President Trump Refueling in Alaska: “Hey, I figured I might as well get out of the plane, right”…

The People’s President delivering buckets of fun. During a refueling stop in Alaska, en route to Japan, President Trump greets a standing group of smiling troops at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson… “I figured I might as well get out of the plane.”  [Video]

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277 Responses to President Trump Refueling in Alaska: “Hey, I figured I might as well get out of the plane, right”…

  1. Ventura Highway says:

    That was great, bet you won’t see that on the news.

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  2. Genie says:

    Interesting to watch the Secret Service detail at work in that video.

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  3. Jack Rail says:

    This guy’s the real deal. MAGA!

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  4. Morewood says:

    Finally. A man of the people and for the people.

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  5. Frank says:

    It does me some good to see footage like that. And it reminds me once again just how obsolete the MSM really is. No, they’ll never broadcast positive footage like this. But do we really need them to? Most politically active Americans can navigate the internet, these days. We can all see the real news here whenever we want to. And if we have family or friends who can’t find the real news, I think most of us are decent enough to share what we’ve seen and heard, share links, and so on. The mainstream media has refused to step into the future and be honest because now, with hindsight, we can see that they were probably never honest to begin with. They’ve always been a propaganda machine for the financial elites.
    But it’s good to be able to see normal, happy Americans interacting with our Commander-in-Chief. Have a good Memorial Day weekend, treepers, ‘pedes, and other deplorables.

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    • southernsue says:

      now that we have the internet we can find out for ourselves what is really going on
      and the president tweets
      he lets us know exactly what he thinks and says

      the internet is the greatest
      don’t watch tv
      boring and redundant

      but i love the internet
      keep America great
      trump 2020!


    • chipin8511 says:

      Its amazing we all live in the same country but some of truly get brainwashed into emotional thinking that is what brainwashing is about divert divide and deceive.

      It starts in grade school wake up America our education system is setup for failure they preach socialism and communism control keep people stupid.Your children are being brainwashed daily.


    • Yes, it’s clear our President knows how to “party” the down-home way…just droppin’ by, a’visitin’ folks. But:

      “Momma, what’s a Pede? Do they wet the bed too?”


    • DanJ1 says:

      Obama would have put on his little bomber jacket for the photo op.


  6. LeslieKay says:

    The People’s President…I LOVE it! Let’s make it go viral.

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  7. Mr. Anderson says:

    I keep saying this every day: My God, thank you for this President!

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  8. azgulch says:

    What picture is in the oval office? Andrew Jackson, the rebel, the common man president, the killer of the the US Bank. Since him I believe Coolidge, Reagan, and now Trump are the only people presidents, the rest were owned by some faction or another. Trump is trying to exceed all the rest, and is succeeding.

    Lincoln’s idolatry must end, he was a very bad president and killed 8% of his people for tax increases and crony capitalism.

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    • Well said! Lincoln was a disaster and caused irreparable damage to this country.


      • SSI01 says:

        Well, he allowed a MASSIVE war between two countries on this continent to occur that killed over 600,000 Americans, and over an issue that would have been a dead letter in 10 years – the rise of organized labor would have killed it. More than anything what he did wrong was introduce the concept of a central government that could coerce loyalty from its citizens even after a coterie of citizens from his part of the country succeeded in hijacking the government of that country and, using that government, attempted to economically ruin another part of the same country. The South was well aware it had a tiger by the tail, having had this system bequeathed to it by its ancestors over a period of about 200 years. There were many prominent Southerners who did not believe in slavery – i.e., Lee, Jackson, and others – yet whatever effort they may have expended in curing that problem was preempted by a flock of folks from outside that part of the country deciding they wanted to come down and do that for the South. The concept of the overawing, mightily powerful (domestically), right-usurping federal government that found its most egregious expression at Ruby Ridge, and Waco, and elsewhere, can be laid squarely at his door.


    • hillbilly4 says:

      That’s the most acerbic review of Lincoln’s presidency I have read. Even you don’t believe what you wrote. By any stretch of the imagination Lincoln is THE yard-stick for measuring greatness. You reduce him to a mere pawn in the hands of capitalists. I heard this same argument from my Communist history professor. You ought to be ashamed of your comments here on CTH. Lincoln will live forever in the hearts of FREE men.


