October 14th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #998

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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670 Responses to October 14th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #998

  1. Grandma Covfefe says:

    — * USA * 🇺🇸 —-” MAGA in Autumn ” —- 🇺🇸 * USA * –(387 days to E-Day)

    🦅 KAG while Making America Greater Again
    Thank You, Lord, for President Trump, his MAGA Team, and all his supporters.
    Lord, keep them all safe in all they do and go daily. In Jesus’ Name we pray…..
    🌟 ”They think they shall escape by iniquity: O God, cast these people down in thine anger.” 🌟 -— Psalm 56:7
    ***Praise: President Trump is the best President Ever. He loves his country…Our America.
    ***Praise: We stayed out of Turkey/Kurds drama and they’re now acting like adults solving their own problems without the need of USA “Sugar Daddy” (Dems/Rinos/UniParty)
    ***Praise: Thank You, Mexico

    🙏 Pray:
    — for 24/7 protection President Trump and MAGA Team
    — for Pro-MAGA aides Durham is hiring for his expanding investigations
    — House Dems gets confused while trying to scheme “impeachment inquiry” strategies
    — for exposure on Ukrainegate and Fake Media
    — “Lawfare Obstruction Roadmap” to fail and Lawfare to turn on each other and get destroyed from within
    — for protection for White House, all AF One Planes, WHMU & Pres; Trump’s properties
    — Presidential Candidate Democlowns to continue to dumble, fumble, grumble, jumble, mumble, rumble, stumble, crumble..then diminish….pouf….
    — for USA Election Integrity, Voter ID, Paper Ballots, and catch voting fraudsters
    — Protection for: USSS, all Military, ICE, Border Patrol, LEOs, BP Horses, BP dogs
    — for Guardian Angels protecting all our borders–air, land, sea
    — for protection for our WALL builders while they build more WALL
    — for Mexico to block their So. border firmly against Invaders-Hold the line, Mexico, and then Deport them all!
    — for protection for all American children/youth & young Landen
    — *🇺🇸* America Fighting Spirit *🇺🇸*

    🦅 “We believe that faith and family, not government and bureaucracy, are the true American way.”
    — 🇺🇸 — Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America — 🇺🇸 —

    👌 —-Treepers’ Prayer Warriors Post for Monday, October 14, 2019 — 👌

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  2. sunnydaze says:

    This vid. is pretty long (@15 min.), but worth the view. He’s up against AOC and seems to 1) have what it takes and 2) be in it for the right reasons. He also thinks NY could turn red – and I agree with him there, (tho I know many doubters will say “No way!”).

    Interviewer is Joe Piscoppo.

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  3. sunnydaze says:

    One of these days, I wanna watch the CNN Equality thang/sh*tshow. For those who don’t know it happened, we were having fun watching the Trump Rally when it aired. All of the clips I *have* seen looked ….sad.

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    • Rynn69 says:

      sunnydaze: I cannot even believe this clip. SICK! Child abuse is an understatement and if that is the mother standing next to him she is to blame. I’m sorry. Whacko. A nine-year-old is a CHILD.

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    • Sunny- this is the radical LGBTQRST agenda that is being promoted in Israel public elementary schools. And god help anyone who dares to say a thing about it.

      In my District they are starting indoctrination in kindergarten with 5 years old. The PTA has meetings to promote this vile curriculum. This criminal child abuse is the worst and most devious atrocity being perpetrated by the Commie/Left/ DEMs.

      I too was enjoying the rally but have been shocked by the clips coming out of the Demonics Debate.

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  4. Upward Bound says:

    Hey Treepers! A laugh before bed and a trip down memory lane. Ever wonder what Hillary was doing instead of giving her concession speech? Let’s time travel and find out!

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  5. nwtex says:

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    • nwtex says:

      Caroline Cummings@CaroRCummings
      Replying to @CaroRCummings
      @JoeBiden and @mikememoli

      Biden answer cont.:

      “what I’m not going to let you all do is let you take the focus off the problem. No one has asserted my son did a single thing wrong. No one has asserted that I’ve done anything wrong except the lying president. That’s the only thing. That’s the focus.”
      2:19 PM · Oct 13, 2019

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      • Rynn69 says:

        Because they are all covering for your corrupt a$$. You should be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Crook.

