Chaff and Countermeasures? – Timed During Impeachment, Another Report of Former FBI Director James Comey Under Investigation…

Another New York Times report of James Comey under investigation for unscrupulous, potentially illegal, leaks surrounding the FBI Clinton investigation. However, a note of caution: is this simply chaff and countermeasures intended to keep the heat off corruption monitors Bill Barr and John Durham?

In 2018 congressman Jim Jordan noted James Comey had a special employee on assignment ‘off-the-books’.  People started asking questions and Fox News Catherine Herridge detailed how Daniel Richman held special access privileges to the FBI, as an outcome of former FBI Director James Comey authorizing his friend as a “Special Government Employee” or SGE.

According to The Times the current issues surround media leaks from James Comey to his “special FBI employee” friend Daniel Richman related to the Clinton investigation:

(VIA NYT) […] The latest investigation involves material that Dutch intelligence operatives siphoned off Russian computers and provided to the United States government. The information included a Russian analysis of what appeared to be an email exchange during the 2016 presidential campaign between Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Democrat of Florida who was also the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee at the time, and Leonard Benardo, an official with the Open Society Foundations, a democracy-promoting organization whose founder, George Soros, has long been a target of the far right.

In the email, Ms. Wasserman Schultz suggested that then-Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch would make sure that Mrs. Clinton would not be prosecuted in the email case. Both Ms. Wasserman Schultz and Mr. Benardo have denied being in contact, suggesting the document was meant to be Russian disinformation.

That document was one of the key factors that drove Mr. Comey to hold a news conference in July 2016 announcing that investigators would recommend no charges against Mrs. Clinton. Typically, senior Justice Department officials would decide how to proceed in such a high-profile case, but Mr. Comey was concerned that if Ms. Lynch played a central role in deciding whether to charge Mrs. Clinton, Russia could leak the email.

Whether the document was fake remains an open question. But American officials at the time did not believe that Ms. Lynch would hinder the Clinton email investigation, and neither Ms. Wasserman Schultz nor Mr. Benardo had any inside information about it. Still, if the Russians had released the information after the inquiry was closed, it could have tainted the outcome, hurt public confidence in the Justice Department and sowed discord.

Prosecutors are also looking at whether Mr. Richman might have played a role in providing the information to reporters about the Russia document and how it figured into Mr. Comey’s rationale about the news conference, according to the people familiar with the investigation. Mr. Comey hired Mr. Richman at one point to consult for the F.B.I. about encryption and other complex legal issues, and investigators have expressed interest in how he operated. (read more)

People are rightly skeptical of this latest report as all prior reports of Comey misconduct have been summarily dismissed by current DOJ corruption monitors.

What Sharyl Attkisson references is the IG referrals to no-where from the prior IG Report on James Comey.  The IG found serious issues with the way James Comey hid information and obstructed the FBI investigation of his memos.  Again another series of leaks to his friend, and special FBI employee, Daniel Richman.  However, the DOJ failed to take any action on those referrals…. so why would this be any different?

There was absolutely no doubt James Comey used his memos akin to FD-302 investigative reports from an FBI agent. Meaning, from beginning-to-end he considered himself an investigative agent against the President-elect and then President Trump.

Note: His recording of his encounter with the target, President-elect Trump should be “treated like FISA derived information in a counterintelligence investigation.” During this January 6th operation, Comey was the active FBI agent gathering evidence for later use. The collected intelligence would be shared with the team via memo #1.

Every encounter, and every aspect of every action within that encounter, was conducted in what Comey perceived as an official investigative capacity.

President Trump was the target of Comey’s operations and he wrote his memos as investigative notes therein. Example: Comey ran the January 6th, 2017, operation:

So the “small group”: Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Baker, Priestap, Rybicki, et al, were running a counterintelligence operation against the incoming administration.

There are parts of the IG report highlighting a stunning amount of self-interest.

Example: Who made the decision(s) about what “was” or what “was not” classified? Or, put another way: who was making the internal decisions about Comey’s exposure to legal risk for sharing his investigative notes (memos) outside the department?

