Despite Intense Media Disinformation Zogby Poll Shows President Trump Beating all Dem Candidates…

The scale of media involvement in the 2020 election will likely be the most massively biased propaganda effort in the history of U.S. media manipulation.  Together with the big tech effort from control operatives in social media, the scale of unified effort is likely to exceed Orwellian proportions…

However, that said, after three years of constant media propaganda and narrative engineering, recent polling shows President Trump beating all Democrat candidates.


Some of the interesting details inside the polling shows that when the furthest-left candidates (Sanders and Warren) are polled against President Trump the college educated numbers swing quickly in Trump’s favor 50% to 45%.  [Review Polling Data Here]

Trump is winning with union voters (Trump leads 48% to 42%) and consumers-NASCAR fans (Trump leads 63% to 32%), weekly Walmart shoppers (Trump leads 54% to 37%), and weekly Amazon shoppers (Trump leads 54% to 43%).

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  1. The Devilbat says:

    Those numbers are not correct. Trump is leading any one of those democrats by double digits.

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    • margarite1 says:

      So they didn’t learn their lesson in 2016?

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      • litlbit2 says:

        Imho, yes they did. Using Sundance exposed motto, “I didn’t know”, giving them the cover to increase their propaganda messaging. If they were confident in their candidates, ideas, importance, attempts to indoctrinate the electorate they would not be so in your face. Becoming a lot more difficult to sell stupidity for control.

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      • fhb says:

        Mr. Bongino’s podcast today about Mr Flynn -re: NYT article 12 Dec 2019 – has about 50% of what the real stories/agendas/motivations are. All the follow through actions [spying, false accusations, impeachment] are simply that…part of concealment of the fact the various U.S agencies have been infiltrated and corrupted by hostile state and non-state actorS. The NYTimes and all articles or opinion pieces are an open communication device.

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    • The Boss says:

      You’re very probably right. Zogby only disclosed sample size (835 likely voters) but did not disclose whether their sample is both random and representative of ALL likely voters. Nor do they disclose the questions asked and the methodology used. So basically, this poll is highly suspect, which is par for the course.

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      • Bill Durham says:

        This is proof positive that the msm of the 3 networks, CNN, MSNBC, nyt, and wapo can longer control the narrative anymore. They only reach a very small fraction of New York, California, and DC audience. Maybe 2 million people in total. And news junkies like us. Most people get info from local radio, tv, and newspapers. I live in liberal Massachusetts and the coverage here is very different than the msm. Rush, Howie, hannity, Levin, local TV and radio is much more down the middle. Sundance gives the msm too much credit for being able to influence. It ain’t the 1970s and uncle Walter left the building. People no longer watch or believe the msm. They have actually destroyed themselves with the bias. This is what Romney and McCain never understood. Miss Lindsey actually gets it now. That’s why you have seen certain replicons change a bit. A story in the nyt or wapo doesn’t matter. Example- they actually did a great piece on middle East wars and the military lying. Great piece. It was a one day story that nobody cares about. Not quite pentagon papers stuff, but damn close. CNN is eye candy and a weather channel for airport travelers. No one cares or notices what they say anymore. Fear not. Trump knows it and uses them. And they can’t figure it out…

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        • ray says:

          You are wrong there are litewrally 10s of millions of people who think POTUS is a Putin asset because of them,turned into a racist and will end the world for thst matter.


          • Bill Durham says:

            Nope. It only appears that way because you watch too much TV and Twitter. No one really believes that nonsense.

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            • Ray says:

              That would be you . With respect. I cut the cord long ago and have accessed twitter maybe a dozen times .
              People like Pelosi and Schiff do not spend their lives in congress because people believe the truth about them.
              They would be in prison if that were the case.
              CNN is losing it’s cable audience but they rule online, more hits than any other network. MSM information control has been damaged by the internet but they are still the biggest disinformation source in America collectively along with Hollywood, the corporate comedic propagandists etc.


              • swissik says:

                I largely agree with you, although I don’t know that CNN is ruling on line as I pay no attention to that. My judgement is based on my own surroundings here in the SF Bay Area. Millions of voters who suffer from TDS. I wouldn’t dare have a favorable Trump anything in or on my car because it would be vandalized. My otherwise relatively sane neighbors consider the president a super clown and they don’t refrain from saying so. Reading letters to the editor in a local small newspaper also indicate the general anti Trump tone even though the paper isn’t particularly political. Such is life around here….


                • swissik, your surroundings in the SF Bay Area have nothing to do with sane areas of our country. The people around you re-elect Pelosi time after time and you and your neighbors walk through human waste on the sidewalks. How can we believe there is anything sane anywhere in the San Francisco area? That’s like the crack-head area of Houston re-electing that 1D10T Shelia Jackson Lee, also the dumpiest part of Houston. That’s why I live in East Texas, well away from the cuckoos. Making big money isn’t worth living like that.


