July 18th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #910

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

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  1. hoosier1476 says:

    Dems now assure us that if you’ve been born in the USA, it means you belong here
    Great! I guess they’ll stop telling white Americans that they have to go back to Europe
    because some white people allegedly “stole” the land from American Indians. Right?

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  2. Giant Ground Sloth says:

    I don’t understand why people are so obsessed with those 4 moronic congresswomen. Why are we constantly talking about them?


    • Robert Smith says:

      Because the media wants to talk about it.

      They’re trying to take over the Democrat party, but TDS is stopping the establishment Dems from dealing with them.


    • MDNA I says:

      Axios published results from an internal Democrat party poll showing that they’re coming do define the party in swing states…..

      They’ve somehow managed to hijack the Democrat brand & pose a constant challenge to the Speaker of the House…..

      Just b/c they’re inane doesn’t mean there’s nothing to talk about… when ppl like this are able to exert that kinda influence it’s no small thing

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  3. A2 says:

    For those interested in the digital Silk Road aka digital Leninism.

    “As world accepts Chinese and Russian interpretation of Internet sovereignty and borders, this will more and more be the norm…

    Catalin Cimpanu
    · 3h
    NEW: Kazakhstan government is now intercepting all HTTPS traffic

    (link: https://www.zdnet.com/article/kazakhstan-government-is-now-intercepting-all-https-traffic/) zdnet.com/article/kazakh…


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  4. MDNA I says:


    • FofBW says:

      What happens when you play with the big dog.

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    • Is it just me, or does anyone else see that the common modus operandi with the left seems to be to say things and propose policies that are so over-the-top outrageous & preposterous that they are obviously intended to goad the President and other normal Americans into over-reacting so they can play the victim card?

      I would also include the Mueller “investigation” which knew it had nothing from the beginning and spent nearly two years using unethical legal and Gestapo-like tactics hoping the President would fire them or pardon someone to manufacture an obstruction case.

      Same thing with the border crisis which they created in hopes of exploiting the invaders and the kids they smuggle in as “victims”

      It’s like a sick mix of Alinsky tactics in combination with an infantile playpen mentality.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      I hope they reported their threats through official channels.

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      • Nigella says:

        Like Matt Gaetz.? he received a voicemail message saying the guy was gonna blow his head off.. They found the perp,in California, and they refused to charge him with anything… Double standard? Gaetz was furious.

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        • Robert Smith says:

          Every single one of them – it’s just a joke!

          Who handles that? Feds? Local?

          Btw, the official channels thing is just because I don’t believe about anything. they say.

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        • CountryClassVulgarian says:

          Personally I believe the four morons of the demopocalypse are lying or if they actually did receive threats it came from their own side. The violence is the left. All of it.

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          • 7delta says:

            I don’t wish harm on anybody. Equal justice under the law is another thing. That said, like you, I’m skeptical about their claims too. Remember when we were told obama had gotten more threats than any other president…ever…and it turned out not to be true? Based on the double standards we see every day and every single time something terrible happens, the Dems and their spokes-media immediately blame conservatives, then it turns out to be some leftist nut-job, all the claims about how violent and hate filled the Tea Party people were, how Trump supporters at rallies were, yet the only violence came from leftist activist groups, all the inflammatory and stupid stuff Dems say routinely, yet call speech they simply disagree with “hate” speech and claim “words” are violence, etc…..yeah, the Pod Squad’s credibility is lower than a snake’s belly.


    • convert says:

      I hope these 4 dopes realize that the Deep State would sacrifice any one or all of them to a faked assassination in a heartbeat if they thought it would lead to Trump’s defeat. They better be upping their personal security bigly. Think about it.

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  5. A2 says:

    China Posts Biggest Monthly Net Forex Sale in 2 Years

    China’s banks sold a net $19.3 billion of foreign exchange in June, the biggest net forex sale since 2017, reflecting pressure on the yuan related to renewed trade tensions.

    Depreciation of yuan related to trade tensions with the US promoted sale of foreign currencies in June say forex analysts.


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  6. islandpalmtrees says:

    BREAKING NEWS —————-

    Here we go again, just out, on Lou Dobbs, 7-18-2019. Judicial Watch reports Obama’s State Department, played central figure in Russia Hoax per new email release.

