Jeff Sessions Confirms Senate Bid During Tucker Carlson Interview…

Jeff Sessions made it official tonight during an interview with Tucker Carlson.  The former U.S. Attorney General is running for a senate seat from Alabama.  WATCH:

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389 Responses to Jeff Sessions Confirms Senate Bid During Tucker Carlson Interview…

  1. yy4u says:

    I am a Jeff Sessions fan. I hope Alabamas choose him in the primary, but that is Alabamans decision. But whoever wins the primary, Alabama had better support him (or her) or this country is going down the drain. Be prepared for Soros’s money, the Washington Post’s and NY Times “October Surprises”. Take my word for it as a Virginian. If you have a Democrat senator (we have two) you have NO SENATOR. They will vote as THE PARTY tells them as faithfully as the Soviet Bolsheviks voted for the PARTY.

    Sessions is the better choice because an October Surprise (like what happened to Moore) will be harder against Sessions. Nobody is going to believe he suddenly asked some 15 y.o. out on a date when he was 30 (Moore) or he went to a rowdy party when he was 18 (Kavanaugh) or said a forbidden word when he was in kindergarten. They’ve already thrown White Supremacy and KKK at him.

    And believe me, there WILL BE an October surprise against any of the others. Just like there was against Moore. Moore might have been a blowhard but he had run for office before and ONLY until he posed a problem to the DC Swamp did the Washington Post and The Swamp Dwellers (McConnell and the RNC) attack him. Our VA Governor Ralphie (who is dumb as a brick) can appear in black face and talk about considering murdering babies so long as the parent wants it done and that’s OK with the Media, but you can bet ANY of your other primary candidates did SOMETHING the Media and other Democrats will dig up AT THE LAST MINUTE even if it is just making an off color remark to a female cohort in the employees lounge when he was 23 (ask Clarence Thomas). EVEN IF HE DIDN’T DO IT. (Ask Judge Kavanaugh). This is a coup against Donald Trump, but it has morphed into a coup to take permanent control of the government. JUST LIKE THE BOLSEVIKS DID in 1917. As soon as Republicans catch on that NO REPUBLICAN is immune, we have a chance to save the USA from the soft totalitarianism of the Democrat Party.

    I am not finished, but I am going to break this up because it is too long.

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    • An says:

      I’m not sure that being believable matters much to them at this point, but the obvious thing to do would be to blame him for doing whatever related to Trump/Russia. Sure, he recused himself and did nothing, but have facts ever mattered to the media’s anonymous ass-pull sources? “Anonymous Whistleblower claims Sessions hid XYZ that would’ve impeached Trump!” is just too easy to write when facts don’t matter and sources don’t exist.

      As for October surprises, I think that MAGA Bomber 2.0 (and maybe 3.0 or higher) is being prepped already by local cops. They’ll find some degenerate loser with a history of criminal nonsense in a swing state (just watch it be Broward again, or Ohio), then make a bunch of hoax devices to send to the media again and get said loser to agree to the plan and bust him because no one will question the fact that the cops let him complete the plan, that was simply “good policework” to prove that he went along with it. Never mind he was so drugged out of his mind that he was never capable of such, it’s only about feeding the narrative to begin with.

      They’re also surprisingly cooperating with keeping Epstein didn’t commit suicide alive. So they’re probably planning ways to blame him on Trump. I think Gloria Alred already has one fake anonymous case that has sat pending for years now, wait for that to be revived. Maybe they’ll even add another plaintiff to “corroborate” this, it’s not like they’ll ever actually go to trial.

      Oh, and let’s not forget having some market manipulation. I think they’re planning to try to cause a recession right before the election, to “win” the news cycles.

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    • cdquarles says:

      I am from Alabama (though not by birth, being a military brat), and the adjective I learned long ago, referring to our people, is AlabamIans. Yeah, I know language changes; but it grates on this old man’s ears.

      Some of us know, very well, what went down in the Special Election that got Jones the seat, barely. I do expect that to happen, again.

      What An says is true. Actual truth doesn’t matter to the news media at all. The narrative does. They’ll twist anything they can to push it. Too many don’t know they’re being gaslighted.

