“Quid-Pro-Joe” Pressures American Media to Shut Down Investigating Truth Just Like He did With Ukrainian Prosecutor…

The tone-deafness here is so stunning you have to ask yourself if someone in the Biden campaign did this intentionally to destroy the Joe Biden campaign.

Previously Joe Biden demanded the Ukraine government shut down the investigation of his son and fire the Ukrainian prosecutor.  Today Joe Biden duplicates this behavior by demanding American media shut down any discussion about his corrupt Ukrainian influence campaign.

(Demand Letter Sent to U.S. Media Outlets)

Good grief, you just can’t make this stuff up folks…

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174 Responses to “Quid-Pro-Joe” Pressures American Media to Shut Down Investigating Truth Just Like He did With Ukrainian Prosecutor…

  1. beaujest says:

    If the Groper wins what post will “ cocaine ” Hunter get ?

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  2. Deplore Able says:

    Jack Nicholson explains the Biden Campaign’s problem.

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  3. trapper says:

    Biden is a phony tough guy and wannabe thug. His idea of diplomacy is threats and ultimatums. He puffs up his feathers, shows you his gun, tells you what he’s gonna do to you, bluster and blather. Meanwhile, he can barely remember what day it is. No wonder his son is so screwed up.

    “Bring me my soup! I’m suppose to get SOUP with my dinner! What kind of nursing home are you running here? What’s your name? I’ll get you fired! Where’s my soup? What? Breakfast? I thought this was dinner.”

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  4. I replaced the names Rudy Giuliani with Michael Avenatti and Donald Trump with Democrat Party and I think it’s now correct (although a year or two late).


  5. Meems says:

    Biden brags about his threat to the Ukrainian government on a video we’ve all seen and now he wants the media to stop talking about it? Get real!

    And he wants to be the next President? I’m sorry, his actions as VP need to be questioned. What a corrupt administration that was!

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  6. jx says:

    I suspect Clinton world is at work. Removing Biden favors Warren, whom Clinton has anointed.

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    • ATheoK says:

      Keep in mind that HRC has been very public recently and is going on a public spree this upcoming week.
      Clinton is suddenly in the campaign, takes Biden’s followers from him then chooses Warren as her running mate…

      Barr really needs to hurry up those indictments.

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      • ms doodlebug says:

        I don’t see Warren taking a back-seat to Hillary under any circumstances. Not when she thinks ‘she’ could be the first female president. She’s as cut-throat as Hillary.


    • shirley49 says:

      Wonder if Warren has promised her she would be her VP. Can you imagine how they would corrupt our Govt.

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  7. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  8. RobInPA says:

    Now, if the Republicans, cough cough, had just a half-a-set of balls between them, they would scream bloody murder in unison and DEMAND that they entire Democrat party either denounce and mock Creepy Joe for the petty wannabe tyrant that he is, or be branded the same based on your explicit silence.

    Give it right back you cowardly and spineless Republicans!!!!

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  9. SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

    Love the comments below the tweet of the NYT!

    Lot’s of truly woke people

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  10. Caius Lowell says:

    Democrat “jurisprudence”


  11. beachbum31 says:

    Rudy took down the NYC Italian MOB for crying out loud… WHY wouldn’t you WANT him looking at this?? Joe Knew the guy running this outfit was corrupt and squeezed him for 3 million plus the board job.


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  12. Troublemaker10 says:

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  13. joeknuckles says:

    Qiud Pro Joe better watch out, there’s a bus coming with his name on it.

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  14. In the Land of Poz says:

    This is wonderful. It puts the DNC media slaves in a terrible dilemma, they have to either

    – commit lese-majeste by actually questioning Biden (Resisters will cancel subscriptions),

    – conspicuously avoid it and continue to have Rudy put out the drip-drip-drip of scandal nonstop on the airwaves,

    – or avoid both Biden and Rudy and blatantly discredit the MSM (much worse than Wikileaks) just at the moment it was supposed to build momentum for the Ukraine impeachment project.


  15. The Red Pill says:


    If that isn’t OBSTRUCTION and CENSORSHIP, I don’t know what is.

    Just imagine for a minute if Trump tried this…

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    • Daniel says:

      In some respects, we don’t have to imagine.

