McCabe’s Lawyers Say: Obama’s Team Will Defend Him – Obama’s Team Say: ‘What, Huh’?

A leak from McCabe’s legal team to their Lawfare ally at Politico, Natasha Bertrand, ends with a spectacular fail; highlighting a series of events entirely apropos of the McCabe character.   This is just too darned funny.

Andrew McCabe’s legal team tell Politico journalist Natasha Bertrand that Obama officials were lined up to speak as character witnesses in his defense.  To support their claim team McCabe leak’s an email written to the DOJ.  Ms. Bertrand then writes an article:

(Politico) A cavalcade of Obama-era national security leaders have committed to testify on behalf of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe should he face trial over allegations that he misled officials about leaks to the media.

[…] If McCabe ultimately does face charges, he’ll have some big names lined up as character witnesses. The high-ranking ex-officials who have committed to defending him include former Attorney General Eric Holder, former CIA Director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former national security adviser Susan Rice.

Mary McCord, a career DOJ attorney who oversaw the government’s Russia probe as acting head of the DOJ’s National Security Division, and David Cohen, the No. 2 at the CIA from 2015 to 2017, are also lined up to speak on McCabe’s behalf.

McCabe’s legal team previously asked DOJ to overrule the prosecutors’ indictment recommendation, but were rebuffed, according to a person familiar with the matter. The lawyers wrote an 11-page legal analysis, entitled “Reasons Not To Prosecute Andrew McCabe,” as part of their effort to convince DOJ not to bring charges.  (read more)

Immediately after publishing the article, Ms. Bertrand began receiving some rather snarky responses. John Brennan, James Clapper, Eric Holder and Susan Rice will appear as character witnesses?  Seriously?

The team outlined by McCabe’s lawyers are notoriously well known public fibbers themselves including:  CIA Director John Brennan (who lied to congress about spying on the Senate intelligence committee); DNI James Clapper (who lied about the NSA gathering metadata on Americans); former AG Eric Holder (who was held in contempt of congress for lying); and Susan Rice (infamous for lying about the Benghazi YouTube video).

The public responses to Ms. Bertrand’s propaganda article on behalf of her Lawfare allies was immediate, pointed and quite accurate.  However, a few hours later, Ms. Bertrand had to walk-back the entire premise of her article:


It would appear the claims made by Andrew McCabe; which were based on communications also shared with potential DOJ prosecutors; were made without ever contacting Brennan, Clapper, Holder and Rice for their consent.

Yes, that’s correct.  Andrew McCabe, who is being accused of lying under oath, lied about the production of character witnesses who the defense claimed were going to speak about McCabe’s integrity.  In essence, he lied about the character witnesses.

You just can’t make this stuff up folks.

An epic fail, based on lies, entirely apropos of the character of Andrew McCabe.


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303 Responses to McCabe’s Lawyers Say: Obama’s Team Will Defend Him – Obama’s Team Say: ‘What, Huh’?

  1. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    The lights are on, but nobody’s home.
    Hey, mccabe, wake up and smell the bacon.
    You’re a small fry.
    The big fish don’t give a tinker’s damn about you.

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  2. amflyalex says:

    It could be that these Deep Staters all really did say “Yes” until they got hold of a copy of the draft IG report that is now circulating, realized McCabe was completely and permanently screwed and then said, “After further review, NOPE.” The timing would work.

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    • “after further review…..” Apparently, even though most would agree to write a letter, maybe, if there is time. However , due to scheduling and speaking commitments along with Netflix obligations, book tours, autumn leaf watching tours…..most may not be available to help testify. All, I’m sure , will wish him well with heartfelt support. ( from a great distance)

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    • CopperTop says:

      ^^amfly…Yup^^. I believe Clapper DID tweet before the IG announcement McCabe service exemplary etc…

      That makes your cause and effect supposition more likely than not.

      If anyone has that tweet…would be good to show now.


      • TruthnnnFreedom says:

        Last year when there was a lot of focus on McCabe he already put out warnings through his msm contacts.
        He since then got book deals and a CNN gig.
        If this was just about, worse case, him leaking to the media, then they would still all publicly vouch for him!


