President Trump Delivers Impromptu Remarks Departing White House….

Chopper pressers are the best pressers. As the president departed the White House for Camp David, President Trump stops to deliver remarks on ongoing events to the assembled press pool.  [Video Below – Transcript will Follow]


Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Advisor, Peter Brown, will accompany the President to Camp David this weekend to provide regular updates on Hurricane Dorian. Also traveling with the President were Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, Senior Advisor for Digital Strategy Dan Scavino and Press Secretary/Communications Director Stephanie Grisham

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74 Responses to President Trump Delivers Impromptu Remarks Departing White House….

  1. Bill Durham says:

    POTUS 45 is like the champ training for a heavy weight fight. he gets in his road work and sparring every day. Meanwhile they have to hide sleepy Joe and give him naps. Trump is going to eat him in 2020.

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    • YvonneMarie says:

      Yep yep yep.


    • margarite1 says:

      Has the press ever had access like this??? He’s not afraid of them …they have to at least have some grudging respect for him.

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    • Bubba Cow says:

      going to be Granny Screech by the looks of it

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    • Greg1 says:

      Good analogy about these chopper pressers being President Trump’s “training” for 2020.

      The comical thing is that the press doesn’t appreciate just how much time he’s giving them, ESPECIALLY compared to Obama, or any other president for that matter.

      The press can’t bring themselves to recognize just how UNAFRAID OF THEM that President Trump is.

      The press must be fuming that Trump has effectively, very effectively, removed their ability to grandstand like they did before. You KNOOOooooow they hate not being the star of the show in trying to be on camera savaging Trump. It’s literally been flipped on them, he savages them, and there is little they can do about it when he repeatedly calls the ones who are fake news FAKE NEWS.

      And here is the big hit the press doesn’t even recognize………yet. Every single time Trump does these pressers with them, he learns from it, gets sharper at it, and gets better prepared for the same exact tricks these people are going to try in 2020. This literally IS training for 2020……… And the hostile media are actually HELPING him get better!

      Meanwhile……..I don’t think Biden survives to win the nomination. The gaffes are killing him. His media friends can’t even hide it. I hope he does win the nomination. I officially dub him “Gaffe-man”. The theme song for Batman can be played at Trump rallies, lyrics edited to “Gaffe-man”, every time Trump mentions Biden’s name. Crowd goes wild, media cries, Biden gets more aggravated and implodes on the first debate. Media can’t lie it away, the public recognizes the media attempt to lie it away and has its eyes opened. Trump wins in a landslide, thanks the media for helping make him a better candidate.

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  2. Tom22ndState says:

    I’m still amazed the VSG President Trump has, since the departure of Sarah H Sanders, co opted the WHPS’s job to give a first hand account of the admins status. All eyes on him to get the message out and to put the press pool in their place.

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  3. Tom22ndState says:

    I’m still amazed the VSG President Trump has, since the departure of Sarah H Sanders, co opted the WHPS’s job to give a first hand account of the admins status. All eyes on him to get the message out and to put the press pool in their place.

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  4. Tom22ndState says:

    I’m still amazed the VSG President Trump has, since the departure of Sarah H Sanders, co opted the WHPS’s job to give a first hand account of the admins status. All eyes on him to get the message out and to put the press pool in their place.

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  5. SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

    If you follow the way Trump speaks about Barr you will note that there’s a lot more to it… “we will see what happens” he said.. KNOWINGLY.
    Anyone who thinks Barr is a deep state shill and justice is dead does not read the Presidents body language well..!

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  6. LKAinLA says:

    The questions regarding Tiffany were heartbreaking. The assistant who ran her mouth to reporters should be ashamed for her arrogance and drunkenness. I am astounded the reporters had the nerve to make fodder of that. President Trump handled it like the champ he is. Is there nothing off limits with these narrative engineers?

