Jersey Pride – Thousands of Trump Supporters Camp Out in New Jersey Days Before Tuesday Rally…

Jumpin’ ju-ju bones, an RSBN twitter video from New Jersey tonight shows thousands of Trump supporters, glorious Deplorables, lined-up and camping out overnight in Wildwood – a full day ahead of the Tuesday rally at the Wildwoods Convention Center.

According to recent reporting there has been over 150,000 RSVP’s for the rally tomorrow.  Incredible.  Way to go New Jersey!  Talk about setting the bar high.  First, here’s a video ground report from 1:00pm today:

This is a short film I made of the Trump Campaign rally in Wildwood, NJ. People started arriving in line for the rally at 6pm Sunday the 26th. I filmed this video around 1pm on Monday the 27th and they still had to wait until 3pm on Tuesday the 28th before they could start letting them into the Wildwood convention center. That’s dedication.

Welcome to Wildwood, NJ. Mr. President!

And look at how big that crowd has grown tonight.  Here’s the video from tonight:

I mean if this is the kind of ordinary, American, blue-collar support President Trump is getting during the horribly political impeachment effort… in New Jersey…. in the dead of winter…. in a town normally holding 5,000 people…. well, this bodes very well for our united 2020 election.

Awesome job Team New Jersey.   Y’all rock!



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143 Responses to Jersey Pride – Thousands of Trump Supporters Camp Out in New Jersey Days Before Tuesday Rally…

  1. Troublemaker10 says:

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  2. Troublemaker10 says:

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  3. Troublemaker10 says:

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  4. H. Hawke says:

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    • FrankieZee says:

      Trump is going to win the popular vote by a huge margin this time. I think that is what he wants to do, win both the Electoral College and the popular vote to really shove it up the DEMORATS ASSES.

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      • NvMtnOldMan says:

        Frankie–Several states have voted to award ALL of their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote. This could mean that President Trump could win 100% of the electoral college. Watch the dim states try to change their policy!!!!

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      • newlife3.0 says:

        Go to YT American Thought Leaders-Epoch Times. January 22 was an incredibly good discussion on election fraud, and the many ways of doing it. It’s going to be beyond belief.

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    • mostlyogauge says:

      I can just imagine, well, to a point, if this was one of those pussy hat rallies. There would be about 100 people but trash enough for 1,000.

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  5. Nancy Kaye says:

    Dear New Jersey

    You are more than awesome! We salute you!
    Military City USA. We are so proud of President Trump and our prayers for our country.🙏
    San Antonio Texas

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  6. H. Hawke says:

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  7. MIKE says:

    Please show more of these homemade videos. Folks like me deep inside enemy lines need to see this from time to time to keep our spirits up.
    Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real disease and has affected and virtually consumed the souls of the politically ignorant, including my siblings, and their families.
    I can report, however, that my youngest nephew has broken free of the ‘groupthink’ chains his mother and brothers and his job(works for stinked-in) had shackled him with, and, he came out a few weekends ago to help me with a project so we had a chance to discuss current events, as adults. “He is ‘woke’ “!!! He gets it. Now to work on his bros….

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    • memom4 says:

      I agree. After 8 years of the Obama Regime, I am literally exhausted. The MSM’s reporting has been so disheartening and disappointing. Trump, like all of us, is a flawed man, but I’ll take that any day over Socialism!

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      • mostlyogauge says:

        Why don’t we all just put a stop to this “flawed man” stuff? None of us, NONE OF US, are perfect. The man is a BILLIONAIRE a couple three times over. He must of done at least a few things right because he IS a billionaire, he became that in the NYC real estate and in the entertainment industries, and because NO ONE has been able to find anything illegal about his activities. He has shown more class, decision-making ability, excellent judgement, decisiveness, and commanding leadership than any President since George Washington.

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  8. ginny2002 says:

    So SO SO PROUD of my state!!
    Go Red, Jersey!
    Can’t wait to watch tonight online.
    Wish I could be there!

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  9. Terri says:

    That’s beautiful!


  10. Mary says:

    So, just got off my NJ town (deep navy blue) website, and someone reported that their coworker who lives 2 miles from the convention center was offered $5000 to rent his house for 3 days!

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  11. chojun says:

    Anyone else wearing their *hmm* face when Trump holds rallies in deep blue parts of the US?

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  12. Terri says:

    Hope he comes out West for a few rallies, I’d love to experience our President LIVE! How exciting for all the Patriots in Wildwood! TRUMP 2020!

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  13. rashomon says:

    In spite of what you see or hear on the Propaganda Press, these rallies are Proof of the Pudding for the American electorate. Deplorables all. When and where else have you seen independents line up for hours in scuzzy weather to be under the same space or rubbing elbows with those who also believe PDJT might reset the path for our country?

    Democrat? Republican? I don’t think so any more. Both parties have screwed their constituents to line their own pockets for a century, and now the ugly details are out in the public for the voters to consider. We might be witnessing a sea change.

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    • mostlyogauge says:

      Spot on rashomon. George Washington and the Founding Fathers set the original path for our country. Donald Trump will reset the path. Excellent!

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    • pyrthroes says:

      Inescapably, worldwide, three 24-year generations constitute well-defined 72-year demographic-societal eras, whose long-term tone is set by their first cohorts. As social-economist Vilfredo Pareto, 1848 – 1923, noted in his 80/20 rule, the Law of the Vital Few or “principle of sparsity”, all generations break to quintiles whereby 20% of any group drives the other 80%.

      In post-tribal, exchange-based socio-economic milieus fostering entrepreneurial opportunity via open-market risk/reward, “fathers create, sons manage, grandsons default to zero”. Thus broad polities confront socio-cultural inflection points at regular 72-year intervals: In the U.S., 1788 – 1860; 1860 – 1932; 1932 – 2004 et seq. (The next is due in Tercentennial 2076.) Just as Russia’s murderous Soviet regime lasted 1919 – 1991, so Red China’s fraying Maoist order begun 1949 faces generational comeuppance by 2022.

      On this basis, Trump’s accession in 2017 represented the 72-year, three-generation end of two 36-year epochs, due for radical shifts as bipolar Cold War globalism gives way to diversely competitive regional blocs driven not merely by socio-political/economic cycles but by accelerating commercial-industrial/scientific growth-and-change. From China to the EU, DC’s Deep State three-epoch coup d’oeuvre from 1908 – 2016, contemporary Énarque dirigistes recall post-Versailles’ Lost Generation, dismissing 19th Century forebears’ eternal verities “dead as nail in door.”


  14. Troublemaker10 says:

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