Horror in Milan – 51 Students Rescued After Kidnapping by Senegalese Migrant…

A crazed Senegalese migrant kidnapped a bus loaded with 51 middle-school-aged students near Milan Italy.  The suspect attempted to burn the bus with the students inside, but fortunately police were able to rescue the children as the fire started.

One of the children was able to hide their cell phone and call for help.  An alarming story and rescue that was caught on video by a passing motorist.

(Via Daily Mail)  A Senegalese man abducted 51 children when he hijacked an Italian school bus and set the vehicle alight in a protest over migrant deaths in the Mediterranean.

Ousseynou Sy, originally Senegalese but with Italian citizenship, stopped the bus he was driving, with two classes of high school students on board.

He was said to have ordered the children’s hands to be bound and threatened to kill them and himself during the drive, before setting the vehicle on fire when he was stopped by a police blockade today.

Officers broke the glass in the back door of the bus and got all the passengers to safety without serious injury before the flames destroyed the vehicle, authorities said.

As he was apprehended, the driver said he was protesting migrant deaths in the Mediterranean, Commander Luca De Marchis told Sky TG24. (read more)

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161 Responses to Horror in Milan – 51 Students Rescued After Kidnapping by Senegalese Migrant…

  1. Charles Tate says:

    From Wikipedia: “Religion in Senegal. A large majority (94%) of the Senegalese population is Muslim, mainly Sunni of Maliki school of jurisprudence with Sufi influences. Christians (principally Catholics) represent 4%. Traditional beliefs are officially practiced by 1% of the population, but members of other religions also often partake in traditional practices.”

    One wonders if this had anything to do with it.


  2. Raj says:

    In 2014, in a youtube clip, author Brigitte Gabriel gave a FANTASTIC answer to a Muslim woman claiming that all Muslims are portrayed badly (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ry3NzkAOo3s). She is the founder and CEO of ACT for America who responded as above. Some highlights are the following. She was part of a panel that was re: the Benghazi attack on “our” people where “four Americans” were killed and what our government could do about it. She eloquently responded back to that student (who probably had good intentions in asking her question) that no one was bashing Muslims on the panel, one that was devoted solely towards The Benghazi attack and what our government was going to do about it. In fact, no one the panel brought that up. She points out: 1.2 billion Muslims as the world’s muslim population; 15 to 25% of them are radical muslims which equates to 180 million to 300 million of muslim people dedicated to the destruction of the Western civilization.

    She continues as to why should we worry about these 15 to 25% (a populous as much as there is in our country)? She notes: it is these radicals that behead and massacre; lessons in history teach us this. Most Germans were peaceful and yet it was the minority Nazi’s that drove the agenda, killing 60 million people, 14 million in concentration camps (6 million being Jews); The peaceful majority were irrelevant. In Russia, most were peaceful; however, the Russians killed 20 million people. The peaceful majority were irrelevant. Historically regarding China, most Chinese were peaceful; however, yet the Chinese were able to kill 70 million people. The peaceful majority were irrelevant. When you look at Japan before WWII, most Japanese were peaceful; however, Japan’s totalitarianism was able to butcher its way over Southeast Asia killing 12 million people (mostly with bayonets and shovels). The peaceful majority were irrelevant. On 9/11, there were 2.7 million Arab Americans living in our country. However, it took 19 hijackers/radicals to destroy the WTC and kill 3,000 Americans. The peaceful majority were irrelevant.

    She plainly asks: I’m glad you pose the question. But where are the others speaking out? She asked that student: instead of standing up here and asking the Benghazi panel about our 4 Americans who were killed, you stood there to highlight peaceful moderate muslims. She declared: it is time to throw political correctness in the garbage and address the problem… Radical Islamic Terrorism.

    Finally.. The Truth.

    Raj (a proud American citizen!!!)

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  3. Callmelennie says:

    How you can tell (and just as important, convince others) that this was an Islamic terrorist attack

    Senegal is 92% Muslim. Ooussenyou must be a variant of Hussein with an African suffix. You see this sort of thing in Islamic republics of the former USSR with last names like Mogamedov and Ibragimov.

    The perp was willing to self immolate in order to kill unarmed children. Only one group has ever practiced this. Also, he was described by people who knew him as not psychotic, meaning his motivation for this incredibly psychotic act was Islam

    And finally, the total news blackout worldwide, with no mention of his muslim faith speaks volumes


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