President Trump and Vice-President Pence Make Unscheduled Visit to MLK Memorial…

Moments ago President Trump and Vice President Pence made an unscheduled stop to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington DC to pay their holiday respects.


The President is scheduled to depart the White House at 6:15pm ET, for a trip to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The White House has announced the schedule for several bilateral discussions including:

  • Dr. Barham Salih, President of the Republic of Iraq
  • Imran Khan of Pakistan, Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
  • Simonetta Sommaruga, President of the Swiss Confederation
  • Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission
  • Nechirvan Barzani, President of the Kurdistan Regional Government
  • World Economic Forum Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab

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42 Responses to President Trump and Vice-President Pence Make Unscheduled Visit to MLK Memorial…

  1. vikingmom says:

    Let’s see how the MSM negatively spins this visit…if they even report on it!

    Where were Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders today? (Asking for a friend…)

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  2. JohnCasper says:

    Ebony and Orange-Ivory living together in perfect harmony

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  3. delighteddeplorable says:

    Never in my life have I been a groupie. Until now. I’m unashamedly, happily, resolutely a President Donald J. Trump groupie. 🇺🇸💃🇺🇸

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  4. ElGato says:

    The pictures of Obama bowing to other world leaders compared to them trying to get close enough for pictures with our VSGPDJT speaks volumes. Our Lion is on the way. Take no prisoners, President Trump!

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  5. thedoc00 says:

    Having Dr. Barham Salih, President of the Republic of Iraq and Nechirvan Barzani, President of the Kurdistan Regional Government vising at the same time is the most interesting. Wonder if the President is starting to lay ground work for the future of the Kurds in Iraq and maybe the whole region. This is definitely a stick in the eye and message to Erdogan in Turkey.

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  6. Elric VIII says:

    So, President Trump is meeting with the K-Man himself, eh? (That’s “World Economic Forum Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab.”) I read an article by Ted Malloch that describes his work with the WEF and Herr Schwab. It was a bit lengthy but very interesting. Perhaps President Trump will offer him a deal, or at least try to get him on board with President Trump’s MAGA agenda.

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  7. willthesuevi says:

    Don’t you know the wails and knashing of teeth in all the leftist news rooms are going to be epic over this show of respect. Good grief.

    Davos is going to be entertaining this year. I wonder which self important globalist will try to insult our President, only to go home to a country completely falling apart economically.

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  8. scrap1ron says:

    Where’s Barry?

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  9. Some old guy says:

    “Violence and Casualties Averted; Women and Minorities Hardest Hit” could still appear in tomorrow’s newsprint.

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  10. That eyesore should be removed from the National Mall. It has no place among monuments and memorials dedicated to Presidents, Patriots, and Veterans. I am “Triggered” every time I see that, or ant OTHER tribute to an anti-American who associated with known communists and violent domestic terrorists.

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    • Steve says:

      That sounds racist but it really is an eyesore. The statues of MLK look like Mao. They were designed by an Asian sculpture artist and didn’t turn out very well. I live in DC and have never talked to anyone on the left or right or white or black who likes it. its a disgrace.

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      • MY opinion of MLK and the ’60s “Civil Rights Movement”:

        From the beginning their movement was an unnecessary fraud. Certainly, there WAS racial discrimination, but the solution was ALREADY in the Constitution.

        The legislation that was passed CAPITULATED to violent mobs and was used as vehicles to UNDERMINE our Constitution by creating “Protected Classes” and codifying discrimination AGAINST the racial majority.

        As for King, himself, he associated with known communists who sought to weaken our country and undermine our Vietnam war effort by rabble rousing and agitating on college campuses (and elsewhere)

        Additionally, he coordinated HIS rallies and marches, though largely peaceful and non-violent, with the violent riots incited by domestic terrorists such as the Black Panthers, Weathermen, and SDS. HE was their BEARD. While he diverted national resources, they looted and burned in several major cities.

        So, no, I’m NOT critiquing the artistic execution of that affront to human decency, and I’m NOT criticizing him based on the color of his skin.

        I’m judging HIM based on the content of his character.

        TEAR IT DOWN.

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        • Do stop thinking about tomorrow says:

          As a child of the 60s in North Florida. When the order the integrate school came our local leaders choose to Burn down the white School. They then said if you want your children to have an education it’s at Carver High School.

          Don’t know anything about MLKs politics. I just know that in the case of separate but equal Carver High was not Equal to Bunnell High School.

          So MLK may have had a political agenda aligned in areas I don’t or didn’t under stand. I just know that the Contition overriding principal is we are all equal. I systematic inequality can never be acceptable.

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        • MfM says:

          While I agree with you about his anti Vietnam activities I disagree with your categorization of the civil rights movement. King was no one’s beard if anything he was used by other anti war groups to legitimize them.

          King did believe in nonviolence, many of the things you attribute to him, were not him but others after his death.

          I don’t have any problem with a statue to King, I just think this one is ugly.


  11. Sharon says:

    I always thought it was nice that MLK said that a person’s character mattered more than the color of a person’s skin, but maybe he never intended for that statement to apply to someone unfortunate enough to be born white. Dunno.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      It is democrats who represent people of color (any non white) that have a problem with white people having good character. MLK should not be blamed for the democrat spin of the moment.


      • “ MLK should not be blamed for the democrat spin of the moment.” Agreed, since the Civil Rights movement of integrating public schools in the South was largely a Republican administration initiative (Ike). Largely covered up..(MLK was a registered Republican) oooops. It wasn’t until the 60’s that the Dixiecrat (Dems) sprinted to the front of that parade to steal the ‘banner’ of Civil Rights Activists.


        • cdquarles says:

          That said, at least where I live, there were a number of truly grassroots-led groups that contributed, even some Democrats (though the Ds, throughout their history, have been the party of Slavery and Death). You’d be surprised to know who contributed. You, after all, did not get elected to any office if you were not a D. LARPing was necessary.


      • Sharon says:

        Since they want to use what he did I would like to see them confronted more often with what he said, and how their actions are completely contrary to what he said. 180 degrees contrary.

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  12. Lion2017 says:

    God Bless you President Trump! We are so proud of you.
    The Democrats will pay Bigly for this attempted coup!

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  13. backward says:

    Soooo, Pres. Trump is heading out of the country for a few days. How are the Dems gonna embarass themselves this time.

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  14. Maquis says:

    Insert SPLODEY-HEAD Emoji here. 😍


  15. TwoLaine says:

    Mike Pence and President TRUMP remind me of Men In Black. They also always look like they are having great fun together. I am jealous! 😉

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  16. Perot Conservative says:

    Can we buy half of Greenland?

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  17. MNBV says:

    Wonder if PDJT ever concealed carries?
    Has a permit I believe.


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