Pay Attention Millennials – Bernie Sanders Will Cut Campaign Worker Hours to Achieve $15 Hour Wages…

Hopefully the Che’ T-shirt crowd will see the logical outcome to the proposed wage/benefit schemes of the socialist ideologues by watching how Bernie Sanders plans to increase campaign workers pay to $15/hr, by cutting their hours – not actually increasing wages.

After coming under fire for not delivering on his promise to pay campaign workers $15/hr, communist Bernie has a solution: Cut their hours.  Then workers will be forced to get another job.

Perhaps, just perhaps, democrat voters will notice this was/is the outcome of the Obama economic wage/labor scheme that led to people having to get two and three jobs. An outcome those same democrat candidates openly rail against in talking points.

WASHINGTON – Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders announced this weekend he will cut staffers’ hours so that they can effectively be paid a $15-an-hour minimum wage, prompting mockery from critics who say the move is more evidence that Sanders’ plan to raise the national minimum wage is hypocritical and would only lead to less work and more unemployment.

The Washington Post first reported last Thursday that Sanders’ field staffers were upset that Sanders championed a $15 minimum wage on the campaign trail, and made headlines for railing against major corporations who pay “starvation wages” — even as his own employees made “poverty wages.” (read more)

Ironically this approach hearkens back to the historic outcome of socialist policy.  Capitalist Bernie is rebuking Communist Bernies’ labor talking points.

Additionally, Bernie is including non-compensatory benefits (healthcare etc.) as part of the overall $15/hr compensation package…. Yes, more natural outcomes.

[Bernie] went on to say that the union contract “not only provides pay of at least $15 an hour, it also provides, I think, the best health care benefits that any employer can provide for our field organizers.”

Those healthcare benefits are included in the $36k/yr pay package that belays the $15/hr wage point.  2,000 hrs (40 per week x 50 weeks) worked at $15/hr is $30k, with $6k in benefits.  If benefit costs increase to $8k worked hours need to be reduced to keep the $15 standard.   A capitalist outcome Communist Bernie has railed against, yet now applies.

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107 Responses to Pay Attention Millennials – Bernie Sanders Will Cut Campaign Worker Hours to Achieve $15 Hour Wages…

  1. Comrade Terry says:

    Better than the funny papers!

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    • bertdilbert says:

      All the big blue cities with forced minimum wage hikes are the same ones with homeless littering the streets.

      The more expensive the human, the cheaper the robot.

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  2. Fannie says:

    As they said in Soviet Russia, “We pretend to work, and they pretend to pay us.”

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  3. EricStoner says:

    Bernie Sanders Asks Nation To Please Stop Mailing Him Books On Economics

    Yep, like mailing holy water to a vampire.

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  4. HangtownBill says:

    Sounds like Bernie’s staff is paid salary, not hourly. Is that legal? No overtime?

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    • 1970novass396 says:

      Yep…been there done that


    • RadioMattM says:

      I once worked at a place where just about everybody had the word “manager” in their title. Managers are generally exempt from overtime rules.

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      • VinceWhirlwind says:

        Then they may want to contact the Labor Dep’t. There are rules to be exempt from overtime. If you don’t answer those 3 questions correctly, you cannot be considered an exempt employee. There are also rules to be paid overtime, even if exempt. I believe it is anything over 52 hours.

        But who ever complains, when you feel blessed to even have a job huh?

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      • Shyster says:

        Yeah, the everyone is a manager trick/misclassification allows a salary regardless of hours worked and hence no need to pay time and a half or double time on hours over 8 and 12 respectively. The recognized test of a manager under Fed Law is that greater than 50% of the hours worked most be managing or managing type paperwork duties; otherwise the person is misclassified as a manager and all back wages for overtime going back 3 years plus internet must be paid.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      “I’m very proud to be the first presidential candidate to recognize a union and negotiate a union contract,”

      So the workers are not actually making $15 an hour because they have to now pay union initiation fees and union dues.

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      • Baby El says:

        And what are his campaign workers making – the absolute bare minimum.

        When there is a minimum wage, that’s the wage you get – and that’s all!


    • dd_sc says:

      Yes, it’s legal.

      There is also the category where you get paid for every hour you work, but at a flat rate so overtime is not time and a half.