The answer is the same “small group” who were carrying out the operation:

James Baker, Peter Strzok, Andrew McCabe, James Rybicki and Lisa Page were determining what parts of James Comey’s investigative notes needed to be classified.

The corrupt FBI was in position to police itself. This is not a conflict of interest, it is better described as a profound conflict of self-interest.

The information the ‘small group‘ wanted to use to frame the target would be visible, not classified; however, any material that would outline the construct of their corruption in targeting the target would be hidden, classified. You can’t make this stuff up folks.

The “small group” WAS the sources and methods they were protecting.

Everything needed to understand that level of corruption is outlined in the way the IG report discusses the handling of James Comey’s investigative notes (ie. memos). AND the fact that James Comey kept them hidden, yes hidden. Read this stuff!

First, “no hard copies of any of the memos were found in Comey’s FBI office.”:

So, if the memos were not held in Director James Comey’s official FBI office, the next logical question is where were they?

Well, when Special Agents went to James Comey’s house, he still kept them hidden and never informed the agents:

If Mr. Altruism, James Comey, was simply fulfilling the duty of a concerned and dedicated FBI Director, why not tell the FBI agents -picking up FBI records- that he had copies of FBI investigative notes in his “personal safe” while they were there?

What honorable justification exists for keeping them hidden from valid investigators?

Obviously me, you and God are not the only ones able to see the sketchy nature of this construct. In fact, an internal FBI whistleblower came forward soon after that search of Comey’s home to request official “whistleblower status protection” from the IG.

Think logically…. What would prompt someone inside the FBI; who at some point gained access to the Comey memos; to request ‘whistleblower protected status’?

Doesn’t the “whistleblower request” indicate the requesting FBI official saw something nefarious in the way this was all going down?

Who was that ‘whistleblower’?

Well, first, Captain Obvious would tell you it has to be someone who actually gained possession of those memos right?…. this is not a big group. Second, you only need to read a few more pages of the IG report to see who it was:

The “whistleblower” was the Supervisory Special Agent described in page 38 as above.

The memos were “stored” in a “reception area“, and in locked drawers in James Rybicki’s office. [“Drawer safes” are silly FBI legal terms for fancy locked drawers] Also note…

Reception area“? “May 15th“?

May 10th, no-one knows where the memos are.  May 12th the FBI goes to James Comey’s House; again no mention of the memos he was keeping there.  Then all of a sudden, poof, May 15th and the memos are in the FBI “reception area”?

First, apparently no-one wanted to be the one holding the hot potato of investigative evidence (Comey memos); that ownership would outline them as participatory members in carrying out the targeting of then President Trump.

Oh, yeah, those investigative notes were not in “the office of the FBI Director” on May 10th, when you were here searching the last time,… for some mysterious reason.. they, uh,… well, they were discovered… May 15th in the “reception area“… yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket! Right under the four month old copy of People Magazine, n’ stuff.


…AND secondly, the very next morning, GUESS what happened?…

Now we see why the FBI Supervisory Special Agent in charge in charge of inventorying Comey records asked the IG for official “whistleblower status.”

The SSA agent was surrounded by sketchy warning flares right there in the FBI executive suites.  May 10th, no memos; May 12th, Comey house, no memos; May 15th the memo’s mysteriously appear; and the next day Comey is taking pictures of the memos and sending them to his BFF Daniel Richman to send to the New York Times.

Of course the FBI SSA gave the Inspector General the seven memos, asked for whistle-blower protection, and likely told the IG the way they were produced stinks to high heaven. Good grief.  And the media can’t see this?

And U.S. Attorney Bill Barr can’t clearly see this?

And we can?

C’mon Man!

With that in mind, is this latest leak about yet another Comey investigation simply an effort by the DOJ to deflect and isolate themselves from anger and frustration while President Trump is going through an impeachment trial?

Given the history, the possibility cannot easily be dismissed.

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245 Responses to Chaff and Countermeasures? – Timed During Impeachment, Another Report of Former FBI Director James Comey Under Investigation…

  1. Petri Volk says:

    One thing to remember is that impeachment is Democrats last card – now, having used the impeachment weapon, their artillery is gone. It will be impossible to re-impeach with any shred of political or public credibility.