              • FactsFirst says:

                100% correct. We need to wake up to the media and how it is distributed and changes that have taken place.
                Does anyone really think we watch the same old Fox today? How about: Hiring criminal liar Donna Brazile – the CNN “contributor” and former Kerry campaign manager who just happened to hand the CNN debate questions to Hillary BEFORE her debate with Trump?
                Brazile who, as the #2 at the DNC, was as deep in the denying Bernie debates, delegates and the rest that Wasserman-Schultz took the fall for – and Brazile took over as Chair?
                Or let’s look at Juan, Napolitano, departed Smith, Baer, McCallum, Cavuto, etc.
                The Murdoch brats took over and are making changes big time.
                NEVER FORGET TRAITOR PAUL RYAN IS NOW A FOX BOARD MEMBER! Who in Congress is behind half the garbage we now here at Fox??
                Meanwhile, most just look at the normal Nielsen numbers. WRONG. Milemials and many others only access news on the internet – and there CNN destroys all competition.
                Soros, Zanuck, Comcast, Disney, ATT – all oppose Trump. Add the Koch, Romney, Ryan coalition. We MUST hang tough and support through the crap. Durham will help – but Comcast, ATT and the rest will most likelly not report Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Strozk and others being indicted and ultimately serving time.


    • Jack one says:

      Wouldn’t say that. Democrats are so intent on voting him out it’ll probably be another 49-47% (in Trump’s favor this time).

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      • Bill Durham says:

        Polls are how the corporate media manipulate and control the DNC. Dems believe the polls and get manipulated into some pretty bad moves. The corporate media is handing them Biden. Biden will lower turnout and get thumped by Trump. He is their McCain. He is losing on purpose. He gets a big check, loses, and the Dems Purge the AOC plus 3 Moon bats. Joe doesn’t want to be president. How many ridiculous crap has he said just this week? One term, Obama on scotus, won’t obey Senate subpoena. Dems are playing for 2024. They have given up. Nothing sticks to the Teflon Don.

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      • Jack, which one of the Democrat candidates are going to get people excited enough to actually get out and vote?? TDS will get some out, but I still am expecting a Trump landslide.


    • lieutenantm says:


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    • RePete says:

      Exactly Devilbat, I have not seen one poll that accurately reflects the public sentiment I see/hear/experience daily.

      Even the ill-eagles are voting for Trump here in California, thanks to motor-voter registrations at our DMV. Not a joke.

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    • aarmad says:

      Exactly! Keep in mind these are ‘polls’ and they are historically inaccurate. President Trump has been and likely will be leading anyone that the dems throw out, including clinton. AND that was the case in 2016! Most polls are flawed and always have been!

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      • Eileen McRae says:

        The only reliable poll is the voting booth on election day. All others are suspect. In my opinion, a poll can be manipulated to give you the results that you want them to provide. There are just too many variables at play for any poll to be reliable.

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    • fhb says:

      Please check out Matt Margolis piece @ PJMEDIA …I had started to believe Jewish attacks were co-ordinated…now I’m certain.

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    • Darren Ulrich says:

      2020 will be a blowout.

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      • T Carroll says:

        I have a Black conservative friend and he told me that a good number of Blacks will vote for Trump and not tell anyone but a few close, like minded friends.

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    • Kitty-Kat says:

      “the scale of unified effort is likely to exceed Orwellian proportions…”

      It will be “mOrwellian …”

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    • Amy2 says:

      Thanks for that! I was a little discouraged thinking the numbers were too close. Sigh. When will I learn?!

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    • Sunshine says:

      I totally agree.
      One candidate Trump hasn’t targeted would be Bloomberg. I think his instinct tells him that Bloomberg is the ‘Chosen One’.
      Bloomberg is spending a fortune on campaign ads. Would he be doing this if he was uncertain? I don’t think so.
      Bloomberg has two liabilities: his height and he’s not a strong communicator for the common folk. And that’s why Trump will win.


  2. TPW says:

    Even still the numbers are FAKE……

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  3. Dutchman says:

    Polls are fake science, have NEVER been anything else. Just ask Truman.

    That said, yeah those #’s, are,WAY off, and I note they show Biden does better than anyone.

    He IS the chosen one, after all, and this fake poll helps him.

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  4. rcogburn says:

    polls are used to shape public opinion, not reflect it.

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    • adam says:

      ^^^^^^^^ . T H I S ^^^^^^^^^^

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    • dbobway says:

      ‘Everything’ the, elite media does is to shape public opinion.
      They are paid a ridiculous amount of money to lie to their customers about ‘us’, to us.
      They are sheep herders.
      There is a problem, President Trump is out there treating us like American citizens, not sheep.
      The only sheep left is left, dependent, despondent and in need of deodorant.
      My slogan for my leftist friends starting now, will be.
      “I thought you were the smart ones!”
      We ran the country better, in civics class in the ninth grade.