    • Raptors2020 says:

      Next: peer pressure to work off the clock. What’s the matter: you don’t support our cause?

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      • trishinsouthernillinois says:

        Also people making phone calls, having grievance filed against them by the door knockers, because they got caught knocking on doors. LOL

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    • Alex Pazzo says:

      I thought the same. Only supervisory employees can get salary, everyone else is hourly with OT over 40
      They may be classified as a short term contract employee based on $31,200 yearly salary which is $15 an hour


  5. alliwantissometruth says:

    Bernie’s a perfect example of the communist system

    Preach about equality and fairness, then he goes home to his lakeside mansion while the people go home to their mud huts

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    • 1970novass396 says:

      Are their any sane people in the state of Vermont?

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      • Rhoda R says:

        They were invaded by people fleeing Mass and NYS. Of course these people brought their filthy voting habits with them. Just like in Fl, Tx, Az, etc.

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      • bofh says:

        Uh… well, me and Mrs BOFH, for two. In the same town, in fact, as Bernie’s lake house (which isn’t all that grand looking, BTW). And our friend Bobby makes three. After that I’m not too sure though…


      • Dave Mitchell says:

        Nope, we all left sometime ago…the place is nuts now. I go back to visit often and every time I just shake my head in disbelief. When I was growing up, the state was mainly agricultural. ‘Early to bed, early to rise, nose to the grindstone, shoulder to the wheel” work ethic…the flatlanders from the south ruined that…


  6. Carrie says:

    Every time I see him and 50 shades of anything I think of this

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  7. Coast says:

    How can anyone be fooled by this slob of a person? Just his personal hygiene alone should be a strong indicator of how he would ruin the country. The next indicator is his communist policies….

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  8. evergreen says:

    More like two shades of gray. Remember, under communal policies, scarcity becomes the norm.

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  9. evergreen says:

    “Higher wages for all…(who are employed)!”

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  10. The boomerang effect strikes again.


  11. hoghead says:

    They never learn from this stuff. Recall that george mcgovern, the guy who turned the d party into muck, attempted to open a bed and breakfast in New England after his retirement from “public service”. He lost his shirt, saying he couldn’t make it with rules HE helped to write. Had no idea how difficult those policies were to authentic small businessmen.

    I am not expecting an epiphany from comrade sanders who isn’t as smart as george.

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  12. The Boss says:

    What a bunch of ingrates! How can useful idiots even place on value on the privilege of working to elect Comrade Bernie? It’s priceless.

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  13. thedoc00 says:

    Had this discussion a few days ago with other participants on this site. Yes, there is horror of the $15/hour wage but the real attention grabber should be that the communist wing of the Democrat Party is going to attempt to add imputed wages to each and every Federal Tax payer for non-cash compensation items, such as: employer paid portion of health care, any meals provided by the employer, airline miles employers allow their employees to keep, possibly equipment employers provide that has dual private/professional use authorized, etc. etc.

    All to increase tax revenues on the < 50% who pay Fed Wage Tax and ALL those from whom Social Security, Medicare and promised Fed Freebees to all.

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    • 1987bear says:

      That’s what Oidiotcare Cadillac Tax plan was all about, Taxing employer paid portion of health care that employees would have to pay. Congress/PDJT just cancelled it


  14. Kate says:

    I don’t believe the millennial’s have been taught critical or logical thinking in school, nor do they have common sense, in fact their prime example is AOC, Hopefully they will learn the hard way when and if they actually work in the market place.

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    • nimrodman says:

      How do you think they plan to pay for all the “free” for all the layabouts and grifters?

      They’re gonna steal it from honest workers / savers, that’s how

      Witness the latest moves on retirement accounts

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  15. Grandma Covfefe says:

    This is hilarious…Doofus Bernie still thinks he’s smarter than everyone else, when he still doesn’t get it. Commies don’t get capitalism and never will.

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    • 17CatsInTN says:

      You know, I think he does get it. The difference is his ideology is his meal ticket to perpetually being elected and in the spotlight. His living standard, however, is owed him due to his perpetual greed and willingness to do whatever it takes to maintain his profitability. He gets it, all right. He just doesn’t care about anybody but himself.

