President Trump MAGA Rally – Panama City, Florida, 8:00pm EDT Livestream…

President Trump flew into Tyndall Air Force Base to tour the ongoing hurricane recovery effort ahead of a panhandle rally.  After the visit and briefing President Trump will be heading to a MAGA rally at the Aaron Bessant Park Ampitheater in Panama City Beach, FL. President Trump is expected to speak at 8:00pm EDT.

UPDATE: Video Added


RSBN Livestream (ongoing)  – Fox10 Livestream (ongoing) – GST Livestream Link

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297 Responses to President Trump MAGA Rally – Panama City, Florida, 8:00pm EDT Livestream…

  1. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • LoonsCall says:

      President Trump is SO bloody entertaining in the way he talks about very serious topics.. he nails things down..just hope he is getting across the danger that Americans will face should the Dems get through.. hope they can see the potential destruction of not just their country but their families & themselves.. MAGA


    • bobdog says:

      That’s nothing. Bill and Hillary Clinton had a capacity crowd at their last event held at the Waffle House in Hog Waller, Arkansas last week.

      Almost a dozen fans listened from the parking lot. A Clinton spokesman regretted the 20 person capacity of this venue and handed out $2.00 off coupons to the disappointed fans, promising to find a Waffle House with larger capacity for future appearances.

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  2. Rynn69 says:

    Amazing crowd. PDJT’s popularity is growing!

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  3. Lindenlee says:

    He talked tonight about Puerto Rico getting $91 BILLION, and yet they are always screaming for more. And then he talked about more $$$ for Panamá City.

    So, I have a question that has bothered me for a while… It is my understanding that federal disaster aid is supposed to meet immediate needs for water, shelter, food, and cleanup. This is all fine…

    But what I seem to be seeing is this temporary aid turning into entire rebuilding projects for the hardest hit areas. There is NO Reason for $91 BILLION to that shithole PR. And there is no reason for me to rebuild Panama City.

    So… The question arises… DID THESE PEOPLE NOT HAVE INSURANCE, AND THE MONEY TO PAY FOR THE DEDUCTIBLE ON THE POLICY? Did the gov’t buildings have insurance? Was there a rainy day fund to pay the deductible on those gov’t buildings? The FL Panhandle ALWAYS GETS HIT, as does PR, Houston, etc. Are we paying for irresponsible people to rebuild their homes, while we pay our own insurance premiums, too? I am starting to be very concerned about this. It all goes on the debt.

    An old friend who was a FEMA inspector told me that a common scam in FL is to forgo insurance, and when you get a loss, get $30,000 as a GRANT from FEMA, and then do it again, and again, and again, on the backs of people who have paid their own insurance premium. It is not right.

    Anybody here know? You are all so smart. Thanks.


    • Petrel says:

      A friend had a family home devastated by Katrina. The family insurance company and FEMA required her to rebuild the home above the “100-year-flood-level.” In other words, the rebuilt home was placed on 7′ high stilts with all sorts of special hurricane bracing.

      I am uncertain exactly what your friend told you, but he seems to be saying that some receive a FEMA grant — perhaps an emergency payment to cope — and don’t have to rebuild above the “100-year-flood-level.” Come another severe storm and another grant?


      • nobaddog says:

        FEMA took care of the uninsured big time after Katrina. I haven’t seen any homes on 7 ft stilts. They have been raised though. LOL
        Puerto Rico has plenty of FEMA money but im sure the corrupt government is keeping it for themselves.

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      • Lindenlee says:

        Well, most of NO is below sea level, and in older neighborhoods, when you rebuild, it has to be to current code, which always costs more. The coverage is usually called “Law and Ordinance” coverage. Our condo policy has it. Not sure about individual homes.

        My point was that disaster aid is supposed to meet the immediate, but temporary needs of the people for food, shelter, medical, etc, not long-term recovery where we rebuild their homes, etc, because they were too cheap to get insurance. Whether that was for an individual home or a gov’t. bldg.

        I am concerned about this vast expansion of the expenses and responsibilities of FEMA. I am going to call them today. Thanks for your response.


    • andyocoregon says:

      I’m glad to see President Trump focusing public attention on the Dems’ attempts to halt FEMA payments to hurricane victims in Florida, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, etc as extortion for more money for the corrupt government in Puerto Rico.
      That’s really going to win a lot of votes in the South in November 2020.