    • John says:

      After review,due consideration particularly all the ramifications we have decided not to help.


    • mikeyboo says:

      Exactly, amflyalex, it’s not as if any of those “character witnesses” are such good character that they would feel obliged to keep commitments.

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    • Strickler says:

      I hope that they had a meeting to discuss it while a white hat FBI guy listened in. I would love to have these criminals further indict themselves.

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      • Contrarymary says:

        Did you read the end of the letter? “They would also testify about their own personal experience that dealing with such issues on a continuing basis has affected their ability to remember…”. In other words, the great hitlery defense “I don’t recall” and they’re going to lie their heinies off.

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    • That would mean there is a “leaker” ib the IG Staff!!!

      Reverse Sting Operation anyone!!! The more you know!!!


  3. Pristach says:

    It’s time McCabe understands what it means to be arrested by the FBI.

    There are only 2 rules to follow treepers, if this fate should befall you:

    Rule 1- STFU
    Rule 2 – see rule 1

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  4. chojun says:

    This tells me that McCabe has been frozen out. He’s gonna be the fall guy for SpyGate.

    In fairness to him, that’s extraordinarily unfair to him to take the fall for something when figures higher than him have been implicated.

    But you play with snakes, you get bit …

    Durham is going to drop the hammer on Brennan once Horowitz is done with McCabe, Strzok, and Page.

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    • CopperTop says:

      There’s been two years of Treepers saying similar: McCabe will be DOJ sacrifice and perhaps Comey if he doesn’t know how to stfu in front of media/congress [ahem Comey going down] and the IC community will give up Brennan.

      Followed by further Treeper speculation that some report somewhere will “name names” about the rest; but no one will see Justice and they’ll all make $ on books and giving each other speaking/teaching/corporate security jobs.

      It will be up to future administrations to cull the herd remaining of anyone tainted with any of the named names as their ‘Rabbi, mentor…etc”

      It will be up to the small group Rudy/Newt/TrumpJr/Nunes to figure out how to bankrupt the media companies that were exposed during the show of sunlight on their corruption as well.


      • chojun says:

        Yep I know a lot of people around here tend to be skeptical and maybe a bit cynical about figures being prosecuted. I think that McCabe will take the fall on the FBI side and Brennan on the outside-DOJ side. I don’t think it goes any higher than Brennan unless he rats out the Obama White House to get a better deal.

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        • doofusdawg says:

          Anybody who gets indicted will just stall because they know they will be pardoned by any elected democrat. That’s why there should be no delay for political impact.

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        • JC1974 says:

          I’ve been thinking this too. McCabe gets to fall on the sword. I hate to be cynical, but I see him as the blood offering to convince we the people to let things go back to business as usual. The rest will walk away, with at worst broken government careers, and still make a great living. The coup enablers need to be driven out of public life.


    • Greg1 says:

      Strikes me as some astute observations. And you seem to be good at making astute observations. I look for your posts.

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    • oldumb says:

      I think that is the list of people McCabe has “the goods on” an he is letting them know he expects their help or he is ratting on them.

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    • ozymandiasssss says:

      Probably not Page


  5. More evidence also that McCabe has already been indicted. “Methinks the lady doth protest to much”. One betting site said there is a 64% chance McCabe will be indicted by December 31, 2019.
    Lady McCabe, look at the spots on your hands. The sealed indictment and the McCabe Grand Jury is docking up with and merging with the the New FISA report.


  6. Linus in W.PA. says:

    These treasonous bastagees still think that their ‘defense’ efforts are going to get them off the hook!!!

    ‘Lil Andy probably thought his nicely worded letter would convince the ‘right’ people to let him slide.

    They can all consume feces and expire.

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  7. DonK31 says:

    I really doubt that any of these character witnesses would ever voluntarily put themselves under oath for a cross examination. They didn’t get to the top by being that stupid.

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    • johnnyfandango says:

      I hope they are that stupid. There are many questions the Prosecution would be asking them.

