BREAKING: “Covfefe” – The Winning Never Stops….

“Covfefe” wins the Breeder’s Cup event at Santa Anita today. Named after President Donald Trump’s famous mistweet, the filly has now won six of her first eight races.

Here’s the call:

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90 Responses to BREAKING: “Covfefe” – The Winning Never Stops….

  1. Tseg says:

    Are we tired of winning yet!?

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  2. TwoLaine says:

    My sources tell me that covfefe means “in the end we win”.

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  3. Janie M. says:

    HA!!! That might fry some buns.😆 🏇 👍

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  4. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Ooops…It looks like I got doxxed…Thanks, Sundance.
    Santa Anita is about 25 mins from my home and we do go to the races occasionally.

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  5. Lynn Pruitt says:

    It wasn’t a mistweet.

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  6. snellvillebob says:

    In other news the Gateway Pundit brings us:
    Liberals “Horrified” After Kids Play Build the Wall Game at White House Halloween Party

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  7. Publius2016 says:

    not a mistweet…Means: I will Stand!

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    • Ono says:

      I used to love horse races until I learned of the death and horrible life of many of the racers (horses). It is still upsetting.

      I have horses that I ride almost daily and love the power and magesty that these animals have.

      That said I would have loved to have been at that race today…Santa Anita is an amazing track set right below the San Gabriel Mountains between Pasadena and Monrovia. The weather was incredible and the winner won!

      Covfefe… def…”I will stand.”…in Arabic…

      Now that’s trolling…

      This Mare has won six of the last eight starts.

      Potus doesn’t need a dog at the White House…

      He needs Covfefe on the front lawn after her fine career.

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      • mugzey302 says:

        We have some House democrats who are better suited to mucking out her stall!

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      • Janie M. says:

        Ono, perhaps you and I read the same expose about the dark side of horse racing. Heartbreaking. Believe I read the article about 2-3 years ago and will never view this “sport” as I previously did nor will I ever attend one of these events.These majestic animals deserve better lives.

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        • Dennis Leonard says:

          When you have that much money and time invested in a race horse,you do not mistreat him or her.Look at the source of who was writing about this.And sense there was no links provided no way to judge the validity.

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        • Ono says:

          Well over 20 deaths last year alone at Santa Anita.

          Polo is also very brutal

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        • sturmudgeon says:

          It is their Natural sense to “race”. In any event, they are cared for, never have to worry about food, or shelter, and they get ‘groomed’ every day… get me some of that, anytime!


          • Janie M. says:

            And, sturmudgeons, when they don’t perform to “expectations”?


            • LULU says:

              They go out to pasture – some to stud – and some, like the filly we once owned a share in, enjoy giving their owners endless pleasure. I loved to ride ours. It was like flying. And yes, she loved to run…

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              • Janie M. says:

                LULU, your post brought a smile to my face 😊 Thank you.It is the life they deserve. I’ve had a life long love affair with horses; had always dreamed of owning one (since I was a very young child – nearing 70 in a few years).I wish all of the ones who don’t make the grade could experience the life you describe. The alternative breaks my heart. 💔


          • DelAware says:

            You do not speak out of a sense of innocence, such as any horse embodies…but worldly joking.

            You should therefore not speak on this topic.

            The “grooming” of innocence is the most appalling phenomenon. If you cannot see that, you are part of the bigger problem.

            What you say is different only in its particulars from those who would say of a 9-year-old drag queen, “It is in his Natural sense to ‘dance.’ In any event, he’s cared for, never has to worry about food, or shelter, and look at that incredible makeup and costumes! Get me some of that anytime!”


  8. maggiemoowho says:

    Maybe President Trump will invite them to the WH, it would be great to see🇺🇸😃👍👍👍

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  9. Ludo says:

    I was Google, CNN and MSNBC that framed it as a mistweet. Trump tweeted a word/expression he had just picked up in Saudi Arabia. It’s a legit word. But google removed its online definition as the story started spreading. I’m surprised Sundance fell for the MSM deception.

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  10. Tl Howard says:

    Just shows that fillies with sense and talent love the Donald.

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  11. alonzo1956 says:

    Damn I love my President.

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  12. Kent says:

    ….u go girl….

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  13. hocuspocus13 says:

    🇺🇸 giddy 🇺🇸 up 🇺🇸

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  14. Southern Son says:

    Covfefe, was not a mistweet.
    The choice to know, is yours.

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    • Kent says:

      ….oh…now I get it….not

      ‘The Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement Act (COVFEFE Act) is a bill introduced into the United States House of Representatives in 2017 (on June 12), during the 115th United States Congress.’


      • Kent says:

        a bill introduced by a democrat…Quigley of iowa…errrr….Illinois….