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  7. I feel bad for Tiffany, and her father. How hurtful. I don’t understand what Madeleine Westerhout was doing socializing like that with the press. Why does she think they were socializing with her…because they like her? She clearly was too young to be in a position that gave her direct access to the President. Kind of sad.

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    • G S says:

      Madeleine Westerhout’s boyfriend Ben Schramm works at the Department of Defense.

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    • Sharon says:

      I read on someone’s twitter can’t remember if it was praying medic or someone else that Madeleine Westerhout was a fan of Mitt Romney and use to work for him and they showed parts of her social media where she is definitely a fan of Mitt!

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    • Rynn69 says:

      100% support our President, but another personnel decision that went South. A KEY employee. WTH?

      PDJT is surrounded by a nest of vipers. Bill Clinton fired huge swaths of justice department officials and replaced them with Clintonites. Over the course of his 8 years he padded the government with these ideologues. Then comes the Bushes (who, IMHO, caused more damage with their passivity and desire to be “in the club”) who continued to build on this with Bushies that aligned with the Clintonites to form the problem America now has called “The Uniparty.” Bush 41 and Clinton were great friends. You could say, just because they were friends they still held opposing beliefs respectfully. Meh – not so much. That is clearly not the case. The club comes first. Then Obama and his Chicago corruption finished it off with breathtaking arrogance and corruption.

      So essentially, 99% of the government is comprised of these people. Just like a rotten corporation with corrupt leadership.

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      • It’s obvious our President received poor advice regarding different placements throughout his administration.

        However, had he gone in and fired people in the beginning, we would have never seen the incredible degree of corruption within our own government.

        Headaches and heartaches galore but look at the education the american electorate has received. It will work out well for us in the long run.

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        • Rynn69 says:

          chooseamerica: Indeed. You are right, America would not see the masks being removed. Astute.

          And that is invaluable. America now knows what is lurking behind the façade. Cannot fix a problem you don’t know is there.

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        • donna kovacevic says:

          It seems every one in the government is sleeping with somebody regardless whether wife,husband etc, like incest. Quote another serbian saying “it is not known who is drinking and who is paying”

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      • Michael Todaro says:

        Dubya, (“Drooling redneck moron”) destroyed the world.


    • YvonneMarie says:

      I feel very badly for Tiffany.

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      • Jan says:

        Correctomondo. It is time to lower the amperage on Trump family members. The Dimms and the MSM are making them targets, which means the CIA is not far behind.

        God, please keep the Trump family and ALL Americans safe from the EVIL that is out there. The Dimms stroke the evil 24/7. Can I get an AMEN?


    • tucker7518 says:

      She should have known better than to say anything about her boss’s kids to WaPo.

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    • Westerhout’s CHARACTER is the issue.
      • Socializing with Snakepit M$M “press” … ALONE?
      … Drinking to the point of LOOSE LIPS?
      • Exposing herself to consequent BLACKMAIL and EXTORTION?
      … Potentially putting NATIONAL SECURITY at risk?
      • What kind of person would even THINK about the President’s family like that?
      … Let alone talk about it.

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    • Kristin DeBacco says:

      Madeleine cried the night Hillary lost. She did not want Donald Trump to be President. … eventually she screwed up.

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    • Allard Otten says:

      Did the news about the firing come out before the story about Tiffany that was leaked?

      How about another angle, since I don’t have a clue about what really happened.

      I’ll go with the WaPo guy hits up on this girl and got shot down. It’s a shot in the dark, but I’ll shoot in the direction that has the highest probability of ducks being there.

      Tiffany story means an instant exit for this girl. POTUS can’t waver on the removal because it would look like he’s protecting this girl over his daughter. Looks to me like the girl was burned on purpose. She was the target, not POTUS.


  8. bessie2003 says:

    Why were the reporters asking about the President’s daughter Tiffany?

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    • fangdog says:

      Because the reporters are like Esquire and Star magazines you see at the grocery store check-out. Seriously, how many reporters are actually above tabloids?

