Extensive Phone Interview – President Trump Interviewed by Judge Jeanine…

Earlier this evening President Trump called into to Fox News host Judge Jeanine for an extensive interview covering a lot of current events.

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81 Responses to Extensive Phone Interview – President Trump Interviewed by Judge Jeanine…

  1. Riick Darr says:

    FYI, I used to be Rikster but have had problems reposting. It asks me to sign in every time I post, sigh,

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  2. dissonant1 says:

    Judge Jeanine – still at Fox News – looks more beautiful than ever. It is the content of her character?

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    • trishinsouthernillinois says:

      She should sue her dress maker!

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      • AHHH Trish…You caught those sleeves too…Not too flattering I must say!!!

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        • botchedcasuality says:

          Dreadful, she looks great with bare shoulders though. There is an age when three quarter length sleeves are a good idea.

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          • trishinsouthernillinois says:

            At first I thought she went through a zombie horde to get to the show, but then I saw the dress maker forgot to finish sewing those sleeves. Totally distracting. My son fled the room, afraid he was gonna see armpit hair LOL!

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            • ann says:

              If a Resist Horde got sicked on The Judge, they’d be mincemeat

              Hillarian mobs dare to hurt our Police, to mutilate horses‼️

              citizens will forthwith muster to protect our police 🏇🏻

              Only the lowest r cruel to animals. 🏴🔚

              Dare such come to my zone, I’ll rise up post op, & totter forth to defend my community , faith, heritage & way of life..
              All I hold dear will not be surrendered to minions & mincing technocrats‼️

              🛌 ♿️ 💪🏼🤺 ⛪️🏘🔔 ⚖️ 🦅 🏞⛰🇺🇸

              I refuse to be transformed.‼️

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      • JTR says:

        She is not of the age to be flaunting her armpit wrinkles. Other than that, she is beautiful.

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  3. littlequilterkitty says:

    Here’s nominating President Trump for MAN OFTHE CENTURY! We are beyond proud that this fighter is our President!

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  4. Skippy says:

    Experience w same frustration suggests to me you have to a) be logged into WordPress and b) log into TreeHouse. So it’s a 2-for to be successful.

    I suggest making a simple response to any post and hit “remember me”. One’s “Gravitar” symble also plays a role, so work to show it w proper password and ID. Hope this helps you.

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  5. ann says:

    It’s disgusting to watch the hypocritical DoJ attack Rudy , POTUS and us, seeking revenge & defending to the death their Pet Politicians corrosive corruption.
    Massive amount of compelling evidence.
    Why should we respect a legal system that fights against justice

    Fillled w straight up rage.!

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  6. visage13 says:

    It has been a year since McCabe has been referred to the DOJ yet instantly when Rudy exposes Biden the DOJ is investigating him. Paging Bill Barr………………..

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  7. joeknuckles says:

    This phony impeachment inquiry is really just a vehicle to frame Trump so they can just vote to impeach him without ever having a real inquiry with due process.

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  8. ATheoK says:

    Blockquote> “ann says: October 13, 2019 at 12:19 am

    Fillled w straight up rage.!”

    Here in Virginia, I occasionally have to convince baldfaced hornets not to put their nests in trees where kids play, people work or can disturb in any way; e.g. mowing or pruning.

    I sprayed a large baldfaced hornet nest late in a july day. Well, to be exact, I damaged their paper nest and then sprayed the entire nest.
    As the little buggers came closer to death, the more desperate they seemed to be about getting revenge on other living creatures and nothing within fifty yards was safe. No flying around a person or animals, they came straight in stinging. Their sting venom causes tissue necrosis.
    One of the lessons, I learned was that ornery creatures get desperate and vindictive towards the end; and it’s best to patiently wait far from their areas of disturbance.

    The other lesson was to spray hornets during cool dawns when the nest wasn’t hyperactive.

    Another vicious vindictive hornet locally is the European hornet, a particularly bad tempered bug. Where the baldfaced hornets watch you closely only as you approach their nest, the European hornets watch and are quickly irritated anywhere you encounter them. Whether it’s around fruit trees, hummingbird feeders, butterfly bushes or my lilacs; the European hornets rise to attack from wherever they are resting or feeding. I’ve been stung multiple times because the tractor bothered them near the butterfly bush or where they’re causing havoc on my lilacs (they strip bark to get at the sap and frequently girdle the lilac bush causing stems and branches to die.).

