Sam Elliott pays tribute to Sergent Ray Lambert:

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  1. I Hear You Now says:

    Beautiful … so so touching. We owe our Veterans EVERYTHING!

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  2. Mncpo(ret) says:

    Can hardly see the keys. Nuf said

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  3. Elle says:

    Kleenex alert!

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  4. Wengair says:


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  5. I haven’t spilled tears like that in a long long time………………….

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  6. FofBW says:

    yes indeed, one of the most emotional tributes I have seen!!

    Thank you Sundance

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    • Sundance KNOWS the veterans on here and God Bless for showing that piece.

      We are to REMEMBER THE SACRIFICES OF OTHERS…Lest we forget what war is like!!!

      We all signed on the dotted line, and if need be, give our lives for our fellow comrades in arms!!! Hand Salute to All but to the ones who are memories — Thank you!!!

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  7. Ausonius says:

    The background music is from Beethoven’s Symphony #7, the second movement.

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  8. numbersixdance says:

    Moving…Sam has the best voice out there.

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  9. Alan Reasin says:

    There are 19 million veterans and and I am proud to say that me and 10 of them have been from my immediate and extended family. My foster father followed the same path as did Mr. Lambert: first Africa, then Italy and D-Day, except he made it beyond to the Battle of the Bulge where he was severely wounded but lived. He was, during his remaining years, haunted by the death he saw throughout the years he was in combat. Only someone like him, who saw the loss of combat brothers, can truly understand the violence of war.

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    • Judah says:

      From We Were Soldiers Once and Young _ For those of us who have seen war, we will never stop seeing. In the silence of the night, we will aways hear the screams.

      What magnificent valor described by Mr. Elliot. I fear for what is happening to our country.

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      • FrankieZee says:

        I see Patriotism on the rise, it is just that the MSM is not covering it. The ovation Trump received at the Alabama and LSU game was never shown by CBS that day. We outnumber them big time.

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    • Good_heavens_are_you_still_trying_to_win says:

      Must have served with my uncle. Exact same tour. Funniest man I ever met. He buried it deep.

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  10. madeline says:

    So good to see a Hollywood patriot. There are so few.

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  11. So beautiful and amazing.

    His brother, Bill, what a guy!

    After all of the fighting, seeing so many killed and suffering from his own wounds Bill was worried about their Mother.

    So different from the Me Me Me Generation.

    We can never pay these guys back, not in a million years.

    I will always say THANKS to all of our Veterans!

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  12. OW21 says:

    SD – Thank you for this post. I have my flag flying proudly today. Tears in my eyes after watching this video. My Dad was a very young bomber pilot during WWII. They don’t make them like that anymore….

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  13. bertdilbert says:

    Does the door of a landing craft dropping on you qualify as “friendly fire”? If you thought you were ever having a bad day, it would be hard to top this.

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  14. Pa Hermit says:

    They ARE the greatest Generation for all the right reasons! My father was in WWII and I’m afraid, but I feel I came up a little bit short compared to him and my service! Proud to be his son though!!! He served in the Philippines.

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  15. TEWS_Pilot says:

    Our mascot “Lady” in dress uniform with medals including purple heart from a rocket attack arriving from Vietnam at Nakhon Phanom, Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand. She even flew on enough missions to earn an Air Medal. She eventually made it to the States and lived out her life in well deserved peace and security in a home filled with love.

    The Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai Navy Base, formerly Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai Air Force Base, is a Royal Thai Navy facility used for riverine patrols along the Mekong River. It is approximately 587 km northeast of Bangkok, 14.5 km west of Nakhon Phanom city in Nakhon Phanom Province in the northeastern region of Thailand, and 411 km from Hanoi in Vietnam. The Mekong River is NKP’s border with Laos. The airfield at NKP is jointly used as a civilian airport.

