UNGA Bilat #3 – President Trump Meets With Prime Minister Lee of Singapore – Video and Transcript…

President Trump meets with Prime Minister Lee Hsien-Loong of the Republic of Singapore at the United Nations General Assembly. The two leaders celebrated the longstanding and expanding U.S.-Singapore bilateral security partnership, and formally renewed 1990 Memorandum of Understanding between the two countries on Defense Cooperation.

The leaders also discussed the extensive economic relations between the United States and Singapore, and reaffirmed their commitment to promoting free, fair, and reciprocal trade and investment among the world’s economies. The President thanked Prime Minister Lee for hosting the first U.S-DPRK summit, and the two leaders agreed to sustain efforts to bring about the final, fully verified denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. [Video and Transcript Below]


[Transcript] – PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, thank you very much. As we just said, we signed a very important agreement having to do with defense and mutual defense, and I guess you could say mutual offense, also.

But we — we’re now going to talk about trade. We do tremendous amounts of trade with Singapore. And the Prime Minister — highly respected. One of the truly most respected men anywhere in the world. And he’s been my friend for a long time. And we’re doing very well. But we do tremendous trade with Singapore, and we appreciate it very much, Mr. Prime Minister.

PRIME MINISTER LEE: Well, thank you, Mr. President. As you said, we’ve just signed an agreement to extend our memorandum of understanding on defense cooperation.


PRIME MINISTER LEE: It’s the second time we are extending this. It reflects the very good defense relationship we have between the two countries, but also reflects our broader cooperation and friendship.

And, in economics, we have an FTA between the U.S. and Singapore.


PRIME MINISTER LEE: The volume of trade is substantial, and the volume of investments, too. In Singapore, you are one — you are our most important foreign investor. And, in America, as small as we are, we have 55 billion dollars’ worth of investments —

PRESIDENT TRUMP: That’s not too bad.

PRIME MINISTER LEE: — in many different states. And (inaudible) they tell me a quarter million U.S. jobs. So it’s not bad for a small country.


PRIME MINISTER LEE: We’d like to do more, and we hope that you will do more in Singapore and also in the Asia Pacific region.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, we had a very successful meeting with Kim Jong Un of North Korea, and it was in Singapore. And people don’t give that meeting as much credit as it deserves. The relationship was established, and it was a tremendous success.

And we saw each other there. Really got to know each other there very well. And you’ve done a fantastic job. It’s a great country.

PRIME MINISTER LEE: Well, we were very honored to host that first summit between you and —


PRIME MINISTER LEE: — Mr. Kim. We are happy that it has helped to turn the situation in Korea around and point it in the right direction. And we wish you every success in continuing to make progress on this very difficult task.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, thank you. It’s moving along pretty well, actually. So, thank you very much. That was a great couple of days we spent, and we enjoyed it. Thank you.


PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you very much everybody.

Q Mr. President, why did you go to the climate change meeting today? What prompted you to pop in there?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Because I believe in clean air and clean water. It’s very simple. We have the cleanest air. We have the cleanest water. Cleaner than it’s ever been before in our country. And I like clean air and I like clean water.

Q Are you going to — could you give us a little flavor of your speech tomorrow? Are you going to bring up Iran, North Korea?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: We’re going to bring up a lot, Steve. We have a lot of different things to talk about. And if I talk about everything that we’re working on, it would go on for two days.

But there are a lot of things to talk about. We have a lot of really great relationships, and we have some relationships that are — let’s call it “in formation.” We’re being nice.

But we’ll be talking about Iran. We’ll be talking about various things that we’re doing. And we’re having tremendous success. We’re also going to be talking about the economy. As you know, Mr. Prime Minister, our economy is doing fantastically well. We have the best unemployment numbers we’ve ever had in most categories, and getting better. We just had some phenomenal results today, Steve, as I understand it. We just had — Wilbur, we just had a great couple of numbers.

Larry Kudlow, could you discuss that, please?


