April 14th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #815

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for “Presidential Politics”. Please use this thread to post anything relating to the Donald Trump Administration and Presidency.


This thread will refresh daily and appear above the Open Discussion Thread.

President Trump Twitter @POTUS / Vice President Pence Twitter @VP

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822 Responses to April 14th – 2019 Presidential Politics – Trump Administration Day #815

  1. It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere says:

    Sorry Treepers but I am double posting this as there is a story on the little boy who was thrown over the balcony at MOA….I don’t Tweet but those that do please send a message to President Trump to please visit that little boy at Children’s Hospital in MSP. He is going to be in MSP tomorrow. This is something that would be very near and dear to Melania.
    I am just shaken to my core over this since I recently left that shithole state.
    Please pray for that child…..miracles happen!

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  2. FofBW says:

    Gas prices in California is hitting $4 due to “refinery maintenance outages”.

    Funny that how these “outages” seem to happen every year about this time.


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  3. Another example of not knowing when to quit.
    I saw this article from Reuters today:

    The last paragraph seems to highlight the desperation of those working against our President as well as serving to summarize the article.
    “…Montoya, the former FBI agent, said it should fall to Congress to decide whether the conduct found by Mueller warranted punishment such as the impeachment process in Congress to remove a president from office.
    “History suggests,” Montoya said, “the impeachment process does not rely on establishing wrongdoing beyond a reasonable doubt.””

    It would seem that these ‘people’ will stop at nothing nor be constrained by any law in their continued attack on the President and on us, We The People.
    Perhaps it is time to acknowledge that ‘civility’ is not working with such ‘people’ and that a more direct and stronger method is now justified.

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    • Every theory I’ve heard of as to how PDJT supposedly obstructed justice is either constitutional covered under free speech or falls squarely within his Executive Authority and none of it rises to anything remotely impeachable.

      They are just grasping at straws. They see defeat staring them in the face and their only instinct is to keep their base agitated with BS.

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  4. NJF says:

    This is an absolute thing of beauty. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    • I wonder if Rocket Scientist Cher realizes that a significant number of the LA people she’s describing as “struggling” also came here illegally in the first place?

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    • patrickhenrycensored says:

      So where do suggest, Cher?

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    • Maquis says:

      Gee Cher, sounds almost like, idaknow, an emergency?


    • mopar2016 says:

      Airhead Cher just figured that out????????????????????????????


    • kyblue says:

      I was just getting ready to post this story from Twitchy, NJR… people on Twitter apparently are now calling Cher a ‘MAGA footsoldier.’ She’d be so pleased, I’m sure 🙊

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    • Katherine McCoun says:

      It really is! I have really enjoyed seeing liberals choke on their own policy demands. I guess it is fine for us to have open borders as long as the illegal border crossers go to TX or TN or Iowa or MN. But 40K, 50K, or 100,000 a month going to LA, San Fransisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Chicago & Boston specifically is out of bounds. Why? Where do they think these people are going to go?

      Truly a think of beauty to watch this play out.

      Build the Wall, build it tall, enforce the law.

      Deport, take away ALL US fed $, change the law on birthright citizenship, demand legal status for remittances/transfer of any $ overseas, demand legal status for car/home loans/bank accounts of any sort, demand legal status/use e-verify for rentals, demand 100% e-verify with employers with ICE notification when a failure comes through, punish employers hiring illegals.

      DO MORE. DO It ALL!! Quickly. 100k pouring over the border in just the last few months.

      We must do more while we have a POTUS free of the uniparty and willing to call both parties out just like President Trump did with shipping all incoming illegal border crossers to CA or sanctuary cities.

      STOP all funding of refugee resettlement and illegal border crosser aid societies. I had that fed $ is going to this stuff!

      If really in danger, make safe zones in the specified country of refugees and get the UN to work it out. So tired of this!

      PS: Yes, I know, it is Very complicated business and it takes time, esp. with the Russia conspiracy, deep state attempted coup & the uniparty/media all against him. Not upset with President Trump – just impatient and concerned we won’t make enough progress in the 6 yrs we have left.

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    • AmericaFirst says:

      Cher intimates that she cares about VETS? Hmmm, first time for everything.


  5. Dora says:

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  6. Liberty Forge says:

    This may have been noted elsewhere, but I just wanted to point it out.

    Whoever is “dressing” Ilhan Omar is extremely clever. Very.

    She has “handlers”, as she is not venturing out ‘on her own’.

    Her “dress” is impeccable, but the most notable thing is how her “head scarf wrap” — whatever the heck they call that thing — so coordinates, enhances, blends, accentuates her outfit — to the point that it can become a “must-have” accessory! Oh, I must have that!

