STUNNING if True – NYT Reports U.S. Navy Secretary Richard Spencer Blackmailing President Trump…

The initial jaw-dropping compromise within the Pentagon was first noted when Lt. Col Alexander Vindman, on assignment to the National Security Council, admitted during his deposition to defying White House policy and delivering countermanding instructions to his colleagues in the Ukraine government.

Alex Vindman compromised his position, compromised his leadership, and made himself an issue for National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien.  However, it wasn’t what Vindman did per se’, but rather what the Dept. of Defense didn’t do that was more alarming.  Immediately upon notification of the compromise Defense Secretary Mark Esper (above left) was under the obligation to remove the compromise, yet he did nothing.

The Vindman example was/is a concerning lack of action by Defense Dept. leadership, and that situation is made all the more alarming today as the New York Times is reporting Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer is now openly blackmailing CiC President Donald J Trump and rebuking civilian authority and oversight.

New York Times […] The secretary of the Navy and the admiral who leads the SEALs have threatened to resign or be fired if plans to expel a commando from the elite unit in a war crimes case are halted by President Trump, administration officials said Saturday.

The Navy is proceeding with the disciplinary plans against the commando, Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher, who counts Mr. Trump as one of his most vocal supporters. After reversing a demotion in recent days, the president suggested on Thursday that he would intervene again in the case, saying that the sailor should remain in the unit.

The threats by the Navy secretary, Richard V. Spencer, and the commander, Rear Adm. Collin Green, are a rare instance of pushback against Mr. Trump from members of the Defense Department. Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper and Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, scrambled to come up with a face-saving compromise this past week in the hope that Mr. Trump could be persuaded to change his mind.

[…] One argument that officials said may be relied on is the assumption that a tweet does not constitute a formal presidential order. Mr. Esper and General Milley conveyed to the president that if he followed up that tweet with a direct order, there would be huge consequences: Mr. Trump would lose Mr. Spencer and Admiral Green, further infuriate his top military leadership and do untold damage to decades of military justice doctrine, according to administration officials. (read more)

Let’s cut through the chaff and fog.

The military, nor any person therein, does not get to “threaten” the President of The United States. The President is the Commander in Chief of all armed forces. It is not President Trump who would be doing “untold damage to decades of military justice doctrine“, but rather the insubordination of flag officers who are duty bound to carry out legal and constitutional instructions from the President.

The DoD inaction surrounding Lt. Col Vindman was a precursor, a visible symptom few were paying attention to; indicating a political cancer within the unified chain of command. The U.S. Secretary of the Navy threatening the U.S. President is an even more alarming symptom.

A military officer does not get to threaten his leadership with a ‘do what I demand or I will quit’ approach.  Any senior level military officer who would express such a sentiment would be regarded as unstable, compromised and unfit to hold a leadership rank.

Yes, it really is that simple.



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489 Responses to STUNNING if True – NYT Reports U.S. Navy Secretary Richard Spencer Blackmailing President Trump…

  1. C-Low says:

    Infuriating. Trumps only response should be let me save you the internal question, you and all mentioned are fired as now GTFOH.

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    • C-Low says:

      With Brass like this it is no wonder we have not won a war since WW2.

      These Brass above seem like more of the same. Idiots in their sheltered washington bubbles that persecute those under them able to do the what must be done to win ugly or not all in the name of holding some imaginary moral high ground vs a enemy that follows no rules. This is during conflicts that we must win the poor masses caught in the middle who has to choose between one side that will literally cook your kids and force you to eat them if you work with the otherside and US who well do such things as above.

      War is ugly it is nasty if you don’t have the stomach for it the best thing is not to engage and stay away. We won WW2 and a previous wars because if our enemy didn’t abide by the rule book well we didin’t either. Go research how the US forces, uniformed infiltrators, or the purposeful targeting of their labor force to break the nazi industrial base,

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      • sbostian says:

        A very relevant question regarding the situation is: Would any of these POS leaders (Sec Def, Navy Secretary, or flag officers) let this type of disrespect and insubordination pass unpunished from any of their subordinates? We know that they would not. If Trump were purge scores or hundreds of DoD officials and “political generals” the public would cheer. It is transparently the case that none of them understand the Constitution or else they despise it.

