Incoherent Nancy Pelosi Releases the Flying Monkeys…

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded to questions and concerns about the construct of a heavily partisan impeachment process and her refusal to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate.

Highlighting the tenuous nature of the position now held by her party, a barely coherent Speaker Pelosi attempts to explain. As reporters ask questions, Pelosi becomes frustrated and tells the compliant media no more questions on impeachment will be entertained.

A day after impeaching the President, the Speaker of the House refuses to answer questions.   [Video prompted to presser portion at 11:50 – watch until 14:00]


As noted by Jay Sekulow, the House portion of the impeachment effort is finished.  The constitution does not outline rules, managers, and delivery methods. Once the House votes to impeach, they are finished.  The Senate has full control now.

The Senate can begin their trial phase at any time and call for presentation of articles by the House.  If no-one shows up, case dismissed.  Pelosi/House has no role in next phase.

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324 Responses to Incoherent Nancy Pelosi Releases the Flying Monkeys…

  1. dreamguardian007 says:

    “Nancy Pelosi got off script. This is the dog that caught the car”.

    -Congressman Andy Biggs with Jason Chaffetz on Hannity.

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  2. James Raclawski says:

    If you’re entire effort to date has been somewhere north of constitutional… why would there be any expectation of any “next” step changing its current trajectory?? There is no use trying to apply “rational” to the crazy.

    The House of Representatives is quickly approaching the point where their … legitimacy… their relevance… their very essence as a functioning entity of a branch of our government …. is left in question. Should this farce continue… it is dubious as to whether the legitimacy and relevance of the House of Representatives can be re-established.

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    • Pokey says:

      I would argue that it can’t be done, but I believe the framers always knew the House could end up losing its credibility and decided on a Senate comprising the will of the States as a counter balance. Some of the election “reforms” that have been put into law since the founding have largely worked to undermine that check on potential House excesses. We will see if the Senate can still perform as was expected of them, or not. I am doubtful that they can rise to the occasion and protect our Constitutional Republic.

      On a happier note, the squishy Colorado RINO Republican Scott Tipton will be in a primary against a staunch PDJT supporter this Spring. Tipton has decent instincts, but he spends all of his time worrying about which direction the wind blows and not enough time fighting for principles he claims to believe in. He is not stupid like Mitt Romney, but he has remained completely on the sidelines for four years as the Democrats and Bureaucrats have launched political mortars at the White House. We need a Congressman that has some backbone and maybe we can get one. I am trying to research the candidate to find whether she is the real deal or just another political hack posing as a conservative.

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  3. jus wundrin says:

    “…..the House portion of the impeachment effort is finished.”

    Now its time for the senate to do what comes most comfortable for them: sit on their hands.

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  4. neev1031 says:

    Thinking back on Sundance’s prior posts on Lawfare & the balance of power between branches of government – the current move by Pelosi makes a lot more sense.

    If the House (popular vote) is to reign supreme, the Presidency & the Senate have to be seen as powerless. Abuse of power by the house IS THE WHOLE POINT. Success in this case will make such behavior legitimate & common. The electoral college (Presidency) becomes irrelevant.

    I feel that Republicans are still in the reactionary mode – focused on the battle rather than the war. Apart from Sundance, no one else seems to have understood this. We have a great War General in PDJT which is why constant harassment is the Dem modus operandi. He has to be kept distracted.

    If we are to retain our constitutional republic, we HAVE to win the war. We have to call out the strategy to explain the actions & risks. McConnell talked about risk for future presidents & the senate but that does not communicate the threat properly.

    PDJT has the most effective mass communication skills in our history. He HAS TO point out that this is a war: Dems want to destroy the constitutionally structured co-equal branches of Govt., to make the Senate a subordinate of the House, to make the judiciary a mute witness, and to blackmail a president at will. If this message is heard & understood, every seemingly random action by the Dems will be shown for what it is – a conspiracy to destroy our country from within.
    – open borders
    – identity politics
    – corruption
    – government control
    – speaker as true leader etc.

    We need to litigate on this basis rather than witnesses and due process (non-existent in current house rules). Hopefully, even the SCOTUS will realize the true risks involved & do its job.

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  5. T Town says:

    One has to wonder if the delay in sending the impeachment to the Senate is for the purpose of the Senate going ahead with the trial, and then dismissing it. That would then give the House an excuse to start the process all over again.

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  6. RoddREpub says:

    Pardon my French, but this stupid incoherent beeotchh should go away. She’s an embarrassment to this country.

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    • Eric says:

      She might be an embarrassment to parts of the country but she’s better than a rock star or actor in her district and surrounding areas. My son lives 30 miles north of San Franshitsco and even in this area they think she’s an amazing woman. Never forget these people have been indoctrinating Americans by the millions for decades in public school, universities, and that little box that’s in almost every household in this country. Commies are hopeless but more anger should be aimed at the so called republicans, I will not call them conservatives as I believe they’re almost extinct in DC, as they’ve let this cancer spread to every corner of society with barely any pushback.

