October 9th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #993

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


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  1. tuskyou says:

    ~Ambassador Dennis Rodman~

    Dennis Rodman suggests he can solve issues between NBA and China: ‘I know a thing or two about diplomacy’


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    • Bigly says:

      How can these guys guarantee what is going to happen? Good grief. What a couple of back seat door knobs.


      • 🍺Gunny66 says:

        What a back stabbing, milk toast, little weenie Graham is.

        A two faced Neo Con who does not give a hoot about spilling American blood.

        The Kurds have been there for a long time……all the Mid-East is nothing but Tribes who have been fighting each other for thousands of years and will “never” stop fighting each other.

        Hell, even all those people who invaded Europe, different Tribes are fighting each other in the streets of Europe and London, but all still hate the Western people.

        Even our own American Indians fought tribes different than themselves.

        And now they go off on a tangent of Israel………Pffft

        Graham is a Putz…..and that talking head…Kilamede?

        The biggest fight he has ever been in is sucking up to the female skirts on that show he is on…

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    • Robert Smith says:

      How about inviting all coup members to testify?

      It would be pretty interesting with all the public information we already know.

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  2. MaineCoon says:

    Live (now) Coverage by steve Lookner…

    Posted in the description of the Youtube live coverage: Turkey has begun its military attack on Kurdish forces in northern Syria. There are reports of intense Turkish airstrikes on Kurds’ positions. Get the latest in our LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE.

    The attack had been widely anticipated since Sunday night, when the White House changed its policy and announced it would withdraw troops from the region and no longer oppose a Turkish attack on the Kurds, who have been a US ally for several years in the fight against ISIS. Kurdish civilians are reportedly fleeing Kurd cities on the border in a panic, and Turkish warplanes are reported to be bombarding Kurds’ areas in Syria with airstrikes. In this interactive live stream, host Steve Lookner brings you the latest updates on the fighting in Syria, where Turkey has launched an attack on areas held by the Kurds, and he’ll also read your comments and questions on the air!

    Send Steve your comments as Turkey invades Syria and war begins between Turkey and the Kurds, at @lookner on Twitter.


    • Mainecoon, have you listened to lookner lately. He is a rabid leftie. He bought into Greta climate change, he was giddy over the possibly of impeachment. He uses NYT and wash po as his sources. His masked has fallen off. I followed him from RSBN but he is against our PRESIDENT OR very uninformed. I unsubscribed from him after his headline on Syria read
      TRUMP OKS TURKEY ATTACK ON KURDS. The pro trump people are being banned on his YouTube chat.

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      • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

        For all we now those Turkish artillery barrages could be landing on ISIS prisoner of war camps eliminating trapped Shiite fighters by the hundreds. Some are hoping that is exactly what’s happening because those Islamic State terrorists should have been terminated on the battlefield long ago.

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      • MaineCoon says:

        Thank you D_V for your added info. I sporadically watch Lookner when the news event is interesting, which I think this is as he gives local videos, etc. He used to be on staff with RSBN and fully a Trump supporter, but I agree with you that in today’s coverage (that I’ve been watching/listening to for about 45 minutes) is including the negative comments by those supporting PDJT (Graham (questionable) and Franklin Graham’s concern (tweet) for Christians in the area.

        All of us need to assess for ourselves. I want to see the LOCAL tweet videos of what is happening right now, and Lookner shows them. This is the coverage that is worthy of watching, imo. We can see what is happening, reporting by locals, via tweets or vids.

        There are going to be negative comments from all around. I think Lookner is fairly balanced in coverage. I haven’t seen him hating on PDJT, just my imo. Regardless the local coverage shown is worthy, imo. Appreciate your comment though.


      • IGiveUp says:

        What about this argument that we’re abandoning our allies? Why can’t we sell weapons to the Kurds but stop short of actually guaranteeing their survival which results in being compelled to commit troops? Helping an ally doesn’t means guaranteeing their safety or freedom. Same applies to Israel, Poland and other places where the geography in question(usually a border with Islam or a border with communism) implies conflict. Wanting your own country and culture within your own safe, secure borders is very different than being able to pull that off. Why do the Kurds feel that being in that corner of the world stuck between Turkey and Syria and Iran and with constant Russian interference, that they in fact can have a viable state? It strikes me as unlikely, unless it was nuclear armed.

