Strong Hurricane Dorian, 150mph Winds – Southeast Coast Expanded Concern…

Hurricane Dorian has intensified and slowed. The forecast track has shifted right (east) and now extends from Florida into Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.  After Dorian impacts the Bahamas the forecast path will be more certain; until then, prepare for worst and keep praying for a right turn where Dorian stays out in Atlantic.

At 1100 AM EDT (1500 UTC), the distinct eye of Hurricane Dorian was located near latitude 26.0 North, longitude 73.4 West. Dorian is moving toward the west near 8 mph (13 km/h) and a slower westward motion should continue into early next week. On this track, the core of Dorian should move over the Atlantic well north of the southeastern and central Bahamas today, be near or over the northwestern Bahamas on Sunday, and move near the Florida east coast late Monday through Tuesday.

Data from both NOAA and Air Force Hurricane Hunter planes indicate that the maximum sustained winds have increased to near 150 mph (240km/h) with higher gusts. Dorian is a category 4 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. Some fluctuations in intensity are likely, but Dorian is expected to remain a powerful hurricane during the next few days. (read more)

We have a lot of Treepers in the path of this storm. If you need assistance, use the comments section of any Dorian Update thread to reach out, or use the email address in the upper right of the site.

Right now you are in control.  By now you should have a solid plan in place.  Work that plan, stay busy and don’t get caught up in the national hysteria.  Stay updated via your local news stations. Saturday looks like the key day impact zones will be identified.

Reach out to your neighbors; touch-base and check to see if they are okay or need anything.  The community restoration begins before the storm arrives. Look out for each-other.  This is why preparation and communication is key.

Regarding any evacuation plan, please pay attention to your local officials who will be coordinating with state Dept. of Transportation.  As the path and impact zone of the storm becomes more predictable your local officials will alert to best route for evacuation.

For those in the cone of uncertainty; remember, planning and proactive measures taken now can significantly reduce stress in the days ahead.  Plan when to make the best decision on any evacuation (if needed) consider Saturday mid-day the decision time-frame; Sunday morning at the latest. As a general rule: take shelter from wind – but evacuate away from water.

Communication is important.  Update your friends and family contact list. Stay in touch with family and friends, let them know your plans. Select a single point of contact for communication from you that all others can then contact for updates if needed.

Check your shutters and window coverings; test your generator; re-organize and familiarize yourself with all of your supplies and hardware. Check batteries in portable tools; locate tools you might need after the storm; walk your property to consider what you may need to do based on the storms path. All decisions are yours. You are in control.

Consider travel plans based on roads and traffic density. Being proactive now helps to keep any future stress level low. You are in control. If you have pets, additional plans may be needed.

Protect your family first, then help your friends and neighbors.

Above all else, stay calm.  Actively challenge yourself to stay calm regardless of the hysteria and/or alarm around you.  Stay calm and work your plan.

♦ Look over the National Hurricane Center resources for planning assistance.

♦ Also a great resource – CREATE A PLAN

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127 Responses to Strong Hurricane Dorian, 150mph Winds – Southeast Coast Expanded Concern…

  1. smartyjones1 says:

    St. Michael the Archangel’s protection on everyone in the path currently and may his aid be directed by our Lord and Savior to push this storm northeast and away from the coastline.

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  2. Deborah D says:

    I don’t like that it seems to end up about the same place as Hurricane Florence did last year about this time! We were hit pretty hard last year here in southeast NC! Please pray for us!! Dorian, move out to sea!!!

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  3. jello333 says:

    I want to apologize for a comment I made a few days ago. When this was still a small tropical storm, I made some lame joke about where it was heading… the name “Dorian” was just too much for me to resist. Well, right after I posed it I thought to myself that was stupid, because this COULD wind up much more serious at some point. And of course that’s exactly how it’s gone. So yeah… I can be a fool sometimes, as many of you already know! So…. thoughts and prayers to everyone in the path of this hurricane, especially those of you in Florida who I care so much about.

