Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher Responds to Command Targeting and President Trump Support…

Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher has really been put into a narrow gauntlet by a military command structure that does appear to be attempting retaliation and retribution against a warrior out of spite.  It is a remarkable dynamic and very troubling to see two high ranking military leaders seeming to rebuke the civilian command structure.


Purely my opinion; but I would feel much less nervous about the stability of our military leadership if Navy Secretary Richard Spencer and Rear Adm. Collin Green resigned.  Rogue military leadership is troubling in the framework of our constitutional Republic.

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217 Responses to Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher Responds to Command Targeting and President Trump Support…

  1. Joemama says:

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  2. Joemama says:

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  3. listingstarboard says:

    Glad that Eddie Gallagher was SEAL team brave enough to stand up to the corrupt liar Spencer –and stand up for Truth and Justice, and not just stand by and be persecuted by a corrupt civilian narcissist like Spencer. Now Green needs to have HIS comeuppance.

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  4. ex101st says:

    Spencer is a good start. Wouldn’t be surprised to hear of Green’s pending retirement in the coming days or better yet charges of insubordination. If the Commander-inChief even hints at what he desires you either make it happen or ask for a clarification. If you disagree, don’t let the door hit you in the @ss on your way out.

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  5. RLTW says:

    President Trump. You need to go down to VA Beach and pay a visit to DEVGRU. Talk to the Master Chief who has over 20 combat tours between Afghanistan and Iraq and has over 50 confirmed kills.

    Then go down to Ft Bragg and pay a visit to CAG. Talk to the Troop Sergeant Major who has over 20 combat tours between Afghanistan and Iraq and has over 50 confirmed kills.

    Those men should be your Secretary of Navy and Secretary of Army. They know more about the enemy than all of the think-tank bureaucrats and Generals combined who are currently advising you.

    Make Gallagher and/or Golsteyn your Secretary Secretary of Defense.

    That would make one hell of a War Cabinet.

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    • listingstarboard says:

      What a novel idea! Have the people with real life experience and proven bravery in the field of battle, and have sacrificed and been loyal soldiers for decades in charge of other soldiers! WOW! Almost like letting people who are doctors and nurses decide what works best in healthcare, not desk jockeys who crunch numbers but people with hands on experience. Jeez, WHAT A CONCEPT.

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    • Doc Hellfish says:

      Indeed.. our officer corps is a useless bunch of butt sniffing sycophants. The whole peasants and nobles dichotomy of the Enlisted/Commissioned divide is outdated and the arguments used to defend it are suspiciously like those used to defend slavery. All you have to do to get a commission is to show up to college, receive left wing indoctrination for 4 years, long before the military really gets ahold of you, then go to summer camp for two weeks.

      I mean, did you know Army regulations would have a West Point CADET take command of a unit before the 1SG who has decades in uniform? I mean.. SERIOUSLY!? His brain’s decision making faculties aren’t even fully developed at that point. Officers think way too much of themselves.


    • jimboct says:

      Those are the kind of beach friends you need to have.


    • swal106 says:

      I agree 100%. It should be clear to all that these Flag Grade Officers are more interested in their liberal politics than they are in follwing the orders and Agenda of their Commander-In-Chief, that was duly elected by the Citizens of their country. There MUST be a serious weeding out of those officers.


  6. Deb says:

    Here’s an article with some background on the corruption within the Navy and JAG.

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  7. US says:

    The US Navy should concentrate on navigation after they crashed two destroyers in the Malacca Straights. Admiral Green and the rest of the Obama LGBT-obsessed Admirals must go. Lieutenant Colonel Sacha Vindman, the ingrate who came here under the Soviet (Ukrainian) Jewish Refugee Program should be reassigned out of the White House NSC until his Commission expires. He gives the perception that the Army is part of the Deep State coup.

