Judge Denies Bail in Epstein Sex Trafficking Case – Full pdf Below…

“Starting with my conclusions, the government’s application for continued remand is hereby granted and the defense’s application for pretrial release is respectfully hereby denied.”  That’s how Manhattan federal Judge Richard Berman began to explain his ruling (full pdf below).

Judge Berman continued: “the government has established danger to others and to the community by clear and convincing evidence, and the government has established a risk of flight by a preponderance of evidence.”  The Judge presented a 37-page ruling outlining the reasons for the denial of bail:


Cloud pdf format linkScribd pdf format link

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254 Responses to Judge Denies Bail in Epstein Sex Trafficking Case – Full pdf Below…

  1. Ivanka Trump’s mission to stop human trafficking

    “Thankfully, President Trump’s adviser and daughter Ivanka Trump is on a mission to stop sex trafficking. She is an advocate for many critical issues, from job training to tax reform. Yet it’s her work to end human trafficking that could have the largest impact globally.

    Ivanka Trump has worked tirelessly with stakeholders, including survivors, members of Congress, and the president’s Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (PITF). The task force draws from the efforts of 15 departments and agencies to prosecute traffickers while learning from survivors’ stories. ”



    • Well, Ivanka, if you and your husband are serious about “stopping human trafficking,” then I implore you to do whatever you must do to cause the United States Congress to understand that “human trafficking, on an international scale,” is precisely what now confronts us at the Mexican border. It has been going on for decades. The Mexicans created a “transit visa” to facilitate this trafficking, then turned to look the other way.

      We could go further. We haven’t seriously enforced our immigration laws for decades. We call them “guest workers,” and insist that we could not have avocados without them, just as 19th century cotton farmers embraced their “peculiar institution.” Oh, how we love euphemisms. They sound better than slave.

      Oh, how we love our “loopholes” and our present “asylum laws.” There’s so much money in that trafficking …

      And, we could go further yet: “non-immigrant visas.” They sound so much better than indentured servant. It’s been 154 years since the 13th Amendment was ratified: who wants to think about that today?

      In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, it took tremendous collective courage to confront our first Civil Rights reforms. Are we now prepared to do it again?


  2. Mary Hysmith says:

    Epstein was not in the business of prostitution, much less forced prostitution or work. This is something different.


  3. Midnite says:

    Has anyone else noticed the similarity between Epstein and George Nader…both pedophiles and both used as assets by the FBI?

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