D’oh Canada – Justin From Canada Had a Rough G20…

Justin from Canada had a tough time getting any respect while attending the G20 in Osaka, Japan.

Justin wasn’t the only one…

Meanwhile… THE BOSS:



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120 Responses to D’oh Canada – Justin From Canada Had a Rough G20…

  1. sundance says:

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  2. Dekester says:

    As a Canadian I appreciate your posts on our effeminate PM.

    He truly is a Dud..sad really that a country such as Canada is being slowly destroyed by Liberalism.

    It must be remembered that he and his father Pierre Elliot Trudeau were communists, communists that suck in the female vote with goodies such as the baby bonus

    Obama, Corbyn, Merkel and your crazy Dems are all birds of a feather and dangerous as heck.

    Cheers, and God bless PDJT

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    • Katie says:

      How did Trudeau win PM? Was it really just because he promised legal marijuana? (very genuinely curious)

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      • erm9164 says:

        What an incredibly satisfying experience to be able to be so proud of your President when he is abroad representing us.I cringed every time Obama went abroad knowing he was going to slander our nation.Watching all the videos of the G20 you can sense the respect foreign leaders have for President Trump.

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      • curator55 says:

        (very genuinely curious) Katie:
        Justin’s Conservative opponent in the 2015 election was the multi term PM Harper. But the political clock had run out on Harper as it often does for leaders that remain in power for almost a decade. Disagreements on policy also led to considerable infighting and the resignations of top Cabinet ministers etc. that further weakened the party. Harper also committed the worst sin in a socialist “everything for free” leaning country. He attempted to reduce the deficit via budget cuts including stripping medical and other benefits from gov’t workers. The public turned away from Harper in droves and the other main party, the NDP had a leader that also lost much of his lefty-socialist popularity.

        Justin Trudeau’s father Pierre managed to dupe Canadians into a “Trudeaumania” period caused by his unconventional flair and behavior including his “graceful pirouettes” and driving to work in his Mercedes-Benz 300 SL convertible. It’s a long story but Justin tried to copy his Dad’s Trudeamania and with the help of the supportive media, he succeeded to dupe enough people to buy into his “mini Trudeaumania” -AKA “Sunny Ways.” Today Storm Clouds is more appropriate but his timorous 2019 Cons. opponent is not exactly a tough opponent either.

        Justin married his wife Sophie in his Dad’s once famous car.


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      • donna kovacevic says:

        More than likely that was the thing that got him elected by the fruit loops, and many did not turn out to vote. I believe he won 39.5% the other split between the Conservative and NDP vote oh yes the green as well.

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        • Bendix says:

          A young woman who doesn’t follow politics much saw him on the TV when I was watching, and commented, “he’s f-ing hot’.
          Now if you know a much about him or have witnessed some of his antics, he looks like a buffoon, but for the lo-info crowd, there is that.

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          • Pa Hermit says:

            The price of ignorance in common ordinary folk who aren’t enlightened! Just maybe lightning can strike twice, such as Obama was able to wake up the sleeping giant and we got PDJT!

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          • Marc says:

            That’s how he won with his name ID and being the “new hotness” that the women lusted for. It also helps that Canada does national elections(no delegates/electoral college) so the big three cities will always pull to the left and put commies into power.

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      • Dekester says:


        Nope..the dopey woman vote.

        They ones that voted for him are dumber than a box of rocks. Many still will, remember he is cute, says nice things, wears childrens socks and is mean to PDJT.

        God bless PDJT.

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        • Irisheyes says:

          As a woman, I have to say way too many of my sex vote with their emotions and no logic. I sometimes wonder what our world would look like today if women in our country had never won the right to vote.

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          • Amy2 says:

            My sister (who isn’t a registered voter thank the Lord) said when HIllary was running, “I think it’s about time a woman was president.” I would have smacked her, but I’m a grown up now. Sigh.

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          • meow4me2 says:

            There are many people who have never had to hire anyone. They dont have a good sense of selecting a candidate for the job you want that person to do. Nor do they connect their vote to a decision to hire someone. Honestly, I think there are people who believe that if someone is running for office, that must mean theyre capable of doing the job. And then they let the politician decide what doing the job means.

            Politicians campaign on the goals they want to achieve. But voters rarely hold them accountable for achieving them or not.

            I wish we could change the mindset. Elections are not a popularity contest. You need to evaluate candidates to see which is best equipped to accomplish the goals YOU the voter wants done. And then, like a good boss, hold them accountable once in office.


