October 16th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1000

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

President Trump Twitter @POTUS / Vice President Pence Twitter @VP

Stephanie Grisham Twitter @StephGrisham45

1,000 Days !!!

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911 Responses to October 16th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #1000

  1. Reserved55 says:

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  2. linda4298 says:

    https://twitter.com/RealSaavedra/status/1184561901658767360?s=20 Schiff pressed Volker to say Ukraine felt pressure from Trump


  3. youme says:

    Leaking Trump letters now?

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  4. Reserved55 says:

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  5. Carrie says:

    Umm – some NYT reporters are not very happy right now.. that their lies are being exposed..

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  6. Ozark says:

    Oh NOES,
    “House Votes Overwhelmingly To Condemn Trump’s Decision To Remove Troops From Syria”


  7. Reserved55 says:


  8. Carrie says:

    Jeff Zucker’s bias shows no bounds- he has it out for KellyAnne Conway.

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  9. Reserved55 says:

    CNN, without evidence, “fact” checked the President

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  10. Carrie says:

    I can’t stop chuckling- PDJT called Pelosi a 3rd rate politician- this stuff is golden!! This twitter post was found on Sundance’s page…

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  11. meadowlarkspring says:

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  12. burnett044 says:

    Back in the USSR,,,,,,,amazing how corrupt and socialist we have become….our government is not a swamp it is a damn sewer.

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  13. dufrst says:

    All these meetings need to be on camera and don’t have them at all.

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  14. Lucille says:

    Don’t Romanticize the Kurds
    A wake-up call about extensive Kurdish human rights violations.
    Wed Oct 16, 2019 – Andrew Bostom

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  15. sunnyflower5 says:

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  16. Reserved55 says:

    4 min. video at link.

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    • LBS says:

      Wow, that is an excellent read! Thank you for posting.
      I am surprised the WSJ ran that, but it is an “editorial”

      I have been banned from WSJ forums for sticking up for PDJT on Marketwatch, whom the WSJ owns. I still use Marketwatch for real time stock prices, they seem to update the quickest…

      …but to see how far LEFT the WSJ has become take a peep at the comment section, I don’t think 90% of the commenters even own any stocks or investments! The just spew communist nonsense about the evil of “corporations”


    • bessie2003 says:

      Wow! He gets it!

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  17. Somebody's Gramma says:

    I just gotta say it OUT LOUD… after listening to the Speaker and her motley crew’s press conference this afternoon… it’s really hard to feel sorry for Nancy on a number of fronts. 1. They are against the WALL that will keep the terrorists out of our country, yet bitterly complain about Trump’s choice in keeping us out of the Middle East endless wars. 2. She characterizes the President as “shaken” and having attacked her, when she has been relentless and RUTHLESS in her pursuit of his impeachment from Day 1, calling him a criminal. 3. She talks about the slaughter of people in the middle east, and yet we have a full blown slaughter of our own people here in this country, ON THE STREETS without mental health care, without housing, etc. This is all BS. I am so thankful for what the President is doing in pulling us out of the Middle East quagmire. I am so sick of the Democrats obstructing every good effort of the President. If anyone deserves a good smack, Nancy definitely does. I don’t buy it Nancy and it was quite pitiful to watch your cohorts defending your supposed “honor”. Weak. Very weak. Cry me a river.

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  18. sunnyflower5 says:

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  19. Dora says:

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  20. Peoria Jones says:

    Hey, Lindsey Graham…you suck. You’ve pushed me right off the fence. I completely abhor you now, and every faux-conservative, swampy, underhanded thing you stand for.

    You’re undoubtedly talented – as a lawyer, debater, persuader, funny guy, liar, fraud, thief, and manipulator. It’s too bad you couldn’t find your way to the right side. I hope you get infested with fleas.

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    • Jenevive says:

      Sounds like the bromance between POTUS
      and Lindsay is over..

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      • Peoria Jones says:

        There was never a “bromance.” DJT is POTUS. He knows exactly what Lindsey is, but has tried to work within the system out of respect. He knows what the Deplorable movement means, and has attempted in a magnanimous way to achieve Lindsey’s support.

        In his latest anti-Trump soundbite presented to the fake news, Lindsey couldn’t even bring himself to say “President Trump.” Nope, just “Trump.” My mother taught me better than that as a child. And she wasn’t even talking about the President of the United States!

