President Trump Delivers Remarks Departing the White House….

President Trump delivers remarks departing the White House for a trip to Tuscaloosa, AL, to attend the Louisiana State University Tigers vs. Alabama Crimson Tide Football Game. [Video and transcript below]

[Transcript] “So the stock market hit an all-time high yesterday. The country is doing really well. The witch hunt continues. A lot of witch hunt continues. The Republicans have never been so united, and I think the people of our country have never been so united.

We’re going Alabama. We’re going to watch the Alabama game versus LSU, two great teams. I think it’s going to be very interesting, and on Monday we have a very big parade in New York, so that’ll be good. Have a good time.

This is the strongest economy we’ve ever had, number one.  Thank You.”

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53 Responses to President Trump Delivers Remarks Departing the White House….

  1. sundance says:

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  2. todayistheday99 says:

    This is just the start of the fake impeachment harassment. Imagine how sick of it everyone will be after 5 years is this garbage,

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    • NC Patriot says:

      Much will tone down IF WE GIVE HIM a Republican House and IF we get a few well placed indictments from Durham ! Pray, folks !

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      • swimeasy says:

        Well said NC Patriot!

        And we have one shot to get Senator Tillis out, the McDonnell/Chamber of Commerce decepticon during the NC Primary. I trust you and other Treepers are noting the false ads he is running saying he supported POTUS on the wall and Immigration. The facts are not only did he not support this but authored an WaPo letter to the editor against it only to get push back from many of us here forcing him to ask McConnell to protect him and allow him to vote in favor of POTUS’ position. If Tillis is reelected, I’m confident his CoC glove connections will come off during POTUS’ last term.

        IF and only IF Tillis makes it to the general, I will hold my nose and vote for him to keep the Senate.

        NC Primary focus will be on Garland Tucker for the win!

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      • Pa Hermit says:

        We should’ve never lost the House to begin with!


        • Jan says:

          We’re going to lose again if the Republican party doesn’t start running candidates against Dimms. It’s how we lost both houses in Virginia last week. It’s how we lost House seats in California. There are NO republican choices in Boulder County, Colorado.

          Is nut job Rhonda McDaniels sitting on her A*** or can she not find candidates to run? IMHAO, she’s not doing her job.

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    • gringz says:

      I remember all the ups and downs of the 2016 campaign, the dirty tricks they pulled, branding us all as racists, sending paid bird doggers into the rallies and blaming any violence that occurred on “Trump’s rhetoric”, Hillary flying in Miss Piggy from Venezuela complete with her new citizenship papers so she could vote against him, the Access Hollywood video followed by the parade of women they paid to falsely accuse him. The delegate wrangling and the Republicans trying to force a brokered convention and invalidate our votes. . I was so relieved when he won the election. I thought the roller coaster ride was over and we could sit back and finally relax and Sundance wouldn’t have to talk us in from the ledge anymore. .

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    • alonzo1956 says:

      Frankly I get tired of the battle as well. There is an upside in that we may be lucky to be alive during the presidency of one Donald John Trump. The man gets an incredible amount done with extreme headwinds. I seriously believe he will be one of the greatest Presidents in history. He loves America and it shows in all that he does. He certainly has increased the level of my patriotism.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      I was wondering how Trump was going to handle that reporter who would not shut up with Trump told him to. Today we got the answer with the shortest chopper presser in history. The whole press corps suffered.

      They probably waited an hour to listen to 36 seconds of Trump with no questions taken. Absolutely beautiful.

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    • raptors2020 says:

      If Democrats hold the house, they will move on to investigating Trump’s calls to other countries. The Watergate/secret tape paradigm is firmly established now.

      After impeachment fails, the violence will come. This rush to impeachment is intended to display that violence is their only resort.

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  3. luke says:

    Trump has that which 99% of the Republicans seem to lack; the ability to connect with all different types of voters. The most amazing thing is he can do it without sacrificing conservative principals or pandering. I would so much love it he was able to make great headway with black communities. With the Main St Economic Engine running on all cylinders he has a good chance. When you have good jobs with good pay and benefits you don’t need government. And if you don’t need government you don’t need Leftists.

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    • chooseamerica says:

      Luke, President Trump went to Atlanta yesterday to a Blacks for Trump meet. . He asked them if they wanted to be African Americans for Trump or Blacks for Trump. They told him Blacks for Trump and already had their t shirts made. These patriots are going to span out across the country to get more supporters. All is good.

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      • fangdog says:

        “African-American” is a Libtard racist concoction in the name of their PC two main reasons; It puts “Africa” first ahead of “America” and separates Blacks from all other Americans. Hyphens separating ethnicity is racism owned by Libtard Democrats and part of their division goal for all Americans.

