Disappointing State Department IG Meeting Deflates U.S. Media…

For two days the mainstream media were breathlessly reporting on an “urgent request” from the State Department Inspector General for a closed-door meeting.

Media sources whipped their left-wing audiences into an anticipatory frenzy with predictions of devastating information soon to come from an “explosive” and “highly unusual” request.  It must must be connected to President Trump and Secretary Mike Pompeo hiding devastating information, they said

Well, the super-anticipated ‘closed door’ briefing was held today, and the IG handed out packets of information related to revelations of Democrats colluding with the Ukraine government.  The exact opposite of what the media and the professional left anticipated.

WASHINGTON –  The State Department’s Inspector General shared a packet of months-old news stories and other Ukraine-related documents during an “urgent” briefing with Congressional staffers on Wednesday, sources told the Daily Caller.

Sources familiar with the meeting said the IG handed over a packet containing, among other old materials, news articles written this past spring by The Hill’s John Solomon about Democratic ties to Ukraine.

[…]  The briefing was a huge blow to Democrats, who were expecting bombshell information regarding the Trump administration’s contact with Ukraine and investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden.

In fact, several news outlets reported earlier in the day that the briefing would be about State Department leadership retaliating against career employees who wanted to cooperate with the Democrats’ investigation into Trump. (read more)

Whether the briefing was a set-up to embarrass the media is now being debated.


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185 Responses to Disappointing State Department IG Meeting Deflates U.S. Media…

  1. gsonFIT says:

    CNN has a more detailed article on the “urgent meeting” here is a paragraph from that article

    Start CNN

    The packet also includes internal State Department emails discussing Yovanovitch. Career officials undertook a concerted effort to shield the then-ambassador to Ukraine from conspiracies peddled by conservative media outlets beginning in March.

    End CNN

    Biden announced he was running for President April 25, 2019 but Guiliani started looking into Ambassador Yovanovitch in at least March. The investigation of Yovanovitch led to Biden which was prior to Biden announcing Presidential bid. Therefore when PDJT’s team’s investigation started in approximately April it was of a corrupt former U.S. V.P. Joe Biden not a corrupt 2020 Presidential candidate Joe Biden

    All now documented on the Congressional record

    BTW State IG Steve Linick was appointed by George Bush and was a carryover from O.

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    • chipin8511 says:

      Barr is covering for Mueller…How did Barr get involved? He wrote the Op Ed in June 2018 sitting President cant be indicted .Barr Mueller best friends .The SC was going nowhere no collusion no obstruction..The public grew tired Barr was bought in to end it because of the famous Op Ed.and as the fixer…Lets see what he does balls in his court….If everyone walks his reputation is toast..If he nails them for the coup he goes down in history as the greatest AG in US history your move Barr who are you good guy bad guy?

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      • huecowacko says:

        Answer: Barr will not be recorded as the greatest AG in US History.

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      • Elle says:

        Genesis 50:20
        “You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people. “

        Or maybe Barr is like the brother who suggested throwing Joseph in the well to fool his brothers so he could secretly come back later and save Joseph’s life. No way to know but God’s hand is at work.

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        I’ll judge Barr by his finished product. Sending Durham to interview Mifsud’s lawyer (or hear his recorded deposition) is not something someone does to “cover up”.

        The CIA operation with Mifsud, Downer, Halper go to the CORE of this coup.

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  2. Austin Holdout says:

    July 30, 2015 Nancy led a congressional delegation to Italy and Ukraine at $185k cost to taxpayers.

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    • CharterOakie says:

      Bingo. What does one think she and they were doing there? And what if they were legally surveilled by US and/or local authorities while pursuing their corrupt plans?Game, set, match. Welcome to Gitmo?

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      • wpsahm says:

        In 2015, exactly which U.S. authorities do you imagine ordered the surveillance of Pelosi? Obama? The Deep State? It’s possible that Italian authorities kept close track of what she was up to…..


        • CharterOakie says:

          Fair point. If Austin Holdout’s date of 2015 is correct, I overlooked that important detail. Instead I read it to refer to Pelosi’s and cohorts’ trip to Italy (at least) earlier THIS year (2019).


