James O’Keefe Previews Hidden Camera Investigation of CNN…

Yesterday Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe announced a new series of releases obtained by an CNN insider who has been secretly recording views, and ideological instructions within the organization.

[Project Veritas] […] This week, a CNN insider will blow the whistle and through Project Veritas will release dozens of recordings made of officials at the highest levels of CNN, revealing a political agenda, bias and misconduct hidden from public view.

This series of tapes — which we think will be the biggest story of the year for Project Veritas — blends two extraordinary series of events; a brave insider secretly recording at work and a hard-hitting piece of hidden camera muckraking into one of the supposed “most trusted names in news.” (read more)

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194 Responses to James O’Keefe Previews Hidden Camera Investigation of CNN…

  1. thedoc00 says:

    It would be hilarious if the CNN staff meeting editing Brenan’s and Clapper’s whistle blower report and money changing hands is one of the tapes.

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  2. wildbill2u says:

    If the IG report comes out at the end of this week, we will have two events that might help the cause stepping on each other’s news explosion. too bad.

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    • Peppurr says:

      I’ve lost faith in the IG.

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      • yy4u says:

        Me, too. If he couldn’t find bias in Strzok and Page, he can’t find his own fanny at high noon with a searchlight.

        But as they say “hope springs eternal…”

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      • Jim in TN says:

        Sundances dispassionate take sounds very likely. The report will cover huge numbers of extremely disturbing violations. The cover story, more imposed by the DOJ than written by the IG, will whitewash everything. The whitewash results will dominate the news coverage.

        Sundance based that take on past experience. There really is no need to exercise wishful thinking that counters such practical experience. Or doubtful thinking that counters practical experience either. Neither would be rooted in what is known.

        There is still hope that Barr won’t allow or require the DOJ to cover up or whitewash as much as Rosenstein did. And each of us can believe one thing or another about Barr.

        I believe Barr makes protecting the DOJ a very high priority. I base that on his words since becoming AG under Trump. But that is not as concrete as Sundance’s analysis of multiple IG reports.

        I think Barr had had faith in Mueller. Like most of us, when we put faith in another human being, Barr was sorely disappointed. At least he had many years of contact, both friendship and professional, to base that faith on some practical experience.

        Still, there is room left to be wrong. And room left either way. We can be surprised for the good. Or for the bad.

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  3. RobInPA says:

    Maybe Mr. O’Keefe and his brave team of video-journalists can become ‘confidants’ within Planned-Parenthood and expose the gruesome and genocidal horrors that the organization supports?!

    I would imagine that if he ‘caught’ PP executives, dr’s and employees, et al, casually and light-heartedly discussing the homicide and dismemberment of little itty-bitty babies to illegally sell for profit their itty-bitty baby parts, all over a nice salad and a glass of Pinot during lunch, that there would be exhuberant calls across ALL political factions to immediately defund and proscute PP!

    I’m sure the country would come together and rally around that!

    “If it saves just one life!”, it’s sooooo worth it, right?!

    I’d better add this. . .


    My point is, don’t get your hopes up that this is going to change anything, except add to our collective frustration, high BP readings and Cold Anger!!

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    • swissik says:

      Your very last sentence says it all, could not state it better myself.

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    • yy4u says:

      It doesn’t matter RobinPA — the mainstream blackout is such that people like my son who get their news from mainstream media believe Project Veritas are liars. That’s the benefit of controlling not only the Deep State but the media that reports on it. At least half the people in the USA are programmed to believe only what the MSM tell them. They’ll find out the truth — as we did — but I suspect it’ll be too late.

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  4. Kleen says:

    It’s out

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  5. J.Thomas says:

    Found it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7XZmugtLv4

    Zucker himself is exposed as pushing impeachment.

    Big deal.

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    • it is a big deal. many still think of CNN from their days dominating airport bars. it might be the only time they’ve ever heard them. the disinfecting light of truth is never bad. it might be embarrassing, it might be painful, but the truth hurts.

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  6. J.Thomas says:

    This is fantastic work by this whistleblower.

    CNN exposed.

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  7. webgirlpdx says:

    So let’s count how many times they all vomit the word “impeachment” today….

    Let freedom ring!!

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  8. They have been recording for months. O’Keefe is setting a trap. He waits for reaction and sucks them in. Then drops more.

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  9. Mr e-man says:

    I would love to see a “whistleblower” in the Democrat House Caucus meetings exposing the rampant corruption and the outing of the conversations of the conspiracy to impeach Trump. Perhaps a Schiff staffer that will come clean.