PRESIDENT TRUMP: Some great numbers just came out.

MR. KUDLOW: PMI — manufacturing, up. Up. Unfortunately, Europe’s was down, and Germany’s was down a lot. It looks like we’re in a turning zone back up on manufacturing.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Others were down, and we’re up. And we continue to go in the right direction. We’re getting numbers that we never anticipated having. And we’re doing very well. Other parts of the world are not doing nearly as well.

But — and I think we have tremendous potential upward.

Q Just on Iran, are you going to make the case to keep the pressure on them in your speech tomorrow?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, I don’t want to say now, Steve. But, look, we have a lot of pressure on them right now. More pressure than they’ve ever had. And Iran knows that they’re in a position that they’re — a lot of things are going to happen. Let me just put it this way: A lot of things are happening with respect to Iran. A lot more than you would know. A lot more than the media knows. But a lot of things are happening. Okay? I’ll be discussing it a little bit tomorrow.

Anybody else?

Q Mr. President, are you content with the way Rudy Giuliani has been handling the Ukraine situation over the last —

PRESIDENT TRUMP: I think he was excellent. I watched him the other night. I haven’t watched that show in a long time. I don’t watch CNN because it’s fake news. But I watched Rudy take apart Fredo. Fredo’s performance was incompetent. Rudy took him apart.

The press doesn’t give him credit because they take little tiny snippets, where wherever Rudy was a little bit — if he mispronounces a word, they’ll show that. They won’t show the whole. Rudy Giuliani took Fredo to the cleaners. It’s the first time I’ve watched CNN in a long time, too. I hate to watch it because it’s so fake.

Okay? Thank you very much, everybody. Thank you.

END 3:59 P.M. EDT

Promises made 2018.  Promises kept 2019…

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, thank you very much. We are close friends with Singapore and with Prime Minister Lee, and we’ve gotten to know each other very well.

And we’re signing a memorandum of defense — really, an understanding. And it’s a very strong understanding. We know where we are. We have an extraordinary relationship with Singapore and with the Prime Minister.

And we’re going to be — there’ll be a lot of — a lot of trade involved in our agreement today. We’re going to be doing a lot of trade, a lot of military equipment, et cetera, et cetera. So I just want to thank you, Mr. Prime Minister. And great honor to be with you. It’s a great honor.



PRIME MINISTER LEE: I would like to thank the President for signing this memorandum with me, updating our memorandum on defense cooperation between Singapore and the United States. We’ve had this since 1990.


PRIME MINISTER LEE: We’ve updated it once before in 2005, and we’re very happy to update it once more to extend for the next 15 years at least.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: That’s right.

PRIME MINISTER LEE: It reflects our very good cooperation in defense matters between the United States and Singapore, and also the broader cooperation we have in so many other fields — in security, in economics, in counterterrorism, and in culture and education, as well.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: That’s right.

PRIME MINISTER LEE: So we are very happy with our relationship. We hope to grow it. And we hope that it will also be a means for the U.S. to deepen its engagement in Southeast Asia and in the Asia Pacific region.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Very good. Well, it’s an honor. Thank you very much.

PRIME MINISTER LEE: Thank you. Now we sign.

(The memorandum of understanding is signed.)

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Okay, thank you very much, everybody. (Applause.) We’re going to see you — we’re going to see you in the other room. We’ll see you in the other room. Thank you very much.


END 3:53 P.M. EDT

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15 Responses to UNGA Bilat #3 – President Trump Meets With Prime Minister Lee of Singapore – Video and Transcript…

  1. bessie2003 says:

    OMG! He went there!

    “Rudy Guiliani took Fredo to the cleaners”!

    It’s nice to see the President having fun 🙂

    Liked by 10 people

  2. Broc says:

    Lee is nepotism incarnate and Trump is obviously short with this suit but plays along for the good of our country.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tim Cunningham says:

      Summing up PM Lee as nepotism incarnate is as accurate as summing up PDJT as incompetent.

