Google Whistleblower Provides Documents Showing Systems and Processes Used to Create Biased Outcomes…

Anyone who has spent time on the internet already knows Google manipulates the internet based on their self-defined ideology.  However, a Google employee and whistleblower has come forward with the documentary evidence explaining how they do it.

Zachary Vorhies has now gone public with the information in order to help people better understand the scope and scale of Google’s manipulative intent.  [Link to Documents]


Among those documents is a file called “news black list site for google now.” The document is a “black list,” which restricts certain websites from appearing on an Android Google product.  Not surprisingly CTH is listed on the black list.

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302 Responses to Google Whistleblower Provides Documents Showing Systems and Processes Used to Create Biased Outcomes…

  1. Nick The Deplorable says:

    Every time I try to access TCH on my android phone. Within a few seconds i get redirected to a site with a spinning roulette wheel. My phone is clean and not infected. I even wiped my phone and still same issue.

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    • Nick The Deplorable says:



    • lotbusyexec says:

      Happens all the time!

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    • Fasterpill says:

      Install Firefox. Chrome does that to me also. You can uninstall Firefox and reinstall it if it gets infected. Understand this. They HATE us.

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      • deeperinfo says:

        Happens on my iPhone too (with duck); also get ‘install flash’ pop ups on lap top.
        Not other sites… hmmmmm

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        • tuskyou says:

          My macbook does the “install flash player” thing when I’m on this site. Never for other websites. One kind of subtrafuge on my Android phone–another kind for my macbook. 😠😠😠😠

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          • bkrg2 says:

            I have the same problem with ‘flashplayer update’ on CTH website only
            I have tried every tip, hack, adware scan, uninstal… nothing works.
            Problem is multiple times a day on my MacBook and about once a week on the iPhone

            Does anyone have a solution?


            • okiedokie says:

              Use the Brave browser and set your search engine to duckduckgo

              When you want to search google just type !g before the search
              !b = bing
              !am = amazon

              there are a hundred different ones that inputs your search directly.

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            • Steve Wallace says:



            • tuskyou says:

              I back out of the website then come back in—not exactly a solution. Thankfully I never clicked on the “update flash”. My intuition said stay away.


            • MMA says:

              On my iPad, first I’ll copy the web addy of the pop up ad, because I get about ten different ones that never allow me to go back to CTH. After I copy that addy, I go to screen time in settings…then content and privacy restrictions. From there, to content restrictions…..then to web content (limit adult websites). I will paste the addy into the NEVER ALLOW. field and then select, Done. What that does is block that particular ad from loading and you can back arrow and return to the site. I’ve had to do that for goodluck day, lpserverdomain, happygoodluckspace, and about 7 or 8 others. Funny how most of them offer me amazon gift cards. Wonder what that connection is?


        • Mr. T. says:

          Deeperinfo, unless I’m mistaken, the ads and pop up ads help offset the cost of running the web site. I don’t recall Sundance as ever asking for donations to keep this web site going. Go to Drudge or Whatfinger, and you will notice they also have ads on their sites to help offset the costs of running those web sites, keeping them free to all.


      • big jim says:

        1- UNINSTALL Chrome
        ( its an extension any way )
        2- uninstall all tool bars
        3-install firefox or Brave
        4-make startpage your search engine
        5-start a protonmail account for personal comm
        6-create dummy gmail or hotmail box for internet email address requests

        if you want to go a little further

        highly recommended
        get a private VPN
        they are not all equal tho
        research first

        proton has them

        (have done this for years works no problem, also tho as an aside project V uses brave and proton.

        i know you dont know me
        you know them

        you know? 😉 )


        • big jim says:

          this set up works across all devices btw

          also ddg and bing etc still track

          startpage with brave blinds G

          it knows a search occured but thats all it knows


    • LEET says:


      I had the same problem here. Started using a different search engine to access CTH, problem solved. Also, Sundance suggested in the comment section a while back that this has to do with the internet provider, not Google. This may be true too. I do seem to have more problems accessing CTH with Verizon then when I am on my WiFi at home.

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    • YeahYouRight says:

      If you are still using Chrome or any Google product, you should expect this.

      I use Firefox to browse and Duckduckgo to search without issue.

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      • Higgins says:

        Same here. DDG is the search engine to use.