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    • Pa Hermit says:

      Been there while on a tour of duty at Ramasun which was about 8 clicks south of Udorn. Nice looking country there at the border. Not too far from Vientienne (?) if memory serves me right. Our specialty was the PDJ (Plain de Jars.) We made the Ho Chi Minh Trail look like the moon! Oh the memories!! Wow was that Lao food HOT (spicy)!!! Downed quite a few Singha beers there, but preferred Amarit bock when you could find it!


  16. Amy2 says:

    “Such an honor. God bless you sir.”

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  17. labrat says:

    Eerily similar to the story my Uncle Tom told me. Except he piloted the boat. He was sure to insist that his guys all made it shore and that is was the Germans that killed them, not any errors in his boat. He was proud of that.

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  18. xlr8tr says:

    Every Veterans day for the past 10 years or so I watch this speech: This is an American Hero. For an old jarhead like me, I love hearing this old Green Beret.

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  19. Do stop thinking about tomorrow says:

    You hear and see our Patriot Veterans and their sacrifice. Compare that to Shifty and his ilk.

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  20. kayray444 says:

    So moving. Even with such eloquence I’m sure it just touches the surface of what our soldiers go through in combat. God bless them all.

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  21. Thanks, just thanks.

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  22. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Boy, the stories our Beloved Vets can tell. Thank you, Sundance, for posting another tear-jerking story.

    I have regretted not video-taping the stories of my parents’ in their Sunday School class. Many, like my dad, have served in WW2. There was one who was a radio man on D-Day. Another just happened to be on a patrol boat in Pearl Harbor when he witnessed the attacks and the carnage following. And this very quiet vet…whom we loved dearly, too, he survived the brutal Bataan Death March.

    And of course my dad had stories, too. I’ll only share one that still gives me the shivers to this day. Dad flew on a B24 in No. Africa theater. On a break, the Squadron were on the ground and Dad was helping another B24 with some repair work up in the bubble (gunner) above the cockpit. My dad got called down so another man took his place to continue. The moment Dad climbed out of the plane, another B24 made an sloppy landing and the wing just sliced the bubble off this plane that Dad was working on. The man who took Dad’s place was killed instantly.

    Dad and the crew was called to stateside after serving more hours than the maximum hours allowed as policy required (the rule was made after they had been flying in No. Africa and had their hours re=set to zero so Dad put in more than twice the hours). Four months later his plane was shot down in the Ploesti Raid….6 KIAs, 3 POWs,

    Our brave Vets deserve our love, respect, honor and remembrance. Thank God, President Trump is bringing it all back.

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  23. Abster says:

    Gosh, how could you not love and honor your veterans, country and this great President. Sam Elliott’s tribute to Sgt. Lambert took my breath away.

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  24. Abolition Man says:

    THANK YOU, SUNDANCE!! Such a beautiful tribute to one of the Greatest Generation! Michael Kamen’s haunting theme from “Band of Brothers” and Beethoven’s 7th make for a “tears of pride” moment. I think I’ll binge watch that and “Saving Private Ryan” today to remind myself of how much I owe to the heroes who came before and how much we are losing in the political farce being played out before our eyes right now! What would a patriot do if he saw this great country being destroyed from within? Maybe I’d better check and make sure everything is sharp and/or oiled! THANK YOU TO ALL OUR VETS!! Patriots stand your ground; they’re going crazy out of fear!

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  25. Payday says:

    My father was in the Battle of the Bulge. He never said a word about the horrors. Found out from others who served with him how he lost his best friend going building to building in Syring Wengel France. His company took more casualties than were in the field at any one time. Yet he was never injured. He did share how a mortar shell landed at his feet in a fox hole, but never detonated. Coldest winter on record.

    He received two bronze stars on his quest into Berlin. Quite rare to get multiple such awards. Amazing what we later found out about how he earned them. Those who were there spoke of what a hero he was. They were all hero’s. So proud of him. Wish he were still with us.

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  26. Schell'sBeer says:

    Was in the Army during Reagan’s second term…I was an intel analyst attached to a Special Forces (Green Beret) unit. If they’re alive they’ve probably been to a Trump Rally! I hate war but I love my fellow vets…and I love my fellow Treepers!