        If the US, or its vital interests, isn’t being immediately threatened by Turkey or Russia, why isn’t it enough to take the Kurdish side, help arm them, and wish them the best, and let Iran and Russia and Turkey battle it out. Other times, our vital interests acutally will be threatened. Maybe that means one day we’ll have to get militarily involved in Iran/Saudi Arabia, or with China/N.Korea. But until then, I like what Trump’s doing. America can always provide help in any conflict to whatever groups we think fight the just cause, but blanket security guarantees in every case is ridiculous. The American security umbrella can’t be open permanently. It needs to be closed when the sun is shining.

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        • L. Gee says:

          My understanding is that we have ALREADY sold (or given?) millions of dollars worth of weapons to the Kurds (based on Pres. Trump’s tweets), and now it’s time for them to stand on their own.

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          • TrumpPatriot says:

            I fully trust my President. I have watched him access and evaluate what is not only best for America these past three years. . . .. but I’ve found him to be a considerate and temperate human as regards the best interests of others as well, secondary of course to the interests of America and Americans. I am annoyed with those who have made public statements to condemn his choice. I TRUST VSGPOTUS !

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        • Dani says:

          I read that there are three Kurdish factions the PKK in Turkey Kurds which everyone recognizes as a terrorist enterprise that has drawn the ire of the Turks, the Iraqi Kurds which are allies worthy of our protection and are unsympathetic to the PKK, and the Syrian Kurds which are not terrorist but sympathetic to the PKK. All three groups have battled ISIS. We have already armed the Iraqi and Syrian Kurds. Turkey is attacking the Syrian Kurds because they are sympathetic to the PKK but they are not attacking the Iraqi Kurds. We have armed the Syrian Kurds in pursuit of ISIS so they are not defenseless. We need to stay clear of the graphic of engaging a NATO allie. Things are about where they should be.

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        • doofusdawg says:

          My thinking is that Trump’s allowing Turkey ( nato member) to invade Syria is basically a sharp stick in the eye to the EU. When you think about it nato basically has two members… the EU and us. Sure there is Poland and some other eastern European countries but it’s basically us and the EU… and Turkey.

          Watching the EU flail around and call for urgent meetings is exactly what POTUS expected. He knew they wouldn’t raise a nickel or do anything substantial because they are nothing but bureaucrats. And he might also be using this to help Boris with Brexit.

          So the nato bureaucrats and the military industrial complex are left trying to make the case that we should engage militarily against a nato member on behalf of the EU. Perfect.

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          • Louisiana Tea Rose says:

            Who said you were a Doofus???

            My thoughts on this are like yours. VSGPDJT has calculated the reponse. The Kurds historically have been targets of many religious/ethnic alliances and that is tragic. We will never be able to change that, because they are not our friends. They have used us as “the enemy of our enemy” just as we have used them for same.

            Nothing more. Nothing less.

            Bigger picture is NATO/EU/military-industrial-financial complex…”The Spice Must Flow”.

            Sorry. Luv me sum Frank Hebert.


      • linda4298 says:

        You gotta love his channel NO AGENDA, LOL

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      • realeyecandy1 says:

        He most certainly is a rabid leftist … his mask fell off a long long time ago. The guy might be a little nuts too IMHO


    • Robert Smith says:

      I think this is an opportunity to proxy war Erdogan into history.


    • amjean says:

      I suspect wag the dog.


    • Doogiesblog says:

      Doing a little typical legal wordsmithing here… if Mueller replies that he didn’t “interview” for the job- could he mean that President Trump stated at the beginning of the conversation that Trump wasn’t going to hire him so the “job interview” didn’t happen?
      Mueller may have “applied” for the job but when the conversation occurred and President Trump nixed the idea of hiring him straight away, their conversation fell into general “insights” Mueller “offered“ the President.
      This would get Mueller out of the lying to Congress,charge about not “interviewing for the job”, wouldn’t it?
      Just a thought.

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      • NO, if the Flynn / Manafort / Stone standards are being applied.

        In that case, Mueller is a much bigger liar and needs to be imprisoned for the rest of his senile life.

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      • Robert Smith says:

        Too cute an explanation by a mile. Brings to mind Depends on what the meaning of “is” is. Going by this two people can only misunderstand each other. Or, if you are the FBI, everybody else is always guilty of perjury and lies according to their understanding.


        • Joemama says:

          When I recently learned (thanks to Sundance) that the FBI still bases everything on handwritten subjective paper reports and doesn’t conduct interviews with audio recording technology, I lost all faith in the FBI.