      Right now, I’m conflicted. I have lived in Byrne’s district. True enough, that was a long time ago. Not sure I trust him, being Figures country. Right now, Tuberville is a no. I will wait to see. Whatever, I do plan to pick one of the 4 I know of, pending learning more. In the end, though, I’m likely to vote for the R nominee, regardless of who it is, if I’m still living, that is. Jones is a definite no. If dead …


    • bullseye500yards says:

      Sessions is a back-stabbing little man.


    • GovWaste says:

      I guess Jeff wants another shot at Trump. The Evil Elf made the Coup possible. He did nothing to protect Trump. He’s a Southern Mitt Romney, but he does not pop off like Mitt.

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  2. lfhbrave says:

    There was obvious bad blood between Sessions and POTUS when he was fired. Sessions never expressed regret for what he did to POTUS and what he put the country through. He still feels what he did was right. If he gets back to the senate, then he will have the power and opportunity to get even with POTUS. Hope the voters in Alabama keep this in mind. It’s a fool me once- fool me twice thing for POTUS.

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    • Raptors2020 says:

      Or you buy his Emily Litella routine “I caused the Republic enormous damage for two years; oh well, never mind. I’ll just go back to being a Senator.”.

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  3. yy4u says:

    I hope I haven’t bored you too badly, but I am passionate about this. I know what it is like not to have Senators that represent what’s best for Virginia but do ONLY what the PARTY tells them to. Doug Jones if reelected will become just one more rep of NY and California. In Six years he will be entrenched. You have to get him out of there and Sessions is your best chance to do that.

    Sessions was NOT a good AG, but I do not believe ANY Trump appointee could have been a successful AG at the beginning of Trump’s administration. Here’s why.

    The Swamp (and that includes Republicans) was NOT going to confirm anyone OUTSIDE the Swamp. Flake, McCain, Murkowski, Collins, Sasse, Rubio, Cruz, the Wyoming guy — I can name more but they were ALL Anti Trump. ONLY Jeff Sessions in the US Senate was Pro Trump. The others were scared to death of Trump. They would NEVER have confirmed an outsider, a Guiliani say or a Chris Christie (both of whom would have been pit bulls and that’s WHY they would not have been confirmed. They were trying to protect The Swamp. (Not sure they know “The Swamp” is Democrat Socialist but the smarter ones are catching on to that).

    I believe the coup was set up BEFORE Donald Trump was elected. I think the coup WAS the insurance policy Strzok and Page wrote about. And one of the main ingredients of the coup was be in control of the AG and they did that by pulling the equivalent of an “October Surprise” on Sessions. His “contact” with Russians (it was a cocktail party if I remember correctly) while being on the Trump Campaign while the Trump Campaign was being accused of “colluding” with the Russians (an Impeachable offense, ergo the1st attempt at coup)was the trigger. They were laying for him. Al Franken is not smart enough to have figured it out — he was told by CIA or FBI or maybe Wash Post who was told by CIA or FBI

    Note, he was also advised by people IN THE DOJ to recuse. Had he not recused, we’d have had endless Washington Post, NY Times, FOX, MSNBC stories about the AG was protecting Trump and preventing investigation of Russian collusion and nothing would have gotten done. He’d have had to appoint Mueller himself.

    So Franken took out the AG. I think Sessions was totally blindsided by this. He did not know about the coup and did not know his friends would turn on him the way they did. And Rod Rosenstein (probably a member of the coup) took his place. Pretty slick. And if there had been even a wrong number to a Russian in Trump’s campaign Mueller and Weissman would have found it. That it didn’t work shows just how innocent Trump was of this charge. So now we have Ukraine.

    I don’t think even Trump knew about the Coup. Did we? I didn’t. Sundance? Did you? I knew about RESISTENCE but I sure didn’t know there was a bonafide coup going on. The Ukraine phone call was the first real proof. Only those involved in the coup knew about it then. (I DO think John McCain knew about it and was part of it).

    Sessions went into his confirmation hearing believing he had colleagues and even friends in the Senate

    He didn’t. He found that out. He won’t be fooled again. Take my word for it. A REAL Southern Gentleman of gentle upbringing does not make a lot of noise, but you DO NOT want them as an enemy. Those who stabbed him in the back are on notice if he gets back into the Senate.

    So please Alabama, take a fresh look at Jeff Sessions. Put yourself in his place. Have you ever been fooled by someone you thought was your friend? What COULD he have done as AG?
    Had he not recused, the story would have been obstruction of justice. (Note it was Rosenstein who wrote the letter advising firing Comey not Sessions setting up the Mueller Report). Who knows, had Sessions NOT recused, the Republicans might never have caught on and we might not have gotten Barr but rather just another Swamp dweller who would have worked to undermine Trump. (Barr may be. We’ll see what he finds).