            • Jake says:

              I always say that if you truly need a lawyer do you want the nicest lawyer with no record of achievement or the nastiest SOB you can find that WINS?? It’s an easy decision.

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      • Katie,
        I know your question has been answered and I hope this will lighten up some folks.

        I heard a rumor that Justin won on the promise that everyone will get free pair of his socks if he wins election. Another rumor is, everybody is pestering their mailman/mailwoman everyday for their pair of socks and now mailman/mailwoman are threatening to quit if they don’t get their pairs first before any of the peasants.


        Disclaimer – this is all hearsay and I apologize if I am spreading any fake news.

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      • Re-Farmer says:

        I call him the “accidental PM”. That’s how he won. Just like how the NDP won in Alberta, just a few months before. There was a combination of MSM and social media manipulation and defamation campaigns, together with “third party” groups convincing soft brained, low information Canadians that the guy with the economics degree that guided Canada successfully through a world recession was evil. There were groups like the ABC (Anyone But Conservative) that convinced people not to vote Conservative. One woman even promised nude photos of herself to anyone who could prove they didn’t vote Conservative by sending her a picture of their marked ballot. Which was illegal, but Elections Canada looked the other way. What did that leave? We have the Greens, with their useless leader. We have the NDP, whose leader turned out to be dying, but he didn’t say anything and campaigned for PM anyhow. When he did die, he was basically deified and no leader they come up with can live up to their dead saint. There’s the Bloc, which is only in Quebec. So who did the malcontents have left? That guy with the famous name and the pretty hair. There were women who openly said they were voting for him (which isn’t how our elections work, but they didn’t care) because he was f***able.

        Not long after the election, Elections Canada did confirm that there was significant influence by registered third parties that were actually foreign organizations (most US based; the same groups causing problems within the US itself) and lots of money, that manipulated people to vote Liberal. Which basically means, the results were fraudulent. Now, you would think that this would mean the election results were invalid and something should have been done to correct that, but nope. They just let it slide.

        And if things keep going the way they are, I’m afraid the empty headed puppet will get re-elected. They’re certainly making sure lots and lots of non-citizens will be able to vote.


    • BigTalkers says:

      When voters get hungry enough they’ve been known to change their minds.

      We did —- MAGA!

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    • How did he get elected? Did he promise something?


    • B. Eyse says:

      Well, ou are certainly right about his father being a communist. But I believe his name was Fidel and not Pierre.

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    • WSB says:

      Even if Justin is Castro’s son, it’s all the same end result.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Trudeau lives in his own world with his circle of liberal friends. It may work well for him in Canada. What we observe outside Canada however is Trudeau desperately looking for his peer group, only to find he doesn’t have one.

      At the last G meeting in Canada, Trudeau behaved badly towards Trump while our President was in the air. Since Trump is the rock star and everyone wants a favor from Trump, rubbing elbows with him is not a benefit to any world leader.

      Having lived through 8 years of Obama, we can certainly empathize.

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    • paulyho39 says:

      I somewhat identify with you..tho’ not Canadian myself, I (and husband) lived in Canada for quite a few years…had to children born there and I feel sorry for the country as I see it going down a sad path…too much like my own country south of you!

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  3. donnyvee says:

    He gets none from me either. It’s way past time that he gets milkshaked.

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  4. 100% YOOPER says:

    President Trump even has Abe dressing like him!

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  5. Katie says:

    Watching President Trump and how all the leaders just want to be near him is always incredible to me to watch. I then couldn’t help, but imagine Biden in this setting. He’d miss everything as it was probably during his nap time.

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  6. Nordic Breed says:

    Merkel’s tremor indicates she has a serious neurological problem. I think she will soon have to exit the world stage. Clearly it is not being managed very well.

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    • Ospreyzone says:

      Advanced Parkinson’s disease is what it appears to be.

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    • DaughterofLiberty says:

      You’re right – uncontrollable shaking. When will the press start demanding answers? Some time not too long ago there were b/w photos of a young girl with Adolph Hitler – a remarkable look alike. Who knows if she’s his granddaughter….He certainly had uncontrollable shaking towards his end (that of course in itself doesn’t mean anything) – but if you look at her eyes and her chin, next to an older Adolf,,,,well, very interesting.

      She was supposedly Stasi in East Berlin as a young woman. If related to Adolph, she would have been well groomed and cared for, Would be fascinating should there be any deep digging. Regardless, why are no public questions being asked about her condition?