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    • Mona says:

      Madeleine Westerhout who resigned because she spoke to press about President Trump and family, stated that President did not like to have his picture taken with daughter Tiffany, as she is over weight .

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      • bessie2003 says:

        Wow. I couldn’t begin to imagine how low the press could sink, this is even beyond sick. Used to be the children of President’s weren’t supposed to be fodder.

        Thank you for explaining what was going on. I thought maybe she had been in an accident or something because they were asking about her.

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      • mac says:

        I saw her at, IIRC, the State of the Union Address. If she’s overweight, she certainly makes that condition appear more enticing than any woman I’ve ever seen. She was standing to Ivanka’s right wearing a white dress, and she more than held her own in the looks department. Ivanka is a stunningly beautiful woman herself, so any female that isn’t going to be blindingly outshone by Ivanka must look awfully pretty to begin with. Tiffany reminded me a bit of Kate Upton, which is about as good as it gets when it comes to contemporary comparisons.

        Tastes in beauty obviously vary, but Tiffany is certainly no also-ran in the eye-candy department.

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      • MfM says:

        Trump gets his picture taken with lots of fat people. It’s one more way to attack Trump’s base.

        Tiffany I think tries to be low key. I’ve caught glimpses of her getting off AF1 in Florida, and she’s at events at the WH.

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      • swissik says:

        Speaking of weight, the president might do well to lose a few kilos himself!


    • Perot Conservative says:

      Probably a multi-pronged, sick strategy. Sundance says nothing they do is an accident.

      1. Talking about family ain’t Iran or nukes.
      2. Easy topic – gossip.
      3. Political motive – further peeling away some female support.
      4. Trump bad, Trump sexist.

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  9. G S says:

    I consider what “Shep Smith” did here as terrorism. Maybe Mr. Peter Brown should pay a visit to him.

    “You all gonna die…and your kids too!”

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  10. Rynn69 says:

    Nice photos from Sundance.


  11. RE AG Barr:
    “It shows his FAIRNESS” can be taken in more than one way …


  12. sucesfuloser says:

    We are so fortunate; our President is one of a kind, no one like him. For those that someday follow him, their task is mighty.

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  13. donna kovacevic says:

    Our former PM Kim Campbell, all of her 5 months in office said in a tweet, she hopes Mar a-lago gets a direct hit, what a f—n witch. She apologized later but too late. I just want to let you know that she was a Conservative, then turned Liberal. I hope Justine fires her ugly Killery look a like ass. Now she was supposed to appoint the next Supreme Court Judge. Lovely as PT would say. God Bless PDJT and his family.

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  14. My favorite part


  15. The old format of WH press briefings with the president’s press secretary became grand TV theater for the elite WH press corp. The WH press room was a wonderful stage for them, with all the status of the presidency used as backdrop. These highly paid media actors, under the guise of asking a question, offered U.S. their opinions on virtually anything they wanted to talk about, with their cameras hanging on their every word. Expensively costumed, every hair in place, they were always ready for their closeup. It was a no win scenario for POTUS and his press secretary .. trapped in a media Kobayashi Maru. So Trump changed the parameters of the game.

    Now the actors stand outside on a hot driveway, sweat messing their hair and clothes, their speeches limited to short questions, their cameras on the president. The show lasts as long as Trump wants it to. He owns the stage. He does the talking. He decides what his message will be. They hold the microphones.

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  16. missycaulk says:

    Here is a more in depth article on Madeleine, who hired her, etc. Also at the end goes into other President Trumps top appointments and who they came from. Things that make you go hummmmm.


  17. itsy_bitsy says:

    What IS most interesting is that he is, indeed, actually being asked real questions and not attack set ups! Is the press finally getting smart and dropping the “get Trump all the time” attitude and phony questions? It would appear so!


  18. Ma McGriz says:

    I particularly enjoy the wide shot of the press on their knees before POTUS.


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