    (Hijab — just looked it up.)

    I certainly don’t agree with anything this women has to say, but damn — she really “dresses smart”, and I’d love to have those outfits!!

    See what I mean?

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    • Concerned Virginian says:

      This is all part of the “see, Muslims don’t dress like rednecks, Muslims are better” meme.
      In case you’re interested, Macy’s, Debenhams (England), Dolce & Gabbana (Italy) among others, now sell “Muslim-inspired” collections.
      I wonder why OMAR hasn’t called out TLAIB yet for her (Tlaib) not wearing the Islamic required hijab and/or abaya in public. Theoretically, Tlaib can be called out by another Muslim woman or by an imam—at which point Tlaib would have to either have to start wearing these items, or explain to an imam why not.
      Tlaib may be trying to create an image that she’s a “moderate” Muslim (in reality, there IS NO room for a “moderate Muslim” in the Koran or the Hadith: one is either ready to perform Jihad, is raising a child to someday perform Jihad, or is a “slacker”)

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      • jeans2nd says:

        Omar never wore a hijab until she realized it bothered white people. So Omar started wearing the hijab and never looked back.
        Thus the reason for the fashion coordination.


    • upper379 says:

      You can put lipstick on a …..


      • 🍺Gunny66 says:

        Let’s just throw some rocks at em……They’ll feel right at home….

        Or better yet. grab a six pack…..
        go to shake her hand… and slap about a pound of “bacon” on that “styled hijab…….
        Then sit back and enjoy the show

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        • :Liberty Forge says:

          Honestly, I believe MOST are missing the importance of her “dress”.

          Her “dressed up” persona is being missed.

          As far as a visual is concerned, she is “stunning”.

          For example, in one photo, she had a pin on her head dress. The pin itself was stunning — like — I want that pin!

          Please do not miss this!


  7. duchess01 says:

    LA Doctor Experimenting on Children as Young as 8 for Transgender Therapy with Government Funding

    April 14, 2019
    from Humans Are Free


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  8. patrickhenrycensored says:

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  9. jx says:

    China has Clinton emails. Go to 19:40

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    • j says:

      jx was a video or something in your post? A URL link? All I see is a bunch of blank lines and the text “China has Clinton emails. Go to 19:40” at the bottom. I manually refreshed the page about 6 times to check to see if something would show up.


      • Joemama says:

        OK, now I know something is up with WordPress. I refreshed about 6 times and no video or link was shown in jx’s post. Then I post the above message and the video appears.

        Is WP testing their version of shadowbanning?


  10. JustaVerb says:

    60 minutes ran a 25 minute opening propaganda piece on Pelosi – ‘I am woman hear me roar over Trump and the crazy leftists’ to attempt to quell their establishment base as things turn sour for the Dems. Disgusting non-event instigated zero value crap that reveals their desperation more than anything else.

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    • patrickhenrycensored says:

      Mumbles has the gavel, but the newbies are interfering with her controlling the message.

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      • 🍺Gunny66 says:

        “Mumbles”…….Ha…….The Dick Tracy Movie with Dustin Hoffman as Mumbles…..

        “Mumbles Pelosi”…….like she has marbles in her mouth…..

        She’s in Germany now with Merkle……I wonder what else she’s…….

        wait……Never mind…..was in the bin three times last week….I’ll pas on that one

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  11. Bull Durham says:

    John Brennan, a career full of ideologically bizarre positions, lies, treachery and criminal actions.
    This article will take you on journey through the facts and highlights of man no one should trust, nor a man anyone should have ever empowered.

    It was all there in the open long ago. Brennan is a bad man, an evil official and AG Barr should go after him hard.

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  12. jx says:

    Pelosi released the following statement:

    “Following the President’s tweet, I spoke with the Sergeant-at-Arms to ensure that Capitol Police are conducting a security assessment to safeguard Congresswoman Omar, her family and her staff. They will continue to monitor and address the threats she faces.

    “The President’s words weigh a ton, and his hateful and inflammatory rhetoric creates real danger. President Trump must take down his disrespectful and dangerous video.”


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    • jx says:

      Omar is a Former Advisory Board member for Minnesota Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) – https://www.ilhanomar.com/about

      CAIR is the public relations arm of Hamas, a designated terrorist group. Why is a terrorist allowed in Congress?

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    • jx says:

      Has Pelosi spoken with the Sergeant-at-Arms regarding the terror-aligned Omar? Why not?