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  8. namberak says:

    It’s becoming more and more obvious to me why one of my children gave up their career as a naval officer. :_(

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  9. arib says:

    just HOW many Obama plants pollute our armed services?

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  10. Obama’s social experiment with the military must have pervasive impacts on patriots in our volunteer military. Spencer probably sniffed the adminisphere and thought he was elite enough to negotiate with PDJT in violation of standards that he never saw expressed among his PC officer peers.


  11. Denise S Mahnke-Pugh says:

    Agree with Sundance then and now. Green must resign as well. This is black and white. There is no gray. Next.

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  12. Green has to go. Immediately. His commanding officer should give him two choices. Resign your commission or be court martialed. You have six hours to decide.


  13. Conservative_302 says:

    God bless president Trump. He has God’s favor, and I am so thankful.

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  14. Feres Doctrine says:

    Doesn’t matter if you are a Republican or Democrat or whether you agree or disagree with the President’s November 15, 2019 pardons of Army Major Matt Golsteyn, Army 1LT Clint Lorance, or Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher – one FACT remains as was expressed in almost every news cycle report over the past three days: The military “justice” system is totally corrupt.

    “Fortunately, the defense team in the Gallagher case did an incredible job of uncovering prosecutorial corruption before the case reached the jury. Gallagher’s attorneys uncovered deliberate attempts by overzealous Navy prosecutors and NCIS agents to spy on his defense team. This involved an illegal search without a warrant –violating Gallagher’s rights under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution – and also threatened his right to effective assistance of counsel under the Sixth Amendment. In addition, the Navy violated the sacrosanct privacy of the attorney-client privilege. Such misconduct cannot be defended in any way, shape or form.”

    “Corrupt military investigators and prosecutors follow a simple formula: Prosecute a high-profile case, make national news, and then punch your ticket when you leave the Judge Advocate General’s Corps.”

    “The prosecution hid evidence that the motorcyclists were Taliban bomb makers, then ordered Lorance’s men to testify against him or face murder charges themselves.”

    “When the Army charged Lorance with murder, the message rang out loud and clear: Defend yourselves in battle and you may be prosecuted for murder.”

    “As an ex-Navy JAG attorney, I’m ashamed of what corrupt Navy prosecutors and NCIS agents did to war hero Gallagher and his family. But I’m proud to say that a clearheaded United States Navy jury put a stop to the insanity, at least in this case.”

    “But without a meaningful overhaul of the military justice system, rogue military prosecutors are still likely to target prominent warfighters like Chief Eddie Gallagher. What a slap in the face to the men and women who put their lives on the line for our country.”

    “Sadly, the corrupt ‘deep state’ has infected the military justice system, depressing overall military morale.”

    I could easily give you 50+ more quotes on this and that is just over the past three days.

    But just as I experienced with US Army lawyers, you get some self-serving, mealy-mouthed, pencil-necked, geek lawyer who sees it as a way to advance his career over his peers. Just like now US Army lawyer lieutenant colonel (he was a captain when it happened back in 2004 so he has since been promoted TWICE) Matthew Fitzgerald who LIED to his state bar multiple times after threatening me to do something which he knew was clearly against Army regulations. All so that he could boast this as a “success” on his annual officer efficiency report – to which I have a copy of his report (and posted on my Facebook page noted below).

    “Deep state” even back then maybe? After the Army JAG (Lieutenant General Dana Chipman as the top Army lawyer) appointed a friend of Fitzgerald’s to do the investigation and found no wrongdoing, I wrote to the Inspectors General of both the Army and DoD, the Secretary of the Army, The Secretary of Defense, The Attorney General, and eventually the President (Obama) – and each no less than three times.

    Nobody ever bothered to even answer the mail. And why is that? Because the military lawyers are all part of the “swamp.”

    Or as a retired Army JAG Colonel friend said to me over this matter: “Forget it if you ever think that something is going to happen – the Army lawyers are as thick as thieves.”

    See it all to include evidence at


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