The IG Report Documentary: “FISA and Spying on Team Trump” – OAN Broadcast 7:00pm ET Tonight….

Few people have read the entire inspector general report on the FBI’s FISA misconduct, and fewer still have an understanding of the depth of troubling findings within it.  In an effort to provide information about the content, John Spiropoulos has produced a documentary going over many of the reports’ more important findings.

The exceptionally well produced documentary called “FISA, Spying on Team Trump” is an hour long broadcast created by John Spiropoulos, a former MSM journalist and producer for Channel 7 in Washington DC (1979 – 1989).  John spent a month going through every page of the report, pulling out some of the key details and overlaying information from IG Michael Horowitz congressional testimony.

The investigative report will premier tonight at 7:00pm EST / 4:00pm PST on One America News (OAN).  Here’s an exclusive preview:


There are new revelations within the documentary, and the report will rebroadcast on Saturday January 18th, and Sunday January 19th at 11am Eastern / 8am Pacific time.

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244 Responses to The IG Report Documentary: “FISA and Spying on Team Trump” – OAN Broadcast 7:00pm ET Tonight….

  1. donnyvee says:

    I watched it this morning. It does a great job laying out the case. I saw a lot of clips of interviews I had not seen before. I recommend it to everyone. Cold anger turning warm.


  2. Ed says:

    Unfortunately I missed the program and rebroadcasts. Will there be other re broadcasts or might it be available on YouTube?


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