          There can be no good reason for having this policy.

          I hope that I never have to serve on a jury that has an FBI agent as a witness, but if it happens, I will have no choice but to assume that that witness is a liar, unless the policy changes.


    • Louisiana Tea Rose says:

      Who knew that there might be a financial motive in resisting Trump? I thought it was just cuz Orange Man Bad, right?


  3. burnett044 says:

    a word on Lookers agenda free show…..if one pays attention and reads the comments and watches who makes donation to him….one can see an agenda creeping in…..

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    • Exactly burnette, he is auditioning for a slot on CNN. I posted several days back on him. His mask has been removed. He is against our PRESIDENT.

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      • burnett044 says:

        bambam..I agree…I first watched him when he was on Right side…but he clearly has an agenda these days..

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        • I don’t know how I haven’t been banned there. I have been taking shots at him for the past two weeks, but somehow I have slipped thru the mods. I try to counter the lefties with facts. They are not kool aid drinkers, they are kool aid chuggers. And Steve is shaping them. Very sad. I suspect rsbn caught on to him.

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          • Pale rider says:

            There is a book “if you meet Buddha on the road, kill him.” And a story in there about agreeing with fearful people to sway them over time to your understanding. I believe we see that all over today. It’s not new but very effective if you have no foundation in truth. Directly connected to the removal of God in our country and schools.
            Thoughts on that:
            People always picture Satan or Lucifer as hideous and ugly, another lie. It’s his followers that are through his deception and belief in things that are not godly or truthful. And that is how deception comes, in a pleasant accepted form. IMO, without the discernment of the Holy Spirit I don’t believe you can see the deception or the deceiver until you have embraced it. It’s actually ‘heavens light’ that gives you illumination.
            Exciting but crazy times we are living in.

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            • Judith says:

              Wow you’ve been reaching deep lately, Pale rider. I enjoy your posts, because I happen to believe that both sides of the great divide are convinced they are in fact the “good” guys facing a sworn enemy.

              And until we figure out another way to deal with this, we are doomed to fall for Satan’s greatest deception.

              I find that living a good and decent life without malice is a worthy goal for those who search for meaning in these times. And I also find that we attract bees with honey.

              But my carnal self seeks to avenge the wrongs I plainly see. I am simply wired to guard the perimeter, which should really be left to God. It is quite the conundrum.

              “..as we forgive those who trespass against us..”


      • Nigella says:

        I agree.. Take what he has to say with a grain of salt

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    • MaineCoon says:

      I posted above on this. I haven’t really seen him as anti-trump, but, I will stayed turned him per Treeper comments that I always feel are educated. I don’t watch him every day, so I don’t see the trend referenced that he is becoming anti-trump, but I will hone in and assess as I watch his coverage going forward.

      I do not believe he is auditioning for a CNN slot, as referenced above. He has his nitch and it suits him, for now. We’ll see. IMO, too early to conclude that. The guy isn’t dumb. Making his “goal for a slot with CNN” is beyond stupid, imo.

      I watch his coverage because it is unique to topic (usually) and NO ONE else does the same coverage with extensive local vids/tweets on topic.

      This Turkey-Syria-Kurd issue is explosive no matter who covers it, imo.


  4. Zippy says:

    Why the 2008 Housing Crisis Recovery Is Just an Illusion


  5. WeThePeople2016 says:

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    • Basically, it comes down to two things:

      (1) “You can try to impeach this President, but you can’t do it the Lawfare way.” You’ve got to have high crime … which you don’t … and you’ve got to have due process.

      (2) “That cloud on the horizon isn’t smoke: it’s an incoming posse.”

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    • IGiveUp says:

      I thought the Dem plan for “grounds” to use in articles of impeachment was to claim any attempt by WH to stop compliance with House impeachment “inquiry” would be deemed obstruction. Trump has just provided Pelosi with the grounds she claimed she would use. So how does this effectively halt impeachment? What stops her from pushing this through to a full House vote on grounds of obstruction by the President into a Congressional impeachment investigation? Unless she doesn’t actually have the votes and simply wanted to drag this on forever to ruin Trump’s election chances. But we’ve been told that her motive is completely existential, that if the Dems don’t stop Trump right now, the pay-for play gravy train in Ukraine and elsewhere–which in large part motivated the entire spygate episode anyway–was going to be ended and Dems and some Repubs would be locked up. If Dems are afraid of this, then why would Trump’s lawyer letter (excellent as it is, and one for the history books) shut them down. They would have to go for broke, come what may.