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    • Emuuuu says:

      I agree … she ish an embarrasshment to thish country

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  7. LouisianaTeaRose says:

    Silly people, those UFO investigators….they’ve been wrong on these encounters the whole freakin’ time. This is what we cough up the big bucks for, while she’s getting some big bucks laundered thru the Pentagon.


    Nancy’s Flying Monkeys were the culprits all along.


  8. Kerry Gimbel says:

    Trying to understand her was giving me a headache. And I don’t get headaches often.

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  9. Liberty ONE says:

    Watching PIGlosi is like watching a bunch of monkeys trying to screw a door knob. Heard this today, sounds right to me.

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  10. Reited IG says:

    Flabbergasting. Honestly think if Pelosi’s body is going to survive the sprint she is on, she will need a food taster, or someone to ensure her botox shots aren’t laced with poison..
    I have no clue where I read this, but have read Nancy Pelosi’ and family have been “wink, wink” dealing in weapons. You know, think Hunter Biden.
    My theory alone, but Pelosi, Shiff, and Nadler and all of their fellow cohorts who just signed on to this impeachment scam have been on the take from their “sponsors” and went absolutely forking crazy when Trump started investigating all the forking money laundering in Ukraine. Was like OMG! Am I next.? Well yeah. There are always four fingers pointing back at you.
    And Feinstein, Fork you too. Your hubby with all his defense contracts. Oh, they never aided and abetted by you. Right? Sad sack you are.
    Finally, I very much RESENT that the House of Cards just took a big forking dump on the USA population during the lead up to the Christmas Holidays. FORK YOU TOO.
    I hold my country, my President, family, and CTH in the light of my heart. God bless us. Each and every one.

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    • What’s really got these people scared shitless is that the Ukranians are investigating, and we are helping them as our ratified treaty promises we’ll do, and there’s no one to “give them six hours.”

      Really, the swamp had gotten so criminal, and so blatant, that the sitting VPOTUS can confess on camera to numerous violations of United States(!) Law, and can implicate the POTUS (“call him up …”), and he’s laughing and cracking jokes and everyone else on that stage thinks it’s funny, too.

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  11. John Gardner says:

    Shouldn’t Pelosi resign?

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  12. Retired IG says:

    Romeo and Juliet – All are Punished
    I guess its just the Catholic in me.


  13. Emuuuu says:

    Nanshy Peloshi doeshn’t give two shitsh about shending the articlesh over to the shenate.


  14. Cocoon says:

    For years, Dems controlling the House have been pushing to get Trump. Now Pelosi has Impeached him on manufactured charges under unfair processes.
    Once this goes to Senate, Dems in Congress no longer have a made up Impeachment narrative to cover FBI and DOJ under Obama.

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  15. Noah Feldman, one of the Democrats’ top impeachment witnesses against President Donald Trump, said “Impeachment as contemplated by the Constitution does not consist merely of the vote by the House, but of the process of sending the articles to the Senate for trial…“If the House does not communicate its impeachment to the Senate, it hasn’t actually impeached the president.” (Yesterday, reported in the Daily Wire 12/19/19. Bet you won’t read that many places…)

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  16. TwoLaine says:

    The whole thing smells like Quid Pro Quo and bribery to me.

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  17. shipley130 says:

    Forgot about the “rogue” House, apparently.


  18. littleanniefannie says:

    He wants to take credit for USMCA? Well, yes, I would think so since he negotiated it, not you.
    Get some rest over the holidays Nancy, old girl. It appears that you really need it. You can barely string words together to utter a sentence. A little on the pitiful side!!
    I suppose if I had caved to a group of leftist women less than half my age and run this thing through two botched committees, I would probably be on the verge of a breakdown too. BTW, if you tell me once more about how fare (Lawfare), that is, your process was in the House then we will all know it is your time to srep down because you will have totally lost it. I do realize that you became accustomed to a rogue administration with a rogue FBI, State Dept., DoJ, CIA, IRS, etc. but that’s no reason to take your frustration on President Trump. That would be unless you were also a part of the corruption in the last administration or just condoned it. It appears that every time something is coming out that exposes the Obama administration, you have a knee jerk reaction and do something abnormal (you know like we have to move quickly on impeachment until you get your wish and now you want to not only hold on to it but think you are the ruler of the Senate as well. You aren’t a ruler, at least not in the Senate. You ran roughshod over the House show, now butt out, you have no part in the Senate except to deliver the articles or unilaterally (since you have obviously designated yourself that power) dismiss them.
    Rest up, send the articles or declare them illegally done. Move on!

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  19. cheriewhite says:

    She doesn’t even try to hide it anymore. That speaks volumes in itself!


  20. martyb59 says:

    “Pelosi and the house have no role”… Schiff and the managers will try their best to make this trial a 3 ring circus! Of course the DNC and their associates control most of the media, evident once again with the “news” release today by the “govt accountability office”, saying Trump violated laws by suspending Ukraine aid…


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