December 1st – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1046

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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434 Responses to December 1st – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1046

  1. lolli says:

    From Brian Kemp’s Wikipedia page. I know just Wikipedia, but it is interesting. Seems he had some business loans he was struggling paying off.
    Maybe unrelated, and nothing.
    Just makes me curious if he got some help on those…

    Personal life[edit]
    Kemp is married to Marty Kemp (née Argo); they have three daughters. The family belongs to the Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Athens.[122] Kemp’s father-in-law was Bob Argo (1923–2016), an Athens insurance executive and longtime member of the Georgia House of Representatives.[123]
    In May 2018, Kemp was sued for failure to repay $500k in business loans.[124] The suit is related to Kemp having personally guaranteed $10 million in business loans to Kentucky-based company Hart AgStrong, a canola crushing company.[125] The company is under investigation after making guarantees using assets it did not own and repaying suppliers using proceeds from insurance settlements.[126] An attorney for the Georgia Department of Agriculture has said these actions “may be a felony under Georgia law.” [127]
    In October 2018, Atlanta television station WAGA-TV reported that companies owned by Kemp owed more than $800,000 in loans to a community bank where he is a founding board member and stockholder. Such “insider loans” are legal, so long as they are on the same terms as the bank would extend to any other lender. Kemp’s campaign declined to make public the terms of the loan.[128]


  2. burnett044 says:

    each month i make a list of the top five so called big fish I would like to see held accountable (as in Jail time} ….
    always on that list is CIA Brennan….
    just to see that would boost the moral of so many and a great sign that the corrupt CIA will get cleaned up or taken down….

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  3. Self-important deliciousness recorded by The Daily Caller:

    The Washington Post went further (of course) with a column alleging that the situation “bears a remarkable resemblance to the Ukraine scandal” in that “many national security and foreign policy professionals” who believe that “their purpose was to advance the interests of the United States” found to their dismay “that policy was being propelled instead by Trump’s personal interests.”

    The entire impeachment drama on Capitol Hill last week was driven by this inherent sense of entitlement, by the bruised egos of diplomats and mid-grade bureaucrats whose advice and opinions regarding Ukraine were ignored, and by alleged experts who discovered they were not that important to the process after all.

    What part of “President of the United States” do these people not understand? One wonders … 🤣

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  4. It’s not too early to be thinking about the nuts and bolts of the 2020 election. This is a great article on the topic. We need to be super realistic about what’s going on. And we can NEVER underestimate the Demon Rats.

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    • SHV says:

      Good reminder that the DJT win in 2016 was a close call. The results of the 2018 Congressional elections taught me a hard lesson about “confirmation bias”.

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    • Super Elite Lt. Col. Covfefe999 says:

      I am proposing that we completely muck with the Democratic primary. If circumstances are right (including Trump having no opposition and you being in a state where you can vote in the Dem primary even if you are regiestered GOP), we should have a voting strategy that, if successful, prevents any candidate from winning the nomination via the primaries, forcing the Dem party to choose its candidate at the convention. The person who comes out as the nominee would be so far behind in campaining, and there would be so much party division.

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  5. Bigly says:

    Top of Liberty:

    Paul Sperry sent this tweet about Schiff withholding the transcript of ICIG Michael Atkinson from October 4 behind closed doors which lasted for eight hours.
    Gosh, that seems like a rather large chunk of testimony the American people should be made aware of, don’cha think? Especially if this is being done for the good of the country and stuff.

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    • WSB says:

      Yes, and John Ratcliffe knows all about it. A Treeper posted his tweet somewhere around here. There was exculpatory information in that transcript.


  6. nwtex says:

    MSNBC confuses ex-Trump navy secretary for infamous white supremacist
    Dec 1st 2019


  7. sunnydaze says:

    This sh*t happens in Sweden all the time now. So not sure why I’m choosing to post this particular incident. Except it *is* interesting that this guy was also let out of jail early after attempted murder/shooting a few years back, like London yesterday.


  8. Robert Smith says:

    Amy shows herself to be TDS-infected, at the very least, and it’s eating into her brain.

    On Ukraine:

    “Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar described President Donald Trump’s behavior as unambiguously impeachable, calling it “a global Watergate” and the textbook behavior of what the Founding Fathers considered worthy of removal from office.

    “This is something where the Founding Fathers themselves, James Madison, said the reasons we needed impeachment provisions was that he feared that a president would betray the trust of the American people to a foreign power,” Klobuchar said in an interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd released Sunday. “That is why this is proceeding. I see it simply as a global Watergate.“


  9. joeknuckles says:

    Just switched Steve Hilton off for the last time. I won’t be tuning in again, ever. Now he’s throwing Giuliani, DeGenove and Toensing all under the bus, calling them swamp. Hilton is a phony, self righteous jackass who is too freaking dumb to figure out that without Giuliani applying pressure, the DOJ would not be investigating Ukraine at all. The idiot even admits that he knows the Bidens were involved in corruption there, he just doesn’t think it should be exposed.


    • Robert Smith says:

      Why are they swamp?

      Somebody must have reached out and touched him.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      Was truly disgusting, was it not? Hilton knows absolutely NOTHING about Rudy G and 911, let alone all Rudy G’s past successes with the criminals and mafia.

      And Hilton even included John Solomon as one of the Swamp Creatures !
      Buh bye audience, Mr Hilton.

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    • albertus magnus says:

      Dont worry, in a few months he will show up on his show with a MAGA hat on talking about the need for a border wall and all will be forgiven and forgotten.

      It worked for Steve Bannon.

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      • Joemama says:

        I don’t understand your point of view. Please provide links proving that Bannon flip-flopped on the border wall (or whatever topic that you are referring to).

        Thanks in advance.


        • albertus magnus says:

          Didnt say Bannon flipflopped on the Wall. He backstabbed PDJT and went on a national media tour to criticize him. Then, when he realized that he was not that important to the MAGA patriots but that PDJT was/is, he changed his tune, latched onto the border wall issue and has ridden back into some hearts.

          Bannon is an intelligent voice for our principles and beliefs, but he, like Beck and Shapiro, are not now and have never been friends of PDJT….they work their agenda not PDJT or ours for that matter.


    • Val says:

      I just watched the show on YouTube. I didn’t se the part you mentioned of him saying that the Bidens “shouldn’t be exposed”. It’s exactly the contrary of that.

      I don’t know what he’s referring to about Giuliani and the others, as I will not read NYT, but Steve Hilton has been exposing the corruption in Ukraine very well.

      He starts talking about that at 16:30 in this clip:


  10. linda4298 says: “You scheduled this initial hearing-no doubt purposely-during the time that you know the President will be out of the country attending the NATO Leaders Meeting in London,” Cipollone wrote.

    “Again, your letter provided no information whatsoever as to the dates these hearings will occur, what witnesses will be called, what the schedule will be, what the procedures will be, or what rights, if any, the Committee intends to afford the President,” Cipollone continued. “In other words, you have given no information regarding your plans, set arbitrary deadlines, and then demanded a response, all to create the false appearance of providing the President some rudimentary process.”

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  11. Tess from Philly says:

    Lisa Page is in the fight! Now we know why Benjamin Wittes wrote that tweet about her. Looks like the libs are going to go with the anti woman angle again.

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  12. NJF says:

    Gonna get ugly.


  13. Troublemaker10 says:

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  14. Troublemaker10 says:

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  15. Sherri Young says:

    Sidney Powell strikes again:

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  16. Troublemaker10 says:

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