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    • Grandma Covfefe says:

      Instant forgiven! We Love You. 🙂

      To make you feel better, many of us have done/said dumb things too without thinking thru. These are trying times we are going thru and we are allowed “Bad Hair Days”…and ..they are becoming less and less…thanks to dear President Trump’s optimistic mood.

      🙏 Keep praying for the “The Right Hook or Hook to the Right”. 🙏 🙂

      God Bless you all and Praying for all in the path of this storm whether it’s the hurricane part or tropical storm part. All of you matter…We Love you all.

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    • Your human.
      It happens.
      Owning up to it is an indication of good character.

      I however never would make such a boo boo.

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    • Hey Jello…It is called hindsight, some times better than foresight!!! But you’re all good with the Treepers in these limbs@!!!

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    • warrprin1 says:

      Each and every one of us takes our turn making a joke and then regretting its post, jello333. No worries. If there’s one thing in abundance here, it is understanding. We are all praying for this storm to head east, and farther out to sea. May it be God’s Will – please.

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    • amwick says:

      No worries, I felt bad about FL, friends and a family member, now I get to worry about Myrtle Beach. Things change. We are safe in the mountains, but our little cottage is about 2 miles in from the ocean. More friends there. Last year we housed people who got flooded… Was rinse repeat? I hope and pray that doesn’t happen.

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    • skipper1961 says:

      R U the same “Jello” from Breitbart?


      • jello333 says:

        I’m not sure if I’ve ever posted there, I don’t think so. I used to post at various sites, a little here and there, but can’t remember where all… and I don’t think I would have used the “Jello333” username anyway. I did, however, used to post a lot at that slimy place Daily Kos (yeah, I was among the brainwashed at one time), but that’s been years ago. Since early 2012, my main home has been right here in the Treehouse! 🙂


    • MaineCoon says:

      I missed the original post but so glad to read your wonderful apology. A good lesson for all/me.

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    • Rex Brocki says:

      If it helps you feel any better, I once saw a guy from maintenance who usually wore greasy fatigues enter the squadron room in resplendent dress uniform, and being the A$$ that I am, greeted him with “Gee, you look great… who died?”
      He turned a stricken face towards me. “My uncle… and I didn’t even know!’
      It turned out that he volunteered his time for the honor guard, who among other duties, were the ones who fired the 21-gun salutes at the funerals of veterans, and earlier that day, he had done so… and hadn’t found out until after the ceremony that it had been his own uncle in the casket (communication breakdown due to his being in the service with only a snail mail connection to the rest of his family in those pre-internet days).
      My shame is as fresh today as it was all those years ago… I haven’t used that lame joke since.


  4. LeslieKay says:

    Sending prayers your way…Stay safe!

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  5. oldschool says:

    Wishing safety to all in the path of hurricane Dorian – take care of yourselves and God Bless…

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  6. Kerry says:

    I believe that Dorian is going to skirt the east coast, maintain hurricane strength, take a hard left up the St. Lawrence Seaway and hit Ottawa as a VNF (very narrowly focused) hurricane that hits former Canadian P.M. Kim Campbell’s house while sparing her nextdoor neighbors.

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  7. Ivehadit says:

    Keep praying for a move to the right… Always a good thing in more ways than one!😊

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  8. California Joe says:

    A lot of hurricanes make a hard right as they approach the Florida Coast and head Northeast following the Gulf Stream out to sea. Let’s pray that this one does the same thing!

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  9. Publius2016 says:

    Keep praying and may the winds move this storm out to sea!

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  10. Texian says:

    Theirs always the chance.. Sometimes weather doesn’t cooperate with forecasts.. So don’t let your guard down.. Depends on the storm.. Lots of variables.. It could follow it, or it could just keep on going in its current path..

    What is interesting about this one.. Wind is higher velocity (speed) when compared with its central barometric pressure (the engine horsepower). This one’s a hopped up rice burner.. Not a big block torque monster who will go wherever it damn well pleases.. (Which usually goes in a straight line or wide arcing curves, albeit sometimes wobbly all along the way).

    So the two extremes.. A big rat motor, a hopped up four cylinder rice burner.. Both will leave a mark at point of impact..