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        • dd_sc says:

          Don’t be so sure of that –

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          • sDee says:

            Alternate search engines exist because Google lets them.

            Browsers? Same thing.
            – Apple controls all applications via App store.
            – Google controls Android apps via Google Play

            It is an illusion of choice.


          • Beverly says:

            That’s worse than that. I actually read a privacy statement on a web advertisement for a product.

            it said that “some browsers send a request that we not track your information, however we make no promise not to track your information.” it went on to say that they use cookies and crawlers and scrapers and spiders and little bits of code that are embedded even in the images that we are looking at online.

            in other words, and DuckDuckGo cannot lock your door. They can only stand by the door and ASK the intruder not to come in.

            I do not know exactly who is to blame for this lousy situation, however, I suspect it is because Google owns the search utility for the entire freaking planet.

            Buy real books. Yes use DuckDuckGo and, at least it gives you a little bit of a bathing suit when you are in the ocean, but do not expect any privacy ever when you are online.

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      • jc says:

        I quit Firefox because of the Proposition 8 witch hunt (I didn’t care about Prop 8 itself, but the witch hunt part was completely unacceptable to me). I switched to Brave. I also use duckduckgo.

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      • Chip Doctor says:

        DuckDuckGo has solved my problems I both iPad and iPhone.

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    • I can access CTH on my Android. I had the spinning roulette wheel also, but I found a way around it. I use the google “ask google” feature and say The Conservative Tree House, then I get some links and chose the appropriate one. No problem.

      I was getting the roulette wheel when I used the internet app/icon. That’s when I tried this other way and no problems. But then, my app/phone or something updated, and the spinning wheel went away also. I think it is an ad and ad blocker might work. But right now no problem either way.


    • Deb says:

      I use the Brave browser to avoid that problem.

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    • tuskyou says:

      Same here, happens on and off, no pattern to it either (at least not that I can see). CTH is the only site I have trouble with on my phone. As far back as 2015 my Swype keyboard will go haywire when I type here. Nowhere else. Keyboard lags or skips letters entirely. Lot of fuckery going on.

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      • carterzest says:

        Same fuggery here exactly as you describe. Random but if it’s a hot new breaking story, it seems to happen more.
        Firefox usually solves the issues. Using DuckDuck as well for all searches.

        It only adds more GANAS for me to share CTH stories more though.

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    • leont says:

      DuckDuckGo eliminates this problem.


    • InAz says:

      @ Nick the Deplorable

      Same exact thing happens to me quite frequently. It only happens on The Conservative Treehouse site. Unfortunately I have AT&T for service provider.
      AT&T is anti Conservative…….I have always thought AT&T was responsible. Or some other Commie Pinko organization.


    • Redzone says:

      Put Duckduckgo on your phone. It solved my roulette wheel problems.

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      • meow4me2 says:

        DDG did not work for me, still had the redirects with that stupid wheel of fortune ad. I have Verizon. Needed to get an ad blocker.


    • cnd90 says:

      My experience as well until I started using DuckDuckGo.
      My inner conspiracy theorist wants to scream out wondering if the techniverse gods desire to quash exposure to CTH, ehem …TRUTH, but I digress.


    • What, like with a cloth or something?

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    • trumpmemesandreams says:

      This is basically a cookie redirecting you to spam web sites/ads. This is usually injected via sketchy advertisers/ad networks (who should be filtering for such things). This may or may not be part of the ad network that CTH uses — there’s no telling, really. Very common.

      Fix: Block cookies. Dump existing browsing data: history/data/cookies/cache etc. Quit/close your browser.


    • Conservative_302 says:

      Had the same problem on many conservative sites.


  2. REX says:

    Sundance, we have had our differences but this is an absolute disgrace. Your work has been incredible over the last few years and light years ahead of the mainstream media.

    Google are now going to pay a heavy price.

    Keep going!


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  3. JoeMeek says:

    At least Google has some good people to let the public know what their employer has been up to. That’s more than can be said for the FBI.

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  4. TreeClimber says:

    I haven’t tried it on my phone in awhile. Last time I did, there was some difficulty. I blamed it on the crappy internet/data connection…


  5. rayvandune says:

    Bingo! And I’m sure the shareholders would just love to see how many billions are spent making the flagship product a better tool for their number one market demographic… tyrants..