    Now, we have confirmation, DC was build on a compost pile. – everywhere you dig in the Deep State, you find shit.

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  7. A2 says:

    No more bluegrass for you.

    Steve Herman
    The station at 1390AM in our nation’s capital used to be play bluegrass music (what’s more American than that?). But now WZHF, owned by Way Broadcasting, is Radio Sputnik.

    “Russia paid radio broadcaster $1.4 million to air Kremlin propaganda in DC”)

    “The Russian government sent more than $1.4 million to a Florida-based company airing Kremlin propaganda in the nation’s capital over the last two years, according to recent foreign agent registration records.
    Florida-based company RM Broadcasting LLC has officially registered as a foreign agent with the Justice Department after a federal judge ordered it to do so in May.
    Marking DOJ’s first successful civil enforcement action under the Foreign Agents Registration Act in more than two decades, U.S. District Court Judge Robin Rosenberg ruled that RM Broadcasting should be registered as a foreign agent under FARA due to its relationship with Rossiya Segodnya, the Russian government’s media enterprise that owns Sputnik International and was created by Vladimir Putin to advance Russia’s interests abroad.

    A 2017 U.S. intelligence report found that Sputnik was part of “Russia’s state-run propaganda machine” that facilitated Russian interference and influence in the 2016 presidential election of Donald Trump.

    Starting shortly after Trump’s election, RM Broadcasting agreed to act as the Russian media enterprise’s middleman brokering airtime on WZHF 1390, a Washington, D.C., area radio station owned by Way Broadcasting.

    The station, which previously played bluegrass music, made serious money airing content the U.S. government considers pro-Russia propaganda. RM Broadcasting reported being paid more than $1.4 million from November 2017 to June 2019 to air Sputnik 24 hours a day. ”

    Read more here

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    • Robert Smith says:

      I was wondering what the new DOJ FARA unit was doing. Apparently still working the Russia angle.


      • A2 says:

        I don’t understand your comment. FARA reform is coming to close the loopholes so that state actors don’t roam wild through the US open system. All should be registered. Did you know that the Confucius Institutes were not registered?

        “The Confucius Institute, a propaganda arm of the Chinese gov’t, is not registered under the FARA, but does have 501(c)(3) tax exemption, despite the text of 501(c)(3), which says that “no substantial part” of an exempt org’s work may include “propaganda.” We need FARA reform.”

        Here is the bill.

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        • Robert Smith says:

          The DOJ FARA appeared when it seemed they needed it to add weight to the Flynn case.

          I agree with you. I wouldn’t have commented if they did take on the Confucius Institutes of which I learned about here from you. Since it was Russian related I was skeptical of the DOJ motives while not disputing Russian intents.


  8. A2 says:

    In response to the open letter of the 100 PRC appeasers on the #GreatChinaPayroll,
    Stay the Course on China: An Open Letter to President Trump
    Posted on July 18, 2019

    Dear President Trump,

    Over America’s exceptional history, successive generations have risen to the challenge of protecting and furthering our founding principles, and defeating existential threats to our liberties and those of our allies. Today, our generation is challenged to do the same by a virulent and increasingly dangerous threat to human freedoms – the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) through the nation it misrules: the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

    The Chinese Communists’ stated ambitions are antithetical to America’s strategic interests, and the PRC is increasingly taking actions that imperil the United States and our allies. The past forty years during which America pursued an open policy of “engagement” with the PRC have contributed materially to the incremental erosion of U.S. national security.

    This cannot be permitted to continue.

    China is not as we wish it to be. In our political system, politics is the norm, and war is the exception. It is explicitly the opposite in the PRC’s worldview. Going forward, we must better understand and deal with this dangerous asymmetry.

    We the undersigned, are encouraged by the broad and coherent strategy of robust, alternative policies you have adopted to confront the PRC’s campaign to undermine the national interests of the United States and its allies. We encourage you to stay the course on your path of countering Communist China.