    Anyway, that’s my rant on all this anti-Sessions stuff I’m reading here. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion but we need not to judge this man who was put in an untenable situation. Let’s see what Trump has to say. Ya’ll let the Post and RNC take out Moore and look what you got. Don’t be manipulated by them again.

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    • lydia00 says:

      You forgot one huge detail. He did not resign when he should have. He turned the entire thing over the Rosenstein who had more conflicts of interest than sessions did. Then we had Grassley threatening the president not to fire sessions because they would not confirm another AG.

      I think you have horribly misread the situation and are putting your trust in the someone you thought you knew. The conclusions are that either sessions is a very weak man, ignorant or just plain DC swamp evil. He definitely lost his big “leadership” moment. Now you want to reward him for that. Typical republicans.


    • bullseye500yards says:

      Jeff Sessions is unworthy of being trusted. He is either too weak to be effective, too frightened or too evil. The man had his chance to show the nation what he was made of and he did show us.


  4. Sessions sure does seem like a class act. Good luck, hope he gets back into the Senate as I, too, approve of that agenda.

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  5. MaineCoon says:

    I’ve been mulling over this Sessions’ stunt.

    Sessions’ decision isn’t about supporting PDJT; afterall, Sessions said he hadn’t talked to PDJT.

    Sessions’ decision isn’t about supporting Alabama; afterall, if he doesn’t win, he could be the splitter candidate which gives Alabama continuing Dem senator in support of anti-Trump agenda. How does that help PDJT or Alabama?

    No, Sessions’ decision is all about Sessions, a man who will be 74 if/when installed.

    Sessions’ decision is self-centered just like his recusal. Get the job at everyone else’s expense. This is all about Sessions saving face. In his Watters’ interview and in his campaign ad, he equates his actions as honorable. Where was his honor when he deceived PDJT?

    I do not consider Sessions an honorable man. To be deemed a character of honor, one must be honorable in all things not just the things of his choosing when it suits his interest.

    I agree with SD. It’s up to Alabama voters. Should they elect Sessions, he can spend the rest of his life trying to get back the honor he gave up at his AG confirmation hearing when he deceived PDJT by recusing.

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  6. 22030530 says:

    I don’t really know what to make of Sessions. As a person and politician, his integrity appeared to be impeccable. Perhaps that is why he was a poor fit for AG since the AG needs to be the president’s legal bag man.

    That being said, I could see some good coming from Session’s being elected and replacing Burr on the Senate Intelligence committee.

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  7. ash nazg says:

    Lurker here. Been reading CTH daily since the 16 primary but this is 1st time I am posting a comment. This time I must say something. Jeff Sessions is a self-serving craven fool. And I will explain why. Maybe long ago Sessions was indeed sharp of mind, strong of heart, and the brave legendary Stealth Jeff warrior for truth and justice. Don’t care. It makes no difference what Sessions was like before. Only what he has become. As AG for president Trump he has shown himself to be a small, cowardly and selfish man.

    He was too weak — both intellectually and of character — to resist being browbeaten and hoodwinked into recusal by the vermin in DOJ, the likes of “Tash” Gauhar. And being neutered into becoming and remaining Rosenstein’s humiliated toothless lapdog the rest of his so-called tenure. As AGINO. To this day he has nothing but praise for Rosenstein and the rest of the vipers at DOJ who “handled” him. But let’s say — generously — that it wasn’t gray, Sessions was legally required to recuse (which is not true)…

    Well, he did have the nerve to threaten to resign if Trump fired Rosenstein. So he did have enough spine left to resign on “principle” or “in protest” — if he wanted to. Well, how come he didn’t just resign after he was boxed into recusing himself — IMMEDIATELY? Where was your spine then, Jeff? No, he didn’t resign, did he? He was supposed to STEP ASIDE and let Trump pick another AG, an untainted AG, who wouldn’t recuse himeself out of a job, who wouldn’t become Rosenstein’s submissive coffee boy. But no, THAT was not enough reason to resign. Because Sessions wanted to be AG. He wanted to play with the shiny car that he coveted all those years and finally got his hands on.