    Fortunately, the European hornets make their nests in the nearby woods far from everyday activity; though they have made my cutting firewood in late summer somewhat exciting.

    Just like the bald faced hornets, European hornets close to death are desperate to hurt things. Unlike the baldfaced hornets, any incipiant mortality, e.g. winter’s arrival, sends the European hornet seeking to maim or cause mayhem.

    The DOJ and FBI attacking Giuliani and his Ukrainian assistants strikes me as a similar event. Just for being in a photograph with Don Jr. the FBI opens an investigation? Only cartoons are so devoid of due process.
    Then there is the arrests, with great fanfare and copious press announcements of vile charges and massive money mishandlings… Really? They got all of that from a photograph?

    What we need to do is wait for the court trials.
    Unless the two Ukrainians are really as evil as the FBI agents claim, I suspect their trial will be as much a mockery as General Flynn’s, Manafort’s, and Roger Stone. Corrupt reasons to investigate, suspicious research, vast conspiracy charges; now we need to see, assess and interrogate the evidence produced. Much of which may still be in court when President Trump is re-elected.
    As rogue agents, prosecutors and lawyers expose themselves, the easier it will be for President Trump to remove them.

    Rudy is a very smart lawyer. They are abusing him in the press right now where Rudy is no stranger to bogus press attacks. My guess is Rudy can and will catch them out.
    Remember, Rudy and the Ukrainian government are still doling out very damaging information about the Bidens, Obama, Clinton and even Yovanovich.

    Patience and careful avoidance is required as the vindictive creatures flail around in their end days. Don’t let anger stress you out.
    Turn it into art or practical matters! Work on some metal. Image evildoers who deserve molten immersion as you weld a bead. Hammer off the spatter or flux that you’ve named Biden, Yovanovich or whistleblow… Cheers!

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    • ann says:

      Good advice Theo, and beautifully said.
      Calmed me down. ♥️

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      • ann says:

        Want you to know how much I appreciate your wisdom.
        Your analogy with wasps is fitting, hives, which in varied forms , whether cruel mobs or fed prosecutors & squads who persecute the righteous.

        Your unobtrusive vigilant watch to protect your community is what I’ve felt is absent, especially due to where I live.

        Not a naturally angry person, never hit anyone, other than judicious swats to socialise my young,

        In my “sanctuary city & state” a prolonged drift at DoJ allowed the colsidation of a ruling order and body of established law that attacks my way of life, our 115 yr family business & the loyal skilled family breadwinners who are lifetime employees.

        My district’s communities are insulated socially & economically from the deleterious impact of this 30 year epoch of top down selfish ineptitude.

        colleagues, neighbors, local, state & Congressional leaders & decisionmakers
        are incurious, intolerant and culturebound .

        hi income, protected by profession & wealth, disattached from the fate of fellow Americans, solid DNC.
        15 years of accelerating control , Judicial coercion & a narrowing of minds.

        For ex, In our , or my father’s neighborhoods, since 07, immediate, serious vandalism if one posts a rep yard sign, bumper sticker, hat , etc. These are well heeled post grads, w beautiful homes, prosperous .
        Yet by night, dog walking, bitter stealth wars rage between DNC factions : Socialists, vs, SD, vs BidenHillary Dems, It’s WEIRD,, an unnatural, uncomfortably oppressive milieu

        I digress.

        Much gratitude, the reassurance, steadiness and sense of calm carried across our continent to the Pacific. 🦅🇺🇸♥️. .


    • Petrel says:

      Did you notice these two were initially described as Ukranians? Then they were described as “foreign born.” How come?

      FBI agents needed a court warrant to spy on citizens of the USA, but probably skipped that bothersome 4th Amemdment requirement. Instead our “premier law enforcement” agents violated the constitutional rights of these naturalized citizens and spied on them as foreigners — just as they spied on William Binney, Roger Stone and so many others.

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      • john says:

        The alleged FEC crimes these two men are accused of can not be committed by citizens of the United States.

        But most Americans are too ignorant of our laws to refute the MSM lies.

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    • Dekester says:

      Theo, thank you ever so much.