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  6. It isn’t just polial sites that are blocked or downplayed I needed to find information on getting a replacement drives license when my purse was stolen. I went to google and searched for North Carolina drivers license bureau, or something like that. Up came the search results. Not looking too closely I clicked the first one that implied it was the official site, and it was not. I clicked the next on the list, same thing. The official government site did not appear on the entire first page of the listings.

    I then went to a search engine I have used for years, called I put in same search request and the state government site was the first on the search results list.

    I think that paid sites are what is listed first on google, non-political searches. Maybe even political sites, I don’t know but I hate google I just got lazy and started using it.

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  7. Sherri Young says:

    From Paul Juseph Watson:

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    • lydia00 says:

      He is totally censored when I looked him up on Google. I had heard that he had a video done by women in Germany about the Muslim attacks. I could not believe I could not find him. They totally control the flow of information.

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  8. Magabear says:

    Hopefully it pisses Google off that I spend quite a bit of time here on CTH and other non google approved sites using an android. 😎

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  9. meadowlarkspring says:

    Yikes! The story is interesting and has lots of intrigue… that’s for sure. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out…and what the documents reveal.

    Police say suspicious device was ‘not a threat’ in Mission District
    Monday, August 5, 2019

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    • meadowlarkspring says:


    • warrprin1 says:

      Lord, please bless and protect Zach Vorhies – a very brave and ethical young man. In case you see this, Zach, I listened to your interview this afternoon on my local radio station, the Ken Matthews show. This is breathtaking, and not in a good way.

      Do you, dear friends, have any idea how many schools, public and private, force their employee teachers and students to use Google Chrome daily in their totally wired classrooms? Textbooks are expensive; consequently they are being eliminated from our nation’s classrooms. Online “textbooks” are the tool of the classroom now. They are easy to edit from year to year, and facile tools to spread propaganda, unbeknown to trusting parents.

      I was one of those teachers who was fortunately able to retire several years ago before Google Chrome took over the entire operation. Our school age children and their well-meaning but gullible high-tech generation parents are in danger from the self-appointed thought control police.

      This is very serious.

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  10. The Red Flag Laws… already exist for “ the mentally ill”…. note how easy it is for them to be abused… here Google simply calls the San Francisco Police and solicits a “ Wellness Check “… and watch the video to see the result… the cops show up… looks like they handcuffed him… simply because someone reported “ a mental health problem “ … they were lying

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    • Beverly says:

      They use that technique in the Soviet Union and also in communist China and other dictatorships. The USSR was particularly infamous for locking up political prisoners in lubyanka on the grounds that they were insane and then torturing them to death and finally shooting them in the head after months of hell. It won’t take them as long to get to that point as we think, unfortunately.

      When they have the power, they Will use it.

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    • John Good says:

      Here in Socialist Canada Trudeau’s Ethnic-Equality Based Parliament is currently trying to pass laws that “anyone who questions a “Minority’s Motives” can be “kangaroo-courted” to financial ruin or be locked-up legally in a Mental Hospital under the supervision of Gov’t Pyschiatrists that prescribe drugs to keep you under control. These are the same people who decide your fate, when they are asked to access your mental health for court!
      When I was in Phoenix in 97’/98′, The biggest newspaper there (Arizona Republic) did a series of articles on the State of Mental Health in America back then & they concluded that IF it wasn’t for family & friends, about 75% of the people locked up in Mental Hospitals would not be there!
      This hit home with me, as my own family here in Canada thought that I was a “threat to myself & others” & would not sign me out of the local Gov’t Pyschiatric Hospital (which has been closed down for yrs. now). The Gov’t Pyschiatrist put me on Lithium instead of asking me what was wrong & my own GP did not want to question her “credibility” so I “escaped” to Phoenix AZ for 2 yrs. & got myself off Lithium!

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  11. labrat says:

    I hope you have your content archived and saved somewhere safe. Refugee Watch had her entire website wiped off the face of the internet.

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  12. LKAinLA says:

    Prayers for Zachary Vorhies. He is a brave patriot and a nice surprise to see when very few in our government feel the need to stand up to the “in our face” corruption.