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  27. SHV says:

    The wife and I were at Normandy last month and took a full day six person tour of the area. Pictures of Omaha beach can only give an idea of what it must have been like on June, 6; standing on the sand and looking at the concrete sea wall and the bluffs is a humbling experience. A guided tour is a must and we had an excellent guide and historian.

    Just a couple of things from that tour, In the movie, “Saving Private Ryan”, it shows the German machine guns shooting toward the water and into the landing craft; the reality was much worse. The Germans had set up the machine gun positions for Enfilade fire, ie. along the beach and parallel to the water, any bullet fired couldn’t miss the men packed along the sea wall. Just another vignette, our guide said the year before at the 75th anniversary, the crowds were massive and the front half of the American cemetery was turned into bare dirt and mud. When we were there, that area had been roped off and the grass mostly restored. Our guide said a positive result of that “mess” is that the graves at the back of the cemetery, previously rarely visited, are now full of visitors. Still brings tears to my eyes.

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  28. COlibertybelle says:

    I am the proud sister of a wonderful, smart and brave brother who received three Bronze medals for his work in Thailand during the Vietnam war. He was Air Force Intelligence/Photo Recon and although we still do not know what exactly he did that resulted in those medals (and may never know – he departed this earth in 2005 without ever being able to tell his story for security reasons), we love him, we miss him, and my family deeply honors this hero’s memory. God bless him and every veteran who fought for us that we can live in freedom.

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  29. warrprin1 says:

    I am as moved by the posted remarks as by the tribute itself. Thank you, Sundance. And thank you, President Trump for always reminding us who we are, and what has historically been important to us. Our men and women in uniform have consistently answered the call of Duty, at great sacrifice to themselves and to their families. Proud to be an American.

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  30. TradeBait says:

    No words…

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  31. No one can tell a story like Sam Elliott. If you haven’t yet seen his performance as the brother in the most recent A Star Is Born, don’t miss it.

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  32. TEWS_Pilot says:

    A high school student was given an assignment to interview a veteran, so he chose his grandfather. He asked as many questions as he could think of, and finally, he had to ask, “Grandpa, you were in the war, did you ever kill anyone?” The old man paused for a moment, got a far-away look in his eyes, and finally answered. “Well, I can’t say for sure, but I probably did…………….I was a COOK.”

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  33. the5thranchhand says:

    May the GOD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Holy One of Israel continue to bless Ray Lambert, and his family.
    To each and very veteran that has served, in any capacity, in the USA military, thank you, deeply, from the bottom of my heart, and soul. You are the best of the best; blessings to each of you.
    There is/was simply no one better to deliver this tribute than Sam Elliot. May he, and his family, be blessed by El Shaddai.

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  34. gonzotx says:

    If your not crying, your not breathing

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  35. Stormy Weather says:

    What a wonderful, tear jerking tribute by Sam Elliot. My Dad fought in Europe during WW2 and told me very little about his ordeal on the battlefield. He would get a look on his face that spoke volumes when he would tell me he couldn t believe what one human could do to another. Only recently, I found a book in my Mom s closet that explained that look on his face. It details in pictures, stories and drawings just what his division went through. Towns blown to bits, dead bodies of people and animals all over and most horrific, pictures of the dead and dying in concentration camps. These images, I can well imagine, would stay with these men for the rest of their lives. Their bravery, sacrifice and honor had no equal. God bless all our veterans who are ready to lay down their lives for our great country. We do indeed, need to thank our veterans every day for the freedoms we enjoy.

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  36. I cried. Not even close to ashamed.

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  37. Justin Green says:

    Thank you to all who served. Sam Elliot is one of my favorites, and as beautiful as that was, didn’t do justice to the sheer amount of intestinal fortitude, bravery, sacrifice, and love of country that these veterans exhibited.

