The Third Sunday Of Advent

Believe-Sign-RSReading 1 Is 35:1-6a, 10

The desert and the parched land will exult;
the steppe will rejoice and bloom.
They will bloom with abundant flowers,
and rejoice with joyful song.

The glory of Lebanon will be given to them,
the splendor of Carmel and Sharon;
they will see the glory of the LORD,
the splendor of our God.
Strengthen the hands that are feeble,
make firm the knees that are weak,
say to those whose hearts are frightened:
Be strong, fear not!
Here is your God,
he comes with vindication;
with divine recompense
he comes to save you.
Then will the eyes of the blind be opened,
the ears of the deaf be cleared;
then will the lame leap like a stag,
then the tongue of the mute will sing.

Those whom the LORD has ransomed will return
and enter Zion singing,
crowned with everlasting joy;
they will meet with joy and gladness,
sorrow and mourning will flee.

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33 Responses to The Third Sunday Of Advent

  1. freepetta says:

    Amen 🙏

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  2. Super Elite says:

    What a beautiful message! Just what I needed to hear. I’m going to memorize that if I can.

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  3. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Love the scriptures, Menagerie. Thank you for the message for today.

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  4. JunkerGeorg says:

    I’ve yet to buy a rose chasuble to use on Gaudete Sunday. But it is a Sunday in the historic Western church calendar that is worthy of the investment. The intent of Advent—not just to ready us to celebrate the joy of our Lord’s magnificent past advent as Mary and Elizabeth do, but also to be receptive to His present advents in Word and Sacrament and to anticipate and yearn for His final advent (which could come at any moment) to sit us at His wedding feast which has no end…. is just such an intense comfort evoking gaudete in one’s heart. Check out the following 2 minute choral piece (“E’en So Lord Jesus, Quickly Come” by Paul Manz). May it give you joy in Christ.

    Peace be to you and grace from Him
    Who freed us from our sins,
    Who loved us all and shed His blood
    That we might saved be.

    Sing Holy, Holy to our Lord,
    The Lord, Almighty God,
    Who was and is and is to come;
    Sing Holy, Holy, Lord!

    Rejoice in heaven, all ye that dwell therein,
    Rejoice on earth, ye saints below,
    For Christ is coming, is coming soon,
    For Christ is coming soon!

    E’en so, Lord Jesus, quickly come,
    And night shall be no more;
    They need no light nor lamp nor sun,
    For Christ will be their All!

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    • Conservative_302 says:

      Oh my gosh! That was beautiful. Thank you so much.

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    • SueK says:

      You can “halve” your vestment investment if you plan on also using it for Laetare Sunday, which is halfway through Lent.
      In previous times, the rules for fast and abstinence during both Lent and Advent were very strict. Gaudete Sunday and Laetare Sunday were the “we’re halfway through, we’re going to make it!” markers. The vestments for both periods were normally purple, with the exception of the two “rejoice” Sundays when the rose colored vestments were used.


  5. US says:

    Gaudete in Dóminum semper: íterum dico, gaudéte.

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    • A2 says:

      Modéstia vestra nota sit ómnibus homínibus: Dóminus enim prope est. Nihil sollíciti sitis: sed in omni oratióne petitiónes vestræ innotéscant apud Deum. [Phil. 4:4-6]
      Ps. Benedixísti, Dómine, terram tuam: avertísti captivitátem Jacob. [Psalm 84:2]
      Gloria Patri …
      Gaudéte …


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  6. Dora says:

    Written by Anonymous in 16th century Germany, it quickly became a favorite hymn of both Catholics and Protestants in that time and land of religious strife.

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  7. Maria says:

    Thank you for these uplifting posts!

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  8. lotbusyexec says:

    One of my favorite Christmas Pop songs – could listen to it everyday and its message is timeless.


  9. TradeBait says:

    Be blessed by the Lord on High this day everybody. We love you, Lord Jesus.

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  10. Joaquin Deleon says:

    God Bless America. Amen

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  11. Buzzsaw says:

    The Lord Jesus Christ fulfilled these prophesies, in front of eyewitnesses, many of whom accepted execution for believing in Him. Believe.

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  12. Patience says:

    In the darkness an orange-red glow appeared –and grew, and turned into a floating red ball.
    I watched sun rise this morning.

    It is a quite, still, sunny Sunday morning.

    Morning coffee and review of a list of to-dos for the day…
    Came to The Treehouse; to this headline…to “Believe”… to this reading
    and was filled with gladness and appreciation for the reminder of today’s (life’s) meaning.

    Reading Treeper’s comments and listening to your musical postings ?
    There are no words……

    Thank you, All.

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  13. 4EDouglas says:

    i come from a long line of German Swiss on my mother’s side-going back past the reformation.
    Wife and I had to leave the Lutheran Church for reasons of Doctrine-(apostasy for instance.)
    We are conservative Baptist now though our Pastor at the local church also has Lutheran
    roots. He always does an Advent Candles and introduced the “song of Mary” to the congregation at the “Country Church” as we call it. I miss Liturgy as it it biblical and beautiful….

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  14. Sepp says:

    Perhaps someone here might appreciate this particular website that is about the genuine Saint Nicholas rather than the commercial Santa Claus. Saint Nicholas points the way to Christ.

    It features a treasury of art, music, prayers, recipes, church gazetteer, and so forth.

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