President Trump Massive MAGA-KAG Rally in Hershey Pennsylvania – 7:00pm Livestream

Tonight President Donald Trump travels to Hershey, PA for a massive Keep America Great Rally at the Giant Center.  Anticipated Start Time 7:00pm ET

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311 Responses to President Trump Massive MAGA-KAG Rally in Hershey Pennsylvania – 7:00pm Livestream

  1. ladyliberty11 says:

    Our President is amazing. His energy and genius are a gift from God. Thank you Lord, for this man. We are blessed to witness such a blessing to our country . . . our Samson, our David, our Washington, our Patton. Our hero. He will go down in history as the greatest leader of our time.

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  2. Sentient says:

    The president’s campaign should really consider airing some of the 1984 TV commercials from Reagan’s re-election: “I say stay the course”. There might be copyright issues, permissions needed etc. Only people over 50 will remember them, but for those who do, it would resonate.

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  3. 1stgoblyn says:

    Coming to an end. (;


  4. Patience says:

    Uplifting! Uplifting!! Uplifting !!!

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  5. patti says:

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  6. 13wasylyna says:

    We rise is defense of the President as the Dems try to crucify Trump on Christmas

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  7. Super Elite Lt. Col. Covfefe999 says:

    What a great way to end this day! Thank you Pennsylvania!

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  8. MfM says:

    Smart of him introducing the politicians in the middle of the rally. If he did it at the end, it would have been more of an afterthought. This way it was more like they were one of the Main Events.

    Constantly during the balance of the rally he’s talking about how important it is to win in the next election. It’s almost as if he’s giving those politicians their marching orders.

    He’s also going off script repeatedly, I always think that’s some of the best part of his rallies. He’s mentioned the 2nd Amendment several times, which certainly plays well in PA out of the Philly area.

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    • Nepanyrush says:

      I live in Pennsylvania and, until the rally tonight, didn’t even realize what was taking place in the Sanctuary City of Philadelphia and by the District Attorney. Releasing rapists and murderers on the general public rather than turn them over to ICE?

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      • RobInPA says:

        A good friend of mine, a former Army Ranger and combat vet, who then transitioned to DHS / Immigration, working a few large cities in mid to Eastern PA, decided to take early retirement during king barry’s corrupt reign because he effectively tied their hands and were not permitted to perform their jobs to keep American citizens safe from some VERY VERY BAD actors.

        BTW, was that anti-Trump two-faced piece of crap Toomey in attendance at the rally?


  9. Do stop thinking about tomorrow says:

    Moving speech! Thank you President Trump for your sacrifice for our country.

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  10. The Boss says:

    You can tell President Trump’s attitude about impeachment is honey badgeresque. Did he have a ball tonight or what?

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  11. patti says:

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  12. goddessoftheclassroom (@goddesofthecl1) says:
  13. Kent says:

    “I love Nazipelosi SO MUCH!”

    -Spazmo the Leftardo….

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  14. Sentient says:

    Too bad for the Dems that they’re all on record (video putting their hand in the air) as wanting to make American taxpayers pay for healthcare for illegal aliens. Huge mistake.

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  15. CNN_sucks says:

    Could not wait to vote Trump for 2020.

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  16. Eric Kennedy says:

    President Trump hasn’t given up on Virginia!

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  17. dogsmaw says:

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    • lotbusyexec says:

      He needs to mention them all – these people have NO shame. Their attempted coup continues as does their righteous sense of being. ” Tear down their egos (‘that wall’) President Trump”, we need to Keep America Great and get rid of those who stand in our way!

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    • Greg1 says:

      Meanwhile, was not Page herself part of or at least fully aware and texting with Strzok about the leaks to the media from the fbi and their “sisters”?

      Total hypocrisy.

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    • Linda K. says:

      Lisa was a leaker also. It is in her texts. Bring it on, Babe. Are you suing Strzok’s wife? She found the texts…

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      • konradwp1 says:

        Actually a very good point. There are a huge amount of texts missing. Perhaps the ones picked out were just those an angry wife thought had something to do with an affair? Maybe Strzok’s wife blew apart the coup by accident? That would be hilarious!

