Reuters Post-Debate Poll: Biden 22%, Bernie 18%, Warren 8% and Harris 6%….

Reuters/IPSOS conducted a poll [see here] following the second round of Democrat debates.  The latest results show Creepy stayed the same at 22%; Crazy gained 2 points and is now 18%.  However, Spank Me lost almost half of her support, now 6%; and How dropped to 8%.  No-one else registers anywhere close to being a contender:

(Poll Data Here)

This latest national poll erases the momentum for Kamala Harris (media favorite) and Elizabeth Warren (limo-liberal favorite), who now appear to be sliding backwards along with Robert Francis O’Rourke (anxious people snorting adderall favorite).

Pete Buttigeg gained one percent and is now bringing up the rear on the top five candidates with 4 percent support (meh twinkles).  Meanwhile Corey Booker went from one percent to 3 percent (woo-woo uptwinkled spanglish).

Joe Biden was obviously helped by the lack of broadcast ratings for the debates; so most voters didn’t see his oddly structured jibberish and stunted cognition.  Bernie gained ground on Biden by two percent going from 16% before he started shouting, to 18% after he was done yelling at the other candidates to get off his lawn. (Reuters Article Here)

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191 Responses to Reuters Post-Debate Poll: Biden 22%, Bernie 18%, Warren 8% and Harris 6%….

  1. wightmanfarm says:

    The DemocRAT party is so racist – where are all of the black/hispanic contenders that are actually in the running. So racist. so sad.

    They’re going to get the black voters to vote with Joe ? With Warren ? With Bernie ? HAHAHA ! They’re in trouble.

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  2. bluebongo says:

    Starting to think Biden is the rabbit that forgot he’s supposed to sacrifice himself on the white privilege altar and cleanse the democrats.

    Hey Joe, come on man! save yo-self!

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  3. ed357 says:

    “…..Pete Buttigeg gained one percent and is now bringing up the rear on the top five candidates with 4 percent support (meh twinkles)….”

    Nice a double entendre.

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  4. Lesterspinx says:

    annd coming in at dead last is Daaaahhh Blasio. But can’t someone keep him out of NYC for a while longer while we get the stench out???

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  5. Chewbarkah says:

    Are there any poll results for: “If you had to choose between Biden, Sanders, Warren, or Harris which would you pick for nominee?” The poling seems to be rigged to perpetuate the swarm of gnats. It’s the Dem’s clown show, but they need to flush the vanity candidates.

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  6. bkrg2 says:

    Thank you for the laughs Sundance! I look forward to your Demonrate debate recaps – totally hilarious descriptions (sadly, they are perfectly accurate…)

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  7. Austin Holdout says:

    Thanks to Tulsi Gabbard for outing Harris. It was great listening to the crowd cheer her on.

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  8. Mr e-man says:

    Amazing that stumbling, mumbling, Joe Biden is still the leader. The guy is obviously losing it and age is probably the problem. Just like Mueller, these guys are making laughing stocks of themselves and the Dems are putting them out front and center to humiliate themselves.

    Biden will not endure the rigors of a campaign. IMO, the Dems were not going to defeat an incumbent President with a good economy and they needed to be running a candidate that would express their values and policies and set them up for the next election or in the Congressional elections.

    Joe Biden might be good to keep the party more centered than far left in order to accomplish that but that is not what they are doing. They are trying to win and know that far lefties and ignorants like Booker, Warren, Harris et all are losers in that regard. But Biden literally has dementia. The only sane ones they have are Buttigplug and Gabbard but they don’t have the name recognition yet.

    I also know Dems rig elections so the brokered convention is coming where all the rules and votes cast are discarded by the party so they can install their choice, which I still believe to be Harris.


    • Pokey says:

      Still 15 months until the election. We don’t win because the Demcommies are idiots. We win because we get the most electoral votes. Biden is old, but I suspect he won’t be in the running in 6 months.


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