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      • nimrodman says:

        Good point
        He’s made it his “brand”, and it’s saleable
        Promising to give away other peoples’ money

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        • 17CatsInTN says:

          Yep. If he was a true socialist at heart, he would “share” his wealth. He and his wife do no such thing. In fact, they cheat to gather in even more. They are just parasites who scam the system well.

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      • Clarissa says:

        In 2016 he was designated to take the fall against Hillary before he even ran. Note the indignant DNC emails from Podesta when Bernie’s fame went to his head, and the party had to jerk his chain to force him to comply with the agreement. At that point, Bernie cashed in and sold them his supporter email list. Anyone with eyes in 2016 could see what a grifter he is – so it’s simply amazing to see him back again and to see dupes supporting him like it never happened.

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  16. All Too Much says:

    Prime debate material.
    He’s toast.

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  17. TwoLaine says:

    I can’t recall if it was today or yesterday, but Griff Jenkins on F & F Weekends covered for Bernie during an interview he did on this subject.

    He said that to make things clear, with benefits Bernie is paying $15 ph.

    Folks, that is comparing apples to oranges and Faux knows it!

    Bernie isn’t pushing for $15 ph including benefits. He could care less what benefits you get. He is pushing for $15 ph period, period, period. Benefits NOT included.

    If that bankrupts your business, he could care less. If you lose your job because of it, he could care less. He’s already a millionaire, has his salary, perks, three houses, and a book to write soon. Who knows, he might get a 4th house soon too now that he got everyone on board with socialism.

    Last week someone had on a restaurant franchise owner from the NW, I believe it was Subway. 20+ locations closing due to the $15 ph minimum wage requirement. They tried everything to keep their doors open. Can’t afford it anymore. 😦

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    • Dekester says:

      It really is nuts, and any sane individual would accept that paying $15.00 per hr U.S. ( approx ( $21.50 Can) to put together a sub sandwich is ludicrous.

      We are old school, and when travelling in the “ States” it is increasingly difficult to find value in restaurants. We believe in tipping, and accept local taxes. However all these costs are added to a meal, and as a result we almost never eat out.

      It is too bad, but folks vote with their wallet.

      At Safeway or wherever. A bun costs 30 cents or so, a few slices of meat, or chicken and cheese maybe $1.50 a drink $1.00 and voila. Approx $3.00, no tip, no tax.

      God bless PDJT

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      • TwoLaine says:

        Unintended consequences of mostly idiots who never signed the front side of a paycheck in their lives.

        Spending other people money (OPM) does not count!

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      • john good says:

        I turned 65 last August, & I really missed “getting paid to go RVing” from when I was delivering new RV’s from Indiana back to the dealers here in Canada, so I bought a used ambulance from the City of Thunder Bay ON & went to Florida for the winter.
        I was relying on my “pittance of a pension” & due to the low CDN$, I ate a lot at the Publix Food Markets in Florida.
        You could get a 1/4 White Meat Chicken for about $4USD & Potatoe Salad for about $2USD & a bun!
        Food & most items were about the same price, but the gas was cheap compared to Canada, especially where you are in Southern BC.

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      • ATheoK says:

        When I worked as a retail clerk and sometimes while I worked as a mailman, the grocery store deli section was a favorite lunch source. That and knowing where wild berries and fruits grew.
        Shopping the grocery’s discount lunch meats (ends and refused orders), and their day old breads kept costs down.
        I rarely eat anything from subway.
        Subway’s boring tasteless sandwiches with minimum meat filling are far too expensive for what the sandwich actually contains. Real subway sandwiches never resemble, at all, the overstuffed sandwiches used in subway’s advertisements.

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        • Rockindubya says:

          I was in line at a Subway. The large man in front of me was fairly upset that the sandwich the worker was making didn’t have as much meat as the one in the picture….
          “That’s a double meat pictured, sir”
          “It doesn’t say that on the picture!”
          A bit more back and forth ensued, young fellow got rattled, manager came over, large guy got a free double meat foot-long out of the deal…
          We should try that.
          Kind of like ordering a hamburger like the one in the picture at your local burger joint.
          Rattles them every time!


  18. Robert Smith says:

    I don’t understand how Bernie can think this was a good idea.