        You just know Lindsey has people reading here. I hope they know that WE know what a POS he is. He’s a traitor to the GOP, and a traitor to We The People. I, for one, consider him the worst kind of enemy.

        One of the latest Project Veritas vids highlighted Mark Zucker admitting that many of his henchmen like Lindsey. Well if THAT doesn’t tell you everything, you’re stupid or not paying attention. Lindsey is a rat. He should’ve come out of the closet as the traitorous creep he is a long time ago, and maybe he wouldn’t be such a bitter little RINO now.

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        • Fish and hunt says:

          Swore three years ago I’d never vote for him again. If he doesn’t have 70 gazillion challengers again like last time, he could get ousted in a primary. To many people deludes the vote. He is not, and has not been popular in SC for a while. But he is a crafty politician. If the President does not endorse him, and he has a single challenger, he loses

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    • James F says:

      What a hypocrite!
      Lindsey Graham recognized these leftist Kurds as terrorists back in 2016 but now considers them allies?

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    • NJ Transplant says:

      Lindsay Graham and McCain were in Ukraine on New Years Eve 2016 into 2017 trying to make the Ukrainians start a war against Russia for Obama. Lindsay is not his friend, but Lindsay needs PDJT if he wants to get re-elected. The President is very popular in South Carolina.

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  21. Zippy says:

    Victor D. Hanson: What to Do Against the Intolerant Left

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  22. The Akh says:

    Are they still spying on Trump!? It’s CNN, so…but still. WTF?



  23. meadowlarkspring says:

    POTUS posts…

    Journalist asking if White house news is real…Mainstream journalists are completely programmed.

    In my opinion, this is exactly the problem, there are too many people who should not be serving in this digital age of government in some capacities (hello NSC, FBI, CIA, State Department). They cannot handle the anxiety disorders. Great job President Trump for just making us read one letter all together. No walls. Some of the people in government that are serving have got to get out. They can’t handle it.

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  24. sunnyflower5 says:

    Pattern of behavior from Nancy— always trying to disrupt meetings with President Trump.
    We see the game, Nancy.

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    • Niagara Frontier says:

      Have SS classify her as an unbalanced person and a possible physical threat to POTUS. Keep her behind glass for future meetings or require her to dial in on conference call.

      No more face time with POTUS until she apologizes and gets her act together.

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    • bessie2003 says:

      What did Pelosi expect? She’s been doing everything possible to drum him out of the White House.


  25. Dehbashi says:

    Don’t know where I should put this but people are trying to reverse the life sentence conviction of Malvo, the second DC sniper, so that he can be released from prison in the future. At least the VA government is trying to fight it.



  26. WES says:

    Hey Joe Biden! Obama has finally endorsed somebody!

    However it wasn’t you!

    Obama decided to meddle in the Canadian election by endorsing Sparkle Socks!

    Joe your problem is you don’t pay enough attention to the type of socks you’re wearing!

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  27. sunnyflower5 says:

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  28. sunnyflower5 says:

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  29. sunnyflower5 says:

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  30. heidi says:

    Sundance article is referenced in the American Thinker article

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  31. Perot Conservative says:

    Pelosi Sham Meeting Again

    Pelosi & Dems going full Monty, claiming Trump ‘Meltdown’ – please tell me this meeting is on video tape? And please tell me USMCA was addressed with the Do Nothing Democrats?

    Vehicle: Pravda CNN.

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  32. linda4298 says:

    Donald J. Trump
    The Do Nothing Democrats, Pelosi and Schumer stormed out of the Cabinet Room! https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1184600576245583873?s=20


  33. linda4298 says:

    Donald J. Trump
    Nervous Nancy’s unhinged meltdown! https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1184597281808498688?s=20


    • bessie2003 says:

      The comments on that are something else. It seems Speaker Pelosi has put that picture of her standing, scolding, up as her twitter banner pic.