      “What’s civics?”

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    • Jim Comey Is a weasel_Doug says:

      Like the 97% Of scientists BS?

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  5. nobaddog says:

    He has to be way ahead for them to show him in the lead. Remember 2016 they had him down and out. What kind of nut would vote Biden. 24/7 Trump bashing has had the opposite result. People know its not true but they still have many that HATE the president and i can’t see why.

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  6. MNBV says:

    Ok, ok, ok….
    World’s best Poll joke…… “Trump 46% leading Biden 45%”…….
    It’s a bwaaaaaaa moment.
    The Don’s dream Democrat in November is Creepy.

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    • Super Elite says:

      You should see Ol’ Joe’s creepy constituents. It’s not a pretty sight.

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      • MNBV says:

        I want to hear much more about his leg hair strokers and his commercially brilliant son and how the big Ukraine bucks were directed at a USN drug dischargee…..
        And that’s just a taste……

        Trump vs Biden is like buying gold at $300 at the bottom, a never to be repeated massacre. When the Dem donors get it, the Dems won’t.
        Life is good.

        It won’t be Biden, some earnest, not too socialist ex Governor is the best bet.

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      • I want to see Joe and all of his kind in jail for the violations of American law that he brazenly admitted-to on camera. (Implicating Obama as he did so.)

        That should have immediately been brought forward as a genuinely impeachable offense. But, the entire Washington DC “swamp” was far too corrupt to do it, and is still far too corrupt to see anything at all wrong with it. (In fact, the very thought of law enforcement against this sort of thing is magically being touted as “abuse of power.” It would be hilarious if only it were funny …)

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      • Chimpy says:

        I have seen Ol’ Joe’s constituents. All 20 of them.

        And, they look crowded in that small bakery.

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    • Dee Paul Deje says:

      Gee I don’t know. Just because Trump plays to capacity arena crowds with the same number watching on a screen outside, but I’ve seen Quid Pro Joe picking up momentum in the last few days as he attempts to fend off hecklers at a couple of high school gyms with at least 300 people inside. Come on man!

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    • PDJT’s dream Democrat in November is any Dem candidate. None of them are electable. Joe Biden is corrupt to the core. The back door dealings to Hunter have been exposed and there’s more (China). Warren is a liar – multiple instances on tape – and she already declared that on her first day in office she would outlaw fracking and kill 1.5 million jobs. Pete is hated in his hometown and his only other run for office was a failed Senate bid. He is registering 0% support amongst Hispanic voters – 0%. (Apparently Hispanics are religious people that don’t approve of gay marriage.) Also, Pete is on tape with his own deplorables moment informing us that anyone who votes for or supports PDJT is racist. And then there’s Bernie. I believe he will be the leader going into the Dem convention and will watch as crooked emerges from the shadows to steal the nomination in the 2nd round using her purchased super delegates. Again.

      PDJT will use his long list of accomplishments and ask for 4 more years to get even more done. He will be re-elected in a landslide. All the states that recently decided to aware their electoral college votes to the candidate that receives the most vote nationally will be forced to award them to PDJT. November 3, 2020 will be a popcorn and champagne night to watch.

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  7. nobody should believe the polls. I thinks the purpose of the polls is to influence how people vote rather then give a truthful account of voter sentiment.

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  8. mj_inOC says:

    … including, now, PIAPS.

    Vanity, Vanity, all is Vanity.
    There is nothing new under the sun.
    ~ Ecclesiastes

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  9. JohnCasper says:

    Pompeo is riding to the democrats’ rescue. He’s trying to anyway.


    • DJ Snyder says:

      We don’t know that for certain yet…


    • Jorizabeth says:

      We know that Iran is trying to fill the vacuum set by the announcement that we are taking our troops out of Afghanistan after 18 years. They are going to do that no matter what or who is making decisions. It seems irrelevant who is in the executive branch. Like it or not, Iran is a big threat and we are on the defense despite our military power.


  10. John Acord says:

    One factor these polls do not measure is the effect of TDS on the respondents. Many are afraid to answer simply because they do not want to be shunned and attacked by associates afflicted with TDS. Adjust the polls for that factor and Trump is up another 10%.

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    • GB Bari says:

      So why doesn’t anyone start a serious campaign with a theme that it’s completely cool as well as smart to vote for Trump?

      “I got a great job after working minimum wage jobs for years under Ozero. My cousin found a great job and got off unemployment. There’s no way I’m gonna vote for any taxi gouging, job killing Democrat. I’m voting for President Trump in November. Keep America Great.”

