RIP: Tim Conway 1933 – 2019

Shine on you crazy diamond….

RIP Tim ConwayStory Here


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98 Responses to RIP: Tim Conway 1933 – 2019

  1. merrly says:

    I feel sorry for anyone who wasn’t lucky enough to grow up in a time when things were real. If you did, count yourself lucky! We will not see the like of people like Tim Conway and the rest of them again but we got to enjoy them for a while while we were growing up. May he Rest in Peace.

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    • muckeyduck says:

      I have every single episode of Mchale’s Navy. That was my favorite Tim Conway.

      I also have all the Dean Martin Roast. The performers back then had some much more class than most of today’s Hollywood nut jobs,

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    • wlbeattie says:

      Here in Australia, we got TV in 1956 for the Melbourne Olympics.

      I grew up with “Black & White” TV & I particularly remember “Jungle Jim”, “McHales Navy”, “Casey Jones”, “F-Troop”, “Disneyland”, “Dobey Gillis”, “Gomer Pyle”, “Wagon Train”, Clint Eastwood in … “Rawhide”, “Paladin (Have gun will travel)”, “Tombstone Territory” (not necessarily in that order).

      Simpler TV, simpler times.

      Tim Conway
      Thanks for the memories & laughs!

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  2. Rest in Peace, Tim. Thank you. Thank you for entertaining all of us. You will be remembered, and you will be missed. Enough said.

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  3. Dances with Wolverines says:

    Tim Conway was a true comedian who could deliver gut wrenching laughter to his audience without cussing or using disgusting, vulgar and abusive language at someone else’s expense. Not like the “entertainers” we have today who are not funny at all. The amazing comedy Tim Conway produced was always delivered at his own expense. R.I.P. Tim Conway.

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    • DJ says:

      “Tim Conway was a true comedian who could deliver gut wrenching laughter to his audience without cussing or using disgusting, vulgar and abusive language at someone else’s expense.”
      Actually – and I’m sure you know this – there were times he could deliver that gut wrenching laughter without saying a single word!

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      • Jeff says:

        Ask Harvey Korman. A viewer of these two practicing their craft, cracking each other up while trying desperately to keep a straight face, is exposed to what I think are some of the funniest moments on television.

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    • NvMtnOldMan says:

      DWTW–Your comments remind me of an old saying- Filthy language is the crying out of a WEAK mind for some attention. RIPO Tim

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      • Mrs. E says:

        You said a mouthful there! There is no excuse for foul language. The dictionary is full of words; if you are struggling to express yourself, open it and read.


  4. Bob, Esq. says:

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    • Carrie2 says:

      Bob, Esq., all 3 were stupendous comedians and with Tim, each week was assured of a lot of laughing.

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      • Mike says:

        The pearl in this skit is Vicky’s one liner dropping both Tim and Dick (two great ones) onto the floor.

        Peace be with you Tim, we loved every minute you shared with us.

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      • Peoria Jones says:

        The entire cast of The Carol Burnett Show were brilliant. Hilarious fun, for all ages. As a young child, I laughed with my much older parents. Families watched together.

        It’s a pity younger generations will never know this joy. RIP, Tim. You were a great entertainer and a genuinely good man.

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        • beach lover says:

          I remember Carol saying most of Tim’s skits were ad libbed….they knew it was coming, but had no idea what he was going to say or do.

          That is true comedy.. to have the cast become part of the audience. They were all brilliant actors. RIP Tim. Your kind are few and we were blessed to experience it.

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    • InAz says:

      @ Bob, esq

      Thank you for posting this video. This is the one I thought of when I heard Tim Conway passed away. The elephant and dwarf trainer, and Carol Burnett trying hard to stay in character.

      All the videos posted are great. Thanks to all who shared the videos. I had forgotten about Old Man falling down the stairs.

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  5. YvonneMarie says:

    RIP Tim Conway.
    A practicing Catholic.
    You were so funny.
    God love you & your family.

