Candidate Biden to New Hampshire Woman: “You’re a Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier”…

During a townhall today a young lady introduced herself as Madison, an econ student at Mercer University in New Hampshire. Ms. Madison asked Joe Biden why he did so poorly in Iowa considering he carries the highest profile of all Democrat candidates.

The former Vice-President replied by asking the lady if she has ever attended a caucus.  She replies, yes.  Then things get weird as Biden says:

…”No, you haven’t.. you’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier”…



Stick a fork in him, he’s done.

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368 Responses to Candidate Biden to New Hampshire Woman: “You’re a Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier”…

  1. 4EDouglas says:

    I could not believe what he said irrational to the extreme has he been checked for mini strokes,?
    Some sort of Dementia is going on.. This would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic-no it’s funny the Dems deserve this -the country doesn’t

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    • Marc says:

      It’s the aneurysms he had decades ago that have severely affected Joe’s brain chemistry. He can’t control his brain to mouth filter so he says and does any mean/abusive/perverse thing that comes to his addled mind.

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      • plane of the ecliptic says:

        I understand after he crashed his classic Corvette they found a small brain fragment lodged in his skull. He had to have the fragment surgically removed.


    • 4EDouglas says:

      Forgot about that..


    • PatriotKate says:

      It’s classic Dementia. A person’s basic personality begins to show more (in this case arrogant and rude) as they lose their “filter” and ability to control their reactions. The brain begins to lose its processing and that’s where these other symptoms appear. As already demonstrated, he often doesn’t know where he is and gets dates/events mixed up.
      Very common. Anger is also common at this stage, because they are still aware enough to know they are losing it so being challenged is very uncomfortable.

      It is despicable that his family doesn’t put a stop to this.

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      • corimari2013 says:

        PatriotKate, I thank you for your clear and concise description of dementia.
        As I read your comment, it brought to mind the behavior of two close relatives as they neared the end of their lives here on earth.
        I agree with you that Joe Biden is displaying the behaviors of classic dementia.
        And I agree with you that his family is sorely remiss in not pulling him out of this campaign, and not giving him the care he needs.

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        • Xena Laminak says:

          EXACTLY! Someone else put this in writing. My mother and her sister both ended up with Alzheimer’s. Neighbors and their friends and others made excuses for their super nasty, aggressive, foul-mouthed, and incredibly vile things they said once the filter came off. I’d blow a casket and let everyone know that that fake facade my mom and presented to the world masked their true selves that came out in their 80s. Biden can’t keep his hatred for the little people and anyone that shows a light on his closet activities as time passes. I can’t wait for him to start dropping F bombs. The potty mouth in dementia patients makes rap singers look good!

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      • antiqueiron says:

        Yes. I’ve seen this before. The body rebels at the brain deteriorating. I wonder if he shuffles along, instead of a regular walk? Many dementia patients shuffle. We may see a handler helping him move around. In any event, he’s not fit to hold office.


      • Dee Paul Deje says:

        I’m convinced he only ran so he could deflect from his Ukraine and China corruption with help from the house and MSM narrative that “Trump tried to interfere with the election by having a political opponent investigated.” More pain coming.


  2. romy911 says:

    Well, in case you were thinking of changing your name on Twitter, it’s already taken.

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  3. InAz says:

    I hate Biden… is obvious he was trying to make a joke.
    He thought he was quoting from a John Wayne movie. The quote…”lying dog faced pony soldier” is a line in the movie”Pony Soldier” starting Tyrone Power, 1952.

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    • Sammy Hains says:

      It’s not in there.

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    • InAz says:

      Also it is obvious Biden is having memory issues. For that quote to pop in his head at that exact moment raises questions about his brain function. Damage from the aneurysms perhaps? Does he have a disease? Or is medication causing his issues? Or a combination of all three?

      There are over 200 types of dementia caused by many things…..aging, medication, diseases, medical issues like stroke or brain aneurysms, etc.

      Biden has no business running for any political office.