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    • Redzone says:

      What do Lisa Page and Santa have in common?

      Ho! Ho! Ho!


    • California Joe says:

      For a lawyer, Lisa Page should remember that every text or email you send and receive on a government computer or phone is subject to FOIA and disclosure to the public! The phone and computer were not your property Lisa and you had no expectations of privacy.

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    • Zombie says:

      But Lisa you leaked to Devlin Barrett and who knows who else. Might someone sue you?


    • GB Bari says:

      HAHAHAHA! Right down there in her tweet:

      No wonder she’s in deep excrement – she’s taking advice from that bunch of anti-Constitutional traitors. Whadda maroon.

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    • hokkoda says:

      When you accept a job with the Federal Government, you accept as a condition of employment the following statement:

      “You are accessing a U.S. Government information system, which includes: 1) this computer, 2) this computer network, 3) all computers connected to this network, and 4) all devices and storage media attached to this network or to a computer on this network. You understand and consent to the following: you may access this information system for authorized use only; you have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding any communication of data transiting or stored on this information system; at any time and for lawful Government purpose, the Government may monitor, intercept, and search and seize any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system; and any communications or data transiting or stored on this information system may be disclosed or used for any lawful Government purpose.”

      Example banner that shows up on the log-in screen of every .gov computer:

      When she signed for the government phone she was using to text Strzok, she signed an agreement acknowledging the above statement. Her text messages were released as part of official government reports like the IG report, FOIA requests, etc…all are legitimate government purposes.

      But it is humorous as hell listening to this twit whine about “leaks”…

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    • Amy2 says:

      OOoo Lisa….chickens coming home to roost?


  18. sunnydaze says:

    I’m sure this will be plastered all over the MSM tomorrow. LOL.

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  19. we rise together defense our great president Trump,

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  20. woohoowee says:

    Thank you for the comments, everyone! My ‘puter hasn’t played video, audio or live stream in a while now and Hubster can’t figure it out. The same thing happened in ’16 for a brief period or two, also. Hmmmm……

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  21. Kent says:

    ….h..Hillary bought a warrant to spy on our president….

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  22. rjones99 says:

    I’m so bitterly disappointed in our government. What a bunch of pretty, small-minded, vindictive little crapheads populate our government at ALL levels.

    OTH, President Trump, perhaps the best president in our nation’s history, along with AG Barr, and Secretary of State Pompeo, are giving me renewed hope for my children’s future.

    There is still considerable work to do in delivering justice to those who deserve it, getting control back over education, destroying the mendacious, traitorous, vile press, putting the administrative dotards back in their rightful place and on the same lousy healthcare plan as the rest of us, and getting refocused on the real problems of this nation. But President Trump and his team are working hard and they are doing an amazing job.

    I am so grateful to God for the gift of President Trump. Just when we were about to tumble into the abyss, he came along and pulled the entire country out, with stupid people fighting him the entire time. He often pokes progressives by talking about how great he is, comments that we are meant to understand as a joke. But, the truth is truly that he is a giant among us and he really is that great.

    Thank you President Trump. Thank you for working to give us back the country our parents gave to us.

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  23. dogsmaw says:

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  24. giveadamn says:

    Rally sends a palpable message to the Uniparty that they are walking straight into a buzz saw if they vote “yes” on impeach or censure of this treasure of a man.

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  25. patti says:

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  26. RobInPa says:

    Darn, I was not able to watch this rally, but thank you to everyone for
    the great commentary,

    Looked like the crowd was more enthusiastic than when I was last at the Hershey Arena to see the Allman Brothers in 11/91.

    They finished the show with their legendary song Whipping Post!


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  27. gzuf says:

    Just got back from the rally, it was everything I expected and more for a first time. Right off the bat some guy behind us needed help getting under a rope because his arms were filled with Chic-fil-a -so we helped it over him; he comes back and gives us a sandwich and some fries and I am thinking alright – this is awesome.