    It’s possible Pelosi was persuaded for impeachment because the people around her said it was a sure thing and Trump was too dangerous not to go for it. However, the case they made was so poor and so weak and so badly done, that when they got to Christmas with no shift in public support Pelosi must have known it was a clusterf**k. Unless they’ve bought or blackmailed some RINO senators, Trump will still be standing at the end, with a full set of legal grenades available.

    So, with the DNC all out of weapons, DJT and Barr can go full Suleimani on the 2016 plotters with no remaining distraction or risk of removal by impeachment.

    But don’t take a Trump 2020 win for granted or to be easy – because if an unimpeachable Trump wins another four years, Washington will be upturned. So, post-trial, November will represent an existential fight for the Deep State.

    Already, they have Trump’s support currently well-boxed in (no break out into normie groups, media still tied down, social media still in the bag to control messages, judicial cutouts still in place). The DNC’s nasty whispers play on the ground is still strong, and normies still don’t have awareness of or understand ‘the coup’ or the background story – Orange Man Bad still works. Expect them to fight with everything they have remaining, legal and otherwise, but post-impeachment will be the first time Trump can really fight back.

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    • CM-TX says:

      I’d strongly suggest they have the NEXT phase (post-impeachment, regardless of outcome) long since plotted & scripted! It’ll of course “tie PDJT’s hands” (AGAIN), so he can’t possibly take any OFFENSE.

      In which case, there WILL be a point that a tough question has to be asked– regarding ALL these STALL TACTICS… is he in someway compromised, or somehow complicit?

      I realize nobody wants to hear it. But when things don’t add up, you’ve got to start looking for a REASON. And NOTHING should be off the table in that consideration, -IF- you’re truly being OBJECTIVE.

      One thing that is brazenly obvious to anyone paying attention– Law & Order/JUSTICE is DEAD!

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      • Linda K. says:

        In my opinion CM-TX, if they had something on Trump, they would’ve used it. He is going full steam ahead, the problem is, there are a lot of squashy bodies in his way. The one area they have not been able to block him on is the trade and economic front.
        All the opposition to him comes from the money laundering areas of illegal immigration, the environmental agenda, the Ukraine foreign aid and Crowdstrike scam, which probably involves other countries as well. Our Congress needs money.
        And of course, the Precious all important database they use to spy on everyone.

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    • You’re focused only on a political analysis, without mentioning the ideologies, or dogmas (religiously held personal beliefs), at play. The Democrat party, since Obama in 2008, is no longer a legitimate political player, or political force (hence, the runaway lawlessness, from the likes of Antifa to the Obama courts — e.g., Ninth Circuit — and Obama law enforcement officials, as in the Smollet case) They are only(!) an organized crime mob, and an insane cult still led by Obama’s agenda of “transformation”/destruction.

      And we are NOT “well-boxed in”…unless you are taking THEIR insane view seriously (as all of our feckless, careless politicians do).

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    • Mojo says:

      I agree. 2021 will be the year the swamp begins to drain and things get ugly for the small group.

      And you’re right, the Dems will go full on bonkers ig Trump is re-elected. But what do they have? What more can they try? They have tried everything possible and have failed miserably. They, and the MSM, are embarrassing themselves. It can only get worse. Then pile on deep state exposure. IMHO they will get shellacked in November. If they come back even more ridiculous in 2021, they’ll be a GOP super majority in both Houses in 2022.

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    • Santiago 1314 says:

      You can be Guaranteed, that if RBG “Passes” that there will be an “Impeachment-a-Day” to Paralyze the Senate; until the Election is Over.!!!

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    • exdeadhead says:

      Via impeachment (very high profile attention grabber) and a host of other strange policy positions embraced, all resulting from their extreme TDS, the Democrats have outed themselves as anti-AmericanS. Yes, they hate President Trump, but they also hate Americans who elected him. Sure, Democrats control most of the information filters, but it won’t matter. They are already branded. Even the formerly monolithic black vote is shifting. Democrat hopes depend on their TDS base voters and massive fraud. Our efforts should be focused on bringing enough right-minded voters to overcome the fraud, and election monitoring to prevent as much as possible, especially in swing states. (Long term though, to save America, we must stop the organized brainwashing of our youth.)