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      • Ma McGriz says:

        This man lies as effortlessly as he breathes.

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      • Linda K. says:

        Hunter may not have broken the law, but everyone understands Joe introduced him to the Ukrainians and the Chinese who the immediately enriched him. Joe Biden compromised his position as Vice President and his ability to do his actual job, representing us.
        It is a sad day when we realize our politicians are all so corrupt, that they don’t think a bribe from a foreign country is a bribe. The Emperor ha no clothes, Joe. Please cover yourself with sackcloth or something.

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    • Bigbadmike says:

      Right. If they had an office at the White House, they would have to work for. free. If they work from home, like Hunter, they get billions.

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      • Here we go Joe. So, in other words, you promise not to do , as president, what you sneaked around doing for your family while you were Vice President. I have often wondered when he would begin to attack Ivanka and her husband, as some form of excuse. Professional lifetime political grifters using office to enrich themselves are not the same as Ivanka and husband. Bad form, Joe.

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  6. sunnydaze says:

    Excellent off-the-cuff discussion of the NBA/China disgrace.

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    • Rynn69 says:

      This is how many Americans feel about the NBA/China debacle. It is outrageous and must be denounced by every American vehemently. Jericho is so on point.

      What’s more important to you NBA – freedom or tyranny? Freedom is not for sale.

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    • tappin53 says:

      Common sense and truth in the car. Great concept. I like this guy.


    • I love Jericho Green. He speaks the truth as an AmeriCAN. He has salty language but he uses it to emphasize his low opinion of the commie dems. I hope that his message really sinks in to those thinking of walking away.


  7. Lucille says:

    Kurt Schlichter’s column for October 14th…

    The Elite Hates The Trump Doctrine Because It Puts America First

    Americans are sick of always getting handed the bill for some lame ruling caste priority, whether it’s paying for the privilege of defending Europe on behalf of ungrateful continentals or funding the weird climate religion or letting China get rich off of gutting our industries.


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    • Bubby says:

      FTA “Mostly, we are sick of shipping our magnificent warriors off to die in ill-conceived, poorly-planned, ineptly-executed wars where we ended up shedding our boys’ (and girls’) blood refereeing fights that go back a dozen centuries.The coastal elite gets to bask in the radiance of its own moral superiority for deploying young people in camo from Nebraska farms and Texas towns, and we get to hold the funerals. Hard pass. We’re done being suckers. We’re done being at the back of a line that consists of the entire world when it comes to who our master caste protects. And we’re done with the elite cashing-in – have you noticed that all the outrage out there among the hoi polloi is directed not at the manifest corruption itself but at Donald Trump for calling out the manifest corruption of noted-Boliviaphile Hoover McPaternity Biden?….If your exit criteria for closing out some overseas adventure is “We can leave when things are stable” in a place that hasn’t been stable in 5000 years, you are advocating for “endless war.”

      Amen Kurt Amen!

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    • Bubba Cow says:



    • Bubby says:


      FTA “Allen was shot by a sniper while on foot patrol in Afghanistan in 2009, and required three years of care at a military hospital in Florida. He was left unable to walk or talk, and in need of 24-hour care.”

      This is what President Trump wants to avoid by getting trapped in endless wars like Afghanistan! God bless Retired Master Sgt. Mark Allen and his family! Horrible suffering for 10 years and his death was caused by a deserter and traitor!


      • TexanInFL says:

        My husband and son both have been over in that godforsaken area of the world. My husband was deployed (Navy) when 9/11 happened…my son in Afghanistan later (Army)..what a total $hithole. I support the POTUS 100% bringing our warriors home. Not another drop of American blood.

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  8. nwtex says:

    Fox News triples and MSNBC doubles CNN’s ‘LGBT town hall’ ratings
    October 11, 2019

    The town hall itself averaged slightly less than 1.1 million viewers.