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      • Deb says:

        Hitler didnt have any children.

        Please dont clog up the comments with conspiracy theories.

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        • William Elbel says:

          There is a story how Hitler fathered a French child in WW I

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        • DaughterofLiberty says:

          And how would we really, definitively know that? Have you looked at the photos I’ve referenced? If not, please refrain from snarky remarks. Appreciated.

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        • Esther says:

          Deb – Wow, you say that as fact. What do you really know?
          That Hitler had a child after his death is not so much a conspiracy theory according to Russian records made public some years back. It was by artificial insemination with his wife’s sister. Maybe you should do your own research before being so quickly dismissive. Hitler had some of the top scientist experimenting on humans, including in vitro fertilization. Knowledge is power, but ignorance is often fatal.

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    • helix35 says:

      It’s called Health Karma. It seems to affect nasty, corrupt, left-wing women.

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    • Daniel M. Camac says:

      Nordic, Does she not remind you of some other raisin-faced hypocrite from the New York region?….only she could be tossed into the Scuby Van before she really got going.
      Oh dear, modern medicine still has a way to go.


    • Esther says:

      Parkinson’s Disease often starts with uncontrollable tremors. Merkel’s shaking reminds me of how my friend’s body would do something very similar. Some sort of destructive protein was attacking his brain and neurons there. The tremors are what propelled him to get medical help, and that’s when he got the diagnosis.


  7. Lol. Our President Trump is the Alpha-male-from-h-e-double-hockysticks.

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  8. sarasotosfan says:

    That 20 second clip of Justin’s poor timing is priceless.

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  9. calbear84 says:

    Of course Trump has the hot brunette smiling from ear to ear! The Boss is the Boss and there’s nothing us anyone can do about it!

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  10. Red_desi69 says:

    Btw: what is Jennifer Jacobs talking about above. Is she a never trumper?


  11. MaineCoon says:

    President el-Sisi was at the G20 and can briefly be seen in one of the videos. He didn’t have a bilat with PT nor did I see them interact at the summit. Why not? Granted the focus was IndoPacific but he interacted a lot with MbS.


  12. sunnydaze says:

    That stare down from Xi Jinping towards Little Potato in the Manny Ottawa tweet is just brutal.

    Xi’s burning LP’s back w/ his focal energy/qi.

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  13. DaughterofLiberty says:

    Justin is so out of place – he’s the youngster no one really pays much attention to. How awkward and embarrasing for him. And its so obvious he just wants to be liked and acknowledged.

    El Presidente has the bonne hommie factor – he’s comfortable anywhere, fun, rich, talented and the focal point of everything. He’s just likeable every which way you cut it. Well hailed. A presence. How wonderful we finally have a head of state that has style, ability, talent, and gravitas all in one package. Really not seen since John Kennedy (although El Presidente is much more seasoned than Kennedy could have been given his youth and recklessness).

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    • starfcker says:

      Ronald Reagan cut a mean figure in world affairs as well if you want to talk about a presence. Justin certainly isn’t helping his case by constantly digging around in his purse.

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    • Peppurr says:

      Justin has no shame. He’s just stupid. Too bad wife Sophie can’t be with him. She could burst into song to get their attention. The only Canadian PM (Conservative) with a bit of charisma was Mulroney. Him and Reagan were fun singing ‘My Way’ together.


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    • Peppurr says:

      What a liar Justin is. He hasn’t done a darn thing for the middle class and never will. Tweeting like he’s some big shot. smh


  15. namberak says:

    Every time I see pix from these shindigs, I think Frau Merkel looks like the lunch lady who blundered into the wrong room. No presence, No sense of style. A puppet.

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  16. Benedict Comey says:

    Justn should’ve left the twinkle socks at home


  17. meadowfox says:

    I could almost feel sorry for him, if I didn’t know how much he’s destroying Canada.

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  18. free73735 says:

    FYI: I clicked on the Ruptly video on this thread. It went to utube (like it should). As I was watching a little “blurb” (don’t know the proper name for it) with a wikipedia note attached said, this is sponsored by the Russian Government. Desperation abounds.

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    • Marc says:

      They do that with all foreign country backed companies/channels now. They wanted to pick and choose in the beginning but they were coerced into making it a blanket system. Even Al Jazeera has that disclaimer under their videos.


  19. sucesfuloser says:

    As the way things should be; our President actually owns the place; he is the man!