    As Sessions watched for 2+ years president Trump being set up and investigated within an inch of his life by maggots — Comey, MccCabe, Strzok, Page, Brennan, Clapper, Mueller, Weissmann, Burr and Warner, etc — he continued to “play AG” in his little sandbox and nail pot smokers. Great job, Jeff! This was legal and political nuclear war waged on president Trump — the very president who gave Sessions this AG job that he so coveted — and Sessions chose to serve himself; he did not resign.

    As the Weissmann juggernaut marauded through the landscape crushing to powder everyone in Trump’s orbit for so much as jaywalking, destroying Flynn, Papadopolous, Manafort, Stone, and yes even Cohen — quiet Jeff was see no evil / hear no evil / speak no evil. Everything is hunky dory. That their claws never sank into the president is just a roll of the dice as far Sessions is concerned — it could have gone either way and yet he just watched passively and did not step step aside.

    Now he has the audacity to waltz right back in. I knew this would happen. His excuse is eh, it all worked out didn’t it? Trump survived (no thanks to you Jeff but shhhh, let’s not split hairs here). No harm no foul. So I’m baaaack. I don’t think so. Jeff let all this grotesque injustice happen, watched it happen, did NOTHING to stop it and did NOTHING to help Trump. All that was necessary and sufficient for him to do was… step aside and let Trump pick someone better suited, as is his right. This fiasco was all Sessions fault. Imagine Barr replaced Sessions back when he recused? We all see the difference immediately between Barr and No Barr. There would have never BEEN a Mueller SC. The country was put through hell all because Sessions wanted to keep playing AG on TV.

    There are a lot of others who could run for this seat who support Trump. Sessions is totally unnecessary, and divisive. But nooooo, it has to be him. He wants the power and prestige and a better closing chapter to his legacy. It’s the same sense of entitlement. Sessions thought he was ENTITLED to remain AG. Now he feels entitled to be senator again. Sessions had his chance and when the time was to stand and do what’s right he cowered in the corner but refused to give up his toys. As far as I am concerned he betrayed the president, betrayed the country, betrayed what is right and he can pound sand until he falls off the edge of the world. The wreckage of division and destroyed lives left behind by the legal wehrmacht against this president is still smoking, and there is more coming.

    So what now? Fact is Sessions is running regardless. Not a care in the world for what betrayed people like me think. Alabama voters will decide who they want to vote for, not I. But remember one thing. McConnell preferred to sacrifice this seat to the Dems in order to crush and punish the upstart rebellion (of electing Roy Moore) against the GOP-E, i.e., against him. And he did exactly that. Destroyed Moore and sent a message — don’t cross McConnell because McConnell will bring the pain, even it means sacrificing a seat or even the majority. Remember how the TEA party was destroyed by the same GOP-E. They would rather give power to the Dems and play the opposition than give the power to the people.

    This is how they wield power. So the argument — well, if it’s Sessions or Doug Jones, then you must hold your nose and support Sessions — is flawed. I think if you want to ever beat McConnell / GOP-E, you have to be willing to do what they do, plus more. I would fight against Sessions getting this seat to the bitter end even if means giving this seat to the Dems again. If you are not willing to do that then establishment and their kingmakers will always win. Whenever I see Sessions smirking carefree face I think of Flynn and everything else that happened on his “watch” and it makes my blood boil. He should go away and stay away. That’s all I have to say.

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  8. yy4u says:

    When I watch Republicans continually shoot themselves in the foot looking for the perfect and expecting candidates to reach some unattainable purity test, I understand completely how the Democrats control the government. My House Rep was defeated by a woman who claimed to be a moderate. She is anything but. Republicans bought into it and Nancy Pelosi is now the Speaker of the House and the House is impeaching Donald Trump. Alabamans committed the same mistake when they abandoned Roy Moore and I can see a lot of posts here suggesting they do the same thing again. Good luck with that, Alabama. It has worked out terribly for Virginia, but you already know that. Keep on bashing Sessions — the Democrats love it.

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    • lydia00 says:

      Purity? How about trust? Just basic trust? Sessions failed at the biggest leadership moment of his life and career. And you want to reward him. Great message to send to other career politicians.


  9. 2Alpha says:

    Sessions asked for the job, then didn’t do the job…
    He had a wonderful opportunity to walk shoulder-to-shoulder with Don Trump and take on the weasels that meant to overturn the 2016 election.
    Many of us waited, and waited, and waited some more…
    I’m not impressed anymore…
    Instead, I’m extremely disappointed.
    Stay home Jeff…

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  10. NJ Transplant says:

    I wish Jeff Sessions were running for Senate in Maine instead of what we have running – Collins.