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  13. Jonathan galt says:

    I go through the same roulette wheel deal too. Seems to happen on the days of biggest damning and news from democrats. I scrub the phone and it is fine for a bit and then you can not read cth for a day or so.
    It activates typically when you hit the continue reading link or when you use certain sites just prior to hitting the CTH site. Very annoying and clearly purposeful and malicious. Conservative should expectant all out censorship assault as the election approaches.

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  14. CNN_sucks says:

    I believe. Everytime i open CTH i get spammed with lucky me. Irritating. I never had this problem before…grrr. Me wonder, if Google are chummy with epstein..hedonistic escapade?


  15. CM-TX says:

    Well done. He should have a little chat with the D0J & FIB about recognizing political & personal BIAS, & how to be above that influence. Also what it means to have ETHICS, & actually apply it to your judgement & professional conduct.

    Willing to bet that FAR too many in our Gov (& Google), would have NO CLUE what he meant on explaining his decision. Those same people would call him an idiot, thinking he’s crazy for coming forward to stand for America’s Freedoms– & at great personal risk.
    It was a choice between doing the right thing, or the wrong one in staying silent. A true test of character is what you do when no one’s looking. Loyalty to a company/institution should NOT cost personal integrity.

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  16. Jlwary says:

    I noticed that I couldn’t find CTH via a google search — like have it populate in the search bar — the other day. I come to DDG and it’s the 1st thing to populate when I type in “thecon…”

    This is really incredible.


  17. Pyrthroes says:

    Since 2006, we’ve used a Dutch meta-browser now called Startpage (formerly “Ixquick”), conducting anonymous searches via Firefox. using EU servers, Startpage deletes your browsing history and ID Code every six hours, so users leave no cyber-trail of any kind.

    Likely within 10+ years, say 2030 – ’40, a set of Moore’s Law generations will have derived quantum-computing systems immune to hacking/surveillance by fundamental physical law. Combine this with cryptocurrencies, blockchaiins, and pending anti-virus software physically undetectable by Police State commissars and gauleiters, Gen Y born c. 2012 will come-of-age amidst a “privacy culture” wherein anonymity governs by default.

    As high-tech’s “AI Singularity” appears on schedule, hyperlinked and self-emergent, sentient Cloud Minds will rapidly evolve beyond human capacity to comprehend or even monitor developments. And what will Big Gummint’s small-minded ignoramuses do then, poor things?


    • cthulhu says:

      Whoever you use for DNS (the thingie that translates “” into ) knows all about you. If you use the default configuration of most home routers/internet gateways, they get the DNS resolver from your ISP. So, if you’re using AT&T U-Verse as your ISP, your internet gateway will ask the U-Verse box, “I’m new here, where’s a good place for DNS?”, and it will helpfully suggest you use AT&T’s DNS resolver, .

      A lot of people didn’t like that, so Google came out with their “free” DNS service at . Of course, they can afford nice computers that track the ever-lovin’ crud out of that use.

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    • bkrg2 says:

      I have no idea what you are saying in paragraphs 2&3.
      Read it 3 times, not sure if this is good or bad news…


      • cthulhu says:

        IMHO, Pythroes was generally being optimistic about the march of progress in hopes that it will enhance privacy. Unfortunately, some of the examples that were used are not necessarily fully on-point. Moore’s Law, for example, specifically applies to transistors — and quantum computers don’t use transistor logic. Cryptocurrency uses cryptographic techniques to ensure that transactions in the blockchain are valid…..and does not immediately dislose the identity of participants…..but also serves as an indelible and traceable record of previous and subsequent transactions. So if you go to an ATM, change $1000 into bitcoin, go across a border, and exchange that bitcoin for contraband, then your seller takes the bitcoin and converts it into Euros…..the conversions and the transfer are on your permanent record. The only question is the nature of the contraband.

        And, alas, the AI “cloud minds” of the third paragraph are likely to be developed at Google by this very same bunch of ideology-driven nuts and will wish they had bodies so they could join Antifa.


        • bkrg2 says:

          Thank you. Until then, I just assume every text, email, banking transaction, etc is being monitored. I also assume cameras are always recording me in public.


  18. meadowlarkspring says:

    Tough choice to come forward. Hope the whistleblower has some good lawyers.