        Horse races are more interesting than anything any democrat has to say…

        ‘U.S. Representative Mike Quigley, Democrat of Illinois, introduced the legislation in the wake of Donald Trump’s routine use of Twitter, stating “In order to maintain public trust in government, elected officials must answer for what they do and say; this includes 140-character tweets. If the president is going to take to social media to make sudden public policy proclamations, we must ensure that these statements are documented and preserved for future reference.”[1] If enacted, the bill “would bar the prolifically tweeting president from deleting his posts, as he has sometimes done.”[1][2]’

        credit wiki


  15. jello333 says:

    And it’s Covfefe by a half length… and it’s Covfefe.. Covfefe wins… BIGLY!!

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  16. Kent says:

    I always figured ‘covfefe’ was a grandkid thing…..sounds like something little one would say…

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  17. I loved watching that! Such fun. Congratulations to Covfefe!

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  18. Ackman419 says:

    I’m gonna run over to a lefty hate site and read some indignation.
    Just for kicks of course.
    MAGA! Covfefe!

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  19. moe2004 says:

    I hope to see this horse in Saratoga this summer! What a great name, what a great President, we are going for the Triple Crown and wouldn’t that be something!

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  20. Truthfilter says:

    I needed this! Thanks for reporting it, Sundance! Otherwise I would have never seen it.

    Now Mr. President, do your thing and force it into the MSM news cycle with a tweet. Glorious!

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  21. Doug Amos says:

    A guy from the Stanley Cup winning Washington Capitals who refused to accept President Trump’s invitation to the White House, Pelly, is now playing hockey in Russia; bad karma. Maybe Colin can get a job playing quarterback there.

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  22. 2Alpha says:

    “Covfefe” – The Winning Never Stops….🤣

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  23. Miller says:

    I hope someone puts Potus Trump on Covfefe and bobbleheads of Pelosi, schiff, nadler on the other horses running.

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  24. Herbert Kroll says:

    A picture of Rashard Lewis with seven jockeys would be quite funny and rather weird.

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  25. Burma Shave says:

    That “covfefe” wasn’t a mistweet is no small issue. Google actually changed the definition of a word in order take a dig at President Trump. This occurred during the frenzy to try to remove the president on grounds of mental incompetence. The affair demonstrates the lengths to which the left will go to gain the smallest advantage. It also demonstrates the power of Google. At the time, nearly all of us believed “covfefe” was a mistweet because Google told us that it wasn’t an actual word.

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  26. LandoftheFreeHomeoftheBrave says:

    Oh my gosh — this is a real thing. I thought it was a joke. I LOVE it. Too funny!

    Yah, Covfefe!

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  27. dufrst says:

    Hahaha 😂 what a story! Liberal heads exploding nationwide! MAGA!!!

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  28. Richard Whitney says:

    Covfefe was a deliberate tweet. It is the name of “The Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement Act (COVFEFE Act)” a bill introduced into the United States House of Representatives in 2017 (on June 12), during the 115th United States Congress.
    Trump never sends a mistaken tweet. But many people misinterpret his messages. Such as “Jeff isn’t doing anything” and “…witchhunt…” and “…lovers…”

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    • Jlwary says:

      Oh. Lol. I should have read the comments before posting.


    • Bobster says:

      Yes, it was a deliberate tweet, but it had nothing to do with that “COVFEFE Act”. As others have already pointed out, “covfefe” is an Arabic word that President Trump picked up while he was in Saudi Arabia.


  29. 8675310 says:

    You are spreading the leftist narrative. I have read that “covfefe” was not a mistweet. Trump had just returned from the middle east. He used the arabic word that means “I stand”. Google immediately removed the word from their glossary and began the ridicule. Thanks for helping them.

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  30. Jlwary says:

    Jaime Roth, owner of Covfefe, spells her name like mine. I am proud of this, lol, because my name is spelled like an inspired winner!
    I love that our POTUS texted Covfefe. It’s the best tweet ever because of how triggering it was to the left. Maybe it actually even means something… perhaps someday we will know.


  31. gsonFIT says:

    Very cool post SD


  32. mtk says:

    I definately consider this article an open off-subject opportunity, even our esteemed(SD) must think it is a slow News day to run with ‘covfefe’ the horse wins again.

    Folks it is all tongue-n-cheek until someone pulls a Biden and inserts their foot into their mouth.

    Three examples coming right up…

    Yup… Two million lost jobs.
    But, Warren is doing what she does best, “She is lying on two fronts in the same mouthful of deceitfulness.”
    Forget the 52 trillion arguments, that a debate trap, meaning it is a profile raising opportunity to preach to the gullible chowderheads choir that can’t make up theirs mind on whether Sanders slash Warren is the face of Leftists on any given day.

