Special Counsel Official: “No Further Indictments”, “No Sealed Indictments”, The Mueller Probe is “Done”…

With the Mueller Report completed; and with massive ‘splodey heads (beyond election night level) happening throughout leftist punditry and political analysts; there has been some last-gasp desperate clinging-to-hope speculation of looming “sealed indictments” that might exist in DC.

Unfortunately, Laura Jarrett (daughter of Valerie Jarrett) delivered the bad news to her colleagues on CNN.  After she spoke directly with a DOJ Official, and asked them if there was any possibility of sealed indictments existing/remaining. Alas, the answer was: “no, it’s over; everything is over; it’s done.“…   WATCH:

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542 Responses to Special Counsel Official: “No Further Indictments”, “No Sealed Indictments”, The Mueller Probe is “Done”…

  1. kfish63 says:

    Watching Blitzer and crew attempting to retain viewership by stating,”This doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t be spin-off indictments in other courts.”, reminds me of a guy standing in front of an audience with his extended index finger vibrating up and down between his lips while exhaling the letter B.
    CNN is done.

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  2. Zippy says:

    Now transitioning to harassment in SDNY courts…

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  3. Breathtaking watching these people struggle with the most excellent news possible. The President of America DID NOT collude with Russia to win an election. This is great news for all Americans. But alas, the “curious connections” remark, unfortunately for us does not mean curious connection to the Hillary Campaign. i.e. As John Solomon once aptly said,
    “Every time you turn a cornier in this investigation you find a Connection to Hillary Clinton.”
    For CNN and their followers, this keeps hope alive that they weren’t completely and emphatically WRONG!!!
    G-d Bless President Donald J. Trump!

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    • cali says:

      @Suburban Grandma:

      What is disturbing is the intentional oversight of Mueller and his crackpot team – all HRC supporter.
      Doug Ross linked to Jeff Carlson @marketwatch about the interference in the 2016 via Ukraine that involved state department employees and ambassadors. They all wanted to help HRC win.
      It is inconceivable to me how Mueller could not have noticed that since his target aka Manafort ended in an indictment.

      What is even more disturbing is the fact that said ambassador and state department personnel remain in position and place to this day.

      Then there is the Ohr’s again that also surfaced in Carlson’s op-ed. Contrary to their committee depositions they lied: These two frequently not only emailed each other during and after the election but also cc’d others in the process.

      I would encourage everyone to read Jeff Carlson’s op-ed and learn that the Ohr’s lied and that not only ambassadors but also state department employees worked out of Ukraine to help Hillary win the election.
      It appears that we have not learned to full scope of what they were up to interfering in the election of 2016 but more importantly – the involvement of the Ohr’s.

      I can’t help but think that the Ohr couple are moles and not the personas we were presented.

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  4. casper5473 says:

    President Trump I congratulate on your great victory. I also wish you the best and apologize for doubting your wisdom in this matter. I am glad you brought on Giulliani to handle things. And I think Dowd deserves credit too.

    It is my belief that diGenova who privately counsels you as an attorney recommended Bill Barr. Thus the end. Have a great weekend in West Palm. Now I hope to hear the words declassify.

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  5. One of the few times that I have clicked on a CNN link! 😁🤣😂😁

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  6. NOW the investigations into the corrupt Obama admin & HRC will begin…..that’s what the left are afraid of.

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    • truthseeker39525 says:

      It WOULD be nice…… but I’m not holding my breath.
      I still have my “HILLARY- for PRISON 2016” sticker on my little truck.
      I think the HildeBeast would look good in Stripes….. the Horizontal Black-and-White kind!


  7. 21leelee says:

    I visited a major art museum today. There was a wing on American art that included patriotic 18th century items. I couldn’t help but think that the museum needs a contemporary piece focused on the ideocracy of today’s parties and their tryst with the media that thwarts our information and bulldozes our freedom. So shameful.


  8. jameswlee2014 says:

    Those SDNY courts the lefties have such hope for… guess what? They are part of the DoJ and William Barr is their boss. They will be closing up shop soon.

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