    And it was awesome, people were just nice and excited despite the bad weather. Really there were all kinds and types of people all over it was amazing, came away even MORE confident of how much POTUS’ support is beginning to touch everyone, everywhere, despite it all! I was very surprised how many younger kids there were, 20’s to 16ish. Girls with Trump phone cases, Trump everything.

    Waiting in line for some food my brother goes “Hey there’s Jeffrey Lord” I turn around and sure enough he’s walking by low profile and, I’m sure, to some swanky seats. We did a wave and a nod and a big smile – he smiled and winked. No words were exchanged but let me tell you – he’s a cool guy.

    It was about as bad and cold out as you can get without it being steady rain; patchy drizzle that got worse and less or more but never went away…. and yet we turned out in droves! I’d say there was 1000 people there at 8 am. Inside – time flew.

    Everyone go it was a great time and a great experience! I am 27 my brother is 25 and my Dad is 62 and it was everything we could’ve hoped for – weather be damned!

    — Secret Service looked crazy
    — Deplorables had hilarious Trump costumes and signs
    — consider ear plugs and get there early!

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    • tuskyou says:

      Love your post 🙂 Jeffrey Lord is a real trooper–they always put him up against 3-4 other panelists on cnn but he never backed down. Trump rallies are the best-the best President with the best supporters. I’m still in touch with people I met at 2015 rallies. Your comment about Secret Service made me laugh. I changed my phone battery in front of an agent and I was so nervous it took forever. Glad you enjoyed the rally only thing is now you’re hooked!!

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    • Thanks for the report! So glad you got to experience a Trump rally! I am also 27 and got to go to one Trump rally during the 2016 election and it was awesome! Truly a one of a kind experience! 🇺🇸

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  28. Troublemaker10 says:

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  29. hokkoda says:

    His lovey-dovey parody of Strzok/Page always cracks me up. That’s the first time I’ve heard about a restraining order against Strzok though!

    Also, I heard on the news that Lisa Page is suing the Department of Justice for releasing her text messages. Somebody needs to remind Lisa of the standard message and training provided to ALL government employees in every branch and at every level of the US Government, to wit:

    “You are accessing a U.S. Government information system, which includes: (1) this computer, (2) this computer network, (3) all computers connected to this network, and (4) all devices and storage media attached to this network or to a computer on this network. This information system is provided for U.S. Government-authorized use only.

    Unauthorized or improper use of this system may result in disciplinary action, and civil and criminal penalties.

    By using this information system, you understand and consent to the following:

    You have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding any communications transmitted through or data stored on this information system. At any time, the government may monitor, intercept, search and/or seize data transiting or stored on this information system.
    Any communications transmitted through or data stored on this information system may be disclosed or used for any U.S. Government-authorized purpose.

    For further information see the Department order on Use and Monitoring of Department Computers and Computer Systems.”

    It must really hurt being as stupid as Strzok and Page…

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  30. Annie says:

    can just imagine how relieved…sort of..the SS is when they get him out of those rallies and into The Beast!! etc.


  31. calbear84 says:

    Just finished watching President Trump’s masterful speech in PA which I am at a loss for words to describe. He was simply magnificent. Strong, funny as heck, focused like a laser on winning a second term in 2020 and on delivering a super-majority in Congress. I love how he gushed about Hershey’s chocolate, hammered Shifty Schiff, mocked global warming and the bird-killing windmills, then delivered the coup de gras to Pelosi’s failed impeachment attempt by pointing out that she has effectively lost the House. His constant reinforcement of the economic success he has created is a brilliant move. His emphasis on restoring the rule of law and of the bravery of ICE is inspiring, and when he points out the moral depravity of Democrat politicians including the mayor of Philadelphia and the Governor of Virginia it makes your blood boil!
    He’s just getting warmed up folks.
    Godspeed President Trump. We are with you all the way.

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  32. Lisette says:

    I think I made an error and did not give myself a nickname….never texted in before?


    • Lanna says:

      Pretty name! I don’t use a nickname either. Some do, some don’t, it’s all good. If you go to your WordPress account there’s probably a way to change it.


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