      “The house next door had been full of unfriendly people who never even spoke English. The place was a mess and different people seemed to come and go every few weeks. Then ICE came in and they all went away. The house was sold and a nice working couple fixed it up beautifully. People are buying other houses around here too. Now we have a great neighborhood. People are working and doing great! No way I’m going to risk all that. I’m voting for President Trump in 2020. His policies made America Great again, and I want to Keep America Great. “

      How difficult is this?

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  11. Dee Paul Deje says:

    The results of the Weiner and Podesta pics are simulated by their friend Bill Clinton in his pic.

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  12. Dee Paul Deje says:

    Breaking, new impeachment evidence:

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  13. LCPUSA says:

    thats the best spin zogby could come up with?

    rule of thumb….add at least 5 points to any Trump poll.

    this will be a blowout.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      No, it’s probably more like 10 or 20 pts. They purposefully NEVER want him higher than 50%, so they will always skew the results of all polls to make it so.

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      Given the disaster of California – yet the Trump 2.5% Orange County unemployment rate & Trump border crisis solved only by POTUS – I don’t know why they don’t go for 10 House seats in SoCal.

      He can blanket the area in one day – in Sept, Oct, and Nov. 3-4 days total.

      OC 1, OC 2, Northern San Diego & San Diego, all in one day.

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      • Jim Comey is a weasel_Doug says:

        Orange County seats are gettable. I wish POTUS would come. I despise Hurley Rooda.

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        • 2zymos says:

          Probably not “gettable” when voting rules and counting ‘rules’ and ‘electioneering systems of control’ make it a complete waste of time to go after votes “there”.
          If you watch Trump, electoral college strategy and efficiency ‘rules’ applied, you will get a good idea where vote rigging is in place by his assessment.

          In the end, we will discover that the polls are paid and made to keep the vote manipulation/fraud/theft, that is occurring on an Orwelling scale already, in the realm of PLAUSIBLE.


  14. Richard says:

    It is good he is ahead but the long-term effects of at least 40% of the people supporting outright communists are frightening, don’t you think. If we don’t separate from them, they will eventually gain power again. Better to do it now while the correlation of forces are more or less in our favor.

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  15. TwoLaine says:

    Believe the crowd size and believe the donations race. NOTHING else matters.

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    • Dee Paul Deje says:

      Add the economy to that list.

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      • TwoLaine says:

        Nope. If you have TDS and all you want are the bennies, you couldn’t care less about the economy, or how other people suffer from a bad economy, or at all for that matter.

        DIMs root for a bad economy. They hate it that we are winning on all things.

        The tangibles are really the donations and crowd size. Those are people who will show up to vote. They already placed their bets and put a stake in the ground for #2020TRUMP4MoreYears.

        Both are the reasons that the DNC is currently pretending that they would accept Crazy Bernie the Millionaire Communist Socialist as their nominee.

        What I think will be fun to watch is how the Millionaire/Billionaire Club members act. The economy does matter to them.

        Inedependents will also generally follow the economy, unless they have TDS.


  16. Nessie509 says:

    Don’t have to go to college to figure out that Warren, or Sanders aren’t good for America.
    Would be good if this were the USSPR. ( United States of Socialist Peoples Republic).


    • In the case of both of these now-sitting Senators, I would simply say: “What are you doing for me, right now, with the unique powers that you have right now?”

      The short answer is – “nothing.” No bills are being drafted to put on the Senate floor. No public meetings are being held.

      They talk about health care, and I will candidly say that Hillary Clinton did much more to advance that cause as First Lady, a uniquely powerless position, than either of these now-sitting Senators have done during their entire tenure.


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  17. Baby El says:

    According to this poll, 41 to 45 percent of the American population are incapable of rational thought.

    It also shows the demo-socialist voter only considers a (D) next to the candidate’s name. Hence – BumBerg polling at 3% in a dem primary manages to achieve 43% (projected) in the general election.

    Incapable of rational thought folks……

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  18. We the people know says:

    We are stuck with Trump for 6 more years

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  19. Maybe that is just because, in my opinion, the Democratic Party, Inc. does not have a candidate.

    It really doesn’t matter what you do in their “primaries.” The Party bosses determine who they’re going to put forward, and it’s unabashedly “pay to play.” I can tell you right now – no, I don’t even have to tell you right now – who their candidate will be.

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  20. TwoLaine says:

    I’ll let this speak for itself.

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  21. Perot Conservative says:

    Improvement w Gallop polls, too.


  22. MLK says:

    The polls remain an exercise in bias confirmation. Because it’s a year out, even thoroughly discredited media like CNN are getting in some truth-telling stories about Trump’s popularity. We should steel ourselves against taking the bait — “Even CNN says . . . .”

    There’s always an obvious tell in these manufactured polls. In the instant case, Bloomberg’s numbers. What voter who isn’t engaged in the business of presidential politics, or otherwise set to profit from his money bucket, would profess support, especially at this stage, for him?

    After all, he’s the guy who spent $100M to barely win reelection as Mayor of NYC against a nobody with no money.