      Keep in mind, the whole mess started where the Obama administration, with direct participation of Obama himself, weaponized the government and used foreign governments to interfere in our elections to ensure Hillary won and all others (and eventually) including Trump lost. There is now no denying any of that. The facts are out even if they aren’t being actively discussed.

      Now, the very thing the Obama administration did, they are trying to accuse Trump of doing “using government power to go after a political opponent.” And on top of that, they want to IMPEACH the president for their false claims.

      Even if they lose, they expect to win by asserting “well, I guess what Trump did was OK but SO TOO what Obama did! Same-Same!” We can’t let that fly either and I fully expect their loss will be used to protect Obama and all other actors.


  16. Clancy says:

    This simply REEKS of a sense of entitlement, very similar to Hillary and Obama also: how DARE you “little people” question us about anything we choose to do, never mind the stench of corruption surrounding us like a miasmic fog. Clearly the time is so very far overdue to clean out the Augean Stable known as D.C. – so bold, and so many, are the criminals profiting from this swamp, this sewer, this source of shame to our nation.

    Triage is needed, so desperate is the situation – a third of D.C. swamp dwellers to prison where they belong, a third to be fired, and the third that actually does service for the people to be moved out across the nation so their offices are closer to those they serve.

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  17. Bendix says:

    “In order to understand why Ukraine’s President Voldomyr Zelensky doesn’t want the dirt about Joe Biden to become public, one needs to know that Hunter Biden’s boss and benefactor at Burisma Holdings was, at least partly, Zelensky’s boss and benefactor until Zelensky became Ukraine’s President, and that revealing this would open up a can of worms which could place that former boss and benefactor of both men into prison at lots of places.”


  18. Republicanvet91 says:

    I haven’t looked anywhere, but is the media covering this demand? Are they covering it in any depth?

    The media off an on scream about journo’s being so oppressed by POTUS, but do they cover when a D demands they shut down coverage from certain people?

    It used to be the media would smell blood with a demand like that and pull out all the stops to investigate. I know, I’m old and it has been years, but still.

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  19. mtk says:

    Yes, you can… They have making it up since 2016. Nothing has changed

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  20. distracted2 says:

    When you’re a Democrat and the NYTimes outs you, you’re toast.

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  21. TwoLaine says:

    “You are over the target. Please fire at will”

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  22. TwoLaine says:

    Welcome to 2009-2017.


  23. czarowniczy says:

    OK, Joe’s the Rat pack leader and has political depth…and he’s not smart enough to pick campaign handlers who can’t keep from stepping on their own…tongues? Might someone in the DNC be using it’s Biden-camp moles to help him in torpedoing his campaign? Where are the professional spinmeisters?

    On that note I was musing on New Orlean’s own Mitch Landrieu who, some months back, was being offered for sale by his backers as a potential candidate in 2020. He was making the media rounds, even had a book out but suddenly he’s even more invisible than he was when impersonating a NOLA mayor. Lately minor money and other issues related to his forgettable tenure have been popping up, nothing really major but issues ‘under local investigation’ by his black, Democratic non-NOLA replacement mayor. Makes me wonder if the national pols with NOLA connections have been hinting that were he to resurrect his almost lifeless campaign these investigations just might turn up something he’d rather leave buried. We have a coffee bet that these investigations, were he to stay on the sidelines, will fizzle up and blow away – so far no one’s bet they won’t.

    It’s how the game be played.


  24. rrick says:

    Perhaps a court could become involved, inter alia, to look into deprivation of rights under color of authority.

    What is the legal status of a citizen while they remain a candidate in a presidential election? (I suppose that Biden not being a private person, there is some consideration of authoritative status.)


  25. shipley130 says:

    I wonder if Hunter Biden told his father (Joe Biden) that the Ukrainian prosecutor was getting ready to formally interview him (Hunter) about the Ukrainian gas and oil company he was working for BEFORE Joe Biden when on his corrupt US loan aid withholding scheme so he could get the prosecutor fired. E-mails? Phone calls?


  26. Air Crew says:

    Biden to media: “Book Giuliani again and I’ll break your legs. Capisce?”

    Media: “Yes, boss.”


  27. jsbrodhead says:

    Creepy Uncle JOe (CUJO)


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