      I hope that McCabe rats them all out and burns the village. Pass the popcorn.


  8. Henry chance says:

    So Comey had an ornate plan with top secret laptop and notes to memorialize.
    Rosenstein had his secret notes.
    McCabe must have dirt track evidence to use for pressure
    Cohen was waving thousands of files on the way to do community service in jail.
    Epstein had pictures videos and files. Blackbook.

    None of the clowns have The Trump card.

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  9. Linus in W.PA. says:

    Knowing that this is a total blood sport, as the dems/leftists/libs/law(less)fare see ti, Andy is really walking a tightrope knowing what his ‘masters’ will do to protect themselves.

    Similarly, his legal team has to not want to get cross-ways with those same people.

    ‘Lil Andy’s goose is cooked.

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  10. William Mitchell says:

    What kind of character witnesses will those people make when most of them are themselves under indictment?

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  11. Justin Green says:

    I’m sure King George would have provided some character witnesses for Benedict Arnold, too. The degenerate still needed a good, old-fashioned hanging.


  12. CNN_sucks says:

    Character witness? Don’t they supposed to be heading to prison, too? They are as dirty as McCabe.


  13. Shyster says:

    Looks more like a list of co-conspirators than a witness list.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Reminds me of the,sting, where the LE send out (to people with failure to appear warrants) a “Notice! You have WON a big, flat screen TV. To claim your prize go to (time and location).

      “So, you all THOUGHT you were coming to appear as ‘character references’, for Andy McCabe. Sorry about the typo. That SHOULD have,said “Co-Defendants”. If you’ll all stand, and put your hands behind your back, cause YOU are under arrest. You have the right,….Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do,..”
      Sorry, fantasising for a minute there!

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  14. California Joe says:

    At the end of the day McCabe is still a cop and a dirty cop at that. Every Leftist in the United States hates cops including Holder, Rice and Brennan. None of them will lift a finger to save McCabe just like they didn’t save the cop in Ferguson and they knew he was 100% innocent!

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  15. rayvandune says:

    Is a person testifying about events unrelated to the charges typically called a “fact” witness? If Brennan says “Yes, Andy and I worked together to uncover a nest of Russian spies”, he is testifying to a fact, but one that is irrelevant to a charge of leaking and lying about it, or am I wrong?

    Now, if McCabe was being charged for lying about uncovering a nest of Russian spies, THAT would make Brennan a fact witness. A really shabby one, to be sure!

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  16. Drexel says:

    These characters as witnesses…


  17. Trent Telenko says:

    The Deep State will defend McCabe in the same way they defended Epstein.

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    • litlbit2 says:

      IMO, Andy better be writing down the menu and memos placing them in various locations. However, he just maybe silly enough to think like Epstein? End results will be matching. Unless there is a shortage on body bags….FYI there is not🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


    • FrankieZee says:

      No they will tell him to take the fall or else his wife and kids are BYE BYE with cement boots into the Potomac. But then again they can all go into the witness protection program if he gives up all thee names.


  18. James says:

    I suspect his goal is to put those people on notice “if I go down I’m bringin pg everyone else with me”

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  19. k4jjj says:

    Al Capone had plenty of character witnesses.


  20. patti says:

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  21. Julian says:

    McCabe is just letting them know that they’re the folks he’s prepared to “throw under the bus”.

    It’s a very public declaration on McCabe’s part.

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  22. Phil aka Felipe says:

    I suspect all these ‘players’ have active FISA warrants on them, justifiably so since they’ve been in cahoots with foreign ‘actors’ throughout this coup.

    That includes MSM co-conspirators.

    Hope we all get to see some of that “Because you’d be in jail” scenario come to pass due to our VSG POTUS.

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  23. ChampagneReady says:

    McCabe if it wasn’t for you telling the FBI to stand down and “not find anything” in the Mid Year Exam, Clinton would have been in prison for a year already. But there was that little thing with your wife wasn’t there and that convenient 750.000 from McCauliffe to ramrod her into the senate.

    You should have a cell on Riker’s Island.