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    • sunnydaze says:

      Kinda too bad, actually. This is the ONE time when I wish the MSNBC peeps would’ve gone over to CNN.

      From the little I’ve seen of this so far, I think this would’ve turned a lot more people away from the Democrats. Looked like a real train wreck.

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      • The Boss says:

        A lot of people have already done the #walkaway and #blexit thing from the democrat party. Believe me. That’s why so few actually watched CNN’s crap fest.

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  9. joeknuckles says:

    It’s hard to believe they haven’t tried yet. Maybe they did and got caught??

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  10. Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired says:

    My Fellow Americans:

    RE: A first! A president with the courage to: 1). Stand up for America’s warriors. 2). To tell the whole damn military/industrial complex, the damn establishment, the swamp, idiots far and wide to sit down and shut-up!

    Four points. 1). Our Commander-in-Chief (CINC) is keeping a promise that made many veterans and active duty personnel rush to the polls to support him. 2). Donald Trump is the first CINC in my lifetime who is actually telling the military/industrial complex to sod off! 3). Those of us who have spent many years dealing with many of the groups in the muslim world know the real Kurds, and know they are only allies with infidels when it suits their purposes. 4). The veterans of this nation are fast reaching a very dangerous place regarding corruption/incompetence in the political community, the bureaucracy, and the media. I am afraid that not even the CINC can calm them!

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

    Note: The message below was submitted earlier. Considering the absolutely criminal/cowardly behavior of many in political community, the bureaucracy, and the media think it is appropriate to remind Americans that many of the military community are growing very weary!

    America’s Military History/Destiny/Hex: “Never to win a war save the revolution via leadership and then only one, that being via logistics! The rest only served to enrich the elites among them with power and wealth, while stripping their youth of their lives and/or souls!”

    First Mr. Kennedy, then Mr. Johnson, and finally Mr. Nixon; none wanting to hear the cries of those returning to their homes un-welcomed, nor the silence of those left in the jungles! Then Mr. Bush (the younger) in revenge for his father paid us no heed as he rushed into Iraq! Next, Mr. Obama surrounded by his brilliant young advisors so blinded by their arrogance and ignorance only to bring rise to un-imagined horrors. Now comes Mr. Trump with his Commander-in-Chief tasks divided for having to fight multitudes of self-serving cowards at home, while facing an enemy sworn to serve an unseen master to the death!

    The only prayer left to those of us who have shared the horrors of war is that God welcomes our brothers and sisters who’s souls have gone on to be with him, while we do not neglect those who still walk the earth today with souls just as dead!

    An old vet who cannot forget!


    We killed and crippled in the name of freedom; in the jungle we planted our young with only prayers to lead and feed them.

    Blinded to the enemy the death march began as the jungle screamed the beginning of their end.

    In subhuman conditions healthy flesh bred rot, while in the trees hung bodies stripped of only God knows what not.

    Some sought their own release unaware if friend or foe; thrusting against a shield to kill hidden foe, often never to show.

    Only the dead pained no more, the living were in hell forced to bear the daily death and gore evermore.

    Years uncountable passed while vast numbers died; others came home without welcome and with wounded souls who could only cry.

    Some retreated to the hills never more to be heard, unable to cope or live in a world grown so absurd.

    Others were productive and went on to multiply, but carried scars to affect the apples of their eye.

    We should have cleansed their mortal hurt instead of sweeping them under carpet like long forgotten dirt.

    For some the nightmares never end, haunted by a war that should have never been.

    They left as boys and returned as men; made old after seeing more than they could ever contend.

    They paid the price for a debt society can never repay; robbed of their youth and left with scars affecting generations today.

    Soldier, US Army

    PS Whether it be jungle or desert, the horrors are the same!

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  11. nwtex says:

    If interested in reading the article you will need to scroll down as the top portion of the page is blank maybe it is because of my ad blocker, dunno.