    My working assumption is that as long as Little Michael has his checkbook open he’ll succeed in buying media and polls encouraging him to keep spending. I figured he would get in before he did, and they would relieve him of $250M or so before he called it a day. That nows seems a woeful under estimate. Indeed, I think there are powerful elements in the Democrat Party who want to engineer giving him the nomination so they can get rich as Trump heads to a landslide reelection victory.

    For many months my view has been that Trump is on track to win ‘Game Over’ (i.e. historic for a Republican) shares of the black and Hispanic votes.

    THE biggest problem the Democrats have is their allied media. That decided strength morphed into a powerful too-cute-by-half weakness in 2016. They’re still telling themselves whatever makes them feel better about themselves.

    That’s the problem with being able to engineer a result — be careful of what you wish for. While rank and file Democrats were devastated by Hillary’s loss, her lumbering $1.5B campaign made many rich.

    Assuming I’m right — and the U.K. election results certainly aren’t a contra indicator, how will the Democrats choose to lose: Mondale (Biden) to Reagan; McGovern (Warren) to Nixon; or the Fat City that would be Bloomberg?


    • Your Tour Guide says:

      ALWAYS begin to worry when the media starts to
      make sense, or tell the truth. In Atlanta Cox and
      the local power structure are thoroughly intermingled.

      The Cox bunch will overlook any and all corruption,
      if it doesn’t infringe on their investments. They will
      even do the unspeakable, and never say a bad word
      against some Republicans. Which is why I’m not sad
      to see Issakson go.

      Sometimes they’ll do an expose’ article about gang
      formations in certain areas, after years of denying such
      activity occurs. Initially, you’d think : “Wow, they’ve finally
      started talking about what everyone has known for years”.

      The reason is NOT to warn people about safety in their
      areas. The reason is too many contrary people have stayed
      put, and it’s election time. So we have to scare them into
      putting their homes up for sale. And, it works everytime.

      The other time when they’ll tell the truth? When a corrupt
      politician gets caught, and some of the money that’s been
      stolen belong to the them and the power structure. Then
      the gates of hell are opened. Bill Campbell could tell you
      all about it.


  23. PCS says:

    I would love to see a breakdown of likely voters comparing transfer payment recipients, i.e. food stamps, public housing, SSDI, etc., ex retired SSI, versus employed taxpayers. Lol.


    • TreeClimber says:

      You know, some welfare recipients also are employed taxpayers. If we weren’t covering everyone else’s Social Security (contract workers get taxed for it but aren’t eligible for it, how’s that for socialism,) Medicare, public schools, et al, we wouldn’t need food stamps and could afford to put all of us on my husband’s insurance. Stop taxing us to death and we won’t need it!


  24. webgirlpdx says:

    Did Creepy Joe just tell Coal Miners they should learn to code?:

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  25. L4grasshopper says:

    These National polls need to be ignored just like the claims by the Left that Hillary won the “popular vote” are ignored.

    The only thing that matters is whether Trump can win enough states to collect 270 electoral votes, like he did last time.

    If any polls are going to be useful in forecasting this, it will be polls in the States Trump won last time around, plus a few more like MN, NV, NM etc that he might gain.


  26. These numbers must mean somewhere during the 2020 election cycle we won’t get a look at some hack pundit like Nate Silver telling Rachel Maddow that the Democratic candidate is a lock and she responds by giggling like a school girl. November 3, 2020 is going to be even better than November 8, 2016 in the category of fake nooz media head explosions. What’s the over / under on the number who will call out sick that day so they don’t have to report the carnage?


  27. cheryl says:

    Even in this poll, there is no way that it’s even that close. He will win in an electoral and popular vote landslide.

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  28. Big Al says:

    You can’t stump the Trump


  29. hokkoda says:

    These are Brexit-2 polling numbers. Last Fall, when the elections were announced, and all the Wizards of Smart in the Government Party were telling Boris Johnson the elections were very risky, the polling had conservatives leading by a small margin.

    They would go on to destroy Labour by making the election a clear referendum on Brexit.

    Sometime this Spring, Trump is going to make the November election a referendum on illegal immigration and draining the swamp, and he is going to win in a landslide. Whereas Brexit was a break with the anti democratic plutocrats at the EU, our Brexit is a break with the anti democratic plutocrats in the Government Party (Democrats, Bureaucrats, Media, NeverTrumpers).

    The realignment I’ve been writing about since 2015 will continue and it will solidify. Democrats are staring down the barrel of massive defections as they prepare to nominate their own Jeremy Corbyn and pursue the same agenda.

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  30. Battleship Wisconsin says:

    My opinion, for whatever it is worth, is that President Trump will lose the popular vote in 2020 but will win again in the Electoral College. That said, I see three big dangers to President Trump’s reelection looming on the horizon.