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  24. If the “Small Group” gets RICO’d – which it should – then these characters will all be testifying as co-defendants. Or more likely, pleading the Fifth Amendment, as any truthful testimony would necessarily incriminate them.

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  25. youme says:

    Hopefully the alleged witness list from McCabe is a warning to those on the list…you can either be a witness at my trial or sit next to me at the defendants table 🙂

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  26. sickconservative says:

    Didn’t McCabe say he would bring down others someone big has to go to jail.


  27. nobodyspecial1958 says:

    Maybe he didn’t actually lie. Maybe he just assumed that his best buddies had his back. Or maybe they told him at some point, “ Don’t worry little buddy, you won’t get in trouble for this. When momma Hillary gets in, she will be so grateful for all your hard work that you will never have a worry ever again, and no one will ever know any of this because momma Hillary will make it all go away. And if some meanie like Devin Nunes tries to give you any trouble, we will give him a wedgie and send him on his way. Don’t worry we got this. “
    Or something similar. Just a guess.

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  28. nobodyspecial1958 says:

    Maybe he didn’t actually lie. Maybe he just assumed that his best buddies had his back. Or maybe they told him at some point, “ Don’t worry little buddy, you won’t get in trouble for this. When momma Hillary gets in, she will be so grateful for all your hard work that you will never have a worry ever again, and no one will ever know any of this because momma Hillary will make it all go away. And if some meanie like Devin Nunes tries to give you any trouble, we will give him a wedgie and send him on his way. Don’t worry we got this. “
    Or something similar. Just a guess.


    • Dutchman says:

      I read the I.G. report on McCabe. I disagree with the findings. I think Comey knew darn good and well that McCabe leaked that leak, otherwise,McCabe wouldn’t have used Lisa Page, the FBI lawyer, to set up the leak.
      McCabe insisted that,Comey and the seventh floor KNEW he leaked, but he couldn’t PROVE it. He SAID he had emails, but couldn’t get access to them.

      IF he is looking at serious time, AND is found guilty, he’ll roll. A hand slap he’ll take, and MAYBE with enough $, do a year, but he COULD start the avalanche.

      One,…little,…pebble is ALL it takes.
      And there is NO “honor among thieves”, its every man and woman for themselves.

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  29. VandalizeDuhMastuhsAlgorithms says:

    You have to wonder, what is/could be worse?

    Facing Justice alone or with others, or

    Realizing We the People know, and

    We are still required to pay for this festerance.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Uh, being in FEDERAL Prison, where a good % of the inmates are there cause they got busted by FBI, or at least “Feds”, many entrapped by the same kinds of manuevers we saw used on Manafort, etc.

      So, he would be in the Special unit, with Pedos, snitches,…you know, like where they had,Epstien. Scared yet, little buddy?

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  30. Arrest Soros says:

    A few points of note for me.
    * That list is in alphabetical order, not in order of seniority
    That tells me the Lawfare group got a list of potential allies together but the release was premature.

    * When they say “dealing with these issues regularly effects ones memory”, what they’re really saying is “look yes, we lied in the past, but these things happen when you deal with these issues regularly”. LMAO you can’t make this $hit up.

    * We now have a short list of fellow deep state seditious travellers. Do any of them still work for government or still have security clearances?
    Use the list to clean out the house.

    This was such bad judgement by the Lawfare group. They must be desperate.
    But why should they be desperate? McCabe is just one of many to them.
    But wait, maybe they are desperate because McCabe is telling them “get me off or I spill the beans. I’m not taking the fall for everybody.”

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    • TruthnnnFreedom says:

      They’re probing.. and the co-conspirators try to insulate themselves from him.
      This shows there are many rifts among these thieves.. they are not all together plotting how to proceed!

      They already pressured the DOJ to charge or absolve him.. if they charge him they need to test who’s with Andy and who not.

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  31. MR52 says:

    Hey JW, look, a target rich list. Time to request tweets and emails for everyone on the list!

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  32. appraisher says:

    A desperate shot across the bow of these guilty, illegal, coup-plotters? “Defend me…or I spill the beans on the lot of you”?