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      • suejeanne1 says:

        it’s too bad Jill is not a doctor, actually – is she aware that something is going on with him?

        he was so hateful for so many years – I remember the 1980’s, I was there!

        But he certainly has some kind of medical issue and if the Democratic Party leadership is just using him for some reason until whoever they want steps onstage, that is very cruel – to the entire country –

        when will we hear any sensible Democratic leaders calling a stop to this pathetic dog and pony show?

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        • vexedmi says:

          Joe is being driven by Jill. Occam’s Razor to a “T”!

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        • antiqueiron says:

          He will be there on stage until his purpose is no longer needed. Remember hillary’s ” slab of beef” episode? They kept her going from the Vanbulance with the medical handler & others. When they’re done with Biden, he’ll be gone, poof.

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          • American Heritage says:

            Agreed, antiqueiron. Lefties have ways of keeping their people in line. Somewhere in their strategy manual there must be something about the the advantage of putting befuddled people on stage in the political arena. Biden, Hillary, Mueller, Blassy-Ford, Pelosi, et el., didn’t wander into the spotlight by themselves. Some or all of them might be afflicted, but there has to be a Deep State reason why they are out front representing the Democrat party.


            • To be sure, you are correct, American Heritage. Yet, if you were told the real reasons, would you even believe it?

              Evil hides itself from its’ enemies by presenting a disarming facade of what they really are. They wear masks to cover themselves, for many would be repulsed by the true face of evil.

              Joe, et., al., are, in essence, platitudes. If the populace were to see the true abyss of the heart the Deep State has,even hard core leftist, baby murderers, satanic cultists, thieves, liars, traitors, would be appalled.

              No, these figureheads are but masks to the true nature of evil.


        • suejeanne1 says:

          In reading the news of Joe Biden’s comment to a town hall participant in New Hampshire, that phrase he used: “lying dog-faced pony soldier” seemed vaguely familiar . . . was it John Wayne? Checking it out, various sources had already explored that possibility and found no historical basis for it.

          Then I searched on the website for the phrase and then parts of it. I found “Lying Dog-faced Freak” in the April 5, 1995 issue of “The Courier” (Waterloo, Iowa). This was from the “Conversation Piece” section in that paper, a section wherein readers submit their answers to the weekly question. The question posed back on March 27, 1995 was:

          What’s your favorite nickname for Brian “Kato” Kaelin?

          One of the answers published on April 5, 1995 was “Lying Dog-faced Freak”

          Could we ask Mr. Biden what was he doing the week of April 5, 1995 and does he recall seeing that? Did he say to himself, “hey, that’s pretty catchy – maybe I can use that in someway, just change it a little bit”.

          Maybe it does not signify a brain disorder at all . . . perhaps it pertains more to Joe’s history of plagiarism.


    • Sammy Hains says:

      This Pony Soldier scandal is just further proof that Joe Biden would turn the clock back to the 1950s as president.

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  4. FPCHmom says:

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  5. T2020 says:

    Joe Biden ———-> 🥜

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  6. mtk says:

    It appears… based on Candidate Biden’s responce, Candidate Biden’s working political assumptions are, “If someone calls him out”, then that is because the only people that he can draw to his campaign events are Candidate Sanders supporters.

    Talk about, “Living Rent Free.”

    It is so Sanders’est, “Getting over on someone using someone elses dime.”

    The very definition of a free loading.


    • mtk says:

      Second thoughts…
      The very definition of a freeloader.

      All the same, “It is more winning.”

      Olliver Twist must be rolling over in the grave…
      “Can I have some more.”


  7. Jason Ross says:

    His mind is a jumbled collection of those fridge magnet words that sane people use to form phrases and prose.