    • Henry chance says:

      I interviewed an executive for my company that was a black, female, Harvard MBA.

      I asked her the biggest benefit she got from picking up her MBA there. She said she learned how to work a room.

      Trump works every room he steps in.

      He is the boss.
      He takes tension out of the space around him.

      Sundance noticed the body language of people in Turdolt’s

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  20. Rhoda R says:

    I loved how our President Trump stopped long enough on that walk-way to listen to and acknowledge those Japanese drummers off to the side and how he invited Prince Arab-whatever to do the same. I’ll be he was the only world leader to do that.

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  21. lansdalechip says:

    So much good comedian material herein.
    Shame it’s all going to waste.

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  22. huecowacko says:

    Those macho Latino leaders don’t got no respect for light-in-the-loafer Canadian leaders.

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  23. Daniel M. Camac says:

    sismicharmed , You got that right. We (USA) were buffooned by a half Kenyan/Muslim that we thought would undo the stupid deeds of Bush2. Then we found out he was a MAJOR POSER but it was too late. He got plenty of white votes in 2008 but by the time 2012 rolled around we had him figured out. Unfortunately, the LIV’s did not. Lesson learned and we did not make the same mistake in 2016 nor will we make it in 2020 and beyond. Good luck, Canada. You can do it too.

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    • Daniel M. Camac says:

      Oops, simicharmed.


    • simicharmed says:

      I’m sure you are (trying), to belittle me but I do not care. You are clearly a RACIST! Yes a Racist! You and your “whiteness” and your “white votes”, whatever the hell that means….PROVES YOU are a racist so please stop commenting here! Run back into your Justin-Cave-of-Snowflakes and dream a bit more of your racist self worth. Pathetic I even have to address DEMOCRAT racist individuals NORTH OF THE BORDER!


    • simicharmed says:

      Don’t reply to your own comment ya child-troll! Let your ignorance juvenile mentality flow. Here’s your future in these matters – Make more mistakes, destroy your life and be an idiot Democrat. Truly a FAILURE IN LIFE!

      LEARN about life and the history of the United States of America and you will be fine!


  24. Tparty says:

    Nobody respects a beta male

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  25. Cisco says:

    Very late posting but, only one is a World Leader, the other is just window dressing

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  26. D Rogers says:

    Deserved. Once an ass always an ass.

    God do I love this world reset back to the realities of markets.

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  27. mr.piddles says:

    Are Trump, Abe, and Modi going in for the Three-Way Fist Bump? Aka The Tri-Bump. Aka The Triple Lindy.

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  28. Sunshine says:

    Thank You One Million times SUNDANCE. A great compilation. All very enjoyable.

    The clip I particularly appreciated is the ABC Network, the one where Trump mutters something at Erdogan next to him, the Iran-friendly tyrannical wannabe Caliph, out of the side of his mouth.

    Trump knew Erdogan didn’t hear it well and Trump knew Erdogan is too proud to ask him to repeat (displaying weakness).

    Wannabe Tyrant Caliph Erdogan went to bed wondering what Trump said to him.


  29. robins111 says:

    It was said, that Justin at the G-20 was treated like that smelly kid in grade 2, after he had just peed his pants.

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  30. Esther says:

    Trudeau is a sheep, and it becomes quite obvious without a sheepdog to herd him he’s completely lost. Yup, he’s a lot like the Kenyan except he lacks the depth of Okenyan’s cunning and putrid hatred of Christians and America. A Soyboy in a man’s world. Canadians deserve to rot in his drooling slime if they return that idiot to power.


  31. TwoLaine says:

    Is Justine still in charge of Canada? I tho’t they would have gotten rid of him by now!


  32. czarowniczy says:

    Well of course Xi is dismissive of Trudeau, Xi made him an offer to crawl in bed with China who’ll love him long time but Justin demurred.

    Canada’s economy is now #10 in the world, behind Italy and Brazil and is predicted to stay there until around 2023 when it will zoom ahead of Italy to 9th place. One would think that with Canada’s available resources it would be able to leapfrog Italy and Brazil, maybe even France but no. By 2033 Canada’s still predicted to be #9, at best, while the US is predicted to slip to #2 behind China. Sounds like they’re anticipating a Democratic landslide.

    Canada needs someone at its helm who understands its true potential, as does China, or it can continue on to become a larger version of Portland or just settle back and enjoy being number 9, number nine, number 9…


  33. WES says:

    Thanks Treepers for thrashing Trudope! He deserves it!


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