    One big danger is an all pervasive belief that he can’t be beaten. People who might otherwise come out to vote for him will assume he is a shoe-in and won’t bother with exercising their right to vote when it matters most.

    The second big danger is that Big Tech will deny the 2020 Trump campaign access to the social media tools that were so successfully used in 2016.

    The third big danger is vote fraud on a massive scale in the battleground states combined with a refusal on the part of the Democrats to concede the election if the Electoral College numbers are close but Trump still wins.

    Many treepers are focused on getting Spygate exposed in all its gory detail before the 2020 election. This is an objective which now rests largely in the hands of Barr, Durham, and the DOJ to get done.

    If Spygate and the Big Ugly break wide open in the spring and summer of 2020, it is possible the DOJ will be consumed with this issue, to the exclusion of other important matters.

    So the question arises, what role should the DOJ and the FBI have in deterring vote fraud before the 2020 election and then investigating that fraud assuming it is all pervasive in the battleground states?

    What kinds of preparations should be made ahead of the election to deal with the problem?

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    • hokkoda says:

      The only way Trump loses the popular vote this time is if the NeverTrumpers run another phony Johnson/Weld type of candidate.

      Democrats do not have a candidate who can attract votes outside of their Socialist wing. They’re all actively running on destroying the Trump economy, open borders, raising taxes, gun confiscation, globalism, etc. In short, they’re running on the same platform that just got the UK Labour Party decimated.

      Trump retains the states he won in 2016 and picks up NV, NM and MN. Vote fraud in PA might put that one at risk, but vote fraud only works on narrow margins and in tight secrecy. The bigger Trump’s margin, the more vote fraud needed, and the harder to keep it secret. The broader Trump’s support, the harder it is to camouflage fraud in Democrat precincts.

      One of Trump’s biggest themes in the coming months isn’t just beat the Democrats…it’s destroy them, punish them, give Trump a mandate in Congress now that Paul Ryan and the other NeverTrumpers have resigned.

      Democrats are angry and whatever. They have a lot of energy but no lens to focus and concentrate that energy. Biden is a joke who won’t be able to dodge Ukraine. Sanders is a full bore Communist. Warren has Clinton’s pathological inability to tell the truth but with even less charm. Buttplug is the inconsequential mayor of a run down city that people only know because there’s a famous college football team in town propping up the economy. Bloomberg and the other billionaires are going to blow a fortune to win a few delegates.

      Have heart. Impeachment will be over soon, and the IG Report is a preview of the indictments that are coming. Both attempts to cover up the coup – Mueller and Ukraine – failed.

      That’s why Democrats will spend 2020 running on the weird idea that the election results are due to Russian tampering with voting machines. If Trump wins, they’ll resort to violence.


      • Battleship Wisconsin says:

        hokkoda says: “Democrats are angry and whatever. They have a lot of energy but no lens to focus and concentrate that energy.”

        For true blue Democrats, their intense anger is their energy and their personal and ideological hatred for Donald Trump has become the lens through which they will focus and concentrate that energy.

        For committed Democrats, of which there are many millions, it really doesn’t matter who their 2020 candidate will be.

        The Democratic Party faithful will vote for their candidate in large numbers regardless of Trump’s long list of accomplishments for all of the American people — Democrat, Republican, and Independent alike — and in spite of their own candidate’s problems.

        In November 2020, it will take the voting participation of most committed Republicans and Republican leaning Independents to overcome what I expect will be a unified and energized Democratic Party — unified in the one common thing they all share, their intense personal and ideological hatred for Donald Trump.

        Liked by 1 person

        • hokkoda says:

          I think you are way overestimating the Democrats’ electoral strengths. No, in fact, people do not show up in overwhelming numbers to vote for empty suits just because they’re angry and hate the incumbent. John Kerry being a great example. See also, Mitt Romney on the GOP side despite the GOP’s landslide 2010 midterm win. Democrats had every reason to elect Hillary, first woman president, cement Obama’s legacy, but she lost the popular vote to the Trump/Pence/Johnson/Weld tickets.

          The Democrat field is deeply flawed. In many ways, this is their 2012 cycle if you look back at the GOP in 2012 it was a mess for the GOP which Romney was able to exploit as the eGOP’s designated-loser for that cycle. Democrats have, as their top 4 polling candidates: a Hillary-esque liar with less charm, a flat-out Marxist, the inexperienced mayor of a small hollowed-out upper midwestern city, and a guy who if he wins will have to stand on a debate stage and justify his son profiting off his name in multiple countries through outright easy-to-understand corruption.

          I like our chances.


      • Trump Train says:

        I am sick of this popular vote bs. Between NY and CA Trump received 5.9M less votes vs 2.8m nation wide. If you take CA away, Trump won the popular vote nationwide.


        • hokkoda says:

          You realize that I think he’s going to increase his EV margin in 2020, right?