  8. oodeluph says:

    So, Biden’s abandoned last week’s desperate campaign slogan, “No Malarky”, in favor of “The Soul of the Nation”? Shouldn’t that be “The Sold of the Nation” Joe?
    Nah. Too close to the truth and he was in fear of bursting into flames…

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  9. “In the 1940s, Duke was one of the few stars with the courage to expose the determined bid by a band of communists to take control of the film industry. Through a series of violent strikes and systematic blacklisting, these people were at times dangerously close to reaching their goal. With theatrical employee’s union leader Brewer, playwright Morrie and others, he formed the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals to challenge this insidious campaign. Subsequent Congressional investigations in I947 clearly proved both the communist plot and the importance of what Duke and his friends did. In that period, during my first term as president of the Actors’ Guild, I was confronted with an attempt by many of these same leftists to assume leadership of the union. At a mass meeting I watched rather helplessly as they filibustered, waiting for our majority to leave so they could gain control. Somewhere in the crowd I heard a call for adjournment, and I seized on this as a means to end the attempted takeover. But the other side demanded I identify the one who moved for adjournment. I looked over the audience, realizing that there were few willing to be publicly identified as opponents of the far left. Then I saw Duke and said, “Why I believe John Wayne made the motion.” I heard his strong voice reply, “I sure as hell did!” The meeting and the radicals’ campaign was over.”–Unforgettable John Wayne by Ronald Reagan, Readers Digest – October, 1979

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Look back in retrospect.

      Since the 50s, every public figure that the MSM
      and the left has ridiculed and taught us to hate
      have one thing in common.

      Every single one of them stood up against communism.

      Reagan, John Wayne, McCarthy, Roy Cohn, even Bobbie
      and John Kennedy. Most were publicly smeared. They tried
      to kill Reagan, and successfully killed two Kennedys, both of
      whom were too popular to try the usual smear campaign

      When the dust of McCarthy settled, they went to work
      making it look like anyone that uttered “communist threat”
      was an intolerant, certifiable loon. No communist threat if
      you are unable to say that it exists without being publicly

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      • 7delta says:

        To paraphrase Dr. Paul Kengor, from the book “Dupes”, McCarthy may have been an irascible old drunk, but he was right. He has been vindicated, but people still invoke his name to portray a “witch hunt.” 

        “Dupes” is an excellent read…all first source documentation. The National Archives is full of such original documents few have bothered to read, including documents brought out of the Kremlin when the Soviet Union fell about Comintern in the U.S. Quite an eye opener. Teddy Kennedy did “collude” with the Russians in an attempt to win the nomination and the presidency. 

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    • 7delta says:

      John Wayne still rides tall in the saddle. I can hear him saying, “I sure as hell did.” 

      Another good Hollywood moment, involving Reagan, is told in the book “Dupes” by Paul Kengor. When the communists held a secret meeting to plot the take over of the Guild, Reagan and Bill Holden got wind of it. They showed up, where Reagan took to the podium. Holden said, bar none, it was the best speech Reagan ever gave. It sent the commies home with their tails between their legs that night.

      Thanks for posting this excerpt from Reagan’s article.

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    • antiqueiron says:

      As far as I’m concerned, the Duke ranks right up there with the Founders. There has never been a greater American. Ever. Pilgrim.


    • American Heritage says:

      Communists never give up and they never go away. The just go subversive and secretly infiltrate a country’s foundational institutions, destroying it from within. They are patient and relentless.


  10. treehouseron says:

    I’m sure others have already mentioned it but Pony Soldier is a nice way of saying Piece of Shit.

    “You’re a lying, dog faced Piece of Shit” is basically what he said.


  11. I bet Biden wouldn’t have the balls to use this insult on Corn Pop.

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  12. Joe wants you to listen to lyrics with your kid on the record player and take your kid to the new Tyrone Power movie “Pony Soldier”.

    It’s at all the drive-ins.


  13. Bailey Howe says:

    We can’t see Biden’s face and what expressions were on there but then… Whatever Biden mouthed to her / pulled faces we will never know but then he pulls off off his jacket as in a striptease .as the
    studio audience sound level rises..and bursts out in knowing laughter. Then creepy Joe stated # you are a lying dog face pony soldier

    At his age to say something like that represents a number of many things and for brevity sake we will start with….
    Some form of dementia as from info you can find on the web..
    It seems to me a precursor to early onset dementia would include rude outbursts, name calling, unwanted physical contact ; ( )and sounding like Tourette Syndrome sufferers, to some degree in more advanced cases but with him…??