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  11. johnnyfandango says:

    This country is torn apart due in part to this country bumpkin who fell for it by Obama insiders who convinced him to recuse himself on his first day of office. Sessions belongs in Mayberry. Alabama has to vote in a fire breathing conservative. Can Alan West move there and throw his hat in the ring.

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  12. Barnestormer says:

    Has there been a Senate candidate within memory whose election success will hinge more than Jeff Sessions’ will on what the sitting president has to say about him?


  13. rustybritches says:

    The President This morning said he would not comment on Sessions and he has told his staff not to talk about him either, He said it was up to Alabama and so we shall see what happens but anyone who says that Sessions was a good guy has forgotten the real jeff sessions when he took the job of AG and so we shall see but as for bashing him I just want to say one thing. in the event that he comes back into congress and pulls a Romney all of you that have stood here and said he was not what they made him out to be should have your back side kicked and if I am wrong about that fool which I doubt I will say that I am sorry to him and to you…

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    • yy4u says:

      Bad as Romney is, and I think he is the scum of the earth, by virtue of the R behind his name, this keeps Republicans in control of the Senate. I personally think IF the Republicans and Dems tie 50 50 in 2020 elections Romney will switch parties to promote himself as Arlen Spector did back in the 00’s, and those of you who would rather have a Dem (Jones) in office than a Sessions can take a victory lap.

      I am all for throwing the swamp Republicans out, but revenge is a dish best served cold. We need Republicans whether they be swamp creatures or anti-Trumpers so long as President Trump is in office. Once POTUS is out of office, I for one will take GREAT GLEE in voting against every Establishment RNC backed Republican. Right now, I’d vote for Attila the Hun if he/she had an R behind his/her name.

      Romney is bad but no worse than the Alabamans who abandoned Roy Moore and gave Chuck Schumer one more vote toward controlling the Senate. Keep on bashing Sessions, makes the Democrats and Washington Post job easier.

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      • mikeyboo says:

        If Republicans vote like Democrats, no benefit results from letting them keep the Senate.
        o-n the other hand, there is great benefit to having an enemy clearly identified as such. Romney proved himself to be an enemy wearing (expensively tailored) camouflage gear. Fruck Romney.


      • lydia00 says:

        So Sessions is the only republican that can win? McConnell did all he could to keep “freedom caucus” Mo Brooks from winning and they got Doug Jones. Sessions is part of the bigger swamp problem along with McConnell. At his age, This is all about his ego. Rehab for his legacy. It’s quite selfish. I can’t imagine why anyone would trust him Especially as he pulled out all the stops to protect Rosenstein. Swamp creature.


  14. FedUp says:

    I live in Alabama and vote in Alabama and I can tell that this is Trump country. Sessions, in my opinion, is a village idiot and done in Alabama.

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  15. farmerren says:

    I’ve been wrong before but I would think that Jeff Sessions saw and heard a lot while he was AG.
    I would think he could have some very interesting and damning information to share about those who worked in his midst. And I believe he would have been able to get some access to that info.

    I do hope Jeff gets a chance to visit with the President and it is a visit that has been swept and cleared of spies, leakers and traitors. Then, I’d be most interested in how President Trump responds to questions about the visit. I still may have to ‘roll the dice’ on my support for JS. haha

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  16. IGiveUp says:

    If Sessions is/was part of an elaborate sting by Trump, what’s wrong with saying so now? We know nearly every detail of the coup by now. We know enough to hang many people 10X over. Why would Sessions keep quiet now? Nunes’ book on the coup, among others, is already out, and I suppose some movie version is in planning. Meanwhile private-citizen Sessions somehow still needs to keep quiet?

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    • lolli says:

      Not buying it. McConnell is showing the R’s that they can backstab our President and still get re-elected, IMO.

      PT called out Sessions for his betrayal. Until I see evidence of a super secret plan, (always possible) I stick with PT. I believe what he told us about Sessions when he did.
      I am not going to imagine another scenario only based on my own wishful thinking.

      With Sessions running under the GOP, PT is not going to be blasting him. He endorsed Romney for goodness sake. And we all know who Romney is, or is that a super secret sting also?