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      • AmericaFirst says:

        That should be McCarthy’s job. Then he can put out a tweet:

        “Following the election of a former Advisory Board member for a known violent and officially Designated Terrorist Group to Congress and her continuing inflammatory rhetoric in her official speeches to said Designated Terrorist Group inciting violence, “resistance,” and un-American behavior, I have spoken to the Sergeant-at-Arms to ensure that Capitol Police are conducting a security assessment to ensure that her presence on Capitol Hill does not present a safety hazard for American Congress members. They will continue to monitor and address the threat that she presents.”


  13. jeans2nd says:

    Has anyone listened to the latest Lawfare podcast? It is on overreach of Executive power.
    Gee, where was Lawfare during Obama’s 8 tenure of terror? DACA. DAPA. No defense of DOMA. Gender change in the military. One could continue forever.

    On the bright side, at least they keep telling us their next move.. These guys continue to talk way too much.
    When behind, remember Tip #1 – stop talking.

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  14. duchess01 says:

    #Tucker #FoxNews
    Tucker: Trump calls Democrats’ bluff on illegal immigrants

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  15. duchess01 says:

    April 14, 2019
    Releasing Jussie Smollett was the least of Kim Foxx’s sins
    By Thomas Lifson


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  16. patrickhenrycensored says:

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  17. duchess01 says:

    April 14, 2019
    Here it comes: Rep. Tlaib blasts Dem leadership

    By Thomas Lifson


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  18. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  19. jeans2nd says:

    This is an excellent short essay on our Fake News Media Complex’s failings and propoganda in Russiagate and the Iraq War. Tracey lists three of his biggest perpetrators of Fake News – Jonathan Chait, Jonah Goldberg, and David Frum.

    It is difficult to argue with this essay.
    “…it’s only a matter of time, tragically, before the next catastrophe arrives.”

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  20. duchess01 says:

    Trump trolls Democrats on sanctuary cities

    By HOWIE CARR | howard.carr@medianewsgroup.com | Boston Herald
    April 14, 2019 at 12:25 am


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  21. duchess01 says:

    U.N. Strategically Positioned in Mexico

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  22. duchess01 says:

    Newly Released HRC Email Docs: Cover-Up Began in 2015

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  23. jeans2nd says:

    John Batchelor is a staid solid Conservative, in every way possible.

    And yet…Mr Batchelor has been on a roll lately, fully embracing and supporting Pres Trump and the Trump Policies, and diving into the alt-left the way only a true scholar can, with dry wit only possible with wisdom. Bravo Mr Batchelor!

    The John Batchelor Show fully supports our knowledge of Russiagate, and showcases Devin Nunes, Andrew McCarthy, and many others weekly.
    Mr Batchelor may not admit it, but Mr Batchelor is a true Deplorable.

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  24. blognificentbee says:

    Not a Tiger fan, nor a Brady fan…but I am a Trump fan, and he picks WINNERS!

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  25. duchess01 says:

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  26. patrickhenrycensored says:

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  27. patrickhenrycensored says:

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    • Apfelcobbler says:

      Wow, PHC thanks for posting the above – it’ll be interesting to find out who. It’s becoming obvious why the Dems have been completely zip-lipped about China’s horrifying domestic reality while shreiking “Russia, Russia, Russia”! They are STILL selling the country out!Makes you wonder what really went on (espionage-wise) in Feinstein’s office. Was trying to find a good recent Bannon video to post but Newt actually says it better …

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  28. patrickhenrycensored says:

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  29. patrickhenrycensored says:

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  30. listingstarboard says:

    The treatment of this brave SEAL makes me very sad-https://justiceforeddie.com/us-navy-commanders-openly-subverting-orders-of-the-president-of-the-united-states/

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  31. Mandy says:

    Interesting headline…

    “U.S. to Use All Economic, Political Tools to Hold Maduro Accountable: Pompeo

    BOGOTA (Reuters) – The United States will use all economic and political tools at its disposal to hold Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accountable for his country’s crisis and will make clear to Cuba and Russia they will pay a price for supporting him, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Sunday.

    Pompeo made the comments in the Colombian border city of Cucuta, the final stop of a three-day trip to Chile, Paraguay and Peru, a clutch of fast-growing countries in a region where Washington’s concerns are focused on the Venezuelan crisis and China’s growing presence.”


  32. Joemama says:

    I can’t believe I’m writing this. Take a look at this Saturday Night Live episode:

    It is actually funny. Nothing about PDJT.

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    • Mad Mike says:

      Ha! Avenatti – “I’m so shady, a porn star once said she needed to distance herself from me.” Thanks for the laughs!


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