  9. Charlie Pope says:

    The People’s President, indeed!! God bless President Trump, our precious soldiers, and may God bless America!🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️

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  10. Kerry_On says:

    The contrast between Trump’s love and respect for our troops and Obama’s disdain and Cappuccino salute tells you everything you need to know about true natures of these two men. One of the greatest compliments a President can receive is to be known as “A man of the People”. Seldom has that description been more accurate than as embodied by DJT. These images tell you all you need to know.

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  11. itsy_bitsy says:


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  12. Justin Green says:

    He didn’t grope anyone or sniff any hair, either!

    Go PDJT!!!!!

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  13. Shonuf says:

    You just know this just frustrates and annoys the hell out of CNN types. It bothers them so much that people, especially military people, get this excited and happy to see Trump. I don’t ever remember this kind of emotion from troops when it was Chairman Obama.

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  14. daylight58 says:

    Just one nit to pick, the -35s are going up to be based at Eielson up near Fairbanks (about 230 nm from JBER). But, he knew that they were coming to Alaska!
    Besides, by Alaska standards, 230nm is practically nothing!


    • daylight58 says:

      One of my staff at work is a former AF crew dog. The joke among them is, when asked what the visibility is at JBER, “Visibility 110nm” when there are unobstructed skies.
      For you non-Alaskans? “The mountain formerly named for William McKinley” – the Great Mountain (Denali) is located 110 nautical miles from Anchorage, so, that’s a reference for clear skies and unlimited visibility.


    • As a physicist, I know a “nm” to be a nanometer, which is one-billionth of a meter, which threw me off because, for example, I knew you were kidding when you wrote “230 nm is practically nothing”, even though I know 230 nanometers IS practically nothing. So I looked up the nautical mile in my World Almanac from 1995, and found it is abbreviated as “nmi”, just as miles are abbreviated “mi”.

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      • daylight58 says:

        As someone who works in a sub-field of civil engineering, I wouldn’t have thought about nanometers – at least, not since college physics courses back in the 1970s.
        You got me 🙂


  15. lydia00 says:

    Lovely to watch.


  16. OSP says:

    Had this been Obama (fat chance of that), it would be on a 24 hour loop on MSNBC and CNN.

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  17. massivedeplorable says:

    I REALLY REALLY love this man!


  18. A stovepipe hat, he needs a stovepipe hat…no, that would cover the signature hair…never mind, it’s the big grin that counts.


  19. charliedan says:

    Barack (Barry) Sodamn Insane Obummer would not have deplaned!!


  20. Brian says:

    Pretty obvious they will all be voting for Mayor Petey or Cameltoe.


  21. Screaming Eagle says:

    Bommy would have been chased back up the stairs if he tried this. But lets be honest here, he would have refueled in socialist Canada anyway. More his kind of folk.


  22. I can state from personal experience that shaking the hand of your CIC is a most memorable event, made even more so by its’ impromptu nature. These service members will remember this for the rest of their lives, and they will feel a connection with those making strategic decisions they wouldn’t have otherwise had a chance to experience. Well done, President Trump!


  23. James W Crawford says:

    President Trump should have taken a quick trip to Wasilla to visit Governor Palin and Todd.


  24. Lion2017 says:

    I love my President!


  25. NJ Transplant says:

    You can see how much PDJT loves being President (in spite of all the garbage they throw at him). I love seeing him like this with the troops who obviously love him.


  26. Robert Boloney says:

    What do ya know, a President of the United States of America that actually un-apologetically loves and works on America’s and Americans behalf.


  27. sturmudgeon says:

    This is a great! video… Thanks, Sundance. “Genuine” describes this great man.


  28. gord says:

    this man is the best ‘peoples man’

    here in Canada we have a rainbow whorier


  29. Gunner says:

    In 1984, as a cocky USMC staff sergeant, I had the distinct honor and privilege to meet, talk with, and shake the hand of the greatest President of my lifetime, Ronald Reagan. Given the four that followed him, had completely given up any chance of seeing anyone who could come remotely close to filling his shoes.

    Enter this man — President Donald Trump. Damn, he makes me proud. Godspeed, sir!


  30. Disgusted says:

    My first grandchild was just born, and this video has me snuffling with total joy! These soldiers are not there because someone made them show up. They wanted to see him!! I know he will do all possible to return us to the nation I want my infant grandson to inherit! Thank You President Trump!


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