    Illegal immigrant accused of gang murder after sanctuary policy blocks deportation
    October 9, 2019
    He was in police custody repeatedly over the last six months, both before and after the murder, and each time ICE asked that deportation officers be notified before he was released. Each time jails defied the request, ICE says.


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  12. This should be a great week folks!!! PDJT has our backs. And we have his back.

    (And the number of our backs PDJT has keeps growing and growing).

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  13. Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired says:

    Special Note: Best you open your eyes/ears America, the truth is everywhere! Do you have the courage to see/hear? Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

    TO: Americans
    cc: President Trump, Members of Congress, The Media, Academia, The Bureaucracy.

    Note: This message/comment is being posted to any article providing examples of the actions of the political class, the media, bureaucrats, and academia proving the soldier’s lessons learned and the reason for submitting this comment. Seven of the lessons have been omitted in consideration of our more sensitive brothers/sisters.

    RE: Rape, Pillage, Plunder; American You’ve Been Had!

    After 26 years of active duty and into my third year as a police chief, I published 12 of 15 of what I titled as; ‘A Soldier’s Lessons Learned’. They were to serve as the prelude to a book I was writing. The title of the book was meant to establish in a few words the overall conclusion of the book, which lays out in detail how the I arrived at each of the lessons learned. The original title of the book was; ‘Rape, Pillage, Plunder; American You’ve Been Had!’ Side Note: After B.H. Obama was elected to his second term the title was changed to: ‘Rape, Pillage, Plunder; American You’ve Been Had and It’s Your Own Damn Fault!’ Sadly, since Donald Trump came down that escalator Americans are being provided daily proof of the validity of the lessons learned and the title of the book! Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired

    A Soldier/Cop’s Lessons Learned

    Note: In an attempt to bring the lessons learned into the current political climate I have inserted a short comment where I deemed appropriate.

    1. Soldiers (ground combat soldiers, that is) do not fight first and foremost for their country, the flag, motherhood, nor apple pie. Before all else, soldiers engaged in ground combat fight for their fellow soldiers and their unit.

    Note: Were this one not true I fear to imagine how many of us combat veterans would have already lost all control and commence to apply our skills against those who pose the greatest threat to the American people!

    2. The Seven C’s of Leadership according to a 1980 survey of 1646 of Vietnam era ground combat veterans listed of the order of their importance are; Candor, Competence, Consistency, Commitment, Courage, Compassion, and Courtesy. The reason the soldiers in the survey chose the word “candor” is because to them candor encompasses both omission and co-mission. To a combat soldier lack of absolute candor, be it co-mission or omission, are equal sins! In short, soldiers expect/demand absolute candor from their leaders before all else.

    Note: Members of Congress take note. In my opinion you on the left have proven you are masters of Co-mission, while you on the right have proven you are the masters of omission! In short, all of you have proven you are cowards and trying to instill the Seven C’s of Leadership in any of you is a waste of time!

    3. Omitted.

    4. The American people are the most effectively lied to people in modern times thanks primarily to the American political class, the American bureaucracy, the American media, and American academia.

    5. Arrogance coupled with ignorance equals stupidity.

    6. The greatest threats to the American people are the corrupt and/or incompetent politicians/bureaucrats/academicians found at every level of government/academia, and the majority of the American so-called media.

    7. Most of the politicians/bureaucrats/academicians I have encountered during my years as a soldier/cop I most kindly refer to as; self-serving, witless, cowards.

    8-13. Omitted.

    14. After carefully watching the whole of the political class since Donald J. Trump walked down that escalator in Trump Tower to date, I can say without reservation that most of the group will sell their souls and our bodies just to remain in power. (Added 2019)

    Note: Sorry, not enough room herein to start to list the individual personalities whose activities will provide absolute proof of this statement. But, one might want to start with B & M Obama, B & H Clinton, J & H Biden, etc…

    15. Want to see what the United States of America will look like if the left takes control of the government? Take your pick, New York City, Baltimore, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or the complete package; California. (Added 2019)

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired


    Please, one final note: Contrary to the implications of several of my lessons learned, I have long ago abandoned any desire to negate (Negate, the procedure that the British SAS [Special Air Service] utilizes to transfer subjects from the persons of interest list to the persons no longer of interest list.) those of the any of four communities who would threaten and/or interfere with soldiers/cops actions to protect/serve the American people. No, these days I would support rounding up the most obnoxious of the communities, issuing each of them a tent and a bus ticket to California, and instructing them that if they leave California it best be on a sailboat (must consider the environment you know) heading to China!