      • rozelave says:

        go ahead. push this to a vote. You get dems on record which weakens them come election time. A full legal impeachment process allows the president to subpeona witnesses and information. The president can also demand the “whistle blower” be unmasked. The hearings can’t be held in secret which is what Schiff is doing now. Any unfair rules can also be challenged in court.

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    • L4grasshopper says:

      So…who’s taking it to the Courts? Trump certainly won’t. He’s just going to ignore Pelosi until and unless she has the full House vote.

      Is Pelosi taking it to the Courts? No sign of that yet.


      • Greg1 says:

        Was listening to Hannity in the car a bit ago. He said Byron York had a tweet that Pelosi does not want to go to court to enforce subpoenas, she might lose. He thinks she will keep issuing subpoenas and call it obstruction when they are ignored and use that as an angle against Trump. Object of the excercise being to do impeachment asap.

        York is now agreeing with what Sundance has mentioned several times……..democrats want NOTHING to do with getting this battle in the courts. They WILL lose. And they know it.

        Other side of the coin is that democrats are also pushing ahead as fast and hard as they can.


  6. Janice says:

    U.S. and the Constitution would have disappeared if not for PDJT being President and exposing the Criminals/Globalist who sold our way of life many years ago.

    Hillary as President was going to be the Final Nail in the Coffin of the Constitution and the United States.

    This point in time in History is as important as our Founding Fathers risking their lives along with their families for the birth of the Constitution and the United States.

    Think of the lives given for over 200 years to protect the Constitution and the United States.

    This is by definition a “Legal Civil War” (Rule of Law Civil War).

    The Criminals/Coup/Globalist knows if they can only escape Indictments/Prosecutions; they will have won this Legal Civil War. Why? Because they will be back in 5-years 100 times more corrupt and powerful to finish their plan. (Just a bump in the road)

    Each day we are watching before our very eyes these Legal Civil War battles as though we were watching the Physical Civil War battles from 1861 through 1865. There will be only 1-winner and the loser will disappear forever. Choice is between a United States Constitution and a Global Constitution.

    PDJT is 100% responsible. And has a “duty” to implement Justice against everyone involved in this coup; especially since the Constitution and the United States will be eliminated if the President doesn’t do his duty.

    Barr/Durham is at this moment; PDJT War Generals implementing PDJT 3-year strategic Rule of Law war plan of implementing Justice.

    Barr/Durham has an opportunity to be known throughout history as helping PDJT save the Constitution and the United States or have legal liability and being known of not helping PDJT save the Constitution and the United States.

    If Barr/Durham did not do their sworn duty and betrayed Rule of Law, Constitution and the United States; PDJT has a duty to use “Extreme Measures” by using powers given to the President of implementing other “Many Paths” to ensure the Constitution and the United States is saved.

    PDJT coming this far by being so brilliant/courageous; common sense tells everyone that PDJT did not sacrifice his life, his family, his business empire by being destroyed in 5 years and humiliated throughout history of not being able to implement the Rule of Law against the coup; one of the easiest cases to ever be prosecuted to save the Constitution and the United States.

    I’m personally safe in my little world and not brave at all. I know if I had the brilliance/courage of PDJT and brought 63 million voters which is now probably 73 million; I would do what-ever it takes to save the Constitution and the United States even risking my well-being at this point in time. Just like George Washington and our founding Fathers.

    If there are no heroes left in the United States; then we deserve our faith and it was our destiny.

    Just think, In 6-years our rights of having these discussions would be eliminated per a New Globalist Constitution and we will all be writing underground; remembering the 1-moment in time when the criminals were so confident and sloppy leaving mountains of evidence everywhere of their corruption to Easily Win this Legal Civil War and no one pressed the Equal Justice Button.

    IMO we only know about 5% of what is going on and what PDJT has planned. I believed and Knew in Nov. 2016; PDJT will implement the Rule of Law and watching 3-years of PDJT fighting strategically; I never wavered or had any doubts that PDJT would implement the Rule of Law. Supporter of any historical wars never lost sight of Victory and March forward. Alternative/Negative thinking is not an option!

    PDJT will implement Equal Justice to save our way of life.