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    • tacocat43 says:

      There is a real concern en=merging about the upcoming election and the electoral college: The SCOTUS is to rule on whether delegates must vote for who won the votes or can they give their votes to anyone. Bribery, anyone?

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  2. CM-TX says:

    In a FIB dump way back…

    There was a handwritten notation on the INVENTORY LIST of the contents from Comey’s OFFICE. The various items had been stored into several file boxes, & catalogued as to which box.

    It was noted by one ITEM– as MISSING from one of the BOXES it was supposed to be in. It was either a Binder, or a particular File. (The name of escapes me.)

    Whether a connection to the above MEMOS… IDK? But I would strongly advise having ZERO confidence in FIB’s ability to secure ANY evidence, much less interpret it correctly!!

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  3. I asked about the “SSA whistleblower” 5 days ago:

    hey, hey, my comment 5 days ago

    So thanks to Sundance for bringing it up again, just for me (hee-hee)

    The NYT article quoted above is obviously “chaff and countermeasures”, because it takes seriously Comey’s “concern” about the “possible” effect of Russia “possibly” outing that supposed (by the NYT) Wasserman-Schultz email, that supposedly incriminates Loretta Lynch (note the second-hand nature of this; remind you of a certain impeachment “inquiry”, wink, wink, nudge, nudge?) and would “possibly taint” public perceptions IF she (Lynch) exonerated Hillary; so Comey, like the Little Red Hen, said “I will do it myself”, and exonerated Hillary on his own — thus, avoiding “tainting” the public perception by TAINTING IT, by his usurpation of powers he didn’t have the right to wield. The NYT left out that last, and ONLY relevant part: Comey took upon himself all the power in the situation, because of his “concern” and ONLY because of his “concern”, over an infinite loop of “possibles” (as many as it takes, is their consistent playbook). If the NYT were an institution of what one might call, say, a “Free Press”, they then might also have noted that Comey ALSO initiated the Mueller “Special Counsel”, by releasing his Trump memos, again due ONLY to his “concern” over “what a President Trump might do”. And Comey, and the entire Left and all of the media, paints Comey as just the opposite of what he really is: A rotten child, evil, acting only to get HIS selfish and illegal way, over all Constitutional and lawful safeguards against precisely such petty yet nationally destructive evil.

    As I have said for going on 3 years now, Comey should have been arrested, indicted and imprisoned, immediately after he admitted to Congress — proudly, smugly — that he was trying to take down the President of the United States solely because of his (laughable, and insane) “concern”.

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  4. Deborah Fehr says:

    I might find that interesting if it wasnt the New York times. They would rather fold than report something in Favor of PDT.

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    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Wait a minute! If Comey took pictures of classified info with his personal cell phone, then sent the pictures to someone else, that means there’s classified info sitting on Verizon’s or AT&T’s servers. That is a SIGNIFICANT security violation!

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      • willthesuevi says:

        Yes, good luck with that. It is but one, rule or law, of many that Comey broke, where the DOJ refuses to prosecute. Including the DOJ now run by AG Barr.

        We keep hearing rumors of these supposed investigations. Not one of the coup leaders on the progressive, globalist, left has anything to worry about. Especially with Wray and Barr at the helm of the very entities that would be tasked with that job.

        For proof I give you Atkinson, Huber, and Horowitz.

        Can they make Comey attend a powerpoint, retraining presentation? Because that is all that will happen to any of these seditionist traitors.

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      • Eric says:

        And????? These people fear NOTHING as they have/had zero reason to for decades. People need to stop thinking this crap started with the Mocha Messiah. This republic has been under constant attack since it’s inception and the only thing that’s changed is we now have the internet to piss and moan on instead of actually doing anything. Conservatives as a whole can’t even stop the cancerous takeover of a small local school board by the Commies let alone slow the Tsunami of them at the federal level. Someone please show me ONE instance in the history of man a time when idle chatter and teeth gnashing ever changed any civilization for the better. Collapse or massive bloodshed is the only constant ever involved in that process and I do not believe it’s going to be bloodshed. Plan accordingly.