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      • luke says:

        I heard that and watched the speech. I hope it takes root.


      • vfm#7634 says:

        “Black American” is the best term for them, I think. It parallels with “white American”, identifies them both as Americans and with their own identity. “African-American” is a PC term, and besides, they aren’t recent immigrants from Nigeria or Ghana.


    • Dutchman says:

      I agree regarding the Black vote. Originally, 99% voted Republican cause,…party of Lincoln.

      He has a fantastic opportunity, both with black and hispanic voters. And, he doesn’t need to get anything like 100%, to DESTROY the Democrats.

      They need 80-90%, to stay ‘viable’as a National party.

      I have been projecting, since 2016, that he will get between 25-40% of the ‘black’ vote, and over 50% of hispanics.
      WE, treepers and evertrumpers will be SHOCKED at the exit polls, and for the Dems?
      The exit polls on 2020, will answer a question for the Dems? “Foe WHOM does the bell toll?”

      They will wake up and realise that as a National party, they have committed suicide. It won’t be pretty, but the Schedenfrude will be GLORIOUS!

      And to hispanic and black voters, joining the Republican party, particularly blacks, we can say a hearty “Welcome Home; we MISSED you, and we are GLAD your back!”

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      • Welcome back … from the Demo☭rats’ Black Plantation.

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        • Dutchman says:

          Somebody ought to do a take off, on “Welcome back, Cotter” theme song, only welcoming back black voters, to Repub party.
          I’m not good at that sort of thing.

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          • mugzey302 says:

            Get Kanye to do it! lol

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          • raptors2020 says:

            Bloomberg/ Mayor Pete/ Liz Warren: George Wallace would be more appealing to black voters than these people. At least “Segregation Forever George” had actually met a black person in his life.

            The elitist/patriarchal nature of leftists like Eric Holder “shut up while we have a dialogue” will be their eternal downfall. They can never, ever support democracy: dissent drives them mad.


            • cdquarles says:

              I was there, so to speak. George lost to a real segregationist prior to his election subsequently. In addition, an old NAACP guy (local chairman) many years ago used to talk about George. Much of what young folk know about George just wasn’t so. He successfully LARPed a segregationist, because the state was a one party state at the time; and you were a supporter, one way or another, to get elected. George did much to desegregate things peacefully. Having met him before he died, I know that he regretted much he had to say, in order to do what was, in the end, a good thing.


      • luke says:

        A thousand prayers you’re correct.


      • vfm#7634 says:

        With Trump’s new GOP, there appears to be a trend of blacks and Hispanics slowly entering the party to replace the over-edumukated white women going hard-core Democrat.


    • Who’d have thunk that Americans of every stripe would be FOLLOWING Black Rappers for Trump!

      ALL of em will be competing for the fame and glory of supporting President Trump.

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  4. Great choppresser. Touts the economy, calls out the impeachment hoax and fake news and gives the prestitutes a have a nice day I am going to attend. Football game. All in under a minute.

    Did not take any questions.

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  5. pucecatt says:

    Short and sweet 😎 🇺🇸

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  6. Tl Howard says:

    Am watching the game. Do we know who invited POTUS?


  7. retiredseabee says:

    Stadium is packed 4 hours before kickoff…MAGA game.

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  8. Somebody's Gramma says:

    I do enjoy it that the “press corp”, if they even deserve that label, have to stand outside waiting for him. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I love it that he controls the conversation and I think that is all they deserve considering how they treated Sarah (love that woman!!). And yet, with all the crap they’ve put him through, dishonestly so, he still speaks to them constantly and takes questions. He’s a real stand up guy. If it were me, I’d just cancel the press conferences forever. He’s got more guts, more stamina, more dedication, than any president ever. #TRUMP4EVER #MAGA #KAG #FOOTBALL

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  9. dutzie60 says:

    Have they even announced he is there? Watching and haven’t heard anything.

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  10. thesavvyinvester says:

    “This is the strongest economy we’ve ever had, number one.”

    I happened to thumbing through the am dial and was listening to Larry Elder the other night. I can’t remember who he had on, but it was an Econ guy who digs deep into the data and metrics. What this Econ guy had to say was he has never seen anything like this, going back to Reagan, the Jobs and Pay especially at the low end (hint, “under-served” communities) is astounding.

    I can’t get into what I do or where, but I see it, all I can say is you have no idea.

    PDJT’s team that came up with this tax code ideas, and how it would lift all boats, all I can say is how is not the hand of G-d nudging his “Wolverines” and others that came up with all the “effective changes around the margins” to guide it in the direction it went? I am blessed to be alive to see this, blessed….

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