    Hope he has a REAL insurance policy (for his family’s sake), unlike the flimsy, ham-handed “insurance policy” he orchestrated against President Trump…he gonna need it!


    • TruthnnnFreedom says:

      Yes, no doubt. Team Obama betraying Team Hillary. McCabe’s wife received “campaign contributions” from Team Hillary in ’16, 700k..


  33. Rami says:

    “Don’t call us, Chil’ we’ll call you”


  34. CopperTop says:

    McCabe’s to dos yesterday: List out in major print media all my co-conspirators.

    McCabe’s to dos tonight: Stop making lists.

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  35. Louisiana Tea Rose says:

    Some thoughts on McCabe:

    F—Flynn, then F—Trump=baseline strategy. McCabe executed the operation that transitioned the counterintelligence operation into the SC coup. He is the nexus, so his destruction would potentially pre-empt further disintigration of the coup firewall.

    Unfortunately, he is such a scumbag, a slime, incapable of earning loyalty (see: Lisa Page), he is now on the receiving end of the scheme he set forth on behalf of the small group who are now tying him onto the tracks.

    But that scenario is now irrelevent. It doesn’t matter that you are getting run over by a train, because the nuclear ordnance is being delivered right on top of your small group of fellow traitors and seditionists.

    Yes, Andy, you effectively are taking them all down with you. Congratulations on a job well done.


  36. Tiffthis says:

    If they are for him(McCabe) he is against them (rice, clapper, comey, you get it) McCabe won’t be alive 4 weeks after indictment if it even happens


  37. ezgoer says:

    If Andy threatens to spill on the big fish, he’ll end up like Epstein.


  38. jogreggre says:

    John Brennan, James Clapper, Eric Holder, Susan Rice what despicable people the Left holds as their heroes. And, one mustn’t forget Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. Then there’s Christine Blasey Ford, another fine example of progressive honesty and character in action. Oh, and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, and of course, Maxine Waters. I could go on all night. If America had a fair or honest media, Democrat political leaders would all be laughed out of town.

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  39. TruthnnnFreedom says:

    I think this was a calculated lie and a WARNING to the people on the list!
    They’re co-conspirators.
    McCabe last year stated that he will essentially bring others down with him. Book deals and CNN hiring are merely attempts to not let him alone with such a decision.
    McCabe is the weak link in the group. Him not knowing if and how he will be indicted creates stories like that.. AND shows how strategic Team Trump is working this instead of just rounding them up all at once…

    We are at a crossroads now and it seems like the group scapegoating Andy.

    I expect more of such down the road.. at some point the big split will be Team Obama scapegoating Team Hillary.

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    • Zy says:

      What does Team Trump have to do with “working this”?

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      • TruthnnnFreedom says:

        The revelations of the last 3 years didn’t just happen randomly.
        There’s a clear progression and escalation happening in what is revealed.
        Of course Trump is acting as if he’s at the mercy of the DOJ, appearing clueless and isolated, cause the separation of DOJ and President is important for the story Team Trump tells compared to how Team Obama and Hillary weaponized it. Worst case how to handle this would’ve been Sessions arresting all of them in one sweep on day 1. A witch hunt they would’ve called it and any failure in prosecution would be the end of the Trump presidency!

        Clearly Team Trump decided to not reveal everything early on which they could’ve easily done. Like General Flynn could’ve easily enjoyed retirement by Christmas 2017..

        If Trump wanted McCabe and co. would’ve been exposed long ago. In hindsight Team Trump “enjoyed” dragging this out, building the case to the American people while making the case tight.

        The plotters, as seen with McCabe and others like Comey and Brennan, are going through ups and downs never sure on where this goes and who’s with them and who not..

        Only Team Trump knows where this is going and they know it since 2016 when Flynn joined and Admiral Rodgers revealed the ploy.

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  40. Jimmney says:

    The MSM goes so fast next week there’s a narrative. Epstein case is dead as “him”Awan case dead!Vegas Shootings dead. Weiner laptop dead, Uranium whistle blower dead. Point being every week it changes nothing sticks. Would love Sundance to have a Thread of unanswered questions sent by the house Judiciary committee when it was Republican.