        • TPW says:

          Sincere…….What are you doing to plan accordingly?What do you fear will happen exactly? Curious about your thoughts.


          • tacocat43 says:

            Did you see the Project Veritas tape that showed Bernies campaign organizer saying they would take out dissenters of Bernie? Don’t know which group of people that is, but he made other threats and announced proudly that they were all communists.


            • tacocat43 says:

              I am volunteering for the RNC in Charlotte in July. My husband thinks there will be danger and doesn’t want me to go. I cannot say I’m not somewhat concerned.


          • Eric says:

            I have no debt, some cash, food and water on hand to help my family if the need ever comes to pass. I also fled Commiefornia after 45 years and settled into a conservative county in Colorado. I fear nothing as I’m only one man and there’s absolutely zero I’m going to do to change the course of history. I have two great kids and two beautiful grandchildren so as far as my personal bubble goes, life’s good. I do believe the next time the financial markets “pop”, America will no longer be as it was originally founded. I’m 52 and have watched the slow decay of our country go unabated with no end in sight so I do worry that my grandchildren will not have the opportunities that I’ve had.

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        • ballgame17 says:

          You are soooo right. The progressives make sure that they control school boards therefore, ‘ tax dollars / curriculum . They know this is a weak point. They work their way up the local political ladder. As I recall 3% , yep , just 3% voted in the Clear Lake City , TX ( a relatively conservative town) school board elections for the 20 years I lived there. . 99% of all liberal- bent teachers voted I am sure. Using a medical analogy , pathogens will overwhelm immuno-incompetent organisms. The ” pathogens” thrive and grow when they are not met with any effective defenses. The organism is doomed to die or suffer life-threatening consequences.


  5. Lisa S Lewis says:

    So, remember when Comey was asked by a member of Congress, under oath, about his memos? Specifically, he was asked whether he wrote other memos, besides the ones he wrote about his meetings with Trump. He answered no, he never did. He said he only wrote those memos about his meetings with Trump because he didn’t trust Trump. Apparently, he never distrusted anyone else he ever worked with, including Lynch, whom we had already heard him say he distrusted.

    In any case, he probably wasn’t lying that he had no other “memos” in his file like the ones he created about Trump, because in reality, those weren’t “memos.” They were, for all practical purposes, 302s, as Sundance has suggested. Comey didn’t have any other 302s among his professional records because he literally never acted as investigating agent on any other case except the one they were trying to make against Trump.

    I’d call Comey a dirty rotten scoundrel, except that he is certifiably a sociopath, which may be considered a medical condition. It certainly is not a condition from which anyone can recover. Thus, we can count on Comey never expressing any remorse for anything he ever did. He simply is not capable.

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  6. Bogeyfree says:

    So the game is act like you are doing something right?

    Sure fits with what we have seen for the past 3+ years

    Examples everywhere.

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  7. Mario Alberto Flores says:

    I wonder if Bill Barr didn’t insert himself in President Trump’s administration in order to deliver an impeachment and removal for the Grand old party. He claims the charges take time yet it’s been time enough and people on Trump’s team get takin’ down hard and fast.

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  8. PinotNoir says:

    To date Barr is an embarrassment to Scottish-Americans. Appears to suffer from Culloden Moor syndrome. Stand around getting shredded by enemy artillery then send your bravest to charge outnumbered uphill across a swamp . Can bet “Clan Barr” will not be in harms way. Would love to be wrong.


  9. Bogeyfree says:

    The better question is who believes if PT is convicted and immediately removed from office if any of the truth and the evidence of this coup, this frame job, including Ukraine will EVER be exposed to all Americans?

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  10. iconoclast says:

    Reminds of me Hillary’s cache of dozens of FBI background files on others mysteriously appearing in the residential area of the White House.

    “I’ll be darned ! How did those get there?”

    These people are as slimy and corrupt as the day is long.