      Wonderfully put together.

      God bless PDJT

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      What a delightful analogy, Theo. The bugs are lashing out and we must focus on destroying them. I have a similar story…

      A few years ago, I attempted to destroy a large underground yellow-jacket nest in the back yard. I got most of them, but was badly stung in the process, and they eventually recolonized.

      Fortunately, I saw an advertisement for a company looking for yellow-jacket nests to remove – for FREE! They collect them live, so that they can be used for anti-venom. (I think it was Norway, where they said they sent them.)

      These guys showed up in full white combat gear. They fully encompassed the nest, and ran a large vacuum hose from it all the way to their van out front, where the yellow-jackets were then collected in a secure container.

      The vacuum ran for about 4 hours. When the guys came back, every single bug was gone. They destroyed the nest and treated the area. It was safe to come outside again. Most impressive.

      Maybe we just need to call the professionals in white coats to come out and haul these nasty pests off, LOL!

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    • Hutzpa says:

      My Dad told me if you want to kill a hornets nest, often they are built underground. Carefully and patiently follow them until you find the entrance and mark it with an object. They return home at sundown and go to sleep. In the middle of the night stealthily dump a container of gasoline down the entrance and quickly cover it with a bucket. Problem solved.

      I think these Liberal Deep State Hornets have gotten aggressive, emboldened and cocky. Their arrogance is so enlarged and they will soon go rest on their laurels anticipating their next victim. Perfect time to strike.

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      • ann says:

        Theo’s analogy fits, Hutzpa, and is a comfort to the soul.

        Cause I know not how to go about wasp removal or dealing effectively with threats to our communities.
        Hence, a sense of powerless drift into collapse without any defense of the righteous ,

        I feel the need to act, and startlingly uncharacteristic rage emerges. .

        Resist operates as a hive, although manifests in varied forms, from mobs to federal prosecutors & squads of agents.

        I love the wisdom, the imagery of thoughtful community protectors, who understand the ways of wasps and how to remove them,
        Unobtrusive, vigilant and good. 🇺🇸♥️🦅


    • StanH says:

      Bingo! I agree. The cabal is lashing out and President Trump ifs the Orkin Man and we are his bug killer and they know it. Remember what the criminal wench Hitlery said on an open mic too paraphrase: If that SOB wins we all hang.

      Great analogy AtheoK.

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    • Linda K. says:

      Well said Theo!
      I can’t help wondering where you live, that you have so many hornet encounters? We have yellow jackets here, and their nest is in the ground usually where I need to weed.

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    • I have spent my entire life training horses and working dogs. Because I was good at what I did, I was often given difficult or problem animals to deal with. One thing I learned……a scared animal is a dangerous animal……push them too hard and they won’t only attack you, BUT they often are willing to hurt themselves badly rather than give in.( I try never to push an animal to that point of fear…there are better ways to go about things) I think that’s where dims are now; they’re scared and hurting themselves in their frenzy to escape.

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    • Disgusted says:

      Well, Theo, My first look at your message had me react with “Too long” to even start reading this one”, but once I’d started I wanted to continue. Happy I did so. Thanks for taking the time to share!

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      • ann says:

        Yes disgusted,
        Theo shared a wealth of wisdom in his response.

        Resist does operate rather like a hive.

        The visualisation of unobtrusive thoughtful action,
        Of stewardship, a protective response to
        remove danger to the community

        Fits what for so long, in my soul I’ve felt was missing.

        Hence my rage.
        Cause I’m not an angry or extreme person, never hit anyone in my life , other than judicious swats of my kids .


    • TwoLaine says:

      I recently read what I tho’t was a really impressive commencement speech given at Sullins College in Bristol, TN, May 1944, by Bishop Paul Bentley Kern. It was entitled “Play Fair With Your World”. One of the things in there to was have a hobby. Your instruction to go pound metal made me smile and remember it.

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  9. GB Bari says:

    You just gotta love Judge Jeanine. She is so polite and patient.
    Our President gets so few opportunities for network interviews where he isn’t under constant attack by fame-seeking hubris-filled on-air “talent.” He loves to tell the audience his side of the story. He has a lot to tell.. Jeanine was so gracious.