    Imho he’s got dementia & I’m getting he won’t admit it.
    With him name calling makes one wonder how true is his mental state

    This is beyond being reprehensible


  14. iswhatitis says:

    It all helps his campaign falter so that he can drop out – now that the impeachment needs are behind him.


  15. Rynn69 says:

    Some serious issues going on there. It is absolutely tragic that his family would have him continue with those issues going on. Oh, wait – it is the Biden family. Now it all makes sense. How silly of me…quitting the race would interfere with the grifting family business.


  16. zekness says:

    dog faced pony soldier. that hilarious.

    no malarkey joe is a walking gaffe factory. truly one of a kind endless source of amusement.

    as POPS would say: He has urinated in his own mess kit.

    anyway…I think the beginning of the end is near.

    so with that assumption, that Biden drops out of the race any day now, let me bring this back up again I put forward in another thread here at CTH:

    The charge is that President Trump called UKR for the favor to attack and harass a political opponent. That’s the main reasoning behind the Impeachment. Biden is a presidential candidate. Ok, so lets go with that for the moment, because it becomes interesting when you understand the entire argument.

    “all a person has to do is run for office and then they become IMMUNE to criticism or any informal investigations or even the hint of investigation about former suspicions criminal conduct”

    that’s essentially the Democrat position that anchored the impeachment articles.

    Now, what happens when Biden drops out of the race?

    This is going to be very interesting.

    Let’s assume POTUS REFRESHES his call to UKR to conduct a Burisma investigation when Biden drops out….Let’s assume POTUS does this to complete what he set out to accomplish in the first place: to identify AT SCALE corruption from a former VP who interfered and influenced an ongoing criminal investigation in a foreign country by EXTORTING said Foreign Country with 1 BILLION US Loan/Aid money….successfully!

    So what will this accomplish other than the obvious legitimate cause to look into corruption by a US citizen who abused their powers and for obviously political and familial reasons?

    1. POTUS establishes AGAIN the need to perform an investigation that so far has never happened. Regardless that the media has repeatedly LIED to the American voters that “biden was investigated and cleared of any wrongdoing”…This needs to be exposed for the LIE that it is, and shows the left media and the DNC are coupled by some very powerfully corrupt elite. I think the left voters need to understand they have been sold down the river. Who better to show this than Trump? Who else is even willing to take it on?

    2. The investigation with any hope kicks open the door and exposes other swamp critters who have their hands all over foreign aid money and corruption. Say hello burr, warner, mcconnel, pelosi, graham and mcconnell…..others? MITTENS probably.

    3. Puts the impeachment sham into the hall of shame and dispenses once and for all, it was simply a way to draw attention away from real corruption at the highest levels in the Obama years!

    4. POTUS can ask during Election debates to the DNC candidate ” where were you when the corruption of BIDEN was exposed early on? ” “why is it that you were silent about an obvious conflict of interest by Biden?” “could the reasons why you were so AFRAID to talk about the need for an investigation …could the reason why you decided it was best to ignore it….could the reason why you preferred to downplay this allegation of corruption, be that YOU have corruption in you own history?” And then start listing and outlining all of the defects and suspicious actions of his candidates, ricky ticky.

    this is going to be an interesting election cycle.


  17. frank field says:

    He doesn’t want the job.


    • eguthr3 says:

      He only wants the power that comes with the title of the President of the United States of America. That’s what most of the democrats are only interested in the power and prestige.


    • L. E. Joiner says:

      Biden won’t drop out any time soon. He wants to stay in the campaign, because he thinks it gives him immunity from investigation for his corruption (bribery and money laundering) while in high office. Up to now, he’s been right.


  18. rororojo says:

    I would like to know what exactly is a lying, dog-faced, pony soldier. Just for future reference.


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