    Google exec’s all-staff email on internal data seen as warning to whistleblowers, organizers
    May 20, 2019


    The email reportedly referenced some changes to Google’s data security policy that were updated in October. The policy itself has been in place since 2007, but employees weren’t notified of the updates at the time. Employees that have taken part in the recent activism push within the tech giant – which is known for fostering a very open culture – were perturbed by the timing, according to BuzzFeed News.



    The Sundar Pichai-led company appears to be clamping down on leaks in other ways.

    According to the news outlet, Google’s weekly all-staff meetings are no longer being recorded and made available to staff in perpetuity, and the executives who attend aren’t taking live questions from employees at the meetings.



  19. Somebody's Gramma says:

    20 years in Silicon Valley… retired. I got out about the time the insanity began, but I knew Google was manipulating search results at least ten (maybe 15-20) years ago. That’s when I switched to all open source software (linux, Mozilla, etc), but it was not easy to do and use. At some point I decided to stop being so paranoid, and I use Apple products now, knowing full well that my data is not secure. The truth was the truth and I accepted it. Google, yahoo, facebook, etc… all spy on you, capture your private data and use it to make money. Nothing is free, just remember that. I don’t Facebook and I don’t Gmail, but I know that’s not enough. I hope these companies get busted into a million pieces frankly.

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    • bkrg2 says:

      my story would be similar.

      About 20 years ago, I worked on building an intranet search engine my employers global R&D library (over $5 billion company). We evaluated several tools. The difference was in 2 features:
      1. how many instances of the search term were found
      2. ability to add mulitple criteria to the search string (like “must equal”, “exclude”)
      There were similar search engines available on the World Wide Web like askJeeves, Alta Vista, and others. I just remember being able to find almost anything without too much effort.

      Now we are basically stuck with Google – which completely sucks at both 2 features. Plus they decide (algorithm) what you see on first few pages of links.

      It’s really frustrating because no search engine will be perfect. I just wish Google would have 2 options:
      A= totally bias and corruption (current google)
      B= allow users to choose in the level of bias

      Option B still allows all the sheeple to operate in the state of blissful ignorance, while users like us Treepers could filter out the leftist garbage.


  20. Trialdog says:

    Class action trial lawyers will be all over Google about this. Google conspired to defraud purchasers of its products by disallowing, unknown to the consumer, full use of the product. The conduct was intentional and malevolent. Punitive damages.

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  21. littlequilterkitty says:

    I’m unable to open the Project Veritas files on my Samsung tablet through my Samsung phone. Please Sundance, when you have time, can you give us a summary of each of the catagories?


  22. Trumpstumper says:

    My lucky spin workaround is to load the CTH page I want, then flip on airplane mode just prior to the annoyance.

    Then I can read to my heart’s content.

    Verizon, you suck… but your slowazz connections have their uses. 😛

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  23. bessie2003 says:

    James O’Keefe on today’s Eric Metaxis you tube radio show on the google whistleblower, approx. 32 minutes in length:

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  24. sDee says:

    This is not bias! It is subversion. These CEOs answer to globalists and collude with the deep state.

    This story only scratches the surface.

    Busting them up will not help. It runs too deep. They must be forced via anti trust laws to open their software with open standards and open source – on all core interfaces. True open licenses, not the proprietary ones they use now to divide and control all markets and market share.

    GoogleAppleFacebookTwitterAmazon are the most dangerous monopolies and are existential threats to human liberty.

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  25. Fnu Lnu says:

    I switched to BRAVE browser on my phone to avoid the Google-driven malware. Also everyone should be using the DUCKDUCKGO search engine. Going through TORBOT doesn’t cure all the problems but gives an extra layer of security and I haven’t noticed any slowdown.


  26. Totally Domestic says:

    What a brave American patriot that young man is! Project Veritas you are so needed!
    Thanks James O’Keefe!

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  27. Bogeyfree says:

    IMO the government does not have a good track record with Whistleblowers.

    Just ask Victoria Toensing if they have ever spoken to her U1 Whistleblower.

    Just ask the DOJ if they have seen the 47 hard drives from the NSA Whistleblower.

    Just ask the DOJ if they have spoken to Assange yet, not really a whistleblower but clearly a person who has clear evidence about a crime and one would think DA’s would want the truth.

