RIP Ross Perot 1930 – 2019

Billionaire businessman and two-time independent presidential candidate, Ross Perot, has died at 89. He was battling leukemia and died Tuesday morning at his home near Dallas.

Ross Perot was the first modern presidential candidate to cut through both sets of party lines and reach out to the monster vote. Perot’s ferocious opposition to the NAFTA trade deal, and all economic policies against U.S. interests, was the center of his campaign.

There are striking similarities between President Trump and Ross Perot particularly around America-First trade deals and prioritizing policy for the American worker.

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  1. imkittymyers says:

    A Sean Delonas cartoon for the NY Post 20 Jan 1993.

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  2. BSR says:

    Unlikely Ross Perot story. When the JSF contract was awarded to Lockheed Martin over McDonnell Douglas for the Joint Strike Fighter it hit St. Louis very hard. The loser of the contract was essentially forced out of the fighter plane business for good. This brought on the merger with Boeing later. My mother was one of tens of thousands locally who was at serious risk of losing her job afterwards since she was on the Harrier project. Thanks to Ross Perot, she had the good fortune of being involved in a department that was purchased by EDS instead of being fired. This woman was only in that group because her typing speed clocked high enough for security clearance positions. She was not allowed to tell me for 20 years what she really worked on. Years later she finally told me it was experience with the Harrier’s Night Attack system that made her department desirable. EDS took these typists and trained them to do programming for nuclear power software. Still blows my mind how unlikely this whole thing was. She’s going to be retiring this next year and today’s news made me think of the EDS years. Only Mr Perot would have dreamt up such an acquisition. Wanted to show my respects to the man who gave mom an opportunity she wouldn’t have had if not for him.

    RIP Ross Perot.

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    • suejeanne1 says:

      thank you for sharing that – that is so beautiful
      I am always thinking of Ross Perot when it comes to big problem-solving – and I was glad that he saw the overturning of NAFTA

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  3. Anon says:

    Interesting discussion on Trump and Ross Perot from CSPAN


  4. CharterOakie says:

    Very sad news, the passing of a GREAT American patriot, businessman, benefactor and leader.

    I briefly met Ross Perot twice in Dallas during the ‘90s and chatted with him for a couple minutes. I told him “God bless you, sir, for what you are doing for our country.” He thanked me for that enthusiastically.

    Like so many commenters here, I proudly voted for him in ‘92 and (in my case) again in ‘96.
    I was so angered by what the GOPe and Bush clan did to smear Perot that I changed my registration from Republican (I revered Reagan) to Independent. Not until Trump’s candidacy in 2016 did I re-register again as a Republican, and it was not for the damned party, but just to be able to vote for Trump in the primary.

    I was close enough to Perot’s key political advisor after ‘92 that I knew the facts: “Perot cost Bush the election” was pure, unadulterated GOP propaganda. Bush was going to lose that election to Clinton with or without Perot in the race. The Bush reelection campaign’s private polling made that clear, and they actually begged Perot to re-enter the race in order to prevent Bubba from winning a majority of the popular vote. They were already grooming “W”.

    Perot drew almost evenly from registered Rs and Ds. Slightly more registered Rs, but the margin was less than the margin by which Bush lost to Clinton. Mainly Perot inspired millions upon millions of disgusted, political drop-outs to register and vote for him. Those votes were never going to Bush or Clinton.

    That’s the truth, and it doesn’t matter how many GOP operatives or misinformed or hyper-partisan Republicans say or believe otherwise.

    Heartfelt condolences to the Perot family and closest friends.

    We will miss you, Ross. Thank you for your life, your dedicated patriotism and benevolence towards your country and countrymen. You were a GREAT AMERICAN.

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  5. 4gypsybreeze says:

    RIP Mr. Perot. I remember watching him speak. We loved him in our household and family.
    He started the line….we need a businessman in the White House.

    Prayers for his family.

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  6. law4lifeblog says:

    At the risk of interrupting this orgasmically rhapsodic tribute to Ross Perot….he did good things for POWs, and he was right on jobs, trade and America First…absolutely ahead of his time. Having said that, he and his wife were always rabidly proabortion, to the extent that in a 1992 interview his wife said if he was elected her main issue as First Lady would be supporting abortion. I saw the interview and I never forgot it. He did some very good and laudable things and earned tremendous success, but they were not good people.


  7. Perot gave life a good run. He dared to cross the system and expose the Uniparty, while making bank off that same system. His ledger weighs heavily to the positive side.


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