    I guess he was hoping for Socialist exceptionalism as practiced by the Media. Problem is, he is not and has never been their choice.


    • Raptors2020 says:

      The “Revolution” is essential to their thinking. After the Revolution, all questions will be answered, all conflicts will be resolved. $Trillion spending programs will become affordable.


  19. NJF says:

    I’m almost left speechless. This is why whoever is designated to win the nom, will be someone who is viewed as center left. They’ll say, well the dem person is better than Trump… Stupid is as stupid does. .

    God help us.


  20. Freud says:

    Why do beautiful women as kathy zhu and Lexi Thompson support Trump,
    while ugly ones like Ilhan Omar hate him?!
    Guess why?!


  21. BoreMole says:

    Schadenfreude – its whats for dinner.


  22. Magabear says:

    What’s great about this is that it’s such a simple example of left-wing hypocrisy that even a dimwitted ANTIFA member who’s trying to get mom to buy him a ski mask should be able to see thru the charade. Well, at some of them. Others will just scream “Orange Man Bad” until they pass out.

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  23. Skidroe says:

    State and Feds should stop giving tax dollars to colleges and public schools. One BIG problem with Government Is they are all on a budget. If they don’t spend all of their money by the end of the calendar they lose it and the next budget usually gets smaller. So every Agency and department and even every school teacher ALWAYS spend everything whether they need it or not. The next year they always ask for more money than they need in case their budgets get cut and the process starts all over again. Bernie is such a hypocrite but people believe whatever they want to believe and you can not change their mind. Hopefully the American worker will see they are better off under President Trump instead of the lying socialist. America needs term limits and ALL State and Federal agencies need to have their budgets cut by 40%. This would be just a start. After President Trump gets re-elected it will be interesting to see what changes he implements and who gets deported and who goes to jail knowing he only has four years left. “All hell will break loose”. It will be fun to watch. If you thank things are crazy now just wait till he gets re-elected.


    • 1987bear says:

      Every dept & agency in US Govt automatically gets a 3% increase in budget every year. IF someone says just keep it even they scream “They’re cutting our budget”. Really Sinister plan.


      • ATheoK says:

        I worked for one of those Federal Departments for my career, with most of that career near or in their finance department.

        Every year, preliminary budgets and budget requests are prepared, in detail, submitted and subsequently extensively defended.

        Those who failed to justify and defend their requests for next year’s budget would be lucky to receive this year or last year’s budget allocations.

        Which is why, FBI for example, have hordes of small program requests. Quite a few government departments and agencies try to beef up or at least recoup inflated budget requests by submitting lots of budget requests.
        This practice serves in several ways.
        1) When upper management demands a 10% cut, it is easy to eliminate unnecessary or redundant program requests while leaving active programs fully funded.

        2) Most upper finance officers attending budget meetings where requestors defend their budget morasses, quickly tire of reading or hearing about plethoras of small programs. The most usual result is a dictated percentage cut of programs. Experienced budget requestors expect this and usually end up with full funding.

        3) When Departments and Agencies receive orders to cut a major program, they raid the smaller programs for funds needed to continue certain operations.

        Federal Government budgets generally work on a SPLY (Same Period Last Year) allocation process. Agencies and Departments use this year’s expenses as their base for next year’s budget allocation.
        Sadly, this process rewards incompetence and malfeasance. The money wasted this year beefs up budgets for next year.

        Proper budget practices should be from a zero based allocation process. This requires that every budget line and operational program is fully identified, justified and planned accordingly.


  24. Sundance…can you give us your take on Liz Warren’s “Stop Wall Street Looting Act”? To me it seems like Liz is working with CoC protecting Big Business, using “the workers” as human shields to pull at heartstrings. She won’t support Trump’s Main St vs. Wall Street policies (de-regs and trade deals), which have had/will have a greater impact on growing jobs for Americans and freeing up new businesses to compete…which of course means competition for BigBusiness. People like Cernovich are retweeting it and I think he fell for the heartstring serenade. Thank you for your time, and all the great analysis you are the best out there.

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    • Sherri Young says:

      For starters, Pocohantas’s proposed legislation needs to be printed off and laid out side by side with a hard copy of the legislation that created the Consumer Finance Protection Act. These people tend to rerun successful scams.