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    • Skippy says:

      “Choice is between a United States Constitution and a Global Constitution.” Nice write up Janice!

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    • foo says:

      We’re not out of the woods yet, but at least Trump started fighting back.

      This week though has been very hopeful.

      Trump has managed to push China into economic coercion prematurely.

      This has done the unthinkable: It has mobilized the SJW’s against China, aligning them with MAGA.



    • Nicole says:

      You summarized exactly what has to happen and what would happen if PDJT did not win this Legal Civil War.

      The evidence of your conclusions is shown (voluminous examples) to the American People every second of the Day.

      Not to difficult to figure out and many are stating daily what you have summarized.

      Choice is between a United States Constitution and a Global Constitution.

      Thank You Janice!!!!

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  7. Bubby says:


    FTA “GOP Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa asked the Department of Justice and FBI Tuesday for an update on the criminal referrals he submitted against witnesses who made potentially false accusations of sexual misconduct against Justice Brett Kavanaugh….“When individuals intentionally mislead the committee, they divert important committee resources during time sensitive investigations and materially impede its work,” Grassley wrote in a letter to Attorney General William Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray. “Such acts are not only unfair; they are potentially illegal. It is illegal to make materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statements to congressional investigators. It is illegal to obstruct committee investigations.”…“The next Supreme Court nominee should not have to defend himself or herself against baseless and fabricated allegations, and committee staff should not have to spend valuable time investigating them,” Grassley added…The senator asked for a response to his letter by Oct. 21.”

    My guess is that nothing has been done yet. Wonder who is stonewalling Senator Grassley?

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  8. youme says:

    America has an atrophying force that is not sufficiently ready, equipped or postured for great power competition in the Indo-Pacific — a challenge it is working hard to address.

    a.) only one-third of the Army is prepared for deployment.

    b.) less than 50 percent of the Air Force was ready for a high-end fight with a great power.

    c.) 53 percent of Naval and Marine Corp aircraft are deemed unfit to fly.



  9. StanH says:

    The swamp is squirming folks, great fun to watch. The president is going on offense as is his legal team and I love it.


  10. NJF says:


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  11. Cathy M. says:

    “New Law Requires You To Listen To Greta Thunberg Lecture Before Purchasing Gasoline”



  12. youme says:

    CNN reporting Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno has announced that his government will leave the capital city of Quito amid violent protests

    Snarc: Could happen , maybe, hope not:
    2021 CNN reporting US President Elizabeth Warren has announced that her government is fleeing the capital city of Washington, D.C. amid violent protests

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  13. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  14. WeThePeople2016 says:

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    • Blue Wildflower says:

      Sure he can bill him more, we have a 2 tier system in this country! Some can break the law and it does not matter, some can be found guilty when they didn’t break the law.


  15. litenmaus says:

    In April 2014, Senator Mark Warren was sitting on the board of the Atlantic Council when Hunter Biden was installed as a board member of Ukraine Gas Company Burisma.

    Jan 19, 2017…one day before President Trump’s inauguration, the Atlantic Council signed an agreement of cooperation with Burisma Gas, to strengthen transatlantic relations, including a focus on energy security and related issues.

    Feb 2019 – Ukraine government opens up the possibility of looking into past corruption

    March 2019-Ukraine government discusses going forward with further investigation

    Somewhere between Feb and August, the Atlantic Council put their office staff and managers to work putting together an itinerary for fellow/Congressperson weeklong fun little jaunt to Ukraine. Took a little while to set up – the set up…..

    Fast forward….A man named Thomas Eager is an ‘expert’ fellow at the Atlantic Council. He’s a distinguished player in the itinerary that has been scheduled by the Atlantic Council to take place between August 24th and August 31, 2019. Thomas Eager is also a ‘staffer’ in the Senate offices of Adam Schiff.

    July 25th, a phone call between the US & Ukrainian Presidents takes place.

    It was a busy 18 days following that phone call ……The Whistleblower hears info at the watercooler, he files a complaint, the ICIG disregarding any verification of evidence, deems the complaint to be an “urgent concern’ and notifies the ODNI’s director of three days, Joe McGuire. Meanwhile, the Whistleblower ‘hires’ a lawyer that worked for Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton and that lawyer writes a letter to Adam Schiff & RIchard Burr notifying the committees that their client has filed a complaint that has been sent to the ODNI and gosh golly, they don’t agree with the ODNI conclusion and think Schiff & Barr should be aware and look into.