    There’s so much more. We need an update thread.

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  41. dottygal says:

    You have to wonder if McCabe fell off his bike and hit his head (not wearing a helmet). How can he be so stupid and made to such a level of the FBI? Really makes you wonder what the criteria is for being deputy director. Does he not know that most of the country knows that Brennan, Clapper, Yates, Rice, et al. were all part of the coup? Why on earth would he list them as witnesses?! They are all going down.


    • Zy says:

      97% of the country knows nothing about the coup.


      • TruthnnnFreedom says:

        That’s not true at all. The constant drip drop for 2+ years and the failed Mueller report made a lot of people note that something is up.
        It’s also the reason why Hannity is the nr.1. and many books on spygate sold big time.
        Over time the former never Trump and milquetoast conservative media including the former Cruz supporting blogs got into spygate who laughed at Trump’s ’17 spying tweets..

        Of the politically interested at least 25% heard about it.

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        • lemmus1 says:

          …it simply doesn’t matter …the only people who will matter in the end are the DC residents who serve on McCabe’s jury …and to 95% of them, those “character” witnesses are rock stars.

          That’s why Barr is taking so long …he has to be dead certain that he has an ironclad case against McCabe …one that even DC jury nullification can’t overcome.

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    • lotbusyexec says:

      His plan is to take them ALL down — IF they don’t assist him on his take down of PDJT. WE are now in the fun part of the Trump Deal — So looking forward to smiling and feeling gratified by their demise. Sorry, I will fell satisfied, I will smile and kick my heals. These “haters” deserve all the shame and outrage they will get

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  42. Zorro says:

    Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk
    I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk
    Music loud and women warm, I’ve been kicked around
    Since I was born
    And now it’s alright, it’s okay
    And you may look the other way
    We can try to understand
    The New York Times’ effect on man
    Whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother
    You’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive
    Feel the city breakin’ and everybody shakin’
    And we’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive
    Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive
    Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive

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  43. Linus in W.PA. says:

    A major tool in the dem/leftist/lib/law(less)fare playbook is to run out the clock.

    So, their next greatest hope for ‘salvation’ is the 2020 election.

    Now, imagine you’re ‘Lil Andy McCabe…….and you’re watching the democrat debate last week!!!

    Man alive!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!

    Hell’s coming to breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!

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  44. Judiciary says:

    McCabe’s Obama cronies have sent him a message. That message is not unlike one made years ago by Watergate conspirator John D. Ehrlichman. He once famously told John Dean, “Well, I think we ought to let him hang there. Let him twist slowly, twist slowly in the wind.”

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  45. MD says:

    All those he lied and said would be character witnesses for him would never be. Their plan would be to blame the whole mess on the FBI (which he was part of) if they are ever in a position to be held accountable.


  46. Albert Leon says:

    Or perhaps this was McCabe’s very public way of saying to this group, get me off or you’re going down with me.

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  47. MD says:

    How come we never hear Lorretta Lynch mentioned in any of this anymore???

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    • TruthnnnFreedom says:

      Loretta Lynch is sitting inbetween Team Obama, Team Hillary and the deep state figures. No one wants to scorn her.
      Off the conspirators she has the most leverage on everyone.

      I think only Comey attacked her in all the years having some leverage on her cause of the Hillary email case.

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  48. The Devilbat says:

    I may be wrong but I always try to apply logic. If I were the president, I would push to have the traitors dragged through the courts sometime in 2020. The American public’s attention span is rather short so let’s parade them in front of the cameras at a perfect time prior to the election. That would truly devastate the democratic party.

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  49. ChampagneReady says:

    What is surprising is that Jessie Lieu SDNY US Attorney recommended prosecution.

    When she even turned on you McCabe, you are penitentiary bound. I expect the formal press conference any day now.

    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving dirty cop dirt bag.


  50. Paul says:

    Mcabe is now just realising he has always been and is only a pratboy

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