    It’s a wild mouse.. its nimble.. and could quickly change direction at the slightest variable impulse..

    Will be interesting to see what this mouse who thinks it’s a rat will do..

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  11. MicD says:

    Hope this storm does not landfall.
    Power crews are in route from as far away as Nebraska.
    Be safe watch out for trees and downed power lines.

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  12. dscottv says:

    Good news for Florida if it holds to the current forecast. I live in an older Mobile on a small farm in Suwannee County with a bunch of horses and dogs and huge live oaks…not the kind of place you’d want to ride out a hurricane in. Luckily we rarely take direct hits in this part of Florida.

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    • sunnydaze says:

      Sounds like 1) a BEAUTIFUL place and 2) yeah, a bad place to ride out a ‘cane.

      Those Live Oaks are some of the loveliest trees on the planet.

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      • usayes says:

        Stunning oaks in Suwanee County!! So sad to see how storms damaged the once stunning old oaks on US 90 in AL and MS. Like Treepers tho, they are tough and have refused to succumb to adversity!


  13. thomas says:

    Good luck y’all, i’ll be praying for you.!!!!

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  14. thedoc00 says:

    The current maps shown on all the media have omitted the high pressure system reported earlier in the week in place Northeast of the storm, which is actually impacting the path of this storm. Hopefully, the governors of the potentially impacted states were paying attention.

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  15. TreeClimber says:

    A question for the hurricane veterans: I have heard that you definitely don’t want any breaches in your house air pressure as it can blow the roof off. Today my husband was saying, we should crack the windows to allow the air pressure to equalize. So… do we stay sealed up tight as a drum, or do we crack the windows and make all things equal?

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    • The Tundra PA says:

      The hurricane wisdom that I remember (as a Mississippi Gulf Coast survivor of Hurricane Camille in ‘69) is that you crack a window on the lee side of the wind. As the leading edge of the hurricane approaches, crack a window on the west side. When the eye passes over, you close that one and crack a window on the east side for the second half. After 20 years in Alaska with no hurricane concerns, I’m not sure if that is still the prevailing wisdom. Good luck and Godspeed to all Treepers affected by this monster.

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    • Dixie says:

      I only know from the experience of Florence. We had many tornadoes embedded in the winds which is probably the reason your husband is thinking to crack the windows. I rode out that storm at home alone for 5 days and never cracked a window.

      This house has weathered 13 storms since it was built across the street from the water and we never cracked any of the windows.

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    • LW says:

      Leave them shut.

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    • We keep ours sealed up, tight as a drum. The open windows is an old tale. When I was little during a hurricane, our family were all piled up in the hallway of our house away from all windows and my dad opened the windows just a little. The driving rain made quite a mess in our bedrooms. After the storm was over, my dad had to deal with my mom — and boy was that a storm!

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  16. Storm surge from a long run up the coast could be devastating. Possibly more so than the wind.

    Can’t remember my history right now but one hurricane blew surge all the way across from coast to coast!


  17. jimboct says:

    Just like Californians know how to deal with earthquakes, those who hail from Florida have been to this rodeo before. Hope and Pray the storm turns out to sea. I’m glad Puerto Rico was spared as much as it was. Now that I live in CT (Former CA native), interesting to see if the clouds / storm remnants come up the coast.

    VSGPDJT and FEMA has got this!

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  18. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    NASA Press Release:
    Kennedy Space Center Hurricane Update

    While the storm is forecast to be 17 nautical miles to the east of Kennedy Space Center (KSC), we are still in the path of hurricane force winds.
    Kennedy Space Center remains at HURCON III, but will likely upgrade to 2/1 starting Monday morning. At this time, the center is slated to close Monday, with the rideout team coming in Monday morning.
    The mobile launcher and crawler-transporter 2 that will be used for the Artemis program are buttoned up inside the Vehicle Assembly Building. Final preparations around the center are complete.
    The Visitor Complex hurricane preparations will be completed Saturday night after they close normal operations and will remain closed Sunday through the duration of the storm.