    How convenient…Adam Schiff has a staffer Thomas Eager, who just happens to be going to Ukraine on behalf of the Atlantic Council and their partner in foreign energy, Burisma Gas. Citing no conflict of interest, Adam Schiff sends the Atlantic Council fellow, his staffer, to investigate’ the whistleblowers claims that the President was trying to force Ukraine into opening an investigation into the possible corruption by Burisma Gas. Yep, no conflict of interest in any way.

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    • johnnyfandango says:

      Isn’t it fair to ask for Hunter and Joe Biden’s bank statements for the past 10 years to see if what/where their deposits are coming from and if there have been any kick-backs?

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      Was Bill Taylor in Ukraine with Eager???? And the bitch ambassador??

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      • litenmaus says:

        Bill Taylor was definitely in Kyiv between Aug 24 and Aug 31st doug, but as to whether Thomas Eager met with him, I can’t say.

        Don’t forget George Kent was one of the five people who were summoned by Chairman Eliot Engle. Kent was part of the 2014-2015 Biden corruption program over in Ukraine, so it’s possible Kent may have been one of Eager’s contacts.

        As for Yovanovitch, I can’t confirm it, but I don’t think she remained in Ukraine after she was recalled.


  16. Zippy says:

    Even better than yesterday’s outstanding episode:

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  17. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  18. Bubby says:

    More evidence of the msm being a co conspirator in the ongoing coup attempt!

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  19. You can’t say I didn’t warn everyone…

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  20. WeThePeople2016 says:


  21. burnett044 says:

    meanwhile in down south of us.

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  22. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  23. SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

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  24. WeThePeople2016 says:

    I guess it’s official.

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  25. MicD says:

    There are many people selling books that detail the facts of this Coup.
    Can anyone recommend a single factual book that disputes this Coup?


    • alligatriot says:

      “… factual book that disputes this Coup …”



    • youme says:

      Ball of Collusion: The Plot to Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency Hardcover – August 13, 2019
      by Andrew C. McCarthy (Author)

      Witch Hunt: The Story of the Greatest Mass Delusion in American Political History
      by Gregg Jarrett | Oct 8, 2019

      Lee Smith’s book “The Plot Against the President” will be published this month.
      The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History Hardcover – October 29, 2019
      by Lee Smith (Author)


  26. Zippy says:

    How elements of the Intel community are using ‘information dark arts’ against a sitting president

    Techniques formerly used against foreign adversaries.

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  27. burnett044 says:

    Why the Rooster and why now????
    lots to think about within those questions…me thinks


  28. maggiemoowho says:

    So now it seems that some of President Trumps phone call with Turkey was leaked because Fox is reporting that “sources say” President Trump “went off script in that phone call”. WTH, this leaking has to stop.


  29. DesertRain says:

    On the “whistleblower” having ties to a 2020 Den Candidate… just a reminder..

    “McCain, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., visited Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and Georgia in an unannounced trip that began Dec. 26 and lasted a week.”


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  30. hyacinthclare says:

    I’m looking for technical help here. We “cut the cord” and eliminated cable years ago. Fox News won’t let me see their streaming without cable, according to my internet provider on the phone a minute ago. You Tube is censoring Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham to two seconds each per video this afternoon. I’m an accountant but not a techie. Is there a way to see those programs?


    • drummerboy says:

      search the name of the program u want on u tube. click on a few of previous days episodes then get out and go back in. eventually tjose programs will start showing up in your feed when you first go into u tube. the channels that post change frequently due to breaking some u tube rules i think. also the 2 sec videos just recently started happening for that particular channeler. probably gets a click as u scroll thru and it disappears so quickly, idk.


    • simplewins says:

      Use mobdro or kodi. Its all free on there.


    • mark says:

      You could by a roku stick $50, plug it in to your tv. Then get youtube tv for $40 a month. It will stream through your hi speed internet via wifi to the roku stick and you can watch damb near everything. No contract just $40 a month. Local chanels, tons of movies, some add on ala cart stuff if you want. Easypeasy set up even a knucklehead like me can do.


  31. Lucille says:

    DHS, Microsoft working to “assess and mitigate impacts” of Iranian hacking in 2020 presidential campaign
    October 9, 2019 1:00 PM by Robert Spencer

    There are the Left’s fantasies and fabrications about Russian interference in our elections on behalf of Trump, and then there is reality, which is the Islamic Republic of Iran working for the same goal as that of the Left: to defeat and destroy Trump.