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  11. Bill Henslee says:

    1. The media can only deal with one subject at a time, especially when the subject at hand is a proven fraudster spewing what they want to hear about the Ukraine and the President.
    2. This is coming out from the closet specifically when it will be lost from media attention (See #1) They know how to cover their …er…trail.
    3. The biggest story in US political history is about the attempted coup by the government departments of State,DOJ, FBI and CIA. in cahoots with the major media outlets
    4. The failure of the major media outlets to investigate and blazon it from the rooftops makes them co-conspirators in the coup—and leaves the citizenry without a last bulwark against the tyranny of the bureaucracy.

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  12. Well, unlike Sundance (maybe …) I don’t really think that someone who had been the $$Chief$$ $$Counsel$$ $$for$$ $$American$$ $$Express$$ would bother to come out of retirement, put himself squarely in the political hot-seat, and for a comparatively-measly government paycheck agree to … protect the Deep State.

    I would also please make this observation as a lifetime computer professional: “I really don’t believe all of these ‘hacking’ stories.” Now we’re told that the Dutch hacked the Russians who had hacked the DNC to magically get their hands on “Hillary stuff.” As though this were easy to do, or even possible. I know whereof I speak when I say that 100% of the “hacker” incidents I have ever seen turned out to be very simple: an inside job, perpetrated by a very high-placed employee or executive. Period.

    Here’s the analogy I like to use: “A perfect stranger, new to town, walks into a random office building and thirty minutes later walks out with the crown jewels.” Ready to believe that? Me, neither. Not only would he not have the keys, he wouldn’t even know where to go. He couldn’t fail to be noticed. No, we can simply take a lesson from the invention and widespread introduction of the cash register: “trusted employees” immediately retired, and cash losses immediately dropped. Modern computer security systems really are “very competently designed,” and are extremely difficult to penetrate without internal crime. Because some insider always both(!) “knows the entire lay of the land” and “possesses the most-trusted keys.” And, as it turns out, is unworthy of that trust.

    Quite literally, investigations usually center on three, two, maybe just one people. “Carl, I think that you should quietly retire now.” And, Carl does. A public press release is then issued, vaguely blaming the whole thing on Norway. Or something.

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  13. thedoc00 says:

    AG Barr and Durham are just another brand of putty and whitewash to continue the coverup. If we can see the crimes actually PRINTED in public information, just imagine the gravity of the still classified evidence being ignored by our “saviors” (//sarc).

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  14. Bogeyfree says:

    Surely we will get Truth and Justice, right?

    Surely Sessions won’t recuse himself, right?

    Surely Huber will expose it all, right?

    Surely they will interview the 2 Uranium 1 WB, right?

    Surely they will expose what was on the Wiener Laptop, right?

    Surely, they knew all along Mifsud was ALWAYS a western agent, right?

    Surely, they have deposed Jullian Assange, right?

    Surely, the State Department will turn over the prior administration’s communications with Ukraine, and the documents Rudy gave them, right?

    Surely, they won’t just accept the written words from a third party company on what happened to the DNC server, right?

    Surely, they have confiscated the HRC Server, right?

    Surely, they have via the NSA all of the 33k HRC emails and will share those with the American people, right?

    Surely, they will share with the American people the scope memos and all of the texts and communications from the small group, right?

    Surely, they have gathered and will expose all the texts and communications from key congressional leaders involved in this coup, right?

    Surely the IC will expose the truth in their reports, right?

    Surely now that the FISA judges know they were snookered , they will demand a deeper audit going back to 2012 to understand the full extent of the FISA Abuse, right?

    Surely they can see that exculpatory evidence was withheld on Gen. Flynn and charges will be dropped, right?

    Surely they know what FIB contractors had unfettered access to the NSA database for all these years and who and what searches were conducted, right?

    Surely Durham will find the truth and indict people, right?

    Surely, our Senators will see this fraud and acquit PT, right?

    Surely, all of this will be declassified without redactions to all Americans, right?