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      • individualright says:

        McConnell is helping Trump fill judicial vacancies and 2 SC justices. I am not going to criticize him. He had the guts to use the nuclear option for their approvals. Record setting appointments and approvals of judges.

        Did you think that maybe having Trump judges is important to prosecuting the cabal around the country.

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        • lydia00 says:

          That is McConnells job! Stop praising him for doing what he is supposed to do and frankly he could do it faster but chooses not to.


  17. Cecelia Power says:

    Can someone who still trusts and respects Sessions…explain why he did not prosecute Lois Lerner; why he passed on investigating the Clinton Foundation; why leaking became an ignored epidemic? Where and when did AG Sessions cross the Deep State? Where did he take on the Deep State corruption that DID NOT fall under his recusal?

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    • individualright says:

      one theory out there is that Hussein pardoned everybody for their crimes during his administration. The cabal had to commit new crimes to be prosecuted. I don’t know what to think of that because Hussein is obviously an illegitimate president, but can or will it be proven? I think more importantly, is that Lois Lerner is a small potato compared to who or what Trump has set his sights on. Trump and Sessions, both needed to seem like complete idiots in order to trap these people. I would say the left think Trump is stupid and most people here think Sessions is stupid. so there it is. When strong and smart appear weak and stupid….let the evil wild animals appear confortable in their surroundings before you spring the trap. IMHO.

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  18. tsmifjones says:



  19. individualright says:

    appears the panel on CNN tapper’s show, sees Session as having lost any chance of winning……hmmmm……Trump would love to prove them wrong….would be an easy thing to do.


  20. Legion of One says:

    I hope the voters recuse themselves from voting for Sleepy Sessions.


  21. mikeyboo says:

    re the Russian hoax: “he looked like a truck hit him”.
    Personally I think he was doing his best to wave that truck into a good parking place.
    And in conclusion:You had your chance Sessions. Now put your tail back between your legs and go home.


    • Tl Howard says:

      Being a good AG and being a good senator are two different things. This would be easier to discern if I knew anything about the GOP candidates running against him.


      • lydia00 says:

        Not really. But nice try.


        • Tl Howard says:

          If you’re a conservative, you’d likely be grateful for Jeff Sessions as a senator, based on his voting record. Want to argue that? If you want an AG who not only wants justice, but knows the in’s and out’s of the bureaucracy, it’s not Sessions.


  22. ash nazg says:

    FACT #1. Jeff Sessions threatened to RESIGN if Trump dared to fire Rosenstein.

    FACT#2. He did NOT resign, ever, after recusing himself, to let Trump pick another AG.

    He knew what he did, that Trump was livid with him and wanted him gone, and refused to step aside. He used the fact that it would heave been politically very damaging for Trump to fire him, as a shield to hold on to his job. He made Trump fire him, which Trump could only do 2 years later. Not immediately, nor any time thereafter in those 2 years, as Sessions watched passively the Mueller/Weismann/Rosenstein Albatross he hanged around Trump’s neck peck him and everyone in his orbit to a pulp, would he step aside. Heck, he PROTECTED that Albatross.

    Especially knowing that the president WANTED him to resign, he stayed in defiance of what he knew were the president’s wishes and had to effectively be DRAGGED out of there. If Trump didn’t fire him he would still be AG today — think about that, really think about where we would be if Sessions was still AG.

    To this day he brazenly behaves like he has done nothing wrong whatsoever and has nothing to apologize or atone for. The only time I ever saw him wax emotional and choked up? The day he was FORCED to give up his toys — when he was leaving the DOJ building after getting fired, saying goodbye to his “colleagues” outside.

    However you slice it or change the subject to other things like his voting record, these facts remain the facts: Sessions was willing to RESIGN to protect Rosenstein, but REFUSED to resign to protect president Trump, especially knowing his boss wanted him gone.

    This proves that Sessions is a craven, dishonorable, self-serving minion of the SWAMP. If anyone defending Sessions has a convincing counterargument, please reconcile those facts and vindicate this behavior as that of an honorable and trustworthy man. I am willing to be convinced — prove me wrong.


  23. coolmamie says:

    We all have the benefit of hindsight. I have never been able to get over the seeming ineffectual appearance (looks and behavior) of Sessions, but honestly, none of us could have ever anticipated the depths to which the intelligence agencies, deep staters and MSM have stooped to destroy Trump and many others.


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