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  32. WeThePeople2016 says:


  33. Nick the Deplorable says:

    This dudes twitter is still active.

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  34. Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

    Finally nailed an Intel Agent for leaking.
    It’s a start. Now let’s get this party started.


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  35. icanhasbailout says:


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  36. Matthew LeBlanc says:

    Kilmeade, what an embarrassment to men everywhere, he is


  37. Mark W says:

    China doesn’t have to invade America, it has already taken control over our politicians and cultural elite

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    • FofBW says:

      That is why, IMHO, it will take more than 8 years to restore America to what I remember in the late 50’s early 60’s.

      John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Lone Ranger and Tonto, Leave it to Beaver, Captain Kangaroo, etc.


    • johnnyfandango says:

      ….and Chicom’s own the NBA it seems. Where is Kerr and Popovich decrying human rights and free speech for the people of Hong Kong. Crickets, they would rather criticize our sitting President. Cowards.


  38. Reserved55 says:

    Somebody actually wrote this as an attack on who, himself?
    Joe is not the sharpest but……….


    • Garavaglia says:

      He can’t. Nobody can beat him straight up. And, nobody can beat us, straight up..including DC.


    • jx says:

      Democrats insist that others participate in their delusions.

      For example, Schiff’s “whistleblower” allegations – allegations which are meaningless since we have the transcript.

      We must not feed their mental illness. They need to be brought back to reality or be expelled. We can not suffer insane people having power.


  39. youme says:

    . Oct 9 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden received $900,000 for lobbying activities from Burisma Group, Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada member Andriy Derkach said citing investigation materials.

    Derkach publicized documents which, as he said, “describe the mechanism of getting money by Biden Sr.” at a press conference at Interfax-Ukraine’s press center in Kyiv on Wednesday.

    “This was the transfer of Burisma Group’s funds for lobbying activities, as investigators believe, personally to Joe Biden through a lobbying company. Funds in the amount of $900,000 were transferred to the U.S.-based company Rosemont Seneca Partners, which according to open sources, in particular, the New York Times, is affiliated with Biden. The payment reference was payment for consultative services,” Derkach said.



  40. victorsharp says:

    Nothing will happen until the entire deep state is dismantled. Trump is going to really need to take charge during his second term. The big ugly can’t come soon enough.


  41. linda4298 says:

    https://twitter.com/michaelbeatty3/status/1181896183603593217?s=20 🇺🇸 Miguelifornia
    is hearing..
    #PANIC #WednesdayWisdom We’ll see


  42. CTH Fan says:

    I just had to turn Hannity off. He made me say a word I have never used before. What a piece of you know what. It has all gone to his head.

    Hannity is telling the Republicans that they should not participate in these house committees. In other words, let the President hang out there all by himself without hearing from at least a few of them that they have his back. Telling them not to participate at all means there is nobody at the hearings who can refute the lies that Adam Schiff spouts. How can they if they are not at the hearings to hear the so called evidence?

    I hope our guys put him straight and tell him to pound sand. He was terrible last night. He was so disrespectful to his guests. I had to turn him off again. His heart may be in the right place but he has gone haywire. Being hard to listen to completely overshadows any important information has.


    • joeknuckles says:

      Stupid strategy, then we wouldn’t even know what info or transcripts to sue for release of. Hannity mouth is much bigger than his brain, but his heart is in the right place.


    • Harry says:

      May two sides of this approach.
      In one sense Hannity is right in sync with trump. no cooperation with sham inquiry. What is the point in participating in inquiry which you formally call illegitimate and ask for resignation of its leader, Adam Schiff? The argument about refuting adam is laughable. You already know everything adam does is part of a scheme and you can refute all without seeing anything as the whole process is not followed properly (president stated it clearly).
      On the other hand, Yes, it is good to know and oppose. But you can do it publicly on tv. After all, it is a public opinion battle not a legal one.


  43. Louisiana Tea Rose says:

    I smell a sting coming on this Turkey thing. It’s just too…..Trumpy….anyone?

    Has Kerry been in ME lately? SusieQ? SammieJo?

    Liked by 1 person

  44. joeknuckles says:

    The real scandal is that Democrat leadership is fully on board with using Stalinist tactics to remove a duly elected president.

    Why can’t we get that message ourt there?


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