      Which is to say: not very.

      Yes, Lee is the son of the founding PM, but his own record is one of remarkable achievement in leading Singapore for most of the last two decades winning in every election he has fought. In terms of this meeting, if you look at the agreements they signed, they prove that Singapore, although a very small country, punches well above its weight.

      Liked by 2 people

      • mac says:

        I lived in Singapore for four years. Singapore is easily one of the five best-governed countries on this planet and PM Lee Hsien Loong is as good as any Prime Minister anywhere. He is, in fact, actually far better than just about all of them currently in office. He is on a par with Netanyahu, Abe and Boris Johnson.

        Living in Singapore is enough to restore one’s faith in government actually being capable and efficient, a faith one cannot hold if their only experience is with the U.S. Government. The United States could learn volumes about good governance from Singapore, particularly when it comes to balancing the budget and handling crime. Singapore doesn’t believe in deficit spending or in coddling criminals, so they generally run a balanced budget and most criminals know better than to commit crimes there. Commit a crime in Singapore and you a) WILL be caught and b) WILL be punished quite severely. They cane criminals in Singapore, and apparently anyone who has ever been caned has learned that they NEVER, EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WANT TO BE CANED AGAIN! It definitely makes quite an impression on both the mind and the gluteus maximus!

        One of the best things about Singapore is that the libel laws permit politicians to sue people who tell falsehoods against them. If Singapore’s libel laws had been in effect in the U.S. when that worthless jerk Harry Reid told his blatant lie about Mitt Romney not paying taxes, Romney would have been able to sue Reid into bankruptcy. That said, truth is still a defense against libel in Singapore, so if you want to print or broadcast the fact that the PM or any other Singaporean politician is crooked in some way, you can do so. You just better have enough proof to back that claim up in a court of law or you’ll pay heavily when you lose the defamation lawsuit. If we had those laws in the U.S. the ‘Rat Party would be bankrupt well before the 2020 election.


  3. 🍺Gunny66 says:

    Most people do not know that since the volcano caused the closure of the Naval Base at Subjc Bay in the Philippines, the US Navy has moved it’s base to the Northern part of Singapore.

    All repair facilities, dry docking and other vital Navy needs have been stationed in Singapore for years.

    I lived in Singapore for a year…….no matter what is said…..loved it there.

    No crime……nice intelligent people….it is expensive….and it is an island…

    Otherwise good to go…

    Liked by 5 people

  4. GB Bari says:

    Singapore, Pakistan, India, Japan…

    Step by step…..the President has surrounded China with countries making good trade agreements with the U.S.

    Liked by 3 people

  5. RJ says:

    Oh….ouch! President Trump calling a “Cuomo” Fredo is just asking for trouble from his older brother up in Albany. And in the City, the marxist mayor will be the governor’s best friend when it comes to any game that promises to take down our president.

    And note that our President in now talking with other world leaders of countries where they come forward and speak to us in grateful terms, thanking America for bringing up all economies!

    President Trump came in with the right goal, put men to work! Those women who wish to work…well just look at those girls who work in the White House!

    And yes, girls is a word I will use for the rest of my life when thinking and looking at women, females and even broads. Men and women are meant for each other.

    The United States needs all the other countries/peoples on this planet, Spaceship Earth, as Bucky called us some years back.

    They need us for we are of all of them!

    Americans are merely of mirror of all the energies that people all over, everywhere on this planet, have within and have shared with others.

    All we need is the “right” voice to communicate a common message. The question is what will be that message?

    Trump knows the hunt for his taxes is merely an “Al Capone” game to take him down. Fredo Cuomo has been put on notice, just like his older brother and their bitch, de Blasio.


  6. cthulhu says:

    If Cuomo touches this with a ten-foot pole, his transformation into Fredo will be complete.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Laurie Walker says:

      Agree. But he might try to prove he’s not a Fredo by showing doctored footage to deny he’s a Fredo. Who’s going to prove him wrong …. Scaramucci?


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