          • wpsahm says:

            No worries CharterOakie, just keeping you honest :)))

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            • CharterOakie says:

              That’s important indeed!
              However, I think my point remains, as Pelosi and cohorts did travel to Italy this summer…ostensibly “officially” to meet there with troops from US Africa Command (yeah, right…demoncrats going to Italy to meet and greet US military personnel). My spidey sense says other things were afoot, and the good guys may have tracked them.


  3. Doug Amos says:

    It is only the beginning for the media maggotts. The Ukraine will soon be releasing the results of a probe into the sale of military hardware and the person of interest in their probe is non other than a Little Lyan Schitt fund raiser.

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    • madeline says:

      Doug …could even tell a bigger story of McCain and Graham. I remember many pics of the two of them in Ukraine all the time, they were no different that Pelosi. Everyone had there hands in the Ukraine cookie jar. I just wonder of Miz Lindsay cut a deal with PDT?

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      • Mr e-man says:

        What money did Ukraine have in a cookie jar? They were getting billions in aid from Barack Obama and Joe Biden, with conditions.

        Oh wait, so the scam is the US gives billions of dollars that are not accounted for in Ukraine and millions of those same dollars flow back into Democrat coffers. I get it.

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        • Joemama says:

          Yes, that is why foreign aid is so important to the criminals in congress. The aid comes with instructions to send a significant portion of it back to the friends and family of the criminals in congress.


  4. Brant says:

    Also seems to prove some Trump like folks in the department for a change. Maybe a welcome change.


  5. 6x47 says:

    The press got “Rick rolled” the same way they did when Trump called a press conference before the debate after “Access Hollywood weekend” – and showed up with all of Bill Clinton’s victims.

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  6. Sofa King says:

    “…packet of months-old news stories…”

    “At this point, what difference does it make?”
    -Hillary Clinton.

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  7. willthesuevi says:

    I cannot help but think we can take a lesson from this as well.

    How many times have we been breathlessly anticipating that “this is the one”, “They can’t get away now”, or “they are all going to be wearing orange jump suits”. It’s only theater.

    Both sides are being played just like China and Russia wants us to be. The media on both sides are playing into this for “clicks”.

    I am not saying we shouldn’t hold these people (deep state) accountable but I really need to start managing my expectations. I need to remember this blog is really good information yet, I need to keep perspective. Cold anger, I get it now.

    tick, tock, or is it really drip, drip, drip.

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    • Mr. T. says:

      Willthesuevi, I feel and share your frustration. This whole mess is just another shining example of why we need term limits. Sadly, I don’t see that ever happening because the ones that need to go, are the same ones who will never allow a bill limiting term limits to be introduced for debate, much less brought up for a vote in the full house.

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  8. Best trolling administration ever!


  9. Pokey says:

    Trump is dumping on these traitors now! TRUMP 2020

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  10. Thegoldman says:

    I’ll bet that L.Graham is hiding something too…

    Don’t forget he is deep state too.


  11. We wail daily on this site about how to get past the conservative media censoring, social media censoring, youtube de-monetizing, de-platforming, etc., and how to get around the mainstream urinalists: This was possibly one method of simply getting accurate information out to those who might not otherwise read it or see it, or were in fact a part of the coup attempt and now know that their efforts are public knowledge. The State Dept. is considered vastly leftist leaning, but possibly they are not all rabid lunatics.

    I’ll be honest; I worried about this urgent meeting a lot, and am relieved (although surprised) that it turned out to be factual news instead fake news.


  12. nimrodman says:

    Reading the associated articles, they mention “Trump Hotel” folders, and someone in the comments here speculated that Giuliani may have used those as PresTrump’s personal attorney.

    Seems possible to me that delivery to Dept of State Inspector General “in May” may have been a document dump to him of Giuliani’s and team’s research into Ukraine matters to the Inspector General.