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  14. nwtex says:

    Kamala Harris Signs University of Nevada Anti Racism Petition That Includes Turning Point USA
    October 13, 2019



  15. Steve in MT says:

    What I find interesting is that with the expected release of the Horowitz report, there have been no leaks other than an expectation of the report being delivered on Friday. No blurbs about wrongdoing by Trump, no leaks of anything wrong by the Democrats’ Deep State.
    This leads me to think that the news is really bad for the Democrats. If it was good for them, it would already be trumpeted from “individuals with knowledge” that they have used to try and destroy Trump.
    Could be a very interesting Friday.

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    • Rynn69 says:

      Steve: IMHO it will not be significant and full of redactions. The author is the IG, an actor and preserver of the Deep State. What Barr and Durham are doing will tell the real tale.


    • The IG report is from the DOJ/OIG…Who runs DOJ? Mr. Bagpipes…Who does AG report too? The President.

      Now,, I believe that the President, who is the TOP LAW ENFORCER tells Mr. Bagpipes that the IG REPORT had better be THOROUGH and VERY ACCURATE.

      Why? Criminal Indictments will flow from this!!!

      AND that is why the dems/sleazebags are eating their brain cells!!! This report will NOT BE A WHITEWASH LIKE THE LAST ONE!!!

      I would guess that come about the 17th Oct that a few people will have VERY LOOSE INTESTINAL ISSUES!!!!!!!


  16. nwtex says:


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  17. sunnydaze says:

    Allen West is gonna help Scott Presler in TX!

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  18. craigusc says:

    Than you President Trump for ending our involvement in Syria once and for all. –Signed American Moms and Dads

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  19. wendy forward says:

    LOVE me some JERICHO!!! “Daddy China”!


  20. nwtex says:

    Kimberly is looking better than ever. Life must be agreeing with her 😉

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  21. citizen817 says:

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  22. citizen817 says:

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    • Rynn69 says:

      How does that old saying go – pretty is as pretty does?


    • GB Bari says:

      Read down the thread under the twitter post.
      Pretty stunning how many people actually believe the House is issuing full subpoenas under a real authority established in the Constitution.

      The brainwashed ignorance is strong in that forum.


  23. citizen817 says:

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  24. citizen817 says:

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  25. citizen817 says:

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    • Garrison Hall says:

      As is customarily the case, Sundance’s comments about the Syrian Kurds was spot on. With all the teeth gnashing going on about the American “abandonment” of the Kurds, it’s easy to lose sight of an important point: The Kurds did, indeed, prove to be good ally’s during our fight to destroy ISIS but they did so not out of any great loyalty to America. They are good soldiers who understood that having American’s back them up would provide them with a logistical bonanza.

      When the US teams up with foreign fighters, the first thing we do is provide them with up-to-date weapons. I have no doubt that the Kurds, not being dummies, understood enough about geopolitics to realize that the US might not be around indefinitely and so, while we were there, I’m pretty certain that they made sure to build up their weapons stocks like never before. Similarly, the US soldiers serving in Syria, also not being dummies, undoubtedly kept the arms flowing right up until the moment the last American left the field.

      In short, while the Kurds may not have an air-force, they remain a battle hardened fighting force that is now in possession of a complete arsenal of American weaponry. The Turkish military, a peacetime force, is about to go up against a bunch of killers with modern American weapons. I seriously doubt that the Kurds will be the pushovers the media is making them out to be.