    We acknowledge and support your robust National Security Strategy that properly sets forth why the United States must counter the PRC. Opposing the advance of tyranny is fully in keeping with the founding principles of America and our rich heritage of defending freedom and liberty, both at home and, where necessary, abroad.

    We note the PRC does not recognize the principles and rules of the existing international order, which under a Pax Americana has enabled the greatest period of peace and global prosperity in mankind’s history. The PRC rejects this order both ideologically and in practice. China’s rulers openly proclaim and insist on a new set of rules to which other nations must conform, such as their efforts to dominate the East and South China Seas and the so-called “Belt and Road Initiative,” with its debt-trap diplomacy, designed to extend such hegemony worldwide. The only persistently defining principle of the CCP is the sustainment and expansion of its power.

    Over the past forty years of Sino-American relations, many American foreign policy experts did not accurately assess the PRC’s intentions or attributed the CCP’s reprehensible conduct to the difficulties of governing a country of 1.3 billion people. American policymakers were told time and again by these adherents of the China-engagement school that the PRC would become a “responsible stakeholder” once a sufficient level of economic modernization was achieved. This did not happen and cannot so long as the CCP rules China.

    The PRC routinely and systematically suppresses religious freedom and free speech, including the imprisonment of over one million citizens in Xinjiang and the growing suppression of Hong Kong’s autonomy. The PRC also routinely violates its obligations, as it does with the World Trade Organization, freedom of navigation and the protection of coral reefs in the South China Sea. Beijing then demands that its own people and the rest of the world accept their false narratives and justifications, demands aptly termed as “Orwellian nonsense.”

    The PRC is not and never has been a peaceful regime. It uses economic and military force – what it calls its “comprehensive national power” – to bully and intimidate others. The PRC threatens to wage war against a free and democratically led Taiwan.

    It is expanding its reach around the globe, co-opting our allies and other nations with the promise of economic gain, often with authoritarian capitalism posing as free commerce, corrupt business practices that go-unchecked, state-controlled entities posing as objective academic, scientific or media institutions and trade and development deals that lack reciprocity, transparency and sustainability. The CCP corrupts everything it touches.

    This expansionism is not random or ephemeral. It is manifestly the unfolding of the CCP’s grand strategy. The Party’s ambitions have been given many names, most recently the “China Dream,” the “great rejuvenation” of China, or the “Community of Common Destiny.” The “Dream” envisioned by the Communist Party is a nightmare for the Chinese people and the rest of the world.

    We firmly support the Chinese people, the vast majority of whom want to live peaceful lives.

    But we do not support the Communist government of China, nor its control by the dangerous Xi Jinping clique. We welcome the measures you have taken to confront Xi’s government and selectively to decouple the U.S. economy from China’s insidious efforts to weaken it. No amount of U.S. diplomatic, economic, or military “engagement” will disrupt the CCP’s grand strategy.

    If there is any sure guide to diplomatic success, it is that when America leads—other nations follow. If history has taught us anything it is that clarity and commitment of leadership in addressing existential threats, like from the PRC, will be followed by our allies when policy prescriptions such as yours become a reality. The PRC’s immediate strategy is to delay, stall, and otherwise wait out your presidency. Every effort must be made therefore to institutionalize now the policies and capabilities that can rebalance our economic relations with China, strengthen our alliances with like-minded democracies and ultimately to defeat the PRC’s global ambitions to suppress freedom and liberty.

    Stay the Course!

    Author of Letter

    James E. Fanell
    Captain, USN (Ret)
    Former Director of Intelligence & Information Operations U.S. Pacific Fleet


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    • Robert Smith says:

      FTA—> “…The PRC is not and never has been a peaceful regime. It uses economic and military force – what it calls its “comprehensive national power” – to bully and intimidate others. The PRC threatens to wage war against a free and democratically led Taiwan…”

      James E. Fanell
      Captain, USN (Ret)
      Former Director of Intelligence & Information Operations U.S. Pacific Fleet


  9. Skippy says:

    Omar welcomed back to Minnesota after Trump’s tweets
    “We are going to continue to be a nightmare for this President”….



    • Unfortunately these morons don’t understand that they’re considered a nightmare for the entire country.

      So obvious even Nancy Pelosi can understand it,

      Bring it on sweetie!

