Facebook Bans “Women for Trump” Ads, Because They Target “Gender”…

Facebook has banned any ads from the Women For Trump movement because they target support from “Women” for Trump.

Facebook has removed President Trump’s pro-women re-election advertisements, according to reports from tech site Gizmodo, as well as the left-wing Popular Information blog that reported a “violation” of Facebook’s terms and conditions.

Facebook policy states advertisers may not have “direct or indirect assertions or implications” about race, ethnicity, gender and sexual identity, religion, or financial standing. So the Women For Trump advert was banned… for referring to women.  (read more)

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204 Responses to Facebook Bans “Women for Trump” Ads, Because They Target “Gender”…

  1. Caius Lowell says:

    Facebook Bans “Women for Trump” Ads, Because They Acknowledge “Reality”…


  2. chuckyschmucky says:

    Does this mean that all of the Leftwing special interest ads rooted in race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity and other identity politics will be banned as well?


  3. shipley130 says:

    It will be glorious when President Trump hears about this.


  4. Hey, this women for Trump thingy. Where do I sign up?


  5. markone1blog says:

    I have a question that will likely irk the Trans community within the Democrat party (and, therefore, they will never know that I have already asked this over at BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!). The question follows:

    If it is an insult against Blacks for a White or Latino to wear black face, why isn’t it an insult against women for a man to “dress in drag?”

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  6. mike diamond says:

    Face book must be run by the liberal left!


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