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  26. citizen817 says:

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  27. citizen817 says:

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  28. citizen817 says:

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  29. citizen817 says:

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  30. citizen817 says:

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  31. citizen817 says:

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  32. citizen817 says:

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  33. citizen817 says:

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  34. citizen817 says:

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  35. Aintree says:

    From Rudy’s Twitter site

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  36. nwtex says:

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  37. citizen817 says:

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  38. citizen817 says:

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  39. citizen817 says:

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    • GB Bari says:

      It’s the sign of full-blown Communism.
      There are mass graves in the former Soviet Union, China, and Cambodia as hard, grim evidence.

      Let’s stop dancing around the edges.

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  40. citizen817 says:

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  41. citizen817 says:

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  42. nwtex says:

    Fox News pollster Braun Research misrepresented impeachment poll: analysis
    October 12, 2019 | 8:36pm

    When President Trump criticized Fox News’ pollster, he actually had a point.

    The poll prompted Trump to tweet: “Whoever [Fox News’] Pollster is, they suck.”
    Braun could not be reached for comment.


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  43. John Comnenus says:

    My hot tip – The Pelosi Schiff impeachment article will be for abuse of power in that Trump threatened a Whistleblower and or Schiff by Tweet. I am sure there will be protections for Whistleblowers in the relevant law. The fact that (s)he isn’t an actual whistleblower, and therefore not subject to any protection, is irrelevant in their mind. The fact that no one knows the identity is also irrelevant in their mind as is the fact that Trump clearly means that any action would be after investigation and due legal process.

    My other hot tip is that the impeachment articles will be publicly released just before the IG Report as a means to suck the oxygen out of that story. The media will acquiesce in the Coup as per normal.

    What a farce. Surely most Americans aren’t stupid enough to fall for this.

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    • Rynn69 says:


      Pathetic. All this does is continuously reinforce to even the most ill-informed American that our government has been weaponized politically by the unhinged Democrats and Deep State. Every time they harass the President and others it just solidifies this truth.

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  44. nwtex says:

    Hunter Biden attempts to squash appearances of conflict of interest with father
    Swears off ‘foreign owned companies’ if father elected
    Sunday, October 13, 2019


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  45. Troublemaker10 says:

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  46. citizen817 says:

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  47. citizen817 says:

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  48. Robster says:

    The walls are closing in, the beginning of the end. For Comey, Clapper et al.

    Interesting group of people travelled to Australia in March 2016. Several news articles cover this.

    March 8-9 2016 Joseph Mifsud: From the article, ‘Joseph Mifsud will be in Adelaide in 8-9 March 2016 to participate in the World Summit on Uncontrolled Migration held at the Adelaide Convention Centre, South Australia’.
    Strangely enough Adelaide is the hometown of Alexander Downer.

    Week beginning 8 March 2016 James Comey – The head of the FBI has secretly met with Australian Federal Police and ASIO (our spy agency) officials in Canberra. This article was paywalled however our national broadcaster (ABC) had an article dated 16 March 2016 that wasn’t. From that article, ‘Last week the Australian Federal Police hosted the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation James B Comey on a two-day visit to Australia’.

    March 16 2016 James Clapper: From the same ABC article – ‘US spy boss James Robert Clapper Jr makes secretive visit to Australia. America’s top spy, the US Director of National Intelligence, is on a secret visit to Australia, the ABC has learnt.

    James Robert Clapper Jr directs the US National Intelligence Program and reports directly to President Barack Obama. So far the Federal Government is refusing to give any details of his activities and meetings while in Australia, but the United States embassy in Canberra has confirmed Mr Clapper’s visit’.

    In a nutshell, Comey, Clapper and Mifsud were all in Australia in the first few weeks of March 2016 with Comey also meeting with the heads of our spy agency (ASIO). Shortly after this in March 2016 George Papadopoulos was introduced the Mifsud in Italy.

    Coincidence, I don’t think so.

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    • Jase says:

      ASIO looks after domestic intelligence. ASIS (the Secret Intelligence Service) runs all overseas intelligence gathering operations.
      Coincidentally, perhaps, the head of ASIS in 2016 was Nick Warner, who also served two years as Foreign Affairs deputy secretary when Alexander Downer was Foreign Minister.


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