          My dream scenario, however, is that Trump receives the most votes nationally because we can take all the EV’s he actually won, and then stick a fork in Democrats’ eyes by claiming Trump also gets all the Blue State electoral votes. (Not really, but it’ll be fun claiming he got 531 EV’s or whatever the max is.


    • Sentient says:

      Good comment. Election integrity is largely the purview of the various Secretaries of State. Soros has been very active (and successful) in funding democrat candidates for Secretary of State. There is probably not much that the DOJ and FBI can do ahead of time, especially since Obama holdovers still control many levers of power. Part of how Dems won the House in 2018 – aside from ballot harvesting in CA (which republicans should replicate in 2020) is that they had ballot measures (like marijuana legalization) designed to boost turnout. Republicans should try to replicate that. The issues to pursue are not obvious, though. I would suggest the prohibition of any surgeries or puberty-blocking, sterility-inducing hormones on minors. Insane parents and leftist doctors shouldn’t be allowed to sterilize their children in order to transition them to a different gender. Republicans in congress should support a Protecting Children Act, and when Dems in the House kill that effort, statewide referenda should go onto the ballot – esp in swing states.


      • In my State of Georgia, the Secretary of State who was of course responsible for the election process was also a candidate(!) in that election.

        And-d-d-d-d… “a mighty strange thing happened.” My (WASP …) voter registration vanished! Fortunately, my (also WASP …) wife’s registration did not.

        Now, on the subject of “non-auditable electronic election machines,” let’s just talk basic sense:

        “If you create a ballot-box that can be ‘stuffed,’ it will be ‘stuffed!'”

        Period. End of sentence.

        The State of Colorado has demonstrated how high-school statistical QA tests can easily be used to verify that electronic results are “probably correct,” provided that(!) corroborating paper records also exist, and that very, very few randomly-selected boxes actually need to be hand-counted to establish this.

        For example: “after the polls close, the staff randomly selects and unseals one box, and hand-counts it on camera.” If each ballot-box carried a unique-identifier (UUID …) that was known to the software, an electronic paper-scanning system would immediately know what the count for that box ought to be. If the counts match exactly, as they certainly should, then this would be far-more than enough. (The same scanners could also automatically reject invalid votes … no more “hanging chads.”)

        “When you buy a burger, you get a receipt. Didn’t get a receipt? Free burger!” The elementary controls that are applied to every routine financial transaction certainly should apply to voting. The technology is elementary, and so is the math.

        Liked by 1 person

  31. FH says:

    I have a hard time believing ANY of those buffoons are so highly ranked.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sentient says:

      There were seven million more democrat House votes in 2018 than republican votes. Dems stole some seats in CA with ballot harvesting, but overall, Dems got a lot more votes. The comments here that assume a wide majority of support for President Trump are wildly overconfident.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sherrymerlot says:

        Sentient, there will be one state, my state (Texas) which will be very different in 2020. Not a small thing, considering the size of Texas. Straight-party voting has now been eliminated in the Lone Star State. Our GOP really wanted it gone in 2018 — but it was still there, and resulted in undeserving and malignant Dem candidates winning down-ballot races because of the high Dem turn-out; for instance, Dallas County got a new Dem DA instead of the very sensible, Republican conservative woman who had been their DA.
        I believe that ballot harvesting in CA was a big deal for Dems, also considering the size of their state and what was at stake. In other states, I have heard Dem candidates won with lies about ObamaCare and pandering by Dem candidates to teachers, a big coalition under any circumstances. I’ve seen the statistics, and it seems that registered Democrats tend to under-vote when they no longer have the convenience of making a straight-party vote.
        It’s not wildly overconfident to predict success for President Trump. He is going to win both the popular vote and the electoral vote. I don’t down-play the difficulty in winning back the House; but President Trump will be victorious.


  32. beaujest says:

    Biden has the Crackhead vote !


  33. vocem meam says:

    MSM coverage of the 2020 campaign:
    “Democratic nominee (insert full title followed by name) gave a well attended campaign speech in this small rural community today. Supporters were very enthusiastic and said they are looking forward to voting in November. Meanwhile at a campaign stop Trump touted claims of success with the economy.”

    Not mentioned will be that the Democrat campaign stop was just 15 miles from a major city and only 400 people attended including campaign staff. Also not mentioned will be that President Trump’s campaign speech was attended by 15,000 people, not counting the 50 or so beta-male ANTIFA clowns outside the rally who were trying to goad Trump supporters into a fight. Plus the President talked about multiple issues.


  34. Harlan says:

    More fake poll numbers.


  35. thedoc00 says:

    My biggest concern is still the lack of voter fraud and vote security reform that was killed by governors from both parties. This leave wide open the found votes, illegal votes and any type of fraud you can name. Given the democrats are far more likely and much better at the vote harvesting scam, the constitutional protection of the electoral college is being undone by states pledging their votes to the popular vote winner. The President’s margin in electoral votes is not that big because there is no partial awarding of electoral votes.