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  15. This may sound naive ,but I truly believe that Trump is constrained now by by both the impeachment ,RINo’s ,and the MSM narrative.I do believe he needs to win decisvely in November and show he can inflict severe damage to democrats down the ballot in order to begin to really defeat the deep state.If he can accomplish both of those things he will have far greater leverage to install AG and at FBI people who will pursue the bad actors without any fear.The Republican RINOs will know that Trump has cards they cannot match.Real political leverage at the ballot box and access to all the RINOS hidden baggage.Either play ball or you are totally f****.The President has latent power he cannot use know without hurting himself politically.The MSM by itself has almost zero real power by itself, and would be a fat juicy target on a number of legal and political fronts.

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      I agree that PT is constrained as you suggest….

      But IMO this impeachment trial is for all the marbles and the DS, the left, the RINOS, the Globalists, the coup perpetrators, and many within PT’s executive branch and prior administration MUST bet it all right here right now.

      They can not afford to allow PT to be acquitted as they know he will win in Nov.

      IMO they will move all in and every piece of “acquired information via that database” will be used to get the vote outcome they want.

      And if by a miracle PT survives this round, IMO they will almost immediately begin a new impeachment hearing in the House on the killing of Soleimani.

      They will never stop!

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  16. hokkoda says:

    This seems like a leverage investigation, something that spun out of Durham’s probe. The thing with the memos that made it tougher to prosecute iirc is that at least some of the “classified” was classified after he wrote the memos. The memos themselves were designed to be triggers. As Comey said, their intent was to launch a special counsel investigation which is what happened. Mission accomplished with his phony memos. [People have taken it for granted that what he wrote in those memos, the content, is accurate. Comey’s pathological inability to speak truthfully, combined with investigations which have shown him to be an arrogant, insubordinate, liar, makes those memos extremely suspect which is why people had been trying to “disappear” them.]

    The more recent leak investigation involves classified intelligence which was classified when it was obtained, classified when Comey leaked it, and remains classified today. National security information classifications vary in importance/severity, but you can put anything involving National Intelligence collections very near the top of the heap. There’s classified, and then there’s CLASSIFIED. This latest revelation seems like the latter, hence the narrative engineering trying to spin it as some sort of political retribution. This is one of those leaks that has meat, and the kind of stuff that really does get people sent to prison.

    Durham is digging in more than one direction. Backwards in time to look at how the investigation’s roots extended into the Clinton email investigation (it’s the same people, after all) and forwards in time to how the fraudulent spying was weaponized in spring 2017.

    In both cases, all roads lead to Comey.

    This tells me that Durham has completed the parts of his criminal investigation involving the bit players, has reached and surpassed the outer rings of the inner circle (Ohr, Strzok, McCabe, Page), and is now zeroing in on the principal investigation targets: Comey and Brennan. I said in December that I wouldn’t be surprised if we start getting more leaks about Comey under the gun after the holidays. I wouldn’t be surprised to get some leaks about Brennan later this month or next.

    The Durham investigation is playing out in a way that makes a lot of sense. Whether we’ll eventually see charges, I have no idea. I’d like to think so.

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  17. MinutemanNY says:


    The two already accused each other of lying.

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    • hokkoda says:

      Not in an all capital letters kind of way, but yes, it has occurred to people that this may be the case. Like I wrote above, this feels like a spin-off leverage investigation coming out of Durham’s office. He’s looking backwards in time, prior to Crossfire Hurricane, since most of the same people at FBI and DOJ were also involved in the Clinton probe. It makes a lot of sense that Comey’s pattern of leaking to the press was a Comey-led, Comey-directed, Comey strategy. McCabe has pretty consistently said that Comey knew exactly what McCabe was doing with the media. The way Comey leaked his memos to Richman follows a pattern that Comey has apparently used before.

      I would bet that this leak shows that Durham is looking at those Comey Memos, and then making connections to OTHER things that Comey was doing at the FBI. Such as this leak about the Clinton investigation. I would bet that the criminal probe is looking at a pattern of behaviors that demonstrate willful intent. In other words, Comey leaked back in 2016 for political gain (protect Lynch from an alleged “Russian” fake news story), and did so again with his memos in 2017. In both cases, he was trying to push his own political agenda, and was willing to compromise national security to do so.

      We all already know he’s a lying sack of excrement. This feels like the prosecutors are finding things they can actually make stick that are a bit meatier than stuff that was classified “after the fact” while also establishing a pattern of behavior by Comey.

