Nancy Pelosi in Detroit: NAACP ‘Resist We Much’ Speech…

Nancy Pelosi delivered a rather unusual “Resist We Much” speech to the NAACP convention audience in Detroit. WATCH:

“resist we much”…

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306 Responses to Nancy Pelosi in Detroit: NAACP ‘Resist We Much’ Speech…

  1. snellvillebob says:

    Hopefully, these are the final stages of TDS.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      End stage TDS. haha

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      • Exactly. 2020 will give him an upper hand and they are likely to lose the house and we’ll get more judges.

        those who keep insisting that when the Dems get power next it’ll all revert.

        This is a convergence of thinking and it is an error.

        If we help Trump to do his job, the Democratic party will have had such a microscope put upon it, along with the uniparty, that we will make real headway reversing the indoctrination that the last three generations have been fed through every venue of influence.

        They are especially rapacious when it comes to tearing down their idols. Not only do we need to curtail that and instil a little more charity, patience and empathy into them (yes I know, this is a tall order and beyond the power simply of human intervention, though we can lead by example), but we need them to see clearly just WHO they have been listening to and what they have been hiding from them…especially when it comes to their having been desensitized to pagan, barbaric, perverse and obscene behavior deliberately, through imposing relativism and silencing all opposition. Phony science states that a theory is set and the case is closed and that is pretty much how everything operates with the left.

        Real science, which coincidentally borrows the same technique from real truth, is ALWAYS open to a new way of thinking.

        The doors that are closed to discussion are when behavior completely transcends all the laws of human decency and threatens civilization.

        This is why sharia and LGBT activists are due a course of justice that they never imagined.

        Peaceable Muslims and same sex attracted individuals who do not support the radical agenda are every bit as targeted for hate as anyone else.

        These are indeed the times that try mens’ souls. It’s time that people are reminded that they HAVE souls and just exactly why.

        Take your moon and Mars. I’m shooting (a term for aiming that the vernacular supported back in the pre- PC/ snowflake days) for Heaven and want to get as many there along with me as I can.

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      • 2020 will surpass all of this in hysteria. Their one world global government, domination and TRILLIONS are an obsession for them, especially as they have been operating behind the scenes for well over 2 decades as if this was already in place.

        LOVING the new authorization given to border guards to immediately deport without a judge if you have been here less than 2 years.

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    • Peg_C the Deplorable says:

      Well, they’re turning into rabid dogs biting their own legs off. For all the world to see!


  2. lansdalechip says:

    It appears Madam Speaker has served well past her Use By date.

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    • Retired USMC says:

      she curdled a long time ago…

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    • Well if she were true to her 60s roots, she’d have removed herself in her 40s. They were raging against anyone over 30…but given how irrational their lives have been, pure selfish behavior, substance abuse and promiscuity sanctified, it’s no wonder that as soon as THEY hit geriatric stage they decided that no youth was tolerable.

      Horrific examples of humanity have been leading us on this course of steep descent.


      • farrier105 says:

        Back in the early 80s I advised one minor government “official” this way about the Baby Boomers:

        “One of these days these Baby Boomers will serve this (agency/bureau) up with a fine mess.”

        It happened many times after that warning.


  3. Bob Thomas says:

    In all honesty, watching the un-edited version of the speech, Pelosi’s performance doesn’t seem as sever and alarming. There are obvious points of stuttering, but the speech flows pretty good.

    That said, her rallying cry “when we fight, we win”……..should be thrown back in their face. That language of “violence” is worse than anything said at a Trump rally.

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  4. HA says:

    “break the gas”

    lol…too funny! Now I have to clean my monitor.

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  5. covfefe999 says:

    I cannot even focus on the words she’s speaking because her poor delivery is so distracting! It reminds me of television programs with actresses who have filler in their lips, I’m so distracted by their mishapen mouths I am unable to pay attention to the storyline. 🙂

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  6. I sincerely wish that the Speaker of the House of Representatives could understand the imperative to pursue the Legislative business of the country, and to accept(!) that the American voters chose the lawfully elected President that they did. “Resist” is not a hash-tag that you want. We the People can chose whom we want to serve us – we chose him, and we chose you. One of you is delivering truly outstanding job performance; the other is not.

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    • If you think that the American voters dwell anywhere in their consciousness, other than in the one period when votes need to be garnered through the most egregiously dishonest conning….I have a bridge in the Mojave desert for you.

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    • Clarissa says:

      It’s deeply insulting that our lawfully chosen President has been scorned so by the elites, and frankly beyond belief that they turned that scorn directly upon the voters – for deciding between the presented choices, as we are duty bound to do.


  7. Rami says:

    Seems ol’ Joe and Aunt Nancy have their “tang tonguled” up.


  8. Carly says:

    She has that certain spark of humanity – I mean, insanity.

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  9. Carly says:

    It’s a new Talk-Dance, called the Hip-Hop Politician Shinola Shuffle!


  10. Carly says:

    This is precisely what happens when you pull the back-string of your Political Doll too hard and too often.

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  11. Larry Charles says:

    That video is really hard to watch. Just think about it, this nut is third in line for president if something happens to #1 and #2, that is scary.