    The Cape Canaveral area is in Brevard County and the county Sheriff’s Office announced a mandatory evacuation will be issued for the barrier islands, Kennedy Space Center included, and other low-lying areas beginning at 8 a.m. Sunday.

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  19. Sarthurk says:

    Total bullshit! The media is lying to you, and you believe it. Suckers. It’s not even a Cat 2 yet. Do the math, and look at live wind reports. Good Grief. This is why people like Obama get elected. IGNORANCE!


    • Dixie says:

      Aw come on….Sarthurk. Be kind to those in the path. Hurricanes can be fearsome. Yes, the media does exaggerate, always have. Jim Cantore stands in the winds and makes them appear twice as strong as they are with his antics. We laugh at him. But we always try to be ready for whatever comes our way. May all those in the path be safe.

      Do you live on the Southeast Coast?

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      All sources are reporting 150mph sustained winds associated with Dorian where it is currently located. What “live wind reports” note otherwise? (This hurricane coverage has nothing to do with why Obama was elected twice.)


    • covfefe999 says:

      I’ll bet Sarthurk doesn’t live anywhere near the projected path. Meanwhile the people who do need to prepare.


    • Bill says:

      Agree. These things happen every year and always have. People freak when they could just in their car and go


    • KAR says:

      Some of us out West don’t know the truth about these hurricanes — real or fake?. I remember last year, I think it was Michael, I saw a couple videos “proving” the “hurricane” either didn’t happen at all and was a media/deep-state hoax, or it was a case of weaponized weather. The videos were pretty convincing, lots of meteorological data, etc. I wish SunDance would do a follow up on Dorian next week, where people who live on the east coast can comment about their experiences. FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE is the only thing you can count on.

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      • Dixie says:

        Let me help you with that. I worked temporally for an insurance agency who represented 25 insurance companies after Florence hit North Carolina. I helped to work 100,000 claims in two weeks. You cannot ride through this area where there is not blue tarps on roofs still to this day, almost one year later. Many have still not been able to get back in their homes and the rental market is not existent because so many people have been misplaced.

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      • Snow White says:

        KAR, I can tell you hurricane Michael existed. I saw the horrible devastation 2 weeks after the fact in person and it was real.

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      • Bubba Cow says:



    • bcsurvivor2 says:

      You sir or madam are an idiot!
      It is painfully apparent that you have never been through a hurricane watch or warning let alone an actual event.YOU are the ignorant one to the nth degree.


    • MaineCoon says:

      Educate yourself. You can read — correct?


  20. SHV says:

    FWIW and “from out of left field”…..Seems like with Hurricane, Tornado, natural disaster “prepare for” and aftermath stories and advice, comments about possible looting and protecting property appear on line such as: “looters will be shot”, “We don’t call 911′, etc.

    Only one State, Texas, has legal provision for the use of deadly force for the protection of personal property and that Texas law has a lot of “ifs”, “ands” and “buts”.


    • Akindole says:

      Andrew was my first; I’ve gone through nine so far.
      The laws didn’t matter after Andrew. Or, any others for that matter.
      And, the would-be perps know that down here.

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    • skipper1961 says:

      In Florida it’s known as “The Castle Doctrine” (also, the root of “Stand Your Ground”) Texas can thank Florida for being the first SHALL issue State. If they (intruders) happen to be looting, while threatening my life? That’s on them.
      Also, our State Constitution was amended after Katrina, to prohibit the disarming of citizens, after a natural disaster (emergency). There is always a risk involved with the use of a firearm. Their life or mine? I’ll take the risk.


      • SHV says:

        You point out the key distinction, deadly force in defense of property (illegal in 49 States and sort of legal in Texas) vs defense against imminent threat of death or grievous bodily harm, legal in 50 States with varying provisions of law.


      • SHV says:

        “Their life or mine?”
        No question, that why my wife and I both have Concealed Handgun Carry Licenses. Even though IANAL, I try to keep up to date on self defense law so that if I or my wife are confronted with a potential deadly force situation, prior knowledge of the law will reduce the chances of being bankrupted by the legal system or spending years in prison.