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  25. Gary Lacey says:

    Sander’s is the persona of son of a b*tch.


  26. Raised on Reagan says:

    Feel The Bern.


  27. StanH says:

    Now you’re being silly Sundance. Hoping millennial’s will learn anything would require critical thinking “the whine till you get it crowd” can’t grasp it – simply a “bridge to far.” No, if it were me I’d go on strike. /s

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  28. srmikeinohio says:

    Bernie is a bum and has always been a bum.

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  29. Bernie was an obscure congressional laughingstock for DECADES until the Occupy
    Wall St. “movement” was astroturfed employing classic Marxist class envy tropes and visions of economic utopia giving the dregs an excuse to expend their energy demanding equal outcomes, rather than equal opportunity. . . . That gave Bernie his opening.

    The legacy of Barack Hussein Alinsky.

    2020 will be the year they slide back into the ash heap from whence they crawled.

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  30. Zorro says:

    Besides never working in the real world, does the Bern even work in the unreal world? He’s invisible in the Senate, been so for years. He just runs for president.

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    • BigTalkers says:

      Not always. Bernie cut a deal with Harry Reid and the VA’s union bosses to ensure that our Veterans kept receiving substandard care.


    • dd_sc says:

      Sanders did work in the private sector for a few years after graduating; mostly carpentry type work.

      Always been an activist though, even made educational films (propaganda?) for schools before he ran for office in Vermont.

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  31. Paul B. says:

    According to the Fox article, Sanders will cut their hours from 60-70 to 40 or so in order to achieve the $15/hr rate. Fair enough, on paper, but that means that significantly less work will get done on a fixed budget. In reality, those people will probably be expected to work overtime gratis, and those who refuse will probably get the ax. They’re unionized, though, so it will be interesting to see how strictly the union holds Sanders’ feet to the fire. My guess: not very strictly. The temptation in situations like this is to make everyone managers or sub-contractors. But I see neither of those politically workable after Sanders’ commitment to $15.

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    • nimrodman says:

      “In reality, those people will probably be expected to work overtime gratis, and those who refuse will probably get the ax.”

      And we’ll have some disgruntled squealers who’ll blow the whistle on that, bringing further embarrassment and increase the Bern

      “Oh boy – this is gonna be great !”
      (in best Flounder / Animal House voice)

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  32. BigTalkers says:

    Another case of Democrat Math!


  33. freepetta says:



  34. tav144 says:

    It’s obviously so they have more time to don their Antifa halloween costumes and protest.


  35. dd_sc says:

    Hopefully the Che’ T-shirt crowd will see the logical outcome to the proposed wage/benefit schemes of the socialist ideologues..

    Doubt it. These are the same people who didn’t challenge Pelosi when she claimed moving to part time will give people more free time to pursue their hobbies, and welfare payments were a stimulus for the economy.

    They are in a fantasy world where they work 20 hours a week and pretty much everything will be free. I’m sure many long for the day they can walk up to the replicator and order themselves a vegan pizza with a pitcher of beer.

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  36. dallasdan says:

    I seriously doubt his candidacy survives this absurdity.

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  37. clodfobble says:

    The amazing (and sad) thing is that millions of democrats are so afflicted with TDS and media inspired HATE that they cannot and will not see such blatant hypocrisy on parade RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM. It is really pathetic.

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  38. Bernie shot both his feet off and then says he’s proud of his new red sandals.

    Ya can’t make this stuff up folks


  39. mikeyboo says:

    Bravo!!!! Stephen Miller! as to Chris Wallace:”No soup for you!” (Seinfeld)


  40. Lucille says:

    BREAKING: Bernie Sanders caught LYING about his honeymoon in the Soviet Union
    Jess Swietoniowski, reporting
    Published on Jul 21, 2019

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    • 1987bear says:

      Bernie really hates females. He’s always very short with every one but is nothing but smiles when men reporters ask him questions. Believes woman should be barefoot & pregnant in kitchen.