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  6. ParteaGirl says:

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  7. JonS says:

    He and Jonathan Winters were the two funniest men on Earth. Nothing or no one like them. Great guy, too

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    • RobInPA says:

      Amen for JW as well!
      Sooooooo funny! Both of them, and MANY other comedian’s of their era, helped to produce some of the most truly honest-to-goodness and wholesome !LOL! belly-laughs, ever!!


  8. GSparrow says:

    Tim was a goofy style comedian but his goofiness was often brilliant as well as very funny.
    Watching him make the cast laugh on stage, especially Harvey Korman, added greatly to the jokes.
    Thanks for the laughs Tim.

    Hopefully, Tim Conway now has a new appreciative audience and some former fans to entertain in a better venue.

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  9. dianeax says:

    I dare you to not laugh watching Tim Conway!
    My eyes aren’t great, but isn’t that Dick Van Dyke, another great comedian on so many levels, next to momma?

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  10. iswhatitis says:

    He’s so funny. And Carol Burnett too.

    I occasionally watch the Carol Burnett reruns on some channel (Ch24) on the cable. I still love the show; that I barely remember watching as a kid. 🙂

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  11. livefreeordieguy says:

    Variety got it right: “side-splittingly hilarious”… Conway and Korman were so good together… Every skit seemed to be one long hysterically funny outtake… RIP Mr. Conway… Thanks for so many laughs.

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  12. cheryl says:

    Some of the best tv of my youth was the Carol Burnett show. And Mr Conway didn’t have to rely on being vulgar to be funny. RIP. We’ll miss you.

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  13. CNY3 says:

    RIP 😢😇🙏❤️

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  14. Patriot1783 says:

    Rest In Peace, Oldest Man.

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  15. cheryl says:

    And I always liked this quote of his. It’s fitting now that he’s gone.
    If only my folks had beaten me, I could have gotten some material about my miserable childhood. But as it is, I’ve had a great life.
    Tim Conway

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  16. Carrie2 says:

    They were the best of the best every week of giving us great comedy and laughter. Peace to Tim and Harvey so they can now entertain God. Also, can never forget Carol in those curtains and curtain rods either as she comes down the stairs. Clean comedy that is sooo lacking today.

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  17. Dogsrule says:

    I keep telling my 25 year old son that I grew up with the best TV shows and Tim Conway was one of the best. McHale’s navy and Carol Burnett. Nothing better. RIP Tim Conway. We miss you.

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  18. Sue Fowler says:

    A man whise funny came from innate with and a love of people. His work with the Carol Burnett ensemble was incomparable. He added unrehearsed comedy to his signature characters. Youtube has segments of ou-takes from tapings. Worth a watch.

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  19. Genie says:

    Thanks for the laughs! Sad to think that he might have been sued if he did the Dwarf golfer bit in this century.

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  20. rightmover says:

    Saturday nights at home growing up in the ’70s was such a safe haven for me, watching All In The Family, Mary Tyler Moore, The Bob Newhart Show and Carol Burnett with me family, knowing we were all together, there was no school the next day, and I could stay up late.

    As the members of these casts have passed away over the years — Carroll O’Connor and Jean Stapleton, Mary Tyler Moore and Suzanne Pleshette, Harvey Korman and Tim Conway — each loss has almost felt like a death in my extended family, because I so vividly remember sitting and laughing with my own family watching these iconic series in our rec room on Saturday nights.

    Tim Conway was one of the most gifted physical comics, and one of the greatest improvisors, who ever lived.

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  21. woodstuff says:

    Here is my number 2 favorite with Tim Conway. Couldn’t find the one where he did the little old man in the hospital.