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      POTUS wasn’t up for answering questions, was he? It was amusing that he chose to bring up Paul Ryan’s failings, considering Ryan’s position on the board of Fox Corp now. Poor JJ didn’t have much to say about that!

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    • botchedcasuality says:

      Trump was not at his finest in that interview, he was so busy redundantly touting his many accomplishments that he blew it with Judge Jeannine, he should have allowed her to ask questions,….. before the MSM states his case. Questions around Syria and the Kurds need to be re-explained after three years of accolades over their help, and the Issis fighters? No plan?
      He should name Ambassador Yovanovitch as the target of his request for Ukraine’s help researching corruption into Burisma payoffs and Ukrainian misspending of American Aid, including Involvement of US officials facilitating corruption. Obviously he could not name Yovanovitch while asking for an investigation, (the Bidens were just an incidental layer similar to a FISA search). Attacks on Gulliani could be akin to attacking a whistleblower.
      So much missed opportunity to introduce doubt.


  10. wodiej says:

    God bless our President and Judge Jeaninne.

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  11. Bigly says:

    Love trump, but he is absolutely going to have to fight harder than “I don’t think “ Rudy is corrupt.

    That ain’t going to fly so much.

    Needs to turn their investigation against them – “funny how Rudy all of a sudden is corrupt” when he goes after corruption. Their all liars and thrives and their all around us…

    I know, I am telling trump what to say, but geez whiz, what he said there about Rudy was incredibly weak. Maybe the question took him by surprise.

    Bannon too seemed to go weak around Rudy.

    Rudy is the guy with the evidence. He needs to be in a fortified position by all….would seem to me.


    • Linda K. says:

      Trump is behind Rudy and Rudy is prepared with evidence from the Ukraine, if the FBI needs some help. To go after Rudy with a FARA violation shows a level of corruption still present at the FBI that I can’t believe. But I believe Rudy is not naive about his risks and protects himself with proof of his every move.
      If Joe Biden took money for his son or himself, that is illegal! Blago went to prison trying to sell Obama’s Senate seat. What is the difference? Biden was using his position to get money.

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  12. hocuspocus13 says:

    So the 2 guys who know Rudy Giuliani got arrested

    Do we know the name of the Fed person who called that shot?

    And the name of the Fed person who made the decision to investigate Rudy?

    Was it Wray?

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  13. Linda K. says:

    I was glad to hear Trump talk about his decision to withdraw from Syria and the Kurds. I agree we should go, but It seems everyone was upset that we were deserting our friends, the Kurds.
    The hard decisions need a strong leader. I would not want my sons there and the Kurds have known this day must come.
    Trump actually cares about our soldiers. Many pols are making money on these wars. It is shameful, really bad.

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  14. Pokey says:

    I watched this interview/diatribe. Trump is being trashed from every quarter now and he is lashing out at his tormentors as best as he can. But they have circled the wagons and the swamp has a much larger audience for their crap. I saw a President who feels the need to defend his policies, his actions, and himself at every opportunity. What a completely corrupted political class we have been saddled with. It has taken several generations for this level of corruption to be reached in our once great Country.

    One man, his family, and closest friends are facing long odds and we had better get him lots of help in then 2020 elections, or they will overwhelm him. The USA is fubar and I hate seeing my President being treated like he is a wounded and cornered animal. Hang in there PDJT. We better have your back and we know it!

    TRUMP 2020.

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  15. lydia00 says:

    “My wife told the president she doesn’t understand how he can do what he is doing while under nonstop assault. “I don’t either,” he said. It was both self-deprecating and funny.”



  16. repsort says:

    Trump and his entire family are toast if he doesn’t win. They’ve got endless reserves of corrupt bastards to send at him, wave after wave.


  17. GSparrow says:

    Judge Jeanine had a difficult time getting a word or a question in at times. But she maintained her patient and professional composure. P Trump is likely so happy and relieved to be finally talking to a friend and/or ally in the media after another week of MSM Pressers and constant negative press that he gets a tad excited during these friendly interviews. I can understand that completely as did Jeanine probably.

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  18. mike diamond says:

    We love President Trump,he loves our country and is doing a great job getting things done! The demo-rats,and The liberal news media have sold us out! But we will always pray every day for President Trump and our country!God Bless,to all treepers!

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