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      • Robert Smith says:

        I think they know exactly what they are doing. They are using the protections that this country offers citizens and pervert them to attack the country that gives them these freedoms.

        That’s why Ilhan Omar always has that smirk on her face. She’s daring people to call her on it. In this PC/SJW/Social Media/Media world she’ll almost always win. That’s why I’m happy that Trump took on these clowns. Laugh at them, but they should be taken seriously, imo.

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    • covfefe999 says:

      Welcomed back to Minnesota? Or welcomed back to her third world sh*thole section of Minneapolis?

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    • ajmetals@sbcglobal.net says:

      Only 100 supporters; does this “news” deserve a posting?


  10. GSparrow says:

    FNC interviewer Maria B. is a racist for not condemning the racist McConnell today who never condemned the racist Trump who attacked the racist Con Squad for their antisemitic, anti white, anti Pelosi racist views. Everybody is now a racist so nobody is. (Sarcasm)

    The present batch of deluded lefty “progressives,” their reckless leaders and their puppet media, have turned the word racist into a typical political pejorative with no real meaning. The contemptible Dems have irresponsibly used it for decades as a dirty trick political tool to discredit opponents.
    Racism once meant lynchings, racially segregated facilities, crowds yelling the N word at a young black student trying to enter an all white school or to sit anywhere on a bus and on and on.

    When the mostly Dem politicians, that supported these systemic racist actions were forced to change their ways, they hypocritically began accusing the Republicans of being the racists. It was a devious cover to cloak their latent racism. If a racist openly accuses others of racism then the focus is off them and onto your opponent. Omar and Talib et al were exploiting this tactic with impunity but P Trump and others are now exposing them.

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    • MDNA I says:

      Leader McConnell, like myself, comes from an old Southern family & has the same response: “Who cares?” It’s b/c we grew up knowing “our side” was wrong & lost, & just get over it

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  11. Troublemaker10 says:

    This article points out the timeline for perspective (ie the video of Trump at a social event with Epstein was a decade before Epstein evencommitted any known crimes, much happened since then).


    Media Use 27-Year-Old Video in Latest Attempt to Tie Epstein to Trump


  12. MDNA I says:


  13. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • cheering4america says:

      We’re turning into Rotherham!

      It is CRIMINAL that the mainstream media hides this.

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    • Lulu says:

      Import rapists that’s what you get. Look at Europe. But if you question it or even try to protect children you are racist and unpersoned in America and jailed in Europe.

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Like when Cuba emptied their jails of the criminals they didn’t want?

      Or just what can be expected when you don’t have to follow laws at any point along the line? Including get out of jail free cards from Sanctuary Cities.


  14. sunnyflower5 says:

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  15. sunnydaze says:

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  16. MDNA I says:

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    • Robert Smith says:

      Let’s get it done.


    • cheering4america says:

      Not sure anyone else re-watched the Veritas video someone posted a page or two back, but everyone should. Frightening, but enlightening, and worth sharing. These people actually state out loud that they incite violence, and that their goal is to use tricks to make it appear that the violence comes from the right.

      Imagine the freakout on the left should the DOJ actually follow through on this well deserved designation.


  17. Wait a minute….THIS is CNN????

    The backlash is growing against Xi Jinping in China and around the world

    “The backlash abroad against President Xi Jinping’s China, at least in developed nations, has spread rapidly in the last year.”
    Beijing’s opaque internal political system means it is hard to make judgments about domestic Chinese politics, but there can be little doubt that a backlash is underway at home, too.

    Guess which word never appears in the article? (Hint: Starts with a “T”.)

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    • mr.piddles says:

      History will look kindly on President Trump. IMO. Ultimately, human beings strive to be Free. No amount of Globalist Agenda or Internet Scrubbing or Selective History or Ideological Brainwashing etc. can change the fact that Donald J. Trump is, undeniably, fighting for the welfare of human beings. He’s not, nor can he be, the President Of The World (his words), but he’s setting a good example for what’s possible if you try hard enough. Generosity and sympathy comes from the heart, not any Government Entity or artificial Global Construct.