      Makes total sense the McCabe is tied to this in some way.

      Liked by 1 person

    • rororojo says:



    • willthesuevi says:


      I thought McCabe could be talking to the DOJ until I saw Lisa Page slither into the Lawfare hole.

      These people do not think like us who live in flyover country. They truly believe they are untouchable.

      So far they have been right.

      Please stop yelling at us. For the most part we are on the same side. Make your point by writing well not shouting.

      Liked by 1 person

  18. X XYZ says:

    Excellent analysis in connecting the dots, particularly since we don’t have access to everything Barr & Durham does.

    The FBI knows every trick there is, including classifying and/or redacting what they don’t want anyone to see, to do dirty clandestine deeds in their bureau. But there is always a trail of crumbs. It will take time to follow and gather all the crumbs, and maybe even find what is left of the cake.

    Liked by 2 people

    • hokkoda says:

      The remarkable thing about this coup is that it’s actually pretty easy to see and understand. This investigation is all about having the intestinal fortitude to do what is right and root it out and put people behind bars. At the end of the day, most of this stuff was carried about by about a dozen, maybe 20, people in key positions and key roles to make things happen. Beneath them, many more willing drones, and those people can be pushed out.

      But we’re going to have to shoot the chickens to scare the monkeys…

      Liked by 1 person

      • X XYZ says:

        Hunting: Bring an elephant gun to kill an elephant. Bring a knife to kill a chicken. Bring a swatter to kill flies. Use the right implement to do the job. Unless the job is never intended to be done.Then it is just a show – a charade – kabuki theater. We’ve gotten so used to that experience that we expect nothing more than that.

        Maybe the problem is this: “Let them all live to fight another day.” Once that is instilled in the masses…

        Apparently that’s been the strategy since WWII. You mus fight and die fighting every time, but never to win. All fighting is always wrong. All fighting is always bad. Never kill any living being – for any reason. (Unless it’s a fetus.)

        It’s amazing what brainwashing can do to a nation.

        Liked by 1 person

      • ballgame17 says:



  19. scorpion99man says:

    It is depressing.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. queensmary says:

    so clearly, from this, CTH does not trust Barr/Durham. that’s depressing. I don’t know how much longer I am willing to give them the benefit of doubt either. everyone Trump is beyond tired of the inaction and lack of justice.

    Liked by 2 people

  21. loteal2014 says:

    So, I still think Comey actually found out or realized he was being duped, but he had to act stupid so no one knew he’s on to them. I want to believe Comey will go down as a hero when this is all over, but we may never know for 20 years, when archives are released. Basically this new revelation about him leaking about the Russian connection to Wasserman, Lynch, is he did what he had to do to save democracy. During this time he couldn’t let anyone know what he knows about…the plot to take down Trump, until they are caught.

    Get a special council, act mad, be on their side and set them all up to take them(McCabe, stroke, page, etc), Down. They were all on Muellers team, coincidence? Intentionally? Keep you friends close, but your enemies closer. Rosenstein was duped in the beginning by McCabe also.

    That explains why Comey reopened the Clinton investigation, so it appeared he as doing the right thing, after he realized, his whole team, screwed the entire Clinton investigation and left him in the dark and set him up to take the fall. He knew then he was a pawn.

    He had and has to continue to act like he was/is on their side, all this time to get them to talk. Why did that team change the memos without him knowing, putting him in jeopardy. They threw him under the bus.

    The dems are scared, facts are coming out and will continue to be revealed. It’s going to get worse. There is a war going on because dems and never trumpets don’t want the facts to see the light of day. Take out Trump, Barr and Pence,,,it won’t see the light of day. That is their goal. That is why all are mentioned is les Pranav’s false statements. Another Blakey ford in the making.


  22. Ziggy says:

    GOP better not get complacent. Time to keep swinging and landing punches while the deep state/Democrat resistance is backed into a corner. If Barr doesn’t get some low hanging fruit prosecutions (Comey, Brennan, Strzok, Attkisson, et al,), some nastiness is going to surface again soon.


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