    The democrats have a plan to nullify the electoral college, especially in democrat controlled swing states, no matter how the crossover and independent vote count turns out in those states. They are attempting to rig the Presidential election to become a national popular vote.

    This is the undisclosed damage of not having the citizenship question on the census, no voter reform and no immigration policy change.

    Liked by 1 person

  36. ChampagneReady says:

    The thing that is the predictor for me is that in the last HARRIS poll, TWENTY percent of DEMOCRATS supported Trump.

    Harris is the poll that Five-Thirty-Eight (Nate Silver) the beloved pollster of democrats, rates 2nd behind only Survey Monkey and Marist College for accuracy.

    And this is AFTER all the impeachment hearings when the poll was taken. It also found 34% of Blacks supporting Trump.

    This is Armageddon for democrats. The party is finished. Trump has single-handedly demolished their base.


    • Ris_Eruwaedhiel says:

      I think that Pres. Trump will win 2020, but all bets are off for 2024.

      I don’t think that the Democratic Party is finished because demography is on their side. Massive third-world immigration, both legal and illegal, has benefited the Democrats. Republicans such as Pat Buchanan have warned about this for decades, but like Cassandra, they were ignored.

      We’re in a low level civil war which will get worse. There’s a potential breakup of the US over the next 12 years.


      • trapper says:

        2024 is the big one.


      • Ris, to quote a famous American General in WW2:


        Have a look here:

        Yes, American political parties really do die, and I daresay that the present Democratic Party is at this point “well on its way to permanent irrelevance.” It seems to me they’ve cast their entire political non-future upon the premise of “preserving American institutional corruption” when the actual will of the people – both here and in Ukraine and also in several other countries around the world – has permanently turned against it. (Their most-recent “impeachment bleatings” are, if I may say, pathetic.)

        I’m not afraid of “immigrants” – our nation was built from Ellis Island – but I’m also not afraid to declare that what we are now being confronted with is not “immigration” and is not “refugees!” And I sincerely believe that plenty of other Americans feel the same way I do.

        “The Democrats” (and, full disclosure, to a not-much-less extent, “The Republicans” as we know them today …) are a political Caste – not a Party. Their power is and always was based on corruption. It never(!) occurred to any of them that their corruption might one day be challenged.

        It never occurred to any of them that the 2016 election results might be purposeful!


  37. King says:

    Add +3% to Trump on any poll


  38. trapper says:

    Continuing to lay the groundwork for the rematch. “None of them can beat him. Hey! What about Hillary?”


  39. paul busby says:

    Trump 2020 Landslide everyone.


  40. paul busby says:

    Trump 2020 Landslide everyone.


  41. Landslide says:

    Reminder to all of what the lovely Sarah Palin says: “Polls are good for 2 things: strippers and long-distance skiers!” 😁👍🏻🇺🇸


  42. dayallaxeded says:

    “It’s the economy, stupid!” And versus devils, of course. VSGPDJT 2020!!!


  43. jeans2nd says:

    What the heck are poll breakout categories like “weekly Walmart shoppers” and “weekly Amazon shoppers?” What does that even mean ?

    When info emanates from D.C. and pollsters, we should always keep in mind that marijuana is legal in D.C. and many other places, and Crackhead Biden is not an aberration in this crowd, he is the norm.

    This all looks like another poll manipulation event. Lull those stupid Deplorables into believing their guy is so far ahead there is no need to venture forth and vote this time. More trust the Rusty Plan nonsense.


  44. Ausonius says:

    Sorry, I do not buy anything that assumes normal people (i.e. not affected by TDS and DEM agitprop) right now know ANYTHING about ANYBODY named “Buttigieg” or “Biden” or any of them.

    I do think normal people recognize that Donald Trump is the president and that things seem better than ever in the last 3 years, and that DEMS hate him.

    The reason for this poll has been mentioned above: to lull the pro-Trump people – or those not involved in political news at all (and there are many such people, trust me) – into thinking they do not need to vote.

    Trust nothing from the other side or from supposedly “impartial” sources.


  45. jello333 says:

    Maybe the majority of American people aren’t quite as gullible and stupid as they thought. If after all this 24/7 anti-Trump hysteria for the past 3+ years, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Trump’s approval ratings in the tank. And yet… here we are. Gives me hope.

    And this has nothing to do with that, but when I was checking on Zogby just now, I noticed that for his “net worth” they show…. $1.5 million. Uh, what?! I mean you give that to ME I’d be thrilled. But wouldn’t you think someone like John Zogby who’s been doing this kind of work for decades would be worth a whole lot more than that? Weird.


  46. Maga2024 says:

    Ad 20 points to any poll


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