    Like “here’s the information, take appropriate action on it”

    Then, later, with that Solomon story about Ukraine trying to get info to current Administration for some 2 years and failing still getting no traction (took a week recently to even start getting picked up and broached in the press even by GOP legislators or any of the Fox shows), maybe it started getting “clarified” Inspector General that “hey, we’re gonna start making some big noise about this, and you’re gonna look kinda bad when it’s revealed you’ve been sitting on this for 2 months”, Inspector General decided he better call an “urgent meeting” with congressional staff – also to “comply” with congressional subpoena noise about “Ukraine matters”.

    So I’m wondering if – in addition to putting the press on notice – some of this might also be putting Administrative Agencies on notice that they better start taking appropriate actions on this stuff.

    For DOJ, it’d mean investigation and potential prosecution. Dunno what it’d mean for State Dept, but at very least it might mean “Hey – enough of the State Dept mutiny at various levels and ambassadors and whatnot.”

    Basically – Giuliani info dump; “now act on this, you gummint minions; do your damn job”

    Then later: “hey Congress and press! here’s some info our agencies have been sitting on for, oh, coupla months now”

    So – agencies put on notice, then press and congress put on notice that agencies have been put on notice, and agencies put on notice that congress and press have been put on notice of their inaction

    That kinda thing

    Other alternative is Inspector General is a stone patriot and executing PresTrump’s and Pompeo’s little gambit on this

    Just thinking out loud

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  13. john edward lorenz says:

    there is no need to “set up” the media to look bad. They’ve done a great job in embarrassing themselves over the past 3 years.

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  14. Chilidog says:

    I’m not very familiar with the facts on this story, but isn’t the story about how the IG sat on this information for several months before reporting to congress. The ICIG triggered an impeachment inquiry under unbelievable and bizarre circumstances. Horowitz is likely to absolve the deep state of corrupt intent when it comes to FISA. It feels like the state department IG is getting his ducks in a row.


    • hokkoda says:

      No, this is Mike Pompeo telling Congress to cram it up their cram hole. He sent the IG to troll the media and Democrats. But the message was clear, “You want some documents? OK, here are some documents. Choke on them.”


  15. John55 says:

    ….. the IG handed over a packet containing, among other old materials, news articles written this past spring by The Hill’s John Solomon about Democratic ties to Ukraine.

    Articles which the rest of the press either attacked or ignored. But have never been able to refute.


    • Joemama says:

      Ignoring, in other words, lying by omission, is the preferred method that the MSM uses in the vast majority of stories.

      The MSM is the biggest enemy of the US citizenry. They must be held to account for their crimes.

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  16. Hanna says:

    Thank you Sundance! Hoping AG Barr is allowed to complete his work! The deep hate on the left has gotten worse. What has not been counted on yet, is how many of us had to leave the Democratic lies. Having been in Europe on two different occasions that did not get discussed in our own media; we are hurting still. Those two occasions both happened as my family sat in the Admirals Club scanning for the free newspaper we wanted to read. There was a rack hanging on the wall for us toRead from that early morning. To our shock there was major papers from four or 5 papers that morning and all had the same headlines from France, Germany-and UK. They read as follows:
    Occupy Paris,
    Occupy London
    Occupy Frankfort

    And at that time Politicians all over-the US media were praising the brave Occupy protestors from NY to San Francisco. No conspiracy mention here that we were caught up in a worldwide movement we are having to endure again and again that marches on using us as dupes!

    A few years later to our dismay, as we visited our family in Europe once again, once again, front pages of major papers read this: Black Lives Matter London, Black lives Matter Paris, and Black Lives Matter Frankfort. Still the US media was silent, the UN was silent, and America could care less that we were duped again. We were stunned as the reality of this sunk in!!! We even brought all three front page sections home with me, my co-workers for a major consulting firm in the financial industry just shrugged their shoulders. I still held on to them until 3 years ago as I was downsizing and allowed them to go out with trash. I feel with a little research they could be found again in archives of Europe’s major newspapers. Wonder what they call this movement around the world as we drag another generation kicking and screaming through another multi million tax dollar funded ruse. The next generation blindly being pulled along through another worldwide plan at our expense. Our President is aware of this, and we appreciate him more than words can say! Wish our media cared and would open their eyes and report like some used to do, and not use America as tools for this hidden agendas.


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