    • justsayin714 says:

      Sorry for the length: My cousin, a 40-year-old divorcee, has 2 homes in Panama Beach. She lives in one & rents the other. The rental, a lovely 2-story duplex, was destroyed, along with her pier and 2 sailboats, but her residence suffered only minor damage. She also owns a small rental house in Virginia Beach, which was hit by the same storm & suffered major damage too. As she does ALL the construction work on her homes herself, it was a true disaster for her. She’s a veteran & professional firefighter & paramedic.

      Insurance covered only major repairs to the houses. She had to pay out of pocket for: removal of the huge trees that fell on the house, repairs to the foundation and roof, & replacement of all furniture & appliances, including the HVAC system. She also had to pay to have the sailboats, both thrown by high winds from where she had them stored (safely, she thought) removed from properties miles from her house where they landed. She had just 30 days to remove them; that cost her $900 each. She just rebuilt her pier last week It’s cost her tens of thousands already, & she still can’t use the rental. That’s been difficult, as it was always booked, & the rental income paid the mortgage on her residence.

      FEMA will only kick in when all the private insurance is used up. Contractors that came to the area were immediately hired by the city & state to repair public buildings & clear debris from roads, so residents couldn’t find anyone to do the work on their homes. The only Home Depot within miles was badly damaged, so getting materials was hard. Many pickup trucks were destroyed, so transporting material was difficult. Many scam artists took money to do work, then disappeared. Vandals were everywhere, stealing supplies.

      We have a small van, so we took several grills, charcoal, bottled water, coolers, blankets & pillows, food, clothing, tents, & tools (5 chainsaws, hammers, nails, etc) to her. We are 80 & 70 years old, so not much help labor-wise, but just wanted to help where we could. Internet was restored after about 3 days, then went out again for about 3 weeks. FEMA set up tents in various locations, but so many roads were closed most people didnt drive much, and no one knew where to find them. They DID respond quickly, though, once applications were filed.

      That’s the reality of what happened to little Panama Beach. Determined, spirited people there. Lots of houses are for sale there now, quite cheap. Sold As Is, of course. My cousin drives between Florida and Virginia Beach every 2 weeks, working on both houses, and still works a 46-hour week as a firefighter. She had hoped to be retired now, living off the income from her beach rentals & going sailing.

      One more thing: After going through the worst, Florida still belongs to Trump. I got a text from her this morning,. in VA working on her house. She missed the rally last night, but said, “Missed it, wanted to go so bad, but thank God for President Trump! MAGA 2020! “

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      • Lindenlee says:

        Wow! What an incredible story, and an incredible woman! I am just stunned. I know that FEMA will not help with 2nd homes or rentals, only primary residences. So she is screwed. I thought that hurricane insurance covered more (I live in S. FL).

        I had to finally let my condo insurance go, because it went up 85 % in one year, on my tiny condo. The building is solid though, and I was President of the association when the roof was torn off in the 2004 hurricanes, and I got it replaced with an upgraded roof. Nothing hurt us in Irma. I know what this building can stand.

        I am so sorry about your cousin. All the work and saving and investing gone in one day. At least her own home is habitable. I personally think that scammers should be hunted down, taken out and hanged… Publicly. I will certainly pray for her. Thank you for sharing.


  4. wodiej says:

    See, the thing is, President Trump turned hopelessness into hope. By God’s hand, this is why.

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  5. John Good says:

    Back in January I toured thru Panama City & Mexico Beach! It’s almost unbelievable to me to see all the destruction & people’s lives destroyed, especially in Mexico Beach!

    I come from SWOntario where we don’t get Hurricanes, but we are at the end of Tornado Alley and a tornado did touch down here about 30mi. away in Woodstock ON over 10yrs. ago.

    If I was building a house down there, I would design it like a commercial building & have steel corner posts set in concrete as the foundation to build on! And all the windows would have this new “bullet proof window film” that came available recently on them, with steel window frames to prevent “blow outs” where most of the damage is done when the high winds break the windows & tear everything up inside the structure.

    This is why you see people boarding up the windows with plywood, etc. before the Hurricane hits. Sure it is more expensive to build this way, BUT you don’t need to go thru all the BS when other people are in a panic to try to save their homes, that were not built properly to survive in a Hurricane Zone.


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