  34. linda4298 says:

    Donald J. Trump
    I’m fighting for the American people, but the Democrats’ sole focus is fighting against ME with their fraudulent Witch Hunt. Go to http://StopTheMadness.GOP and tell Democrats in Congress that Enough is Enough! https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1184594674541121537?s=20

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  35. linda4298 says:

    Donald J. Trump Retweeted
    Stephanie Grisham
    was measured & decisive today.
    walking out was baffling but not surprising w NO intention of participating in a mtg on nat’l security. Dem “leadership” chose to storm out & whine to cameras, everyone else stayed to work on behalf of our country. https://twitter.com/PressSec/status/1184590572654354432?s=20

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  36. Reserved55 says:

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  37. Reserved55 says:

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  38. linda4298 says:

    Ryan Saavedra
    · 17m
    Very disrespectful for Pelosi to stand up and point her finger at Trump in a hostile manner like this

    It’s obvious who the out of control child in this photo is, and it isn’t Trump … it’s Pelosi https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1184597281808498688

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  39. linda4298 says:

    Paul Gosar
    1. I was one of 60 House members to vote against the resolution to condemn
    removal of troops from Syria conflict zone. Vote on H.J. Res. 77 is 354-60.
    We have no business protecting Turkish borders or Syrian borders.

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  40. Reserved55 says:

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  41. To all the young people who somehow imagine that they are in love with Socialism we need to completely inculcate the fact that it is BIG GOVERNMENT. We need to do whatever is necessary to teach these confused and gullible people that what they are harking for is the Boot on the Face. Permanently.

    Also: In order to make lefties crazy let’s continue calling our Patriotic Very Stable Genius President Donald J. Trump “The People’s President,” since that’s what he is.


  42. linda4298 says:

    Watch Lou call out Steve Scalise and the republicans https://twitter.com/LouDobbs/status/1184611686034149376?s=20

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  43. Katherine McCoun says:

    How the House voted…who voted yes and who voted No

    if your GOP Representative is Not standing with President Trump – call their office and get active on their social media. If they think their constituents are watching they do begin to pay attention!!! We are just a handful away from the primary season beginning!

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  44. tuskyou says:

    Quick, turn on Tucker! Ambassador Dennis Rodman will be on tonight. 😎😂😎😂

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  45. linda4298 says:

    FROM 2015 https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-11-01/here-are-16-times-obama-promised-no-boots-ground-syria Indeed, nearly every question Earnest fielded revolved around whether The White House is set to recant on the administration’s pledge not to put American “combat” forces in Syria


  46. linda4298 says:

    Donald J. Trump
    Nancy Pelosi needs help fast! There is either something wrong with her “upstairs,” or she just plain doesn’t like our great Country. She had a total meltdown in the White House today. It was very sad to watch. Pray for her, she is a very sick person!


  47. islandpalmtrees says:

    I for one am sick of the FBI corruption even now! You can’t get them to do their jobs but they are all over anyone investigating corruption by their friends. Someone shutdown that pile of _____down.

    BREAKING: Federal Investigation of Trump’s Personal Lawyer Rudy Giuliani Includes Counterintelligence Probe
    Cristina Laila by Cristina Laila October 16, 2019

    So the FBI is conducting a CI investigation into Rudy Giuliani to find out “whether a foreign influence operation was trying to take advantage of Giuliani’s business ties in Ukraine and with wealthy foreigners to make inroads with the White House,” yet there was no investigation into the Bidens even though there is overwhelming evidence of a pay-to-play scheme involving Ukraine.

    A 21-page indictment was unsealed last Thursday and prosecutors alleged four men tied to Giuliani were ‘engaged in political activities in the US on behalf of one or more Ukrainian government officials.’

    Andrey Kakushkin, a Ukainian-American associate of Correia’s was arrested last week in Californian and Parnas and Fruman were arrested last week at Dulles Airport waiting to board a one-way flight to Vienna, Austria.

    The two Ukrainian-Americans who were arrested, Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman, are associates of Giuliani’s and helped him in his efforts to investigate the Biden crime family.

    David Correia, a fourth defendant in the federal case involving Giuliani’s Ukrainian-American associates was arrested Wednesday morning at JFK airport.

    Joe Biden’s drug addict son Hunter was sitting on the board of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas company and being paid by some accounts over $200,000 a month even though he had zero experience in the field.

    Then-Vice President Joe Biden, who was tasked to oversee US dealings with Ukraine, threatened to withhold over $1 billion in loan guarantees to Ukraine unless they fired Viktor Shokin, the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma and Hunter.



  48. Reserved55 says:

    F bombs.

    There’s Kurds and then there are Kurds.

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