Holy Thursday

At the end of the liturgy on Holy Thursday evening, in every Catholic Church around the world, the Blessed Sacrament is removed to the altar of repose, the altar is stripped, the church is bare, empty. Tomb-like. It is a striking and heartbreaking tradition, and I make sure to attend each year, to allow my heart to break, my tears to fall, my spirit to be clouded in gloom and dread, preparing for Good Friday, and Christ’s passion.

My purpose in sharing this video is to encourage those of you who let Easter sneak up on you, without much thought beforehand, to find your own ways to open your heart and experience the pain of Holy Thursday and Good Friday. Perhaps dedicate an hour to prayer and scripture. Go to a church and wait with Jesus during the hours of 12 to 3. Give alms. Go to a Good Friday service. Fast. Cut off the phones, televisions, computers.

Observing these two solemn days of the Christian calendar will make your Easter more meaningful, and enrich your faith.

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19 Responses to Holy Thursday

  1. Menagerie says:

    Comments have been turned on. Please be charitable.

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  2. anniesezso says:

    So well said and so true, Menagerie. Thank you.

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  3. Heroic Dreamer says:

    Thank you,Menagerie, for this beautiful post; it has turned my heart and head towards God. (and away from politics)

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  4. buanadha says:

    thank you


    • BetsyRossRocked says:

      Thank you Menagerie .
      My father passed away April 18 one year ago after a five month nightmare.
      I appreciate you posting this more than you will ever know .
      God Bless you !

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  5. dad29 says:

    Listening (and reading along) to JSBach’s St John Passion is a good way to spend 2 hours on Good Friday, too.

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  6. Marie says:

    I always attend the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday, and Liturgy of the Passion on Good Friday.
    Thank you for exhorting others to participate in these traditions.

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  7. Today, this seems important to me.
    Sometimes we can’t carry all our hatred around, it is good to get rid of it, to dump it out of our lives and soul.

    Jesus to his persecutors:
    ” Father, Forgive them, for they know not what they DO “

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    • Carrie2 says:

      RTD, this Holy Week is precisely what it does – stop thinking about yourself and dwell on what Jesus Christ and the suffering He knew He would have to endure and all for us and then when we get to the Easter Mass we are ready to improve ourselves and move forward in helping ourselves and others. Then we get busy again and back in the same old mold until Christmas. These are our two great celebrations and wish we had one or two more in between. I do wish the Church had not changed a lot of the reading which actually sort of leaves us wondering why, so I just read it the way I have always read it before and feel I have had a better journey and understanding.


  8. Gaijin and Tonic says:

    Thank you for this. I went with my two young daughters (5 & 7). I was weeping as we sang We Remember.

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  9. Rodney G. Graves says:

    Maundy Thursday. Christ is dead.


  10. 321vacation says:

    We just returned from Holy Thursday Mass and I too shed tears at the sight of my 6’6″ priest on his knees washing 12 people’s feet. It was so touching and sacred. My heart was full to think of Jesus on his knees washing the apostles feet. The lights were lowered and the Blessed Sacrament was taken out with candlelight to another building to have adoration until midnight. What a holy experience and I thank God for not giving up on me.


  11. David R. Graham says:

    Bach/Richter, St. Matthew Passion, complete, three hours forty eight minutes, 1971:


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