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        • SnapperCheeks says:

          Oh they all thoroughly understand the Constitution…they (a lot of them apparently) just despise anything Donald J. Trump…regardless of their understanding of the Constitution.


      • Doc Hellfish says:

        I’ve always thought that the reason officers come down so hard on enlisted while they generally escape accountability is jealousy.. jealousy that they know the enlisted are better than them.


    • Dr R Cockrell says:

      And yet, many say the military would not obey the unlawful orders of a traitor like Hillary or Zero and turn against our constitution or people?

      Thank God Kim didnt fire a missile and demand our surrender under the Manchurian Monkey.

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  2. dallasdan says:

    The President is on an island, and the Deep State will have its opportunity to vote him off of it.


  3. Jim Raclawski says:

    widespread insubordination in the civilian administration is bad enough…. but heck…. what say… let’s put the safety and security of the entire nation at risk…. insubordination in the civilian military & the friggin active duty too !!! WTF!!
    I hope this a “head fake” by the cancer that we have in the media… deep state… administrative state….. (but the stench I’m detecting tends to make me very concerned…)
    …. “resistance” by the deepstaters. .. entrenched 4th branch of govt… quite the nasty cesspool that President Trump has taken on to try and drain-pump out… I didn’t realize how fooked we really are until now…

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  4. Rynn69 says:

    Adios. The President is the Commander-in-Chief. Period. If anyone should understand the chain-of-command it is the military. The President has absolutely NO CHOICE but to accept resignations if that is what it boils down to. There is no other option.

    This is eye-opening to Americans. Not only do the executive alphabet agencies think they are in charge and running the show, but so does the military. The government is populated with Clintonites, Bushies, and Obamatons. This is the problem. People loyal to themselves, not to America. It is no time to be fearful. We must go forth and do what must be done to right this ship and get these people out of the government.

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  5. Rynn69 says:

    BTW – look at Richard Spencer’s background. The guy has more WALL STREET experience than military. How many of these “military” men have little to no military experience? He served on boards and worked on Wall Street (investment banking) for 16 years.

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  6. Raymond Capwell says:

    I don’t think Trump would hesitate taking any resignation.
    He should fire them.

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  7. teaforall says:

    President Trump needs to clean house at ALL levels including the Military

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  8. Right to reply says:

    It becomes more apparent each day. The security services were running the USA, until Trump

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  9. Michael Osmon says:

    I want to hear President Trump say to these clowns “you’re fired!”

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  10. James Bryan says:

    A. NYTs is very fake news!

    B. They should resign…. better yet, Trump should direct Green be fired!

    c. Maybe it’s time for a purge of the senior military leadership.

    When Trump gets a second term, I suspect the gloves will come off! I can’t wait.

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  11. SW Richmond says:

    The deeper we go down this rabbit hole, then more obvious it should become: If you haven’t already, buy a rifle and ammunition and learn to use it. You are going to need it.

    Buy some food while you’re at it.

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    • SW Richmond says:

      You all need to understand that hundreds of thousands of people who are living quite well, much better than you, thank you very much, at taxpayers’ expense, and they will tolerate no threats to their comfortable but useless livelihoods.

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  12. Joe Renaud says:

    This is nothing more than Trump cleaning house within the Navy. It’s becoming obvious that Spencer and Green are not interested in following orders and I’m betting they compromised themselves long ago with other internal matters that Trump knows about but has yet to surface.
    The deep state bad actors are everywhere, including the Navy.

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  13. ed357 says:

    Trump45 needs to call both of them in…..with witnesses present…..

    and give them a lawful order from the CIC….

    and let the chips fall where they may…..

    Trump45 is the CIC.

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  14. auntiefran413 says:

    Spencer should be fired; the Admiral should be busted or discharged! This is gross insubordination!

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  15. KT says:

    “Administration officials said…”. Has anybody seen ” Lt Col” Vindication lately, maybe taking selfies around the Penta-thing…


  16. Patience says:

    How’d they like a “tweet” like this?
    >Don’t let the door hit ya both…… Ba bye.


  17. Robert W says:

    Dishonorably discharged for the secretary and admiral. Clean house Mr. President!


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