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  12. fishon2016 says:

    I could only watch 0.33 sec could not take anymore.

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  13. sDee says:

    It’s not her!. It proves Russian meddling in our elections. The Russians and Facebook are behind this video.

    “U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Wednesday that Facebook’s refusal to remove a heavily edited video that attempted to make her look incoherent had convinced her the company knowingly enabled Russian election interference.”

    There has got to be a meme in this somewhere.

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  14. PBR says:

    The aging process can be painful to watch.


  15. doohmax says:

    I think that the facial surgery and Botox treatments have interfered with her control of the muscles affecting speech.

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  16. flatlandgoober says:

    If she wasn’t so evil, I might feel some sympathy for the old bag.

    (nope, nothing)

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  17. “once we break the gas” LOLOLOLOL This old bat is either drunk, loosing her mind or both. Apparently worshiping Satan isn’t paying off in the long term for her.

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  18. margarite1 says:

    Well…if it has to be a rat who do we want in her place? Maybe we’re better off with this old bag?


  19. 180daysofkindergarten says:

    I’ve just got to say though, her face looks amazing. Her age is showing everywhere else but what extreme wealth has done to make her face look that good is amazing. She ought to look like a meth head by now. It is amazing to me that they let her speak in public, although the NAACP doesn’t qualify as the public.

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    • gzuf says:

      The stuff they can do with makeup and everything else on live TV is insane. Bob Costas is 67, and he looks like a boy scout in his 30’s to this day.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Thats the NAAPC, er,…NAATC?
      Granted, edited but,….
      “C’mon man!”
      Which was actually his advisors telling him “Your ONE and really ONLY ‘strength’ is your ability to connect with the “COMMON MAN”; so, whenever thry ask you a tough question, that you don’t want to answer, pivot to the “Common man” in your answer.

      He was too dense and addled to comprehend this, hence his
      “C’MON, MAN” responce.

      Thats my theory, and I’m sticking to it!

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    • YOu should catch her when they nix the lighting. You would not be so impressed. And dont’ forget she has a coterie of stylists. You too could look amazing with that much of an entourage. Moochelle also had about 35 on staff.

      Cindy Crawford once said that she wished SHE looked as amazing as her pictures. You gotta remember you are looking at the ugly Hollywood stars. DC folk aren’t photogenic enough to make it in the motion pictures, but they still are addicted to appearance.


  20. Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

    Playing to the crowd? I can’t watch. Did she whip out a bottle of hot sauce?


  21. Caius Lowell says:

    Appropriate that this speech was given in Detroit, the home of the Democrats’ greatest anti-American victory:


  22. mo says:

    Have no sympathy; these are EVIL people.

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  23. DSP2 says:

    I’m sorry. But the evidence is overwhelmingly clear that Pelosi and Biden must be put out to pasture. Come on man, please for the sake of coherency of thought and composure. leave!!!!


    • Amy2 says:

      Apparently Nan’s husband doesn’t watch her speeches. If he loved her, he would tell her to beg off public appearances. “The old gray mare ain’t what she used to be.” I’m headed in that direction, I hope my husband would tell me when it was time to quit.


  24. dscottv says:

    Seems like mild Aphasia likely just related to aging. You know in your mind what you want to say but the words just don’t come out as easily as they used to.


  25. Rynn69 says:

    Painful to watch.


  26. L. Gee says:

    What!? No transcript, Sundance?



  27. Mr e-man says:

    Now we see why the bigot squad is out there with impunity. They know Nancy is losing it.


  28. Somebody's Gramma says:

    In Real Life, I’d be pink slipped if I gave a presentation or speech like Nancy or Joe. Why are these people still employed???? I had a brain injury and I can make better sense than either of them. Good Lord!


  29. calbear84 says:

    Loose dentures?


  30. legtingle says:

    Yes. She looks drunk.


  31. thomas says:

    I see trump and Nancy came through with a budget deal..!! That’s my one and only issue with Trump…! When will Trump cut spending..? Apparently never

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  32. Dee Paul Deje says:

    She learned from the best


  33. magaskook says:

    Why am I not seeing this anywhere else but here? Did this happen recently? If it did, I can’t believe it’s not showing up on other MAGA sites.


  34. Dave Jenkins says:

    I guess one of us conservatives somewhere has “doctored” / altered this video too.


  35. Paul says:

    Trump drove her to drink? Resist the job creation. Resist all the new training programs and inner city economic initiatives. Resist many more economic opportunities than ever before. Resist ending illegal immigration so your children have a brighter future as Americans.

    I just don’t see how that sells.

    Did anyone find the model airplane glue and the paper bag yet?

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  36. KPomeroy says:

    Whoa, first I’ve ever heard Pelosi. Terminal dementia? She needs 5000 mcg Methylcobalamin and 200 mg nicotinic acid a day. Seriously. Vitamin B12, along with a B50 complex and 200 mg Niacin clears up dementia in a hurry. Tragic how many people don’t know this!


  37. Dee Paul Deje says:


  38. fuzzball010 says:

    Bwhahjahahahahahahahah! Hoo boy, I am skeeeeeerd of the Democrats beating Trump.


  39. TwoLaine says:

    This is why I call her Nasty Nitwit Nancy.


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