Deadly Crash Involving Bus Carrying Covington Catholic High School Students…

This is terrible.  For unknown reasons a car crossed the median on a highway in Kentucky and drove directly into a bus carrying students from Covington High School.  The driver of the car was killed, some of the bus passengers were injured including the bus driver.

The students were returning home after the March for Life rally in Washington DC.

CALIFORNIA, Ky. — One person is dead and several are injured following a head-on crash involving a charter bus carrying Covington Catholic students, Campbell County police said.

The crash happened around 7:20 a.m. Saturday in the northbound lanes of the AA Highway at California Crossroads in Campbell County.

According to witnesses on the scene, a southbound car somehow entered the northbound lanes of the highway, striking the charter bus head-on.

“I saw a car come across the median and head toward me,” said Ricky Lynn, a witness who was also driving north. “I was able to get out of the way.”

The driver of the wrong-way car was pronounced dead at the scene. That driver’s name has not been released.

Two people on the bus were taken to area hospitals for treatment, and others suffered minor injuries. The motor coach driver suffered a minor knee injury, the bus company said.

The bus was full of Covington Catholic High School students and several parent chaperones, who were returning from the March for Life rally in Washington. The bus was one of four in a caravan, carrying a total of about 200 passengers. (read more)

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169 Responses to Deadly Crash Involving Bus Carrying Covington Catholic High School Students…

  1. John Carifidy says:

    Another interesting coincidence, Trump’s Lawyer Cipollone, is a CovCath grad: “The son of Italian immigrants, Cipollone grew up in the Bronx. He went to Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky and worked part time at a McDonald’s.”

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  2. ARTHUR says:

    Really? The first thing that popped into my mind was a similar incident of a car crossing a 50 foot grassy median and hitting a bus in Indiana several years ago. The mother and daughter were killed and I don’t remember if any fatalities or extent of injuries of those in the bus. But to assume anything further is just a testament to the fact you can’t fix stupid. Nope. Don’t even try.

    Aside from that you should do an expose on the multiple times the POTUS convoy of vehicles travelling through rural areas and suburbs magically attracted vehicles that appeared to want to ram some of the particular armored SUVs in it. At least a couple that were covered by this blog had videos. Because there are just a lot of sick people out there just waiting for the right opportunity to make themselves infamous I’m guessing. Just like most things in life that you just don’t ever get to figure out.

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  3. Diddian says:

    This happened in October out here in Washington state. I noticed a pickup driver headed the wrong direction on the opposite side of the freeway from where I was and before I could even react, he’d head-on hit (and killed) a motorcyclist and then he managed to pull over to the side of the road before striking any other vehicles.

    There are some very confusing freeway ramps out here – some have roundabouts (traffic circles) at entrances and exits (which is insane) and some serve alternately as exits and entrances for lanes that go different directions depending on morning vs. evening rush hour. I think the driver I saw probably entered a poorly marked bus/high occupancy vehicle EXIT ramp that is located right next to an ENTRANCE ramp for all other vehicles.

    A driver has to be very alert to properly navigate many of these ramps and they are particularly tricky for elderly folk or for those who are not familiar with the area.


    • X XYZ says:

      Some roads are very poorly designed, that’s true.

      I’m a senior citizen – but it doesn’t impair my driving skills.

      “A driver has to be very alert…”

      So true. It is even trickier for those who are drunk or high – and for those either licensed or unlicensed, who can’t understand road signs written in English.

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  4. Blue Moon says:

    Kind of similar to the Carrollton KY school bus crash in 1988 that a drunk driver drove into the bus loaded with church youth group, caught fire, most deadly school bus crash ever. Up in the same territory also.


  5. Lady Sid says:

    Wasn’t that the crash on I-71 (exit 44) between Louisville and Verona KY, just before it merges with I-75? There’s a highway memorial marker there now. We drive that frequently to get to Columbus OH. Always wondered what happened.


  6. John 8.32.freedbytruth says:

    Yeah, I’m not so sure these are ‘accidents’ anymore. Funny how out of all the vehicles present on the road at the time, that its the high profile targets that are getting hit.

    Something very similar happened to the woman that defeated Mark Sanford in the SC Primaries a couple of years ago:

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