    My guess is this whistleblower and his 950 pages will be ignored.

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    • Baby El says:

      Given our government employees have been shown to be highly involved in criminal activities, I’m surprised whistle blowers aren’t arrested on the spot.

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  28. Baby El says:

    I worked in Pittsburgh with a PhD from CMU back around 2010…
    I told him google was f**king evil back then.
    His response – I have friends that work there. They’re nice people.
    That’s how dense people can be 😦

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  29. tyshab says:

    Try using brave browser.


  30. InAz says:

    The materials should never have been given to the corrupt DOJ.
    Hope the whistle blower has another copy of all.


  31. nanny15 says:

    Would like some information from anyone using, YIPPY, the new site Bill Mitchell is promoting.


  32. cthulhu says:

    Incidentally, Google has a group over in the UK that looks for bugs in their competitors’ products and blog about it. The blog is quite technical, and doesn’t update often, but is amusing and quite informative when you wade through it.


  33. California Joe says:

    Since most Internet service is by cable:

    Whoever, having devised or intending to devise any scheme or artifice to defraud, or for obtaining money or property by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises, transmits or causes to be transmitted by means of wire, radio, or television communication in interstate or foreign commerce, any writings, signs, signals, pictures, or sounds for the purpose of executing such scheme or artifice, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both. If the violation occurs in relation to, or involving any benefit authorized, transported, transmitted, transferred, disbursed, or paid in connection with, a presidentially declared major disaster or emergency (as those terms are defined in section 102 of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act (42 U.S.C. 5122)), or affects a financial institution, such person shall be fined not more than $1,000,000 or imprisoned not more than 30 years, or both.


  34. Liberty ONE says:

    GooeyEyes, Faceless & Twatter have become domestic terrorists.. The gov’t BETTER hold them accountable…break them up..NOW!


  35. Keith says:

    What about every company / website on Google’s black list hits Google with a $250 Million damages claim because their message is being smothered, and their reach is being throttled? That’s a lot of Billions on a list that long.

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  36. James c jurado says:

    Pull the plug on the internet. First step of the revolution. Invent an alternative way to communicate beyond the reach of today’s mass surveillance. Get off the grid. Use drones. Encryption packets. Flying routers. Bypass the internet. Hardwire tcp/ip addressing with gigabit ethernet. Many ways to live beyond 5G …go local. Farming, manufacturing, homesteading. I play games, do word processing, excel, powerpoints, mind mapping, Photoshop video editing with older more reliable PCs from a bygone era, pre-globalization. And no virus because it’s not plugged into the internet. Learn to live off the web! Everything works better than planet of the apes, app world. My social score is getting lower, day by day. Soon, I will disappear! Clouds are bad for you. Chimp humans will soon become chip implanted humans. I am not a robot.


  37. Bob Parker says:

    Rather than affirm the difficulties that many of us have accessing conservative websites, methinks it is far more important to focus on Google’s jack-booted attempt to DESTROY this whistleblower!!

    JHC, Police ought to have been more than enough, but NO, we gotta have BOMB SQUAD AND FBI TOO??

    Google’s Banana State reaction is the equivalent of “stuck pig”!! Man oh man did this whistleblower strike at the very heart of Google & exposed Google big-time!!

    I strongly recommend that President Trump immediatlely announce that Mr. Voorhies will be receiving the PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL OF FREEDOM for his BRAVERY in coming forward.

    Mr. Voorhies sacrificed his employment with Google (approx. 8 years) & approx. $260k annual salary to come forward, expose Google, & subject himself & his family to Deep State damnation.

    This bravery MUST be APPLAUDED & SUPPORTED as the enormous treasure trove of documentation Mr. Voorhies has brought forward should be all that President Trump, the FTC et al needs to agressviely move forward, undo all of Google’s acquisitions & literally PULVERIZE GOOGLE into 1+ Million pieces!!

    My Voorhies, you have done an enormous service to our Country, sir!! You are a true Patriot & we conservatives are most thankfrul for your bravery AND your sacrifice!!


  38. shipley130 says:

    I was using the computer at my local library and when I logged off, the computer put up a warning that the computer had been to naughty type websites. I had been visiting sites like CTH and gateway pundit. So, it seems that google has infected every corner of the internet.


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