Bernie Gets Challenged: “Nobody Knows How Much My Plans Will Cost”…

Amid the debate surrounding Bernie Sanders, and whether the professional, institutional Democrat party apparatus will eventually either accept or eliminate his presidential bid, the candidate is starting to be challenged by some of the mainstream DNC narrative engineers…. Enter Norah O’Donnell:


Hillary Clinton tested the institutional support for Bernie by saying: “nobody likes him”; and suffered a massive grassroots backlash while the limo-liberal donor class remained silent.  That experience resulted in Clinton’s walk-back apology on Twitter.

It is an interesting dynamic to watch unfold and comes with the question of whether Bernie Sanders will cash-in, as he did in 2016, or whether he’s going to be forced -perhaps reluctantly- to ride the socialist dragon he has created.

There’s an argument to be made on both sides of that looming question. However, the Bernie messaging yesterday could be indicating he’s preparing the groundwork for an exit.

THAT is a fringe position…. And while his supporters might call it “bold”, a candidate who intended to be the general election nominee would generally not go so far.

I saw a recent poll where over 50 percent of Sanders supporters said they would not support any candidate other than Bernie in the 2020 general election; by far the greatest level of supporter angst against a professional political class… which is ironic considering that Bernie has never done anything except be a professional politician.

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166 Responses to Bernie Gets Challenged: “Nobody Knows How Much My Plans Will Cost”…

  1. ms doodlebug says:

    No one knows what Bernie’s plans would cost – but we do know who would have to pay for them. No thanks Bernie.

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  2. Joe Blow says:

    261,000 likes on that abortion tweet from Bernie? Lord help this nation.

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  3. Ockham's Phaser says:

    …Abortion is healthcare…

    Prompted me to run some quick google searches. Deaths in the US from all forms of cardiovascular disease in the last few years averaged around 840,000 annually. From cancer in 2019 around 607,000 deaths. Everything else was much lower.

    However, leading the pack were deaths from abortions. In 2017 and 2018 there were 862,320 and 876,000 respectively. Professionally, I’m a researcher … I have a need to attach numbers to things. Anyway, speaks for itself.

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  4. Pale rider says:

    Frame abortion for a minute. A picture into the mind of a supporter.
    They don’t know that person who will be mangled and thrown into the trash. Total innocence as Christ was. Matt 25: 40
    What about you and me? Our kids and grandkids? they don’t know them either. Can we expect the same treatment if we are a burden, or they want our parts? To answer that question in truth iwould be yes.
    So, put that into perspective when dealing with an abortion advocate or when considering the abortion question.
    You see you cannot dip a toe or finger in the devil’s business the fall is just as great as it was for Lucifer. When you excuse humanity for comfort you will find no comfort.


    • Jan says:

      You are spot on point. We are a nation of people who support life. That we tolerate PP & others who invoke infanticide w/o punishment indicates our fundamental problem.

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  5. Linda K. says:

    Norah seems quite hostile to Bernie. Elizabeth Warren is just as bad as he is though.


  6. Julia Adams says:

    Bernie was not exactly expecting to be attacked like that. That was a full frontal assault. He deflected but was put on the defensive. Nora’s demeanor was telling….like…we are taking your campaign down.

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  7. Gary Lacey says:

    If this dirty communist sob gets elected he’ll wreck America

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  8. namberak says:

    “I thought everyone wanted my authentic, unvarnished views!” Given that you’ve never revealed any, other than your execrable ‘deplorables’ comment perhaps, how would anyone know that’s what they wanted? And just for the record, I’m not suicidal. 😉


  9. RC23321 says:

    His supporters also hate the elderly and are anti-semitic. Go figure. These people have lost their minds.


  10. Madi says:

    Incredible …here is Burnnnnnnni who the Demorats will screw again !!!! Seth Rich « died » for nothing defending that bump Bunnnnnnnnnni. Democrats are the party of really dum people. I have no shame to be a « Deplorable Naturalized American » for DJT 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙃😎


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