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  22. clipe says:

    When comedy brought tears of laughter…

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    • MTeresa says:

      Tim Conway was a big horse racing fan and I used to see him during race season at the Del Mar racetrack. He was a very funny guy and will be missed. His son, Tim Conway Jr. has a radio show on in the evenings 6 to 10 PM on KFI in Los Angeles. He’s also pretty funny. Plays recordings of Jessie Jackson (mumbling) and asks his listeners, “What did Jessie say?” It’s hysterical to hear his audience translate. Must have been an interesting home to grow up in. Rest in peace, Tim. Hope you and Jonathan Winters are up in heaven yukking it up 🙂

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  23. barnabusduke says:

    It’s 10:36 ET here and I always look forward to my bedtime treat being the second showing of Hogan’s Heroes and then on to The Carol Burnett Show. Will be a sad bedtime this evening…RIP Funny Man…

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  24. Drogers says:

    There are the chosen few that make me smile when I hear their names – Burns and Allen, Laurel and Hardy, Red Skelton, Bob Hope, Lucille Ball, Jonathan Winters, Robin Williams, and

    RIP Tim.

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  25. InAz says:

    I told my daughter that very funny and great comedian Tim Conway passed away, only 85. She said “oh, that’s sad”. Then I said Tim Conway was Barnacle Boy on SpongeBob SquarePants. Then my daughter said “Nooooooo, not Barnacle Boy!”.
    I told her we would watch some Tim Conway on the Carol Burnette show so she can see how funny he was.

    And Doris Day passed away.

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  26. Texian says:

    One of my favorite comedians as a boy.. In the evenings our family watched The Carol Burnett show together..

    Thank you Tim Conway, Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, Mary Tyler Moore, Rhoda Morgenstern, Bob Newhart, Flip Wilson (aka Geraldine Jones), Carroll O’Connor, Jean Stapleton, etc.

    The Golden Age of All American prime time TV..

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  27. Former lurker says:

    I remember not understanding why my dad was so wistful when guys like Jack Benny, Jimmy Durante and Jerry Colonna passed.

    Time is a great teacher. I understand now. Tim Conway was one of the greats.

    I’m still wrapping my mind around the prospect of one of my boys thinking of the way I made him watch the elephant story when Skrillex or whomever cashes in.

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  28. WSB says:

    If our country could have more Tim Conways in our midst, we would be a lovelier, funnier and more humane one.

    Well done, Mr. Conway. We can only hope we will press firmer in return to your kiss upon this world.

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  29. 4EDouglas says:

    Never missed the “Carol Burnett show” tim Conway would have my dad almost rolling on the floor. Momma’s Family too .

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    • lisabrqwc says:

      My dad, too. I remember watching Tim and Harvey start trying not to laugh, and then I’d look over at my dad laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes. His laughter was even more enjoyable for me to watch than the show.

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  30. amwick says:

    So, I hope when Mr. Conway stands before the pearly gates, he gives them a knock knock joke. Can you hear that? The angels are laughing already.

    Of course, we are all saddened by his loss. He was a mold breaker for sure.

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  31. jus wundrin says:

    The main reason I enjoyed the Carol Burnett show.

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    • Pegm says:

      RIP Tim, one of the best comedians ever. He stands with the greats for sure. The Carol Burnett show showcased his amazing comedic talent as well as his athletic ability for prat falls. Our favorites are the Siamese elephant routine, and yes that is Dick Van Dyke in that skit, another great talent with amazing athletic ability and control. The other is the dentist routine. Tim and Harvey were great together, and all the talent in that show was just so funny without the crass and disgusting behavior of today’s hack comedians. He will be sorely missed, thank God for reruns.

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  32. GB Bari says:

    Tim Conway represents a style and brand of comedy that has been completely forgotten and erased by the raunchy depravation and filth merchants who have completely taken over 21st century entertainment. He will be missed but the comedy of his era is only available as reruns from that era. My wife and I both lament the loss of the comedy genre in movies.

    What is labeled as “comedy” over the most recent 10 to 15 years wouldn’t even have been considered for funding by producers of the latter 20th century.

    R.I.P. Tim.