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  21. Gunner says:

    Prayers for everyone in Dorian’s path. I pray the Lord will once again rebuke the wind (Mark 4:35-40).

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  22. tozerbgood8315 says:

    Prayers for everyone. An allow me to interject some humor while you wait.

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  23. covfefe999 says:

    I realize that the storm itensified and that’s obviously a bad thing, but I’m happy to see that the path has shifted a bit and the eye is less likely now to reach the states. Let’s hope this thing continues to spin clockwise away from the coast. Still very serious, I wish all of you down there the best of luck and hope everything works out.

    And to the libtards who were hoping Mar A Lago would be destroyed … wah wah waah.


  24. Loren says:

    Preparation is a life style, in this life anyway. Having said that.

    Genesis 6:21, As for you, take for yourself some food which is edible, and gather it to yourself; and it shall be for you and for them. God said it to Noah.
    Romans, Who shall separate us from the love of Christ. None! Not Dorian.

    Take care of yourselves.

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  25. Deb says:

    God bless everyone in the path of this storm. Lord, please protect your children. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    Stella Maris, pray for us!

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  26. bcsurvivor2 says:

    Went to talk to a few of my neighbors today, just a few minutes ago. We all live in smallish mobile homes and one in an RV. Central Florida. I just wanted them to know that we have water, ice and food. Hubby is smoking 30lbs of waygu brisket as we speak. We will feed everyone tomorrow.
    One neighbor just got news that her cancer metastasized to her lung. It is a very small en-capsulized tumor and she had to put of having it removed until October. Please pray for her best of best out come.

    My neighbor across the street just brought home a beautiful baby daughter. She is 6 weeks early. Her young parents are just in awe of this tiny little girl. You can feel the love and joy when speaking with them. I gave her a few jugs of water for the baby’s formula and offered to pay for a few nights in a hotel if they need it. They are going to be great parents. The very young mom could believe that someone would care for them…she said she had never experienced that before.

    My neighbor next to me and the one I know best just broke her elbow. She and her husband are taking care of her elderly mom who is the sweetest lady ever. All they needed was a cooler so I’ll bring that over tomorrow along with a wonderful diner.

    Now I’m NOT trying to toot my own horn, I just want to urge everyone to check in on those around you. You’ll never know how that simple knock on a door can change someones life, change your own life and cause you to pause and reflect upon how blessed you really are.
    I know I am today and i am extremely grateful for all my blessings, that i could help my neighbors with food, water, and just a few minutes of listening.
    God is good.
    Peace and love,
    be safe

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  27. California Joe says:

    President Trump issued an Executive Order directing Hurricane Dorian to make a hard right turn and head Northeast then out to sea into the Atlantic Ocean.


  28. amwick says:

    Pulled this out of the wayback machine… for SD
    Maybe y’all recognize the avi…

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  29. visage13 says:

    I am in Central Florida, inland, thankfully, and so if it stays east the most I should get is tropical storm force winds. That is not too bad depending how much rain. So, I am praying it keeps moving east and out into the Atlantic for good, so no one gets any impact!

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  30. justlizzyp says:

    It has already been said dozens of times here but my thoughts and prayers are with all who are in the path. My hometown has been hit by 2 F5 tornadoes, missing my parents’ house by feet in one case and a mile in the second. Natural disasters are awful, but the damage pictures we usually see on the news afterward never seem to convey the full horror of the reality.

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    • bcsurvivor2 says:

      Been there done that when I lived in Iowa.
      I’d rather a hurricane than a tornadoe. At least we have a warning but at the same time hurricanes can spawn tornadoes especially if you are on the edge of the storm.. Be ever vigilant

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  31. daylight58 says:

    Prayers from here in Alaska

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  32. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Sundance has a new Hurricane Dorian thread up now.


  33. Dave at
    is very concerned this about this projected turn to the right… He has been right a LOT more the wrong with contrarian thoughts. Lives at STT for 30 yrs and seen a lot of hurricanes.