  41. graficgod says:

    for many years REAL economists (NOT AOC, with her ‘faux’ degree) have said this very thing. increase wages and the available money pool from a low profit margin reduces the amount of hours each employee gets.
    nothing is going to magically make people pay 12 dollars for a double crapburger at McDeath. they’re already balking at 7-8, hence reduced sales at FastFud heartattacksteraunts which kill ability to PAY EMPLOYEES an artificial minimum wage.
    derrrrrrrp a deeerrrrp


  42. Shiba Dad says:

    And he’s not rushing out to pay off campaign staffers student loan debt.

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  43. cthulhu says:

    The underlying problem with these schemes is that people who have not yet learned to show up on-time, five days a week; actually work to advance their function; focus on the job at-hand; learn new skills; be agreeable with coworkers, suppliers, and customers; safely use the tools that pertain to their job; and follow directions accurately are simply not worth $15/hour. Arguably, they are worth less than nothing (which is the reason behind internships and apprenticeship programs). Unfortunately, there is no better way to attain these basic life skills than “going through the motions” while receiving constructive feedback.

    Once these skills have been acquired, it would be expected that people would earn the “market wage” for their job — which would, in general, be greater than the “minimum wage”.

    A modest “minimum wage” is a tax on the basically skilled for their worthless brethren. Acquiring the basic skills above won’t move you to a “market wage”, because you’re already being paid more than the “market wage” — you’ll just continue making the minimum for an extended period of time, as you are ground-down by a sense of hopelessness in your serfdom. It will also mean that getting a minimum-wage job becomes more difficult for the incompetent (since competent people are competing for the same wage) and progress towards competency must be rapid and straightforward, without setback, or you will be “washed-out” without mercy.

    An aggressive “minimum wage” turns the screws on the above issues and creates a permanent frustrated underclass dependent on government benefits. If one country did this to another country, it would be a war crime.

    $15/hour is actually borderline “nutso” “minimum-wage” — imagine a world where the minimum wage was $120,000/year…….the only people who could remain employed would be proven experts in automating jobs to robots.

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  44. john good says:

    I turned 65 last August, & I really missed “getting paid to go RVing” from when I was delivering new RV’s from Indiana back to the dealers here in Canada, so I bought a used ambulance from the City of Thunder Bay ON & went to Florida for the winter.
    I was relying on my “pittance of a pension” & due to the low CDN$, I ate a lot at the Publix Food Markets in Florida.
    You could get a 1/4 White Meat Chicken for about $4USD & Potatoe Salad for about $2USD & a bun!
    Food & most items were about the same price, but the gas was cheap compared to Canada, especially where you are in Southern BC.


  45. scrap1ron says:

    Defying the laws of economics is like defying the law of gravity. Eventually you’ll crash on the rocks. Socialist elites don’t care because it won’t be them, right Bern?

    “It’s hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions into the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.” *Thomas Sowell*


  46. pattyloo says:

    so, reducing Bernie’s campaign workers to 42-43 hrs/week gets them to $15/hr. Regardless of job title, how can anyone think it’s fair to work more than 40 hrs/week, and not even getting minimum wage? I mean, minimum wage is normally what you get when you work part-time!

    I’ll bet that’s the point made on F&F about how, if you consider benefits, Bernie is paying $15/hr. Sounds like they didn’t mention the irony that a full-time worker should be getting more than that amount AND get benefits also!


  47. ATheoK says:

    “After coming under fire for not delivering on his promise to pay campaign workers $15/hr, communist Bernie has a solution: Cut their hours.”

    Been there, suffered that.

    People are hired to do jobs. Some are salaried, others are paid by the hour, fewer are paid by job completion and still fewer are paid by successful results.

    By all accounts, Bernie’s are salaried.
    Someone tracked the hours employees work to complete their assignments, then divided their salaries by hours worked. Identifying the result that Bernie’s employees work extended hours to accomplish their assignments.

    Bernie cuts the hours employees can work to accomplish their jobs.
    1) Bernie must hire more employees to cover the work during the periods where employees worked extra hours.
    2) Bernie’s supervisors must complete the work not completed within assigned hours.
    3) Bernie must pay the employees overtime for the extra hours they work; (Not available to salaried employees).
    4) Bernie’s employees are pushed to work much harder to complete work that used to to take many extra hours to complete.

    Odds are that Bernie has no problem with excessive demands that overstress employees and uses options 2) and 4).


  48. joshm says:

    hey Bernie, welcome to Economics 101


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