Bernie is going to win another primary contest.

The Club has been using establishment allies to take shots at Bernie, but the Antifa mob behind his socialist race are swarming and blasting anyone who targets their lightbringer of free stuff.   The Bernie-AOC wing have formed an impenetrable protective membrane around their candidate and most mainstream Democrats do not want to become their targets.  It’s a remarkable dynamic.

Accepting the foregone conclusion, today New York Mayor Bill de Blasio attempts to increase his progressive credentials by proclaiming his support for Bernie.

However, there are a few hitches…. Bernie’s socialized government takeover of healthcare is not sitting well with the Nevada unions.  This might foretell a problem in the future.  The union members do not want to lose their top-tier healthcare plans, and as a consequence they are withholding their endorsement:

NEVADA – Nevada’s culinary union, an influential force in the state’s upcoming caucuses, just fired a shot across the bow of Sen. Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign. In flyers, emails, and text messages, the union warned its members that Sanders’s “Medicare for all” plan would “end Culinary Healthcare.”

The culinary union has good reason to oppose Sanders’s plan. It provides top-tier benefits to 130,000 workers and their families. “Medicare for all” would destroy these benefits and saddle union members with far worse coverage.

Unions across the country have negotiated hard to provide generous health coverage to their members. In 2018, three-quarters of union members had access to dental benefits, compared with just half of nonunion workers. Some unions have even negotiated premium-free health benefits.

Sanders’s “Medicare for all” proposal would invalidate union health plans and force all their members into the same government-run plan as every other person.

In Nevada, that would mean the end of the Culinary Health Fund, which provides some of the best coverage in the state. Benefits include access to a members-only clinic that provides 24/7 urgent care, along with dental, vision, and pediatric care. Union clinics like this tend to offer high-quality care and have helped members save hundreds of dollars a month. (read more)

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182 Responses to Nevada Poll: Breadline Bernie Holds Commanding Lead – Picks Up Coveted de Blasio Endorsement…

  1. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Nice to see nobodies like Buttagig & Clubacharm return to the back of the pack where they belong. But to be clear, none of these candidates are really qualified to be president of the United States. Indeed each one of them would do more harm than good to our republic.

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  2. Mad Mike says:

    There’s a leading article on MSN homepage stating Sanders is promising to legalize marijuana.

    I’m sure that low IQ voters love his campaign trail promises of free stuff and good times. He better make the pot free, too, because I don’t think anyone will be able to afford it.

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  3. askandgettruth says:

    DE Blasio ?? can they pick a better socialist NANNY STATE SWINE?? nevada has been taken over by the liberal filth from calif. call if EAST CAL. how can the people sleep knowing what is coming in the future ? i sleep locked and loaded

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  4. mugzey302 says:

    Hilarious that democrats worry about clean elections NOW!!

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