    Saturday, August 31, 2019 22:17PM EDT – Just plain BAD and non conforming Dorian
    Good evening all,

    First things first as we are the Caribbean Hurricane Network. We have a wave just splashed off the African coast which has potential evil intentions to the Caribbean about 8-10 days from now. There is also the next two waves of the same caliber behind it. Please watch and get ready for a potential September rodeo. In the GOM, we have a low off the west coast of Cuba which could be a TS in a few days. The western coastal areas of the GOM should be wary of this potential development.

    The NW Bahamas and Dorian. The Nassau radar is just now showing the appearance of high end Cat 4, will be Cat 5, Dorian’s eye as it approaches Grand Abaco, Little Abaco Island, pop 17,000, Marsh Harbour and the rest of Grand Bahama Island including Freeport. This is about 175 ENE of Nassau. The new radar installed at Marsh Harbour probably won’t survive this event sadly. HH data shows several readings now above Cat 5 strength and these are confirmed. It should be designated Cat 5 Dorian, with 160 mph winds as of 11pm advisory tonight which Gert and I have shared previously it ultimately would be. This is catastrophic. Right now, it looks like an EWRC (Eye Wall Replacement Cycle) is about to start which will keep it’s intensity a bit lower later but enlarge the wind field. Once out of that cycle, the monster will ramble on. But where will it ramble?

    Well now hasn’t that been the million dollar or in this case billions of dollars question the last 3 days? That turn to the north before Freeport? That weakness in the ridge allowing it to turn north pretty sharply before? I’m not a fan of this scenario. I believe it will not turn as fast as is forecast now and will move further west as of the 11pm advisory. If it doesn’t turn before Freeport, then Florida, trouble will be at your less than 100 mile doorstep. Your complacency from yesterday should be re-replaced with real concern. Those preparations you made and thought were for naught just might be a saving grace.

    Bottom line, Florida your in it no matter what. I shared before, Dorian has not behaved well so why would you believe it will now? I hope I am wrong about this as I hoped I was wrong about Irma. A direct hit from Dorian is still on the table and then a turn to the north affecting Georgia, SC and NC as a hurricane into the end of next week. Even wobbles will change the track dynamics.

    I’m not going to speculate yet on the next few days until tomorrow is over. Too many variables but as a veteran of riding out every storm in the VI for the last 30 years except for Cat 1 Dorian, I can tell you this: Ignoring the potential of Dorian can be a deadly possibility among many states. A true formidable buzzsaw of a hurricane.

    Keep vigilant, safe, and check on those who are elderly and neighbors who don’t have the means. Preparation is key. Evacuate if you are told to. Don’t be one of those.


    Saturday, August 31, 2019 11:30AM EDT – Dangerous Dorian
    Good morning,

    I will have a longer detailed update tonight but wanted to say our prayers are with the people of the NW Bahamas as Dorian takes her Cat 4 self for a very unwanted visit and quite possibly will be a Cat 5 as I alluded to previously a few days ago. There will not be much difference between a high end Cat 4 and a Cat 5 though. This will be a many hour event traversing the whole hurricane for these people and the dangers cannot be dismissed or ignored. Dorian is not going to go away. Fluctuations will happen and we can only hope an eye wall replacement cycle happens at the same time of impact lessening, but not by much, Dorians strength.

    For those of you who think your safe now, think again. Yes, the “cone” has shifted as well as many of the models to the east but since when has Dorian paid attention to the models and forecast tracks since it formed? It really hasn’t listened and Mother Nature makes her own rules. We try our best to interpret them. So, Florida, it’s still possible to defy these forecast and hit the coast and then turn north. It’s all about when it feels the weakness in the ridge and that will come when it wants, not when we want it to. Georgia, SC and NC you need to be prepared as well.

    There are some in Florida who are upset at the government because they feel they were misled into spending alot of money preparing for possible disaster. I think that money was well spent. If the government wasn’t proactive in trying to warn you about life threatening situations, and you were impacted, then you would be outraged and maybe even dead. Think about that.

    So, no one is out of the woods yet and certainly the NW Bahamas probably won’t have any woods left so please say a prayer for them as Dorian approaches. Then pray for the east coast.



  34. James Burgess says:

    Crazy how slow this one is moving.


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