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  33. pacnwbel says:

    Tim Conway’s comedic humor was a gift, few have it, but how wonderful when such a gift is shared. Thanks to the age of videotape, we can continue to enjoy our favorite clips. Thank you Tim, God rest your sweet soul.

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  34. lida rose says:

    Poor Harvey, never stood a chance.

    RIP Mr. Conway and thank you for all the laughs

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  35. NJF says:

    RIP happy man. Brings back such great childhood memories.

    They don’t make ‘em like that anymore.

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  36. Deplore Able says:


    If your place in Heaven is governed by the joy you brought to people, then you are in 7th Heaven, or perhaps 77th Heaven, or perhaps that special place where Siamese Elephants sneeze eternal.


  37. Robert Smith says:

    If I have a sense of humor it’s built off the reruns I watched everyday of my life through highschool. I love lucy, the Honeymooners, bugs bunny, and the live and rerun shows of the Carol Burnett. Nothing funnier than Tim Conway going off script to make the cast laugh in their scenes.

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  38. Mary Ann says:

    There is nothing like classic television.. I truly wish it would make a come back..
    I loved The Carol Burnett show.. she and Tim were perfect together..
    I pray he is with the Lord in perfect peace.


  39. Sepp says:

    Tim Conway and Don Knotts teamed up for several movies, which were funny in their own right although different from live television.

    The Apple Dumpling Gang was great.


  40. evergreen says:

    Sun City fireman, “rescuing” Korman…the CPR scene, Korman simply loses it hard. So do I, every time.

    He got under Harvey’s skin all the time, deadpan, to boot. He was so great.

    And a class act.


  41. Justice says:

    Thank you Mr. Tim Conway. I watch your skits repeatedly with Harvey. Never gets old. You’re a true warrior and this world is much easier to handle because of your gifts to us.


  42. David Conley says:

    Tim Conway started in local Cleveland TV, improvising hours of daily programming with no budgets and unlimited imagination. He worked closely with another local boy, Roger Ailes, as well as future ABC announcer Ernie Anderson whose son Wes would direct “Boogie Nights.” A lot of talent in that part of the country, and they learned on the fly in front of the camera.


  43. We lost a good one…RIP Tim!!
    My favorite skit was the dentist! Poor Harvey couldn’t keep a straight face in any of them! 😂


  44. For the spiritually-minded, there are always little signs, at or shortly after the death of a loved one, of the still-living presence of the “departed”, or of the continuity and greater meaningfulness or joy of life even after death. In that vein, I note that Carol Burnett herself is in ads on ME TV about new reruns of her early shows; she is very good, and real, in them. So Tim Conway fans have that continuity, watching those shows, to enjoy.


    • And I think the best Carol Burnett was her break-out work on the “Gary Moore” show in the 1950s, followed by “Once Upon a Mattress” on Broadway, and her specials with co-star Julie Andrews (“…Live at Carnegie Hall”), They made her the anointed successor, as it were (universal acclamation), to Lucille Ball as the queen of TV comedy.

      Tim Conway’s big break-out role, of course, where he honed and first showcased his deadpan and nonplussed character, was on “McHale’s Navy”, alongside equally talented Ernest Borgnine (who already won an Oscar back in 1955, for “Marty”, and who seemed to star in just about everything, every time I turned around, well into the 1980s and beyond). Pure talent carried all those shows, afterwards classics, in the ’50s and ’60s.


  45. StanH says:

    “I’m so glad we spent this time together…” RIP Tim…funny.


  46. rioosodog says:

    A gem has passed. RIP!

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  47. good family comedy. he will be missed as one of the best and a very funny guy


  48. Lactantius says:

    Tim, you made my life a better one. Thank you.

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  49. My childhood is filled with happy memories of the comedic talents of Tim Conway. Most of the “comedy” that is today is angry and foul-mouthed. Mr. Conway is a genius at making people laugh. I would have loved to spend a week following him around just to learn how to see so much humor in life. Oh well, I will have to wait until Heaven. Right now, the comedy stage in Heaven is looking really great.


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