    Nope, the real BS lays with any Health Care Plan that jumps into the deep end of the swimming pool with a plugged in hair dryer aka ‘Medicare for All’. A move she herself says, “Will likely wipe out the entire private sector insurance industry”… Is also a politician that will just as likely find her Adminstration quickly deputizing these ‘Redunant/Obsoleted’ insurance industry employees into ‘Newly Minted’ Card Card Carrying Federal Employees.
    Proof… She says, “Well they will just find themselves moving into other areas of Insurance, as if those other areas of insurance are currently understaffed and are in an existential crisis and is desparate searching for qualified new blood.”
    What a hoot, Ms. Warren, “How do you reconcile the auto insurance option of picking up the slack of the ‘pink slipped’ health insurance workers, GIVEN your freaking political base is also currently clamoring for the extinction of the car that is only seconded to the extinction of farting cows.

    Second instance of toe sucking dribble coming from Progressive politicians. This week I watch a PBS documentary pontificating on Prop 187. Yup… Ancient history by the standards of the many dimwits that comprise the Progressive class, many of whom were not even born or were just toddlers being potty trained.
    This is rich folks. Wait for it… What was the legal argument used to kill Prop 187 once it passed into law in California.
    Take a guess what the argument was…
    The legal argument was immigration was the sole domain of the Federal Government and a State could not take actions to deny federally adminstrative social services. Talk about hypocritical ‘self haven’ crap’ola.

    The third is a MASSIVE investigative journalism opportunity. I repeat a MASSIVE opportunity…
    Remember Enron, yes the company that leveraged another California Prop law, to capitalize on the energy free market to wheel and deal and divert Electricity out of State to the highest bidder.
    Yes that Enron, the Enron that created manufactured reasons to de-engerized the California grind at any given time and place for the sole purpose to divert electricity output.

    Is anyone paying attention to current wild fire instantances of rolling black outs and/or pre-emptive actions that share a remarkable manufactured need to de-engerized the California electric grid.

    Does PG&E decisions to shut down a given electrical grid correspond with Out of State sales of MegaWattHours of trading diversions to Arizona and Nevada. Hmmm!!!

    To sum up on the thread discussions on the acronym meaning of ‘covfefe’… I offer this definition…

    Convoluted Obtrusiveness Very Favorably Eviscerating Factorial Evidence.


  33. Troublemaker10 says:

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  34. Retired IG says:

    Dear Treepers,
    Should not have been surprised when I read the comments re the meaning of the horse’s name. Treepers are truly amazing and overly aware people. And I love that they are so.
    But I read of this first on Dr. Mercola’s email today:
    ” Once Vorhies discovered that Google was deleting words from its Arabic to English translation dictionary, thereby making one of President Trump’s tweets (which included the Arabic word “covfefe”) appear as pure gobbledygook,he realized Google was completely out of control. The lack of sensible translation of that word eventually led to media articles accusing the president of insanity, which would be cause for having him removed from office.”
    Here is the link to Dr. Mercola’s post today. Dicsclosure: I may be Dr. Mercola’s biggest fan.
    Its all about Google whistleblowers. What a sham Google is.


    • Dennis Leonard says:

      Actually what a sham you are,pushing this snake oil,

      Subscribe to Dr. Mercola’s Natural Health Newsletter

      Google Autosuggestions Reveal the Agenda

      If you’re still confused about which way Google is leaning when it comes to certain topics, all you have to do is check out its auto complete feature. This is a list of “suggested” searches that pops up when you type in one or more keywords.

      In her Epoch Times article,14 Henein shows a screen shot of a Google search done on September 1, 2019, starting with the words “supplements are.” The list of autosuggestions contained nothing but negative-biased searches, such as:

      Supplements are bad
      Supplements are useless
      Supplements are not regulated
      Supplements are dangerous


  35. T2020 says:

    Covfefe means “Impeach THIS bxtches!” 🤪


  36. Bobster says:

    Here’s a short, explanatory video:

    Covfefe Clarified & Destructive Deconstruction

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  37. Jimmy Jack says:

    I did a whole deep dive into what covfefe could possibly mean, if it was actually intended as a signal and not a mistweet. It was on the Great Awakening board on Reddit which was subsequently closed down and sadly I didn’t save it.

    Obviously I have no idea what it means but I was able to translate it to chemical code/symbols and connect it to locations in Africa where those corresponding minerals are mined and that had also popped up in news at that time. It caught some traction, both from George Webb and I believe it went to Sundance on Twitter too. If I come across it again, saved somewhere, I’ll share it. At the very least it was interesting to see what might be going on in Africa.

    I love every Trump anything win btw. I bet this drove libs mad.


  38. James W Crawford says:

    I would suggest that “Covefere” was not an accidental mispelling. President Trump had a specific intent that will be revealed.


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