    Is there not one brave honest soul on the Dem side that would be willing to expose the lies and corruption that the Dems and their media henchmen are doing to this country?

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  10. 1riot1ranger says:

    What I have seen is underwhelming. Everyone knows CNN has an anti-Trump bias. I just wish I didn’t have to listen to them at the airport

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  11. keeler says:

    Working my way through the video now…

    Zucker’s words are “We’re working towards impeachment… we shouldn’t pretend, oh, this is going one way. And so all these moves are moves towards impeachment.”

    What does “we” mean? What does “all these moves” mean?

    A charitable interpretation would be Zucker is merely referring to CNN. More likely, “we” and “all these moves” suggests knowledge of and collusion with the House Impeachment Scheme.

    Probably not breaking news to CTH readers, but that is a big reveal to the wider public..

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  12. ezduzit63 says:

    Not too much in the first Video…that we did not already know for the most part…looking forward to more..

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  13. Blue Wildflower says:

    It seems like Zuck and some of the CNN people think they got President Trump elected so they can now, take him down. So sounds like they think the American voter has nothing to do with electing a president, we can not think for ourselves, we just follow the views of CNN.

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    • Sherri Young says:

      You can see the same mindset with The Resistance.

      “Somehow, this travesty was allowed to happen. There is an illegitimate occupant in the White House. The true President is locked out. This miscarriage of justice must be fixed. We are the true patriots.”

      Am I close?

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  14. It is interesting that on the tape Zucker talks about how CNN needs to discontinue contact with Lindsay graham! What is that all about?

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  15. Sammy Hains says:

    I’d love to see someone put together a video with Zucker saying “I think what’s going on in America now is really fundamentally the result of years of fake news conspiracy nonsense from Fox News” followed by an hour of non-stop clips of Muh Russia conspiracy nonsense from CNN hosts.

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  16. Irisheyes says:

    I read a pertinent article today at The Federalist: https://thefederalist.com/2019/10/11/the-right-doesnt-need-more-courage-we-need-better-training-and-bigger-sticks/

    It gives what is in my mind is a profound message – that conservatives aren’t fighting fire-with-fire compared to the liberal / socialists, and what we can do to even the playing field

    Kinda like what Andrew Breitbart would be saying if he was still with us. I encourage everyone here to read it and pass it along. We can’t keep depending on others like James to do it for us.

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    • Dekester says:


      So true..Did PDJT not state “ I will teach Republicans how to fight”

      He sure is, and some😉

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    • American Heritage says:

      Excellent article. It addresses the critical weakness of conservative activism: disparate groups making useful contributions but never coming together to win in skirmishes against the marauding leftists. Using the Marx/Alinsky communist model, perfected over decades in subversive communist operations, the left has a huge advantage in its vast networks of operatives and individual cells already in place.

      The RNC as the official organizing body on the right isn’t likely to solve this problem, but maybe someone in the Trump talent pool could rise up and take the lead on creating a vast inter-connected network of professional activists to galvanize conservatives eager to fight the good political fight, but lacking leadership and organization.

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  17. Gil Stonebarger says:

    so what? seriously folks, NONE of o’keefe’s videos have accomplished anything. I applaud him, but it all means NOTHING, while criminals walk free on the left, because we are busy with our “cold anger”

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  18. Blue Wildflower says:

    The more truth the better! It confirms what the readers of Sundance already know.
    Is there some guide lines for news networks? Can I get a Network and say anything I want even if it does not resemble the truth? Where does this stop? Sounds like every major network has the same lies depending on the narrative they are pushing. Maybe at some point we should go back to live reporters giving the news on the scene.

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  19. lisabrqwc says:

    CNN is peddling hate. Twenty-four hour a day cable TV news — they have to keep their viewers riled up or who’s going to tune in to watch? Same with politicians — dealing in fear and hate to keep their base fired up. It’s like they’re in an alternate universe. Life is good and getting better all the time with our VSGPDJT and the other side does nothing but gnash their teeth while being lied to 24/7.

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  20. Sherri Young says:

    Did y’all notice whose name did not come up among the people who dislike Trump? In fact, his name didn’t come up at all.

    Jim Acosta.

    Acosta must be the juicy tidbit that is being saved for later.

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  21. Sherri Young says:

    Project Veritas has multiple short clips for your use on their webpage.


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  22. CNN – the most busted name in news.

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