    My grandad fought his way from Africa to Italy to France before he was finally blown out of a foxhole. A wound that caused him back trouble for the rest of his life as shrapnel from a mortar were embedded in his lower back, thighs, and arms, while it utterly shredded his buddy who’d been with him from the beginning.

    Grandad only ever told us grandkids two stories about the war and his service in the Army signal corps. The first was in basic training, when the drill sergeant asked for volunteers who knew how to drive trucks. Grandad said all the Yankees volunteered to drive the trucks, thinking they would get easy duty, but were assigned to roll the wheel barrows as the rest dug latrines.

    The second story was about a Native American who served in his platoon. One of their radios went out and the Native American was able to fix the radio, and had a pile of leftover parts laying beside the functioning radio when he was done. What grandad didn’t tell us was that his group had Native Americans in his signal corps platoon because they spoke Native American. We found that out only later in investigating his records to help get him benefits as he lay dying in a nursing home at the age of 93. He never went to a VA hospital and made it on his own when he returned from the war.

    Grandad was awarded a Purple Heart for his actions. The grandkids could, when grandma allowed us to, see the Purple Heart he was awarded out of the old cedar chest that also held the coffin flags of her two brothers and one of grandad’s brothers. Grandma’s brothers were one, shot down over Europe and two, drowned waiting to be rescued in the Pacific ocean when their ship was torpedoed by Japanese planes.

    In applying for government benefits to help grandad get help when my mother could no longer care for him on her own, we discovered he had also been awarded three bronze stars for actions we still know nothing about. He never physically received the medals.

    Thank you to all of the Veterans here.

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  38. TWOHAWK 1 says:

    You know those hairs on the back of your neck that stand up when…something’s up? Well, I’m 2 inches taller right now, after listening to Sam tell Ray’s story because, I guess I’m weird, as my stand up feel is on the top of my head.

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  39. TWOHAWK 1 says:

    Thank you Ray, I am glad you and your brother made it. What a story.

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  40. noswamp says:

    Wow. What a story. Thanks SD. I too had problems seeing the screen and keyboard after such a fantastic reading of Ray’s story.

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  41. Ugh!! Tissues please!!!!! So beautiful!!

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  42. wyoskeptic says:

    Sam Elliot, one of the few actors I ever really respected. Up there with the really great ones.

    My uncles went through it all in the South pacific. They never talked much about it though. Mostly they would just shake their heads and say “Boy, you never want to go through anything like that.” They also said that too many never came home, and of those who did, well, they were not too sure any of them ever really did come home fully. Too much of what they went through never left them be.

    I went to college with some who had gone through Nam. They said it wasn’t right, somehow, to be back in the normal world. After what they had been through, it wasn’t right for everything to just … be … normal. Like it all had never happened.

    I thank everyone who has ever put on a uniform for they have given me the opportunity to not have to. My deepest respect to anyone who has been out in front at the sharp end.

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  43. Annie says:

    Am officially wiped out from sobbing…I always knew there was a reason I have always had a crush on Sam Elliott gratitude for all of you who shared your stories…just wonderful..My Dad served in the Navy as the head storekeeper on the 3rd. largest ship.afloat at the time,WW1..I wish I had asked him to explain to me how they managed to order and get supplies to those ships..amazing when you think about it..

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  44. Deplorable Nazarene Zealot says:

    Dang leaky eyes!


  45. MARK G RYAN says:

    Crying my eyes out after watching this. My father went to the Pacific theater after joining the Army in 1940. Served to 1963. He experienced combat, but nothing like the Omaha beach invasion. He is on track to have his 97th birthday in two weeks. We thank God he wasn’t there, but he feels somehow ashamed that he wasn’t. Another Thanksgiving with multiple layers of gratitude.

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  46. tucker10 says:

    Watched this three times now and cried each time. If I ever get something stuck in my eye and need to wash it out, I’ll just watch this again. God bless them all….

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  47. James Patrick Ryan says:

    To my father and brothers, I was proud to serve, as you were. To all veterans, fair winds and following seas. You’ve earned them.

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