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  18. WeThePeople2016 says:

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    • mr.piddles says:

      Tucker has been HAMMERING Omar all week. Nobody… NOBODY… should escape scrutiny or criticism. The fact that alleged legal issues plagued her past but questioning said past, her views, her rhetoric, etc. is considered a MORAL THIRD RAIL simply because of her ethnicity, skin color, religious affiliation, or WHATEVER is itself reverse-racism. So kudos to Tucker for using Omar as an example of what so many are sick of but are afraid to confront themselves.

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  19. JG3 says:

    Wow! Mark Levine, Love it! when you get going…no one does it better!

    Hope everyone got to see him on Hannity, tonight…sorry, can’t post.

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  20. Bigbadmike says:

    I’ve never used Twitter. I guess 68 million people in the USA do. That’s a lot of people. The President uses it as his Press Secretary. He knows whatever he tweets becomes instant news. Twitter, Google Facebook, and You Tube will do everything they can to elect the Democrat Nominee in 2020. They also did the same in 2016. Estimates of 10 Million votes were influenced by their effort to go to Hillary. There are 180 million people working in the USA. President Trump will get the majority of these people voting for him to protect their livelyhoods.


  21. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    This is what panic looks like. And it’s a great harbinger for our side:

    Why did the NYT do this? Here’s the upshot of what they want to convey.

    1. AMERICA WAS NEVER GREAT, EVEN WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT WAS. Yeah, so you think it’s awesome we sent people to the moon first? What you really need to know (from the NYT’s perspective) is the USA was still racist and sexist even back then. Thus, America was never great and your skewed perception of that former “greatness” is flawed.

    2. THOSE SOCIALISTS AND COMMUNISTS WERE ACTUALLY BETTER THAN WE WERE. You think socialism and communism are bad? No. They are less sexist and racist than the USA is and has always been.

    3. YOU THINK NASA IS SOMETHING TO BE PROUD OF? It isn’t. It was just as infected with racism and sexism as the rest of our sad country, the USA.


    So why do this if you are the NYT?

    Because POTUS is making 2020 all about Patriotism vs USA Hate, Trump vs Kaepernick, Trump vs Omar, Trump vs The Squad.

    The NYT knows it’s not a fair fight. The USA Haters will be obliterated. Thus, the only way to try to help even the odds is to imbue the public with this “USA is really bad, and has always been bad” propaganda. That’s why they ran this.

    Suffice to say this pathetic messaging is not going to change enough minds between now and the 2020 election. But the NYT even trying to do this shows they are feeling desperate, already.

    2020 will be about freedom vs tyranny, love vs hate and patriotism vs self-loathing.


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    • MakeAmericaGreat says:

      Should also have added that implying socialism/communism is great (vs USA model) is to help bolster The Squad and it’s socialism. As in, socialism really is good (and racist capitalism is bad, from NYT’s perspective). So you, Average Joe (and particularly you, Elite Joe and Jane), really should not look down on AOC and her buddies because they are socialists. They are the good guys.


    • jeans2nd says:

      Someone should point out the truth – the Soviet Union sent their most expendable citizens into space. The USSR would never risk one of their best and brightest on such a risky mission.

      Heck, the USSR first sent a monkey into space. What does THAT tell ya?

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  22. CNN_sucks says:

    From TGP, it looks the media are paid by foreign countries like Qatar. Talk about collusion and meddling on local affairs. Remember when the media calls us names and sowing seed of hatred. They are paid and mouth piece of anti USA regime.

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  23. Perot Conservative says:

    South China Morning Post says this:

    “China’s Cofco buys ‘millions of tonnes’ of US soybeans”

    Cofco government’s largest conglomerate.

    But another outlet claimed a much smaller purchase.


    • Perot Conservative says:

      China also saying if we end tariffs and strike a deal, they will buy $70 Billion in product from us. NG, coal, ag, etc.


  24. CNN_sucks says:

    Wow, ilhan Kumar sounds committed crimes mostly immigration, tax, marriage, asylum fraud. And “ordinary” immigrant will be subjected to prison. She should be stripped off citizenship. We have two tiered justice system operating…unfair